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Moscow Art Theater of A.P.Chekhov

Feedbacks from viewers
Svetlana was 19 march on 19.14

The performance is very strong - with humor and hard at the same time. Many thanks to the artists and the director for their dedication! I really want to see new interesting creative solutions in the performance of talented filmmakers and actors!)

Elena was 19 march on Goose Goose

Astafiev is a great one. Brusnikin very carefully and accurately put his prose. The acting team skillfully played both pain and joy. Tearful with tears, penetrates to the depths of the soul ... Makes you think about the fate of the country. In memory of Viktor Petrovich Astafiev. In memory of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov.

Igor` was 19 march on Lech ...

Good show .., not even a performance, but just a story of a girl performed by Daria Jurassic and some light realistic shows of two other participants (grandfather and a young man without a text (the floor of the song does not count)))), with nostalgic notes. .. What pushes to remember their already departed grandfathers .. and to sink. But the action is easy and not shipping. Daria liked it))).

Egor was 12 march on № 13 D

A low bow to the actors. The play looks in one breath.

Alevtina was 11 march on Pride and Prejudice

A real spring show. Cheerful, colorful. Fine costumes, live orchestra, good voices. A wonderful game of artists. We went on 10 March. The hall was crowded. Even in the aisles there were chairs.

Andrey was 11 march on Zoykina apartment

Thank you so much!!! Brilliant actors play! All at the highest level! Bravo!!!

Anna was 08 march on Zoykina apartment

Sumptuously! Bravo! Serebrennikov is a genius!

Oleg was 07 march on Dreams

Great performance. Magnificent direction. The possibilities of the modern stage are as impressive as the play of your favorite actors. Perhaps the protagonist in this performance of the older talent does not fit very well into the action taking place on the stage, but this is just a private opinion, which is not always worth paying attention to. Important: I can not fail to note the excellent, well-coordinated work of the staff of the wardrobe and foyer. Thank you for the pleasure. Your constant spectator.

Oksana was 07 march on Helpline

A wonderful performance, did not even notice how the time flew by. We recommend it to everyone! My husband and I got great pleasure from the performance and a wonderful game of actors! Bravo!

Dar`ya was 07 march on Helpline

A great performance, very easy and with a happy ending! All actors play beautifully, each in his own image. Bravo!

Anastasiya was 07 march on Expensive treasure

Thanks for the wonderful actors' play, special thanks to Dmitry Nazarov! The performance really liked!

Aleksey was 06 march on Expensive treasure

Very interesting and funny performance, D. Nazarov is great!

Natal`ya was 05 march on Libra

Wonderful performance! I really love the work of Yevgeny Grishkovets. He also pleased this time. Touching, sincere, lyrical performance, sometimes fun, sometimes sad. Excellent actor's work of all performers, for which many thanks to them! I especially want to mention the game of Artyom Volobuev, full immersion in the role, you believe his hero unconditionally, for the first time you regretted that there were no flowers - I really wanted to thank the actor! Our places were located right on the stage (in the reception room), which provides a full effect of presence, you are worried for all the participants of the performance as for your relatives :)

Tat`yana was 05 march on Breakage

The performance was a great pleasure. Sincere thanks to the actors, their talent allowed to forget that this is a game and there was a feeling of living and belonging ... This is one of the most beloved theaters in the world, and to be there is always a holiday. Thank you!

Tat`yana was 05 march on № 13 D

Super! A great game of actors, very fun!

Uliya was 03 march on Illusions

The play left in perplexity. The play of I.Vyrypayev left a feeling of a parody (if not caricatures) of Western playwrights (later I learned that the play was written for the German theater). Before the performance on the big screen, a film was shown, in which a correspondent in Kamergerskiy Lane asked passers-by about what love is. The film set up the audience for some romantic-pathetic mood, in this vein, like, and you begin to perceive the play, but at first discourages the long, high-flown "speech" about the high love of the 84-year-old man lying on his deathbed, so long that by the end you get tired of listening and frankly speaking, to understand this dying pathetic, somehow I do not believe ..... Then from the romantic mood of "eternal love" the viewer is simply pushed out by the endless love vicissitudes of the elderly heroes. The genre of the play is designated in the program as a comedy, well, if the "comedy" is only "black humor". Then all the action-high monologues interspersed with frankly schizophrenic clinical manifestations of the psyche of the characters, and throughout life - that in old age, that in youth ... That's puzzling, what's all this for? What is this - deep thoughts about love in the "black humor" format? The director's finds are a match for dramaturgy, those actors who are not currently pronouncing monologues bake a pie in the back of the stage. What for? In my opinion, firstly, then, to demonstrate "myself in art," some innovation on the stage; secondly, to take on actors. Some actors, in my opinion, frankly missed sitting on a stool in the back of the stage. Perhaps, of course, I do not understand something about the concept of modern theater, but I have not touched a single soul string, although I have been in the theater quite often for many years. Tickets are really inexpensive.

Dmitriy was 03 march on Illusions

A light ironic performance, a comfortable hall, a delicious cake and inexpensive (relatively) tickets. We had an excellent evening. Thanks actors for acting and culinary arts.

Vladimir was 03 march on NIGHT OF LOVED

An excellent performance is a musical performance. Molochnikov is well done! It's hard to imagine that all this was done by such a young director. It seems that he has already grown into a true master ...

Marina was 03 march on NIGHT OF LOVED

Very bright, fun, talented. Such a young director has collected so many masters on the stage at the same time. Bravo! On the stage, the spirit of love and friendship was hovering, drawing the audience into its action. Thank you for a very pleasant evening!

Irina was 03 march on Kreutzer Sonata

I really liked the play. Of course, the topic is close. The relationship between a man and a woman is an eternal theme. With the age and the arrival of the experience, you start to perceive the works familiar from an early age differently. Tolstoy is the basis of the play. But the way he is put and how the actor plays, produces an equally strong impression. Porechenkov GREATLY played his part. 70 percent of the admiration for the play falls on his game. Previously, I did not see him on the stages of theaters. It was a pity that he was not presented with a single bouquet of flowers! The rest of the bouquets were simply custom-made! But the applause of the audience, I think, compensated for this "puncture". In general, I highly recommend to see the performance!

Nataliya was 01 march on Divas

Great performance! She laughed heartily! I recommend to all!

Svetlana was 28 february on The Master and Margarita

The performance is fantastic, it looks in one breath. The actors play is gorgeous!

Ol`ga was 27 february on Zoykina apartment

A stunning performance! Enchanting, fantasy, explosion of emotions, brightness of colors, incredible energy! Live singing and acrobatic "freaks" of participants - a separate beautiful piece. Best of what I've watched lately! I would like to go again (and this is with me for the first time). I recommend unequivocally.

Marina was 27 february on Expensive treasure

Great performance! The game of actors is amazing, Dmitry Nazarov, above all praise!

Natal`ya was 26 february on The Limit of Love

To the actor's game there are no complaints, sometimes even tears to the tears. But the second time would not go. Either the French text is too French, or the topic is too intimate for the theater.

Elen was 26 february on № 13 D

Great performance !!! Cheerful, light !!! Bravo to the actors !!!

Tat`yana was 26 february on № 13 D

Great acting game! Good mood is guaranteed!

Tat`yana was 26 february on The Limit of Love

Not an unambiguous feeling. After watching this performance, you really want to be silent and think. The actors play is gorgeous. And I really wanted to watch, listen and hope that everything will be fine with these two people.

Tat`yana was 26 february on Ideal husband. Comedy

Went the second time! The performance is ambiguous, not classical. The first time was unexpected, I thought about leaving. But the performance captures so that you do not want to leave! The second time I went with my daughter, a teenager. She was delighted! Gone with a very good mood! Unfortunately One but-wooden Marina Zudina .. just no. The rest of the actors are gorgeous! I advise!

Irina was 22 february on CHEERFUL TIMES

Great comedy. Merry, not vulgar. Beautiful production of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov. A great game of artists. I recommend to view. I think that this performance will be especially liked by those who lived in the USSR.

Dmitriy was 21 february on MALLOW

I liked the performance very much. Chamber hall, a minimum of decoration, this is very visible to the actors, and they play great. I liked the idea of ​​the director with Gorky's quotes on the screen, and also work with the light. I recommend.

Elena was 21 february on MALLOW

Were at the theater on February 20. The performance can be interesting, but it almost did not succeed. The performance is accompanied by a video with a text. Most likely, this is an important part of the performance. The tickets were on the 3 rd place 19.20. From the place number 20 you can not see anything, with room number 19 can be seen slightly. All tickets to this performance are sold at a single price, so there is not the slightest opportunity to calculate uncomfortable tickets on your own. In decent theaters, spectator places with limited visibility of the stage are marked on the hall layout. I want to note a very interesting musical accompaniment of the play.

Elena was 20 february on The Karamazovs

Were on the play 18.02.1018, I liked the performance very much. A perfect combination of Dostoevsky's text with contemporary artistic techniques of the director and a magnificent play of actors. The play captures, makes you think, but the director does not impose his own view, as if he talks about many eternal topics, relevant both in the 19th and the 21st century.

Uliya was 19 february on Divas

The performance is magnificent! The game of actors at the highest level!

Uliya was 15 february on Divas

The performance is magnificent! Have a rest from the heart! The game of actors at the highest level! I recommend to watch this performance.

Elena was 19 february on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

Ltd! Children squeal with happiness)) Good performance)!

Elena was 19 february on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

New performance of Molochnikov !!! Historical mystery. Freshly! Young! Interesting! You will not come off .. There is everything .. And a live theatrical performance with the mastery of new theatrical technologies. And a bouquet of great actors. And a deep comprehension of history. Sasha, keep it up! . We are waiting for your new interesting works. МХТ is alive all alive !!! No, he is still the Moscow Art Theater. And proves its artistic worth again and again.

Ol`ga was 19 february on Divas

Thank you!!! Pleased! Incendiary, talented.

Valeriya was 19 february on North wind

A beautiful performance with a deep meaning. A wonderful cast and Renate as a director brave! I still have a lot of impressions and experiences. I'm going to go to the North wind again, but already with friends. So you want to share this beautiful with them. And yes the musical accompaniment and decoration are excellent!

Tat`yana was 15 february on Divas

A great funny performance with a wonderful game of talented actors. In the end I wanted to shout "Bravo" loudly.

Marina was 16 february on North wind

A vague story, a weak actor's play, a gray production. There are no climaxes in the play. At first it was curious, but after an hour it got boring.

Uliya was 14 february on Witness of the charge

Yesterday, 13.02.2018, we were very enthusiastic about Evgeny Dotrovolskaya and Sergey Chonishvili, they were very good at staging the show, even with humor, in one breath, the spectators are like jury trials, and therefore they are especially watching the course of events

Anna was 14 february on Contrabass

I do not know the secret? In fine director's tricks, or in the amazing craftsmanship and strength of the words of Siuskind? Or in the talent of charisma and the unique possibilities of Konstantin Khabensky to reincarnation? Maybe all together. I do not know the answer. But as the viewer is very grateful to everyone for a wonderful evening, for an incredible aftertaste. For new colors of ordinary things. Contrabass. So simple and so many questions. Thank you!

Uliya was 14 february on Witness of the charge

Yesterday 13.02.2018 I managed to get to the play, I liked it very much despite the fact that the detective has humorous moments and the audience is involved as jurors thus take a living part in the action and watch the story, the actors play very much. I love E.Dobrovolskaya and S.Chonishvili all on high level, I recommend to everyone

Natal`ya was 13 february on Contrabass

For a long time I wanted to go to Khabensky, and here I am at the play "Contrabass". I liked it very much. Got a lot of fun. Time passed unnoticed. Very good performance. Thank you!

Tamara was 13 february on Tram "Desire"

As the frame of the bombed-out house, the director's plan is gaping. The game of actors saves

Irina was 11 february on House

Duet "Grishkovets-Zolotovitsky" + director Puskepalis - a wonderful creative ensemble. Igor Zolotovitsky, however, like the whole team, - BRAVO !!! Grishkovets raised very important questions in the play - they sat and thought: about us, about everyone. As soon as you stop setting yourself a new goal - you start to "exist" Go and look !!!

Elena was 12 february on Husbands and wives

We watched almost all of the performances of K. Bogomolov (we are his fans) -remained only 350 Central Park .... I liked everything except .... Husbands and Wives-it was boring, unfortunately!

Irina was 12 february on 19.14

No words, one delight. Has already bought tickets for the next play "1917".

Elena was 12 february on Libra

I really liked the play. What you need for Friday night. I really like the works of E. Grishkovets. There is something to laugh at. The actors are just super.! Igor Zolotovitsky a separate Thank you! I recommend to everyone!

Ludmila was 09 february on House

I really liked the play. There is something to laugh at and there is much to think about. A remarkable cast of = 200% worked.

Svetlana was 09 february on Siege

I liked the performance. To the best of humor, philosophy, headlight. Excellent acting. I recommend

Ol`ga was 07 february on Fools village

I really liked the performance. And I believed every actor, even in mass scenes. I laughed and saddened. Thank you all very much!

Sergey was 05 february on Husbands and wives

Irony Woody Alain is always impressive! And then there is such a topic. The play, personally, I liked. If you want to have a good time or you, reading (her) have doubts in dealing with your second half, then maybe you will find answers to your questions. Enjoy watching!

Inna was 05 february on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

We came to the play 19.17. A bright way with a 26-year-old son. I, born in the Soviet Union and entering adulthood during the time of Perestroika, were curious about the vision of the director from the younger generation of the era of the revolutionary coup of 1917, his assessment of what was happening with the country, people, their destinies. The event did not leave us indifferent, prompted us to discuss a lot of pressing topics, such as a person's life position, his choice in the global and particular sense of the word. The plot clearly links with the present. The work of the actors deserves the highest praise! My opinion about the play: it is useful to see such productions for people of different generations for the exchange of perceptions of events that occurred in the history of the country with the goal of literate interpretation of the problems of modern society. Thank you for your excellent time and emotions!

Tatiana was 03 february on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Many thanks to the team Bigbilet for visiting the performance. With great delight looked! Particularly pleased with the findings of the director. The combination of cinema and theater. If the younger generation perceives our history that way. then the country has a future! Just brave! I can not define the genre of the play. I consider it a new word in drama! Once again many thanks!


Very pleasant and cozy concert. The atmosphere of unity with the audience, thank you.


Good afternoon! I am a longtime admirer of the Mhatovsky evenings, regularly I go to the Circles of Reading. Unfortunately, the musical evening did not differ from the program of a similar evening this year, which is very sad, because I would like to have new numbers in the program.

Oksana was 06 march on MKhATOVSKY VETER.ZHIVOY SOUND

Everything is super) as always though

Natal`ya was 06 march on MKhATOVSKY VETER.ZHIVOY SOUND

Great, great !! THANK YOU!!!

Anastasiya was 25 april on MKhATOVSKY VETER.ZHIVOY SOUND

Thanks for a wonderful evening. I liked it very much.


Thank you, had a wonderful evening! very warm, soulful atmosphere, wonderful live sound, good songs!

Valentina was 03 february on The Cherry Orchard

The performance did not like. Good impressions only from Artem Bystrov - Lopakhin. There are no decorations for some reason. Apparently, the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov is difficult to put a table on the stage and draw trees from behind. All sort of jerky, as if they were already the same summer residents in this estate and are in a hurry to plant cartoons. Degrees were not enough, classic.

Elizaveta was 03 february on Your image is sweet and distant

A wonderful play, opening the veil to the personal life of Anton Chekhov. Exciting, deep, very touching. A wonderful combination of well-chosen dialogues, wonderful actors' play and enchanting music. I got real pleasure. Many thanks!

Alevtina was 03 february on Breakage

A magnificent performance. Complete immersion in the era. A wonderful game for all artists. Thanks to the theater for such a statement of the classics.

Igor` was 02 february on The Sleeping Prince

Great performance. I went and bought tickets to children (29 years old). Light, humorous. Actors at altitude. What else is needed to have a wonderful and fun evening. All recommend.

Elena was 02 february on № 13 D

A stunning performance! It was very fun, although sometimes slightly "too"! Actors are laid out 100% !!!

Tat`yana was 02 february on Divas

The unpretentious plot is fully compensated for by the talented actors playing. Pleased Djuzhev and Burkovsky, Innocent. Admired Shvets, Kolpakova and Trukhin. It's a pity I did not see the game of my beloved Chursin ... But what I saw was enough for a long-playing dose of excellent mood! ..

Alevtina was 01 february on Zoykina apartment

Stunning performance of the play! For all the negativity of the plot, sunflower action with an interesting solution to the transformation of the scene and light solution. It turned out 3D performance. And what a bouquet of actors! All done well! No one has overplayed and pulled on the blanket. We came when this show was broadcast live in Riga. Perhaps for this reason the performance was shown flawlessly. Those who are ready to mark the performance I recommend to refresh the story in memory. You must prnimat that go to watch life "at the bottom": a stash, drugs, bribery, unlimited power of officials and guardians of order. This is all in paint transmitted in the play. I'll put the show 5+.

Sergey was 31 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

I really liked the play. It so happened that I went alone to him and thought that I would not sit for a long time. But he served first and until the end. The artists played great. I advise everyone to go.

Irina was 30 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

Elegant performance, Kravchenko Alexei, Vashchilin Pavel, Mirkurbanov Igor, are incomparable, talented, well done !!!! Professionals, artists with a capital letter !!!!

Viktoriya was 29 january on CENTRAL-PARK WEST

Great performance - ironic. And the main thing is not tightened - as often happens at Bogomolov.

Evgeniya was 26 january on Tram "Desire"

The performance is excellent, but the first part is a bit tight, I would like the events to develop faster. The music does not correspond to New Orleans, it is unclear what city the events are happening, as it would be more appropriate to have jazz with a double bass and saxophone, and not a piano. The heroine of Blanche (Zudina Marina) lacked emotion, this image looked excessively boring and uninteresting. The monologues were fresh and unconvincing, they looked as if for a tick, did not capture. The heroine of Irina Pegova (Stella) was much brighter, sensual. Boris, Irina! That's it Stella sympathize and survive. Heroes Mikhailov-Porechenkov and Trukhin-absolutely real, played very well, without falseness and busting "show a simple peasant." In general, the impression is good, but sad, because you understand that Blanche lives in every woman, and everyone is waiting or waiting for the fairy Prince and Fairy Tale, and most importantly, do not play up and confuse the reality with fictitious fantasies.

Uliya was 26 january on Tram "Desire"

Julia was on January 25 A wonderful performance, the actors played great! I went to the play wary, having read the opinion of the spectators who had already looked. But, everyone has their own vision ... She watched and admired the actors' play - they lived on the stage, Marina Zudina unequaledly conveyed the image of her character. Thank you and BRAVO!

Pavel was 25 january on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Went with his wife after watching TV interview with Molochnikov. I was interested in the topic and I wanted to see the performance. Impressions of the seen: interesting, not boring, large (for a long time I did not see so many actors at the same time on stage), the use of cinema as part of the plot. Advice to those who will go to the play: read beforehand about the plot of the play, as it helps to be "in the subject" under the fantastic transformations of the characters. As for the historical interpretation of the images of Lenin, Krupskaya, Stalin and Kollontai, many may have their views on what was happening, For some it will be a libel for the Revolution, for someone - a truthful view. To judge everyone. For me, for example, there seems to be an excessive emphasis on the Decree on free love, published in haste. As if for his sake, and made a revolution. But this is on the conscience of the authors of the play. In general, the performance deserves to descend on it. Moreover, by the time such as the 100th anniversary of October, little has been removed and put. MKhATU and Tabakov-Respect!

Irina was 24 january on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

A wonderful game of actors, an unusual futuristic staging. Complex, multifaceted, controversial in relation to the historical period. Accurately designed for the viewer not accidentally came to the theater.

Tat`yana was 24 january on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

I really wanted to see this performance when I saw the interview with Alexander Molochnikov. Was intrigued by his judgments. Moreover, in the performance involved favorite actresses: Victoria Isakova and Irina Pegova. Impression - amazing! This phantasmagoria, in my senses, is not only a bright caricature of the "Great October Revolution" and subsequent years of Soviet power, but also a "real" representation of the young generation about these events! .. And emotions that passed from laugh to horror did not let go for a very long time after the performance. I do not know how for the younger generation, but for the people who lived under the Soviets, this "blow to the breath", which they tried to avoid for a long time, perceiving screen or scenic socialist realism on this topic, is not so acute .... In general - bravo !!! And Molochnikov and the actors, selflessly justifying this "black comedy" on a historical theme ...

Elena was 24 january on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

an unusually integral, very strong, superbly staged performance. Vernik, Pegova, Isakova and so beautiful, but in this performance they open up differently. You can safely call this performance the main event connected with the 100th anniversary of the October coup in 1917. It's terrible, desperate - in general, as it was and is. Besides this, from a purely aesthetic point of view, viewing the performance makes a tremendous impression. The combination of action, audio and video effects is very organic. To be able to accommodate in 2 hours and 30 minutes as many meanings, ideas, images, give all this a sort of "light" form .... In general, this must be seen! Thanks to the Moscow Art Theater for this opportunity.

Irina was 24 january on Helpline

A wonderful performance, with good humor! Affected clear and familiar to all theme. In similar situations, almost all people find themselves in different moments of their lives. Therefore it is important to look at yourself and your problems from the side and with humor. The play looks in one breath. Artists do not play, but live on stage. I advise everyone to attend this performance in order to spend a pleasant evening.

Elena was 24 january on Helpline

Went to the play yesterday! All are delighted! A husband who does not like drama, laughed heartily! I recommend everyone !!!! A light production that distracts from everyday work, and gives food for thought!

Ekaterina was 24 january on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

For me this is the third performance of the work of Molochnikov, and if after the first two performances faith and hope remained with me, then the director did not spare the director in this performance, there was a feeling of despair, tragedy as a result of events that occurred at the beginning of the last century. The performance is very bright, visually beautiful, many attributes of the Reds. The actors play brilliant, Victoria Isakova, Igor Vernik as Ulyanov-Lenin, Irina Pegova as Krupskaya. Of the projects dedicated to the Revolution, which took place last fall, one of the strongest impressions, along with the exhibition of Tsai Guoqiang in the Pushkin Museum.

Tat`yana was 22 january on The Master and Margarita

Bravo!!! Velokolepnaya statement of the novel, despite its tightness in the theater scene. Looks at one go. Actors, as if live on stage, but do not play. Very long aftertaste ....

Nataliya was 22 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

A wonderful performance for family viewing. There are jokes for any age. Clockwork actors, cheerful music, quality direction. Be sure to go!

Uliya was 22 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Accompanied her daughter for 8 years, was preparing to endure children's leisure. The reality surprised and surpassed all expectations! We laughed at the will, we got a great pleasure together. Actors, scenery, effects, a changed story - beyond praise. Performance for all ages. I recommend.

Elena was 22 january on Game in small towns

A lively reading of the stories from Yuri Stoyanov's book. Every actor reads great. The whole performance laughed. I went with my 18-year-old son, husband and friends. Everybody came out with a great mood. I immediately wrote to my friends that if there is a desire to relax in the theater, then they need to do this play. We already bought tickets :) But the most interesting thing that I could not sleep at night, because I remembered the phrases and I heard laughter ...

Uliya was 19 january on Kreutzer Sonata

Autumn liked the play. It is without intermission, but you do not get tired of watching. Porechenkov is super! Non-screen image, but the image of a deep dramatic actor. I recommend unequivocally!

Tat`yana was 19 january on Kreutzer Sonata

Two hours of nervous tension! Passions of actors on the limit! Mikhail Porechenkov almost 2 hours without a break does not go away behind the scenes at all. Not a moment's respite, he was able to show the relationship between a man and a woman from marriage to a sad end - killing because of the jealousy of his wife, that everything inside just breaks down. I was sitting on the first row in the stalls and saw in what state the actor was at the end of the production- full self-surrender, complete self-emptying and getting into the image. And yet Leo Tolstoy is not the simplest author - his philosophical reflections need to be able to bring to the viewer! Michael - BRAVISIMO! I know that many people go to performances with M. Porechenkov, He does not play, he lives on stage. We ask more performances with his participation !!! Thanks to the Moscow Art Theater for the feast of the magical power of art!

Elena was 18 january on Kreutzer Sonata

This performance I would recommend to watch with your teenage children and afterwards definitely discuss! In my opinion, it is a story that no vice, no crime against the divine nature of man does not go unpunished, even if this defect at some point is even encouraged by society. Mikhail Porechenkov I literally discovered for myself as a terrific dramatic actor. And in general, thanks to all the actors for the experience of vivid feelings!

Svetlana was 18 january on Kreutzer Sonata

The staging is amazing, the actors play is incredibly good and as one. 2 hours of tension and pleasure, from the first minute you plunge into this action and until the last minute you do not let go of the actors. All BRAVO!

Marina was 18 january on Fools village

I liked it very much. It's fun about sad things. The cast is magnificent, you believe everything! And despite the fact that it's sad, it looks in one breath.

Evgeniya was 18 january on Fools village

I join Catherine's response. The production is very much for an amateur. Artistic reading of the text and played dialogues. As a set of acting sketches, it's probably good. But, in my understanding, this is not a performance. We generally left at the interval, because it was frankly boring. And I'll find and read the prose of Natalia Klyuchareva.

Ol`ga was 17 january on Excursion "Zakulis"

The most painful impression! December 16 was led by the so-called excursion Catherine Vyacheslavovna. I fully admit that she is a wonderful specialist in her field, but she does not know how to tell the story, and she also does not know how to tell. But the material is fertile! And how exciting and interesting it would be possible to tell both about the history of the theater, about its great leaders, and about contemporary problems. No, all behind the scenes, i.e. the premises hidden from the audience were shown to us. But nothing more. Excursions did not work. It's a pity! I believe that such meetings should be conducted by specially trained people, and otherwise - not worthy of the Moscow Art Theater!

Irina was 16 january on The Sleeping Prince

Already our whole family has seen this wonderful performance! And everyone is delighted!

Alevtina was 16 january on Divas

Light, incendiary performance. Good acting. Beautiful costumes. Mix of the Comedy Club and the musical. Looked, came out with a smile and forgot. There is no deep thought of the performance.

Irina was 15 january on Divas

The performance is beautiful, I watch it not the first time. I advise everyone: easy. humorous, artists are great. But here are the places .... I bought the left side of the mezzanine 3 row 7 place (there were simply no other places), half the stage was not visible at all, even if stretched and bent in all conceivable and unimaginable ways. Asked neighbors (1 and 2 series), they have the same situation. had to watch the play in the aisle on the steps, under the puzzled looks of others, but really wanted to see, and not just hear. Be careful when choosing places. The directors, knowing the peculiarities of the spectator seats, could try to build smaller scenes in the corners of the stage, and at this performance a lot of great episodes are in the left corner of the stage. In my opinion. 1500 rubles per view of the performance on the steps of the passage is too expensive.

Ekaterina was 12 january on Fools village

Unfortunately, the performance frankly disappointed. Natalia Klyuchareva's book "The Village of Fools", which includes a tale with this title and a series of small essays, is amazing, extraordinary, wonderful, bright, as well as other books by Natalia Klyuchareva. We did not see all this in the play. This is not actually a performance, but a reading from the scene of excerpts from the story, accompanied by a curse of the participants in the play. There is no soul in the play, the participants of the performance did not let it through. It's bitter and insulting, because we live in the same country at the same time as the heroes of the book, and so it turns out to be far from the real troubles of our homeland. One consolation is that, at least in this form, a wonderful book will reach its reader. For sure, many will want after the play to read the books of Natalia Klyuchareva.

Elena was 09 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

Not the first time I went to this play. Great directing and acting! Bravo! Of course, the performance is not for everyone, but it was this one that wanted to see the second time from a large number of performances by the Moscow Art Theater and other theaters.

Irina was 09 january on Husbands and wives

I liked the play very much. Interesting and relevant plotz.Prekrasnye artists.Ochen liked spekkle, I recommend.

Ludmila was 09 january on Libra

I really love the work of E. Grishkovets, I could not buy tickets for this performance for a long time. The performance is wonderful, kind, easy, with good humor peculiar to E. Grishkovets, And there is something to think about and to sink. Acting is beyond praise! Many thanks to the AUTHOR AND THE ACTORS for the pleasure delivered!

Anna was 09 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

Strong, courageous, talented! Actors and director BRAVO! I agree with the recall of Natalia - hard thrash! Do not expect the classic O. Wilde - from the stage "scream" about the trampled eternal values, God grant that this cry would somehow miraculously reach those who are addressed (((

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