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Moscow Art Theater of A.P.Chekhov

Feedbacks from viewers
Oksana was 15 november on The Master and Margarita

I watched the performance on November 6 (2018). Naturally compared with the performances in Gorky and on Taganka, which I saw much earlier, but Chekhov lived to see the version in the Moscow Art Theater just now). Your woland is very good, the best of all. Nazarov saw only on the TV screen, but it turns out on the stage is full of charm! I was very impressed with the master - he is unique, that is exactly how I imagined him when I first read Bulgakov. Just super master! And further, further, as in the famous work “… .. lips of Nikanor Ivanovich and put Ivan Ilych on the nose ...” - if you could put Pontius Pilate of the Moscow Art Theater Gorky (Klementiev) to your Master (A. White) and Woland (Nazarov), yes, to add such a find as a pendulum clock from the Taganka Theater, yes to add on your glowing globe (by the way, the rest of the directors ruthlessly threw out this unique scene), and put the performance purely according to Bulgakov, without directorial twists (always wondering why invent something new, when u great Bulgakov is not a scene, a masterpiece that is not a dialogue something unique!) - just bring the text of the author to the audience, that's when ... .. Oh, dream, dream ... !!! Margarita did not see a decent one, and next to A. White, the actress was completely obliterated, and the demonstration of a good figure did not even save. I saw Gusev in the Moscow Council of the Idiot, I thought suddenly, maybe she could be Margarita. In conclusion, it turns out that from your production and the cast I singled out the most advantages. Satisfactorily

Oksana was 15 november on V.Zh.

I visited the play “V.ZH” on November 9 (2018). I liked this production. Of course, not classical reproduction, as in the Moscow Art Theater of Gorky, but it is also interesting. True, the “director's tricks” will not please everyone, these are harsh sounds (the woman sitting next to her even jumped in surprise), wild screams, scenes with a basin and milk are slightly disgusting. I do not quite understand why this shock is for viewers when Gorky’s plot itself is rather heavy. Quite enough excellent play of actors who perfectly brought the whole horror and tragedy of what is happening. Played, no lived on stage! Liked the actress who played the role of Ani, somehow hooked, did not fade at all against the background of the unsurpassed Dobrovolskaya. And of course a separate Bravo Dobrovolskoy! To be honest, I’ve already got to the performances a couple of times, where venerable actors just work out the text, sluggish, as if saving emotions. Volunteer is an actress from God, apparently does not know how to tinker, and it is very nice to us the audience. Separate brave Dobrovolskoy! I recommend the performance to young people (naturally 18 plus) - it is useful to look. And even lovers of the classics, just endure some nuances.

Ol`ga was 12 november on FISH MAN

I liked the performance, the direction and the play of actors. The performance will not leave you indifferent if you are worried about your homeland. Mat did not leave his daughter negative perception. Thank you for the evening spent at the Theater, art without naphthalene is great.

Svetlana was 12 november on FISH MAN

The unexpected is boring for Butusov.

Elena was 07 november on The Master and Margarita

Very talented work. I thank all those who took part in this. Bravo!

Tat`yana was 07 november on Game in small towns

A great performance. If you like theater, and your husband is football, but sometimes you want to go out into the light together, quietly buy tickets. You will enjoy the performance, laugh heartily, mourn a little and return home with the feeling that you have met with something very bright and kind.

Leyla was 06 november on Marriage

The performance is not bad, it looks easy. Stoyanov was very pleased, I would say that he is the key face of the whole action. But the beloved Dobrovolskaya seemed insufficiently temperamental for the role of matchmaker ((

Marina was 06 november on THREE SISTERS

The performance did not like. I think that in the pursuit of a new one, that line has been crossed when the new does not destroy the theater, does not translate it into the category of television (and of low quality). If you ask any viewer of this performance: where did he look during the game? The answer will be unequivocal - on numerous screens on the stage, transmitting a picture of amateur operators (who, standing on the stage, are even more difficult to perceive what is happening as a performance). That is, in fact, you came to the theater, which in its best manifestations gives you complicity with what is happening on the stage, with the characters of the play, forgetting that there are actors in front of you. But no. Theater building, yes. The rest is cheap TV with polycranes, imposed on you by the size of a TV director. After 15 minutes, there is a desire not to look at the scene in order to concentrate on the text. Many times they were at the Moscow Art Theater (favorite theater), for the first time they felt how uncomfortable the chairs were, they had never noticed it before. And Bogomolov watched. And like it! For example, "Process" in Kafka. And modern, but everything in moderation! ". Theater remains! But" Three Sisters "is violence against the audience. Ps: the bad choice, in my opinion, Darya Moroz for the role of baron. Well, we are waiting for the production according to Pelevin.

Leyla was 06 november on Marriage

The performance is not bad, it looks easy. Stoyanov was very pleased, I would say that he is the key face of the whole action. But the beloved Dobrovolskaya seemed insufficiently temperamental for the role of matchmaker ((

Elena was 06 november on Marriage

Wonderful performance! Great acting game! Special thanks to the actor who played the role of sailor Zhevakin, people's artist Boris Plotnikov. Amazingly accurate hit in the role. Bravissimo!

Yana was 06 november on Marriage

Watched 05.11.2018. Wonderful performance! The cast is perfectly matched! Yuri Stoyanov opened for me from the other side. Duzhnikov and S. Kolpakova above all praise. The performance is lively, reckless, musical, fun, easy! Good humor! Thanks to the actors for the game

Elena was 03 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Great performance for all ages! Looks in one breath. Thanks to the theater troupe for the excellent mood and positive!

Andrey was 03 november on Zoykina apartment

I liked the performance. The game of actors is impeccable. It only seemed that the plot was somewhat stretched in the middle, and at the end of the production, on the contrary, a quick, blurred completion ...

Natal`ya was 03 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

It was the first time at this performance 8 years ago, now the youngest daughter has grown up, and we are happy to come again! I highly recommend this performance to absolutely everyone. The program says that the play is for adults and children. And there is! The lyrics and music from Accident are beautiful and modern. It is interesting to watch and listen from beginning to end.

Frida was 03 november on Mkhatovsky evening "Circle of reading"

Bravo! I got acquainted with the Circle of reading no more than a year ago, but I don’t want to give up this part of my life. I'm running! in the theater for the evening, I sit down in the chair and enjoy, getting a variety of emotions. And then, when I close the theater door behind me and turn off airplane mode on the phone, I know for sure that I will continue to read! The reading circle gives you the opportunity to read the book I need and it is today, when from every bookshelf you see the paradox of choice, and in your pocket you have access to a good half of world literature. Thank you!

Natal`ya was 03 november on The Sleeping Prince

performance from 11/01/2018: Good, humorous performance. Successful tandem experienced and young actors.

Elena was 03 november on The Sleeping Prince

Wonderful performance, Dmitri Nazarov is excellent. Has admired game Xenia Thermal. We were happy to follow the actor's findings, the subtle nuances of the game of Olga Vasilyeva, Armen Arushanyan, Alexey Kirsanov. Bravo!

Olga was 02 november on Game in small towns

Very good artist Yu. Stoyanov! But let's clean up our theater from the mat!

Natal`ya was 01 november on Game in small towns

For me personally, it was the best performance in my life. It was over all the strings of the soul and heart, from childhood to today "almost a berry again", this is simply the most magnificent game of the most-most, which did not look like a game at all. It was so that I was constantly catching my breath. It was ... it will be one of the brightest and most powerful memories of theatrical productions in my life

Tat`yana was 01 november on Game in small towns

Sparkling humor of Stoyanov in combination with a wonderful game of artists. Bravo!

Anna was 31 october on The Master and Margarita

Not the first performance that we visited at MKHT over the last year, but the weakest one. Gone in the intermission. Let me explain why: 1. There are many roles in the performance, and, apparently, it was not possible to form a homogeneous acting ensemble, someone constantly failed to get the impression that some of the actors were not drawn to stand on this stage. 2. White / Master has a problem with the scene. Half of his monologues can not be disassembled because of porridge in his mouth. The point here is not the volume as many here write. 2. The characters Azazello and Begomota fail as a whole. I do not know who played them, but the images were missing. 3. Nazarov this time disappointed, or tired, or tired. But neither the usual charisma, nor the involvement of the hall did not happen. 4. Chindyaykin / Pontius Pilat .. Hm, my husband and I initially discussed a strange choice. Imposingly and authoritatively, the prosecutor's office is not even tired of the world. 5. Margarita ... Nuuuuu she is so no, but from this actress did not expect another. Of course, the work for staging is extremely difficult, however, the staging of rejection itself did not cause, more questions to the writers because of the equal rhythm. But there are pluses. Absolutely amazing Trukhin / Koroviev. He is brilliant in this role. And the discovery for me is an actor who played Ivan Bezdomny. I wanted to watch his performances. In general, if you are not particularly picky, then you can go, you will see, the whole color of modern theater and cinema in one performance. If you are picky, then you go to Misha Porechenkov in the same theater.

Svetlana was 31 october on CENTRAL-PARK WEST

I liked the performance. Bogomolov is great. In the text Zudina slips vulgar replica. It is quite possible to remove it and the image will not suffer from it at all. I can not get used to takim from the stage. Yes, and in life from this, too, jars. In general, the performance of my husband and I received a charge of positive emotions. Thank you all!

Tat`yana was 29 october on I'm Afraid to Become a Kolya

Very good performance! I follow the works of Marina Brusnikina in all theaters of Moscow. For me, her name is already a certain mark of quality, never disappointed, thanks! The artists are all great! The performance is useful for both "fathers" and "children."

Maksim was 29 october on THREE SISTERS

As a recitative WITHOUT EMOTIONS, Chekhov’s texts are not very good. Somehow he even envied himself that when he saw the brilliant performance of Efremov 20 years ago on this stage. The performance of Bogomolov is somehow very fresh and not interesting, except that Derzhavin’s song about Natasha somehow liked it here, although we don’t really say anything

Marina was 29 october on THREE SISTERS

A good production, but I expected more from Bogomolov, or rather, I did not see Bogomolov in the play, there was only Chekhov.

Svetlana was 26 october on Ideal husband. Comedy

The performance was made liberastov for liberastov. Mocked the war veteran who took Berlin. They mocked Pushkin and even Shakespeare. And in the end, they mocked the Russian flag. The game of actors is great, but after the performance there is a very unpleasant aftertaste.

Ol`ga was 24 october on Ideal husband. Comedy

I bought tickets for my son, because I saw the performance in the premiere year. Son of 20 years, went to the show with his peer. I describe their impressions: provocatively; performance for our age, you, the older generation, do not understand much; a performance about those who sit in the auditorium, who went to the Kaufman concert! In a word delighted!

Inna was 23 october on My dear Matilda

Inna Performance is awesome! I watched 6 times, the last is yesterday, 10/21/2018

Mariya was 22 october on Seryozha

If you shorten the performance by 40 minutes, leave it for about 1 hour and 40 minutes (remove the gag of Karenina), then the performance is absolutely nothing. But these 40 minutes create a feeling of embarrassment for the actors who have to grind nonsense. Attempt to emulate Konstantin Bogomolov, but not entirely successful. Bogomolov has a very well constructed text, here, unfortunately, it would be better to remove this text.

Olga was 22 october on Libra

Great performance, the actors all played great. There was laughter to tears, and sadness .. Highly recommended, you will not regret!

Viktoriya was 22 october on Seryozha

The performance is wonderful, looks in one breath. The skill of the actors is incredible! With a minimum of scenery, all the attention is focused on the game, and the actors simply work wonders: with plasticity, facial expressions, voice ... Insertions "not from Tolstoy" are very original and help to reveal Anna's state of mind. A lot of humor "through tears". Music is very topic. We got great pleasure, which we all wish!

Natal`ya was 22 october on My dear Matilda

Yesterday, October 21, were at the play "My dear Matilda." The game of actors is beyond praise. The theme of the performance was very interesting and kept waiting for the outcome of the whole performance. All the actors do not play, but as if they live their lives in this performance, everything is played so naturally. I recommend everyone to view.

Evgeniy was 22 october on FISH MAN

After viewing, I made sure that negative reviews are written not by graphomania, but by limited people who, in a fit of their inferiority, throw mud at a talented person. Only an idiot could leave before the end of the performance. So in the theater and nothing to do. Personally, this performance returned me to the theater, which was considered dead before it was viewed. The triumph of the new Fresh Form. Like a breath of fresh air, escaping from under a thick layer of dead dust, soaked in mothballs, mostly dead repertory theater, which has long been faithless. Butusov great fellow. The game of actors beyond: autumn is strong. If the heart is open, you are not indifferent to the fate of your country, if you are looking for yourself in this hellish meat grinder, tearing indifferently the soul and body of the population of this part of the land: Walk.

Tat`yana was 19 october on № 13 D

Were on the play 10/18/2018. I liked the play very much, the play of actors. Thank you very much for a nice evening.

Elena was 19 october on Contrabass

Konstantin Y. genius! 2 hours in one breath I will go again!

Aleksandr was 19 october on FISH MAN

The performance is strange. The main drawback is the duration of 4 hours! Impresses with unnecessary contrived complexity. Two or three thoughts look through. There are many director's finds, but as they are tied to the play, it is necessary to think intensively about what is not combined with the process of perception. I thought that texts, films, performances should not be boring. I constantly yawned. I did not leave out of curiosity earlier (first: where is the fish, then, as the author wriggles out of what he was nayal) .. All the same, I do not regret

Liliya was 18 october on FISH MAN

This is not a negative review, just a look at the work of your favorite director! My husband and I are an ardent admirer of Butusov, we saw almost everything on both the Moscow and St. Petersburg scenes. I will say right away that not everyone likes it, but we are going to the premieres with anticipation of pleasure. Yesterday we waited for the familiar euphoria, but alas, in the second intermission, they left. It seemed too simple and boring. But perhaps we are spoiled by Butusov, and that is what we underestimated. Mata is really a bit much, but music is not enough. Laura, as always, is charming and authentic. Liza Yankovskaya is a clever, talented actress. In general, go and see, the assessment of creativity as they say is subjective.

Gul`nara was 17 october on Helpline

The actors play great. A little farce did not stop. Light and pleasant, with a bit of humor and light sadness. In the role of Artem played Khorinyak. Particularly pleased end).

Andrey was 17 october on Contrabass

Khabensky wonderful actor. His game is beyond praise. But I didn’t like the performance very much: it was prolonged, there were a lot of musical terms, and in general an amateur.

Sergey was 15 october on Fools village

I think that there are much better performances at the Moscow Art Theater. There is the "Flying Goose", well, enough of this series. For garlic, it was boring. In vain they did not leave during the intermission, they would not have seen the shameful scene with the disco.

Andrey was 12 october on № 13 D

I really liked the performance. Were October 11, 2018 with his wife. Were very pleased. The cast is awesome. The Vernikov brothers had DR, 55 years ... well, and all the spectators had an actor's booster bonus :) I don’t even know how it happened to buy a ticket on that date for this performance. Actors, directors, screenwriters, directors, assistants and all the participants who have a hand in this action - Thank you very much. The impression is indelible, in memory - forever.

Maksim was 11 october on Ideal husband. Comedy

The very first performance of Bogomolov leaving the classics, in other words, the scandalous Bogomolov and the best in my class (I watched the premiere 4 years later), other later things are not so funny and trashy ... I liked this one and once discovered Mirkurbanov

Maksim was 11 october on CHEERFUL TIMES

Beautiful performance, Kolpakova beautiful

Maksim was 11 october on FISH MAN

For some reason, reviews are not all written, although they definitely wrote after watching. I am a fan of Butusov in St. Petersburg performances, and only with rare exceptions in Moscow ... apparently in St. Petersburg something is more talented to work (especially personal opinions). This performance is Moscow. although the action takes place in St. Petersburg. In general, for me it’s not very much and mate on the historical scene with all modernity of Butusov and mine) is not appropriate ... the holy scene

Maksim was 11 october on Seryozha

I am not yet a fan of Krymov’s creativity, as I have watched no more than 5 performances and so far I’m not used to getting used to them. In comparison with other creations, I do not consider “Seryozha” to be the best performance, but this is not a loss of meaning. At the Moscow Art Theater, Krymov seemed alien to me, at least on the main stage ... there are talented moments in the performance, but these are only moments. On a 5-point scale I put 3.

Vladimir was 11 october on Seryozha

The start with the train is wonderful. Further worse, the second act is very, very difficult. Dmitry Anatolyevich is projecting the behavior of the Soviet woman to the pre-revolutionary aristocrats, in fact, probably correctly, the educational level has all the same risen, general secondary education, many in higher education institutions which have not been completed, doctors and teachers are all completely women. It is terrible, but how can you think that Krymov is already 64, it is sad, very sad,

Marianna was 10 october on Seryozha

Wonderful performance, favorite director!

Ol`ga was 10 october on Seryozha

For me, Dmitry Krymov with his works has long been subject to no estimates and discussions. I just sit, opening my mouth, completely immersed in this nonsense, sleep, delusion. Krymov is a completely separate, transcendent, leading off to other, incredibly woven worlds, where every word, piece of phrase takes you to very different works and authors, causing a bunch of associations. And suddenly, against the background of all this nonsense, the tragedy of a cosmic scale arises, and, as they say, "there is no defense against the fate."

Elena was 10 october on Expensive treasure

Adorable french trifle. Great actors. Small Chamber Hall, where you can see and hear from everywhere. Note only one (but very significant) - without much need in the course of the play, the main character lights a cigar. The fact that it produces several smoke rings, transferring the size of its state without words, could be depicted without loss in some other form. The small hall is instantly soaked with the smell of tobacco. During the performance on October 9 - already without smoking on the stage - the smell of tobacco arose once again (perhaps, smoked behind the scenes). Do not be tedious, but it is completely unacceptable in the tiny space of the hall with narrow aisles. Otherwise, everything is fine.

Mariya was 09 october on Expensive treasure

Wonderful performance! Fun, not prolonged, without vulgarity, so characteristic of many modern productions. Cute cast; Dmitry Nazarov is especially good, of course, his wife Olga Vasilyeva was the discovery for us :) In the Small Hall there are not the most comfortable seats, but the hall is with a big lift, and it is perfectly visible from everywhere. Very pleasant impression of the evening, I recommend it to everyone!

Anna was 10 october on Seryozha

I liked the performance. Very unusual, but all the sensations are transmitted simply and accurately. I recommend.

Svetlana was 06 october on Tram "Desire"

Porechenkov, Pegova, Zudina, Trukhin are great! Received great pleasure! Thank you! I also liked the crowd and pianists. Thanks to them, the transition from scene to scene was organic. The music in the performance, in general, plays a special role. It is part of the action and very emotionally strengthened some scenes. Successes!

Zoya was 06 october on Tram "Desire"

Very good performance! Artists were on top!

Natal`ya was 06 october on Divas

The performance really liked our entire company. We were pleased to have an evening in the company of wonderful talented actors. The image of Mikhail Trukhin was particularly startled) Dyuzhev and Burkovsky - our answer to Curtis and Lemmon) if you want to spend a pleasant and cheerful evening, this option is for you)

Tat`yana was 06 october on Marriage

Were at the performance on September 20. Wonderful performance! Very dynamic, fun, musical. Playing actors is above all praise! They play enchantingly, with pleasure, with courage! Sad moments are played very delicately, without going over. Beautiful scenery, especially good long-distance plan - immediately recognizable St. Petersburg streets. I recommend the performance to everyone!

Irina was 06 october on Marriage

09/20/2018 the performance "Marriage". Above all praise !!! Great game of all, without exception, the actors! Thanks a lot, everyone! Thanks to director Igor Zolotovitsky and everyone who worked on the play.

Marina was 02 october on Mkhatovsky evening "Circle of reading"

A wonderful program. Marina Brusnikina, as always, on top.

Svetlana was 01 october on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

The play left the most favorable impression - dynamic and bright. Actors - at altitude, director's work arouses deep respect and admiration. Bravo!

Irina was 01 october on Breakage

I want to thank the actors' troupe of the play The Cliff, for the great pleasure and amazing aftertaste left after viewing. I have not experienced so many positive positive emotions for a long time, the trip to this performance brought joy, emotions, feelings for heroes into my life. The acting game is so convincing that something and the case is full of tears or goose bumps. The word about the production was more than three hours old, but this time flies by unnoticed, the performance is looked at in one breath, everything is extremely clear and interesting. The performance byazatelen to view! Thank you very much and I would pick a new show that will visit our family.

Elena was 01 october on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

An unusual vision for the revolution, an interesting setting and an amazing play of actors! BRAVO!!! If the topic of history interests you - go, do not regret it! And, if in principle it does not matter what was more than 100 years ago, then definitely should not go. I heard in the interval the conversation of young girls: "Nonsense, nothing is clear, etc., etc."

Nadegda was 01 october on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

I liked the performance. interesting unusual. It was interesting to see how the younger generation sees the events of the past, when they were not yet there,

Mar`yana was 01 october on Breakage

Beautiful performance. The actors are gorgeous. Full immersion in the classics, if not .... If not terribly uncomfortable chairs in the stalls.

Natal`ya was 27 september on A bit of tenderness

I liked the performance, the actors' play, the plot, the production - all in harmony. Thank you very much for a pleasant evening.

Alla was 27 september on A bit of tenderness

Tenderness is many. Wonderful actors. The theme is eternal. Go down.

Tat`yana was 27 september on A bit of tenderness

I liked the performance very much. Touching, vital, provocative and laughter, and tears. All the actors were just gorgeous. I recommend.

Ludmila was 27 september on A bit of tenderness

Very touching performance, but a little delayed. If it was two hours, not three, everything would be fine. The game of actors is above praise, and the topic is relevant. It's a pity that the audience is mostly elderly. And the play should have been watched by the children of these spectators. To them the author's appeal.

Elena was 26 september on Man-pillow

The play keeps in suspense all 3 hours. Difficult, sometimes terrible, Brilliant actor's play and beautiful directing. I liked it very much, although after watching it I felt emotionally devastated.

Tat`yana was 25 september on FISH MAN

oh-oh-very impressed! I advise you not to escape from the hall after the curtain is closed-the actors will thank you.

Aleksandra was 25 september on The Master and Margarita

I liked everything. Actors are all well done. But strained (not me alone) without ticket. They sit down on other people's places then people with tickets arrive, fuss starts and it's already when the show even began, it's not at all pleasant.

Natal`ya was 24 september on № 13 D

At the play went son with a girl (both 20 years old). They liked the Spectal very much: both the plot, and the actors' play, and the dekarations. I liked the game of all the actors, but especially Sergei Ugryumov and Stanislav Duzhnikov, well, of course Paulina and Igor Vernik. Said it would be nice to go to this show again)

Natal`ya was 24 september on Mechanics of love

A wonderful performance staged on a modern day, telling about relationships in the modern world, sometimes tragic, funny, makes you think about many things! Stunning play of actors. Be sure to go to this performance, he will not leave anyone indifferent!

Galina was 24 september on № 13 D

The performance was on 09/21/2018. It's just a delight: the theater itself, the play, the actors' play, even the performance programs made in an unusual style (with 3D glasses, a London subway map and the hotel plan in which the action unfolds), ticket scanners (in an English cage), a surprise for the audience already when the performance of the play was over and the curtain was closed (I will not disclose the secret!). Laugh 2 hours, the mood is excellent and during the action, and long after the performance. I looked at Igor Vernik with other eyes, and my beloved artist Sergei Ugryumov just opened completely from the other side! + everything was in time for the play and during the intermission to go to the museum exposition of the Moscow Art Theater on the 3rd floor - unique exhibits !!! So with a calm conscience all not only I advise, but I highly recommend!

Karolina was 24 september on Libra

A wonderful performance, an awesome act of actors! And laughter and serious stuff all in one. I recommend.

Natal`ya was 21 september on CENTRAL-PARK WEST

The play is staged in a completely different manner, compared with the last set of Bogomolov. Very ironic, thin, easy performance. He wants to celebrate the game of Andrei Burkovsky and Igor Vernik-bravo. Women's roles are weaker.

Galina was 20 september on Witness of the charge

Were yesterday, September 19, 2013, at the play. I would like to call the game Litvinova weak, but even this game can not be called. Quiet, indistinct speech, forgetting the text, Dobrovolskaya clearly helped her with the text. The game of Dobrovolskaya, Vernik and Chonoshvili is wonderful.

Elena was 20 september on Witness of the charge

Great performance! Simply super. Great pleasure from watching and a lot of positive emotions. Renata L. is enchanting and unrepeatable.

Igor` was 19 september on Ideal husband. Comedy

Great performance. Not for those who like easy genre and looks without hesitation. It has a deeper meaning in some moments than it seems to many. The second part clearly shows who is talking about. I liked the production. If you want to see in a more intelligent version, then I advise you to go to Reception in the Moscow City Council. Yursky made the satire impeccable, but more intelligence is needed to understand the idea of ​​Jurassic. As for this performance, then of course the production is bold. As for the constant hype about the scolding of the believers .... I am a believer, but without church priests. And if you look through to the end, you can clearly understand and see that the true values ​​are higher. And the attempts of "believers" to disrupt the play banal illiteracy and low level of intelligence. Money is not intelligence. And he who honors himself as an intellectual may not be so. Therefore, before judging you need to see. Yesterday, 18.09 was another attempt to disrupt the performance. But Sergei Chonishvili perfectly withstood and skillfully beat the situation. Impromptu was just on top. He fits perfectly into the action. Praise. I recommend going to the play if you and your companion or companion are not ready for an easy genre. If you want to go with a girl to the theater, then probably not for this performance.

Olga was 19 september on Ideal husband. Comedy

If you want to spend an evening in the atmosphere of classics, then you are clearly not here! In general - a terrific comedy, a satire, a parody! 4 hours passed in one breath. Despite the abundance of unplanned gays and drug addicts, the feeling of rejection does not cause. Excellent actors of actors! Bravo!

Irina was 17 september on North wind

I read previous rave reviews, and I understand that I do not understand anything. It was the strangest play I was watching. The only thing that struck and remembered - the aria of the "North Wind". I love Litvinov as an actress and as a director, but here, alas, I did not see either one or the other. However, the actor's ensemble did not surprise with artistry: the text and the plastic seemed to be "chopped off," there was a feeling that the actors themselves did not understand what was required of them, although, perhaps, this was the idea. Apparently, I "did not grow" to phantasmagoria .

Andrey was 17 september on My dear Matilda

Irina Miroshnichenko is amazing! An ingenious actress! Although this is a benefit performance, it is made exceptionally thin, thoughtful, creative and competent. And this does not always happen. It is necessary to thank not only the brightest star of the Soviet and Russian theater and cinema Irina Miroshnichenko, but also the director V. Petrov, the actors N. Rogozhkina and O. Mazurov. The performance is magnificent! It can be watched and reviewed! The final song, Irina Miroshnichenko, is just full of vestiges! May God give her health and long to please us with her art!

Irina was 13 september on Libra

Beautiful performance. Everything is like in life - and laughter and tears. Impressed the game Artem Volobuev. Thanks to all the actors for a wonderful evening in your circle. I advise everyone!

Svetlana was 13 september on Game in small towns

Were at the play on September 09. The performance left a very positive impression about itself! I can not single out any one actor - everyone was on top! Indeed, there is something to laugh at and think about. The audience applauded standing up. I recommend this wonderful play to everyone!

Vera was 13 september on Contrabass

A great grief of a little man! It's played brilliantly.

Tat`yana was 13 september on Libra

A wonderful light performance about serious vital things. The actors play is amazing. Grishkovets as always on top) Got a lot of positive emotions. Thanks to the Moscow Art Theater and the BigBilet team !!!

Svetlana was 13 september on Game in small towns

Great performance! Thanks to all artists! I recommend!

Venera was 13 september on Husbands and wives

Easy, interesting performance. Excellent acting and staging. It's not enough, I want to watch more time. Enjoyment from every scene.

Tat`yana was 13 september on Ideal husband. Comedy

Do not expect a decent performance in a classical performance. This action .. sur ... banter ... With the screening of the movie, the chanson, with the credits .. In a wonderful performance and beautiful actors. There were no indifferent people, from leaving after the first action, to a stormy ovation ... I was interested.

Tat`yana was 13 september on CHEERFUL TIMES

I liked it very much, it was easy and fun. I am pleased to go again.

Maksim was 13 september on Game in small towns

Very pleasant performance, sincere, warm what that. The actors liked everything without exception, in particular Stoyanov, Zolotovitsky ... however all. Somewhat strange pricing for this performance (from 2000 rubles), so the whole 9 months thought to go or not, I did not go ashore, but what prevents prices from making 1000-1500 rubles? ... so expensive, not everyone will be able to see me it seems for such money ... but, again, the spectator is GOOD

Lidiya was 13 september on Game in small towns

And she laughed until she burst into tears, and was sad to tears! Be sure to recommend to friends, as the pleasure has been great.

Aleksandr was 13 september on Ideal husband. Comedy

The second performance of Bogomolov after the Musketeers in my list of preferences) Mirkurbanov is very good, I think he is underestimated in our country. An interesting actor and a man were at his creative evening at the Vakhtangov Theater. The ideal husband - a good mood is guaranteed. The only thing you need to be ready for a long time of the play, especially on weekdays.

Valentina was 13 september on Game in small towns

liked the performance very much

Irina was 13 september on Ideal husband. Comedy

A wonderful performance. Rather, even a satirical pamphlet. Sometimes not a hint, but right in the forehead! Surprised by the boldness of the director, but this, at least, his own opinion, and the actors. It can be seen that everything that happens to them is "high".

Aleksandr was 13 september on Duel

White-Miller is gorgeous! The play was watched about a year ago, we are happy to go again.

Irina was 13 september on Contrabass

The beginning is tense. Many interesting thoughts. Svobrazny humor. Unexpected outcome. Konstantin Khabensky is on top! Went on the recommendation, did not regret in the end.

Elena was 07 september on Husbands and wives

Pleasant, easy and at the same time instructive performance. The stage version of the famous film of the same name, Woody Allen, not only is not inferior to the original, but also in something, in particular, in the actors' play and in the persuasiveness, convexity of the created scenic images, surpasses it. Compliment to Konstantin Bogomolov!

Irina was 07 september on Libra

really liked the performance. And everything is so clear, and everything is so vital, and everything is so ... touching))). After all, sort of - it's all just ... male conversations - and you look and listen without stopping. The actors played beautifully - they did not even play, but they lived their stories before us (we had the members of Bratov, Zolotnitsky, Volobuev, Troshin). Special thanks to Ruslan Bratov for this sincerity! and, of course, Vera Kharybina for the versatility))). Go and look !!!!

Svetlana was 06 september on I'm Afraid to Become a Kolya

An excellent performance, received a tremendous pleasure. In general, I love the production of Marina Brusnikina, there is a very successful combination of the production with the text of the play of the young playwright, it was really interesting, and how everything will end

Mariya was 06 september on № 13 D

Got great pleasure from the game actors and magnificent scenery. The performance flew very quickly! I recommend to everyone!!!

Natal`ya was 06 september on FISH MAN

Liked. All!! The first action is a prelude, and then a full immersion. A lot of love, a lot of life, a lot of thoughts.

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