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Moscow Art Theater of A.P.Chekhov

Feedbacks from viewers
Ekaterina was 22 november on Witness of the charge

Renata Litvinova has opened for me in a new way. From the sublime heroine for a few minutes became characteristic, reincarnated as a sister. It was interesting and advokat performed by Sergei Chonishvili

Mariya was 22 november on Ideal husband. Comedy

Modern, sharp, unusual. I do not advise those who can be shocked by the topic - unconventional sexual orientation. The director shows the vices of our society, modern Russia. The play is four hours with two intermissions.

Svetlana was 22 november on Libra

Thanks to the actors and the author for the performance. We received great pleasure. Looks at one go. Very funny, sometimes sad and sad. As in life. Very familiar situation.

Ol`ga was 22 november on Divas

A smart performance, beautifully played by artists, humor in moderation, received true pleasure, that in our time is rare !!

Natal`ya was 22 november on Ideal husband. Comedy

Hard thrash - this is the name for the genre seems to me the most adequate. On the surface, stuffed with ragged gags, illegitimate vocabulary and the struggle of gays for existence. But in the rich aftertaste reveals the fragrance: for every person love is important. A life without love is not life. The question "Is there life before death" makes it possible to discover the meaning of life, And you have to find the true values ​​in life, build your building and realize everything that is important. Immortal Shakespeare comes to mind: All this would be ridiculous, when it was not so sad. The wrapper flew away, chased by the wind, and the candy bitter. Bogomolov is deep, piercing and true to himself - a performance with meaning, about meaning and for meaning.

Natal`ya was 20 november on Husbands and wives

The play, unfortunately, is not "hooked". The duration is only 1 hour 25 minutes, but in some places it was boring. Actors play well, apparently the problem in directing. The staging of Konstantin Bogomolov this time was not impressive.

Marina was 20 november on The Dragon

An unusual production, an amazing play of actors, is memorized for a long time. Of course, the play is not for everyone.

Tat`yana was 17 november on Ideal husband. Comedy

Visited on 15.11. We received a lot of positive emotions. Fine work of the director, actors, star composition, but the youth did not match. I recommend theatergoers to watch.

Lubov` was 17 november on Fools village

I went to the production of Brusnikina, I was already on her productions and impressed. And not only staging Zdorovskaya, but also the choice of the play. Were with friends, liked the performance of all four. The discovery was a young writer Natalia Klyucharyova. It's amazing that such a young woman knows the province's problems so deeply. Such pain for the village, for the drama and credibility of the actors' play, that I wanted to cry and cry. The magnificent game of Steklov Daniel is also an opening. Although all the artists played remarkably, without exception. The impression will remain for a long time.

Marina was 17 november on Divas

A wonderful performance! Has received huge pleasure. I recommend to everyone!

Anna was 15 november on Contrabass

The performance left only positive emotions. The game of Habensky at altitude. 2 hours passed in one breath. I recommend to visit. .

Tat`yana was 14 november on Jubilee of the jeweler

A wonderful performance. The topic is not simple, requiring reflection. The cast is great! An interesting solution with screens that show all the emotions of the actors. Have time to see this performance!

Natal`ya was 14 november on The Sleeping Prince

11.13.2017 looked at the Moscow Art Theater play "The Sleeping Prince". A qualitative and exciting comedy, and without vulgarity and vulgarity. All the actors involved in the play played beautifully. Bravo! Very pleased with the performer of the main female role of Ksenia Teplova. A young and very charming actress did not concede mastery to masters (Dmitry Nazarov and Olga Vasilieva). I recommend the performance to all those who want to laugh heartily.

Galiya was 14 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Performance for people of all ages. Original reading of the fairy tale by P. Ershov brothers Presnyakovym. A lot of music, beautiful costumes, colorful scenery. The actors work great. Bravo actors, choreographers, artists - all, all who created and performed this performance. I RECOMMEND.

Uliya was 13 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I recommend the performance to everyone! Both children and adults. Colorful, funny, intelligent, unusual, leaves an indelible impression! The mood of a merry holiday remains the next day! Thanks to the great creators and artists. Bravo!!!

Natasha was 13 november on House

Visited the play on November 11th. All very much. A wonderful star cast! On the Maly scene are assembled famous and beloved actors. Their game is above all praise! Thank you for a wonderful Sabbath evening! Special thanks to Bigbilet! Very often I use his services: everything is clear, on the day of the performance I always receive a reminder of the event.

Sergey was 13 november on Divas

Cheerful, light comedy. The time for viewing flew by unnoticed! A great game of actors.

Oksana was 13 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

A performance for the whole family! For several years I've been giving tickets to this show to my friends! This is the best gift, according to their feedback. Children look at one go. Adults rejoice from the heart. All are delighted !!! Close friends went 2 times already. Do not know the choice of a gift? I recommend! This is the best!

Vladimir was 13 november on Marriage

We watched this show on November 10! Everything is super. Despite the fact that this is a classic, in 10 minutes the whole hall laughed. Stoyanov, Duzhnikov, Dobrovolskaya and all the other actors - well done. We received great pleasure.

Ol`ga was 13 november on Divas

Great performance! A wonderful game of actors. We got great pleasure from viewing. We recommend it to everyone.

Tat`yana was 13 november on Marriage

The Friday Hall of the Moscow Art Theater was filled to capacity. Many children, apparently, a vacation. But the play is for adults. Duration more than 3 hours. Despite this, it looks easy, not boring. Artists play in inspiration. The bride-Svetlana Kolpakova is very organic in the role. Duzhnikov is also good. The combination of outstanding physical data and natural uncertainty (by role) is very comical. Stoyanov bathed in the role, even sometimes overacted. Boris Plotnikov, Sergei Belyaev - colorful types. Good performance. To cut it a little would be even better.

Natal`ya was 10 november on Divas

A matchless game of actors! This is very pleased

Vladimir was 10 november on MALLOW

An interesting performance for a budding director. Excellent actors and a good game.

Natal`ya was 09 november on Divas

Beautiful comedy, beautiful actors and their game. Burkovsky, Djuzhev and Trukhin are simply handsome and above all praise. We received great pleasure from this performance.

Anna was 07 november on Divas

A good comedy performance. A wonderful actor's composition, but especially pleases the game of Andrei Burkovsky! He, as usual, is beyond praise!

Mariya was 07 november on Divas

The play was a great success! Actors are super, especially in the first act Burkovsky in the role of Leo! But the second act Djuzhev showed class! I advise everyone this Spectrum! To relax and enjoy viewing !!!

Roman was 07 november on № 13 D

The best comedy that I watched! Many thanks! 11/05/2017

Marina was 07 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Excellent work of Alexander Molochnikov! A great game of actors!

Aleksandr was 07 november on Divas

I am delighted with the performance and visiting the theater. In this theater for the first time, I liked everything. The performance itself is wonderful, all the artists are just super, great thanks to everyone for the game, I'm delighted.

Vladimir was 07 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

The director is on the right track, but we need a normal script with elaborated material and something to do with the Mkhatov troupe, alas, there is not much for that anymore. Yes, and in the depiction of the revolution, we need more Hell and idiocy without fail. The comedy should be not just black, but very, very black,

Leonid was 07 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

My opinion. The performance is frankly weak. The reason for this is a weak drama. To play there is nothing and no one. The work of the director does not save. The theme that power by the hands of a stupid and uneducated people does its work: revolution, bloody terror and the GULAG (the play ends here) is old. About this written and said a lot. I believe that the performance is set for its tusovka, which praises and orders music. And theatrical art as an art in Moscow has long been gone.

Elena was 07 november on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

The performance was unexpected, not only bright, but also in its own meaningful work. A hundred years ago, the story in pictures and scenes, almost like in comics (here in "tragic"), quite convincingly brings it to one, the only possible end. In comparison with the productions of the "venerable" colleagues of the very young director A. Molochnikov (25 years old!), This is not a set of "elements" and not helpless "joint experiences", namely research - rapid, accurate, colorful and poetic (ah, Isakova! ). For those who are lost from the obsessive and directly opposite viewpoints of the revolution in 100 years. I was so lost that I confused the Moscow Art Theater and the variety show and in a drunken frenzy loudly and vulgarly discussed what was happening on the stage. Wine and vodka pairs undoubtedly strengthened the effect of the performance.

Sergey was 07 november on Mechanics of love

Tragicomedy, more comedy. Witty, sad, clever. A wonderful play of actors. Received great pleasure. Respect artists-decorators.

Oleg was 23 april on Seven Lives of Nemirovich-Danchenko

Very interesting performance, telling about the creators of the drama theater and the musical. The man who put the magnificent Three Sisters. Working on world stages of the world. A magnificent, talented person, the pride of his time, fundamental for the development of the future. The play is conducted by his grandson (no less talented person) with his wife. The story is amazing. PS It's a shame that people go to mediocre musicals, not saluting the people who opened the stage and given the opportunity to think and develop with you.

Lidiya was 13 april on Forest

Thank you for the opportunity to visit the theater and the pleasure you enjoyed watching the performance. All further creative successes !!!

Anna was 08 november on Macbeth

The performance impresses with its staging, it's a real tragedy !! A new reading, but it's still Macbeth !!! The actors are delighted with the game, there is an opportunity to see different generations of actors, it's nice that young actors make us believe that our Theater will live forever !!!

Mariya was 18 march on Forest

When I looked "Forest", it seemed to me that I had seen all the performances in the world. Bravo!

Irina was 04 november on Zoykina apartment

The performance was liked, it was unexpected. The version of Kirill Serebrennikov Mikhail Bulgakov's play "Zoykina apartment" is very peculiar. In the play, there are a lot of music and songs through which the director delivers the Bulgakov's "language." Excellent game by Lika Rulla, Fedor Lavrov, Mikhail Trukhin. Simply amazing plays Svetlana Kolpakova. Successfully uses the director and modern video-plots. In my opinion, there are a lot of "drug intoxication" themes in the play. I advise you to watch the play.

Aleksandr was 18 march on Forest

A wonderful performance, beautiful actors, a very well-made production is fun, but with a sense!

Tat`yana was 18 april on Macbeth

stunning spectacular performance, music, scenography and plastic are admirable ... the production is unusual for the current theater

Anna was 18 march on Forest

I liked the performance very much! Thank you so much!

Aleksandr was 27 june on Forest

This performance was too tight, the main actress was not heard in the orchestra, Nazarov in the team with the actor "footman" pulled out the whole play, it was nice to watch them!

Ekaterina was 27 june on Forest

A terrific event!

Anna was 27 june on Forest

Chursin is beautiful, a parody of Putin's ridiculous, and in the rest - kvn

Nadegda was 27 june on Forest

Very pleased!

Ol`ga was 20 october on Forest

The performance is super!

Oleg was 20 october on Forest

Thank you, both performances were very pleased!

Vasiliy was 18 march on Forest

Thank you very much and everything was fine ..

Ol`ga was 09 october on Macbeth

Those who like big rock concerts of the world stars, as I love them, will appreciate this performance. The sound, drive and technical component here are at a surprisingly high level. And when the gatekeeper enters the room with a conversation about the danger of ignoring evil, the thread instantly stretches from the performance to the situation in modern Russia, and from that moment everything that is happening on the stage is perceived differently. I recommend the performance to those who are not alien to the modern interpretations of the classics.

Hava was 13 april on Forest

I really liked the play. All actors are fine fellows. Have a nice evening!

Ekaterina was 13 february on Forest

You can differently relate to the unique atmosphere of the late 90s of the last century, recreated in this performance by Kirill Serebrennikov, and with the ecstasy of arguing about whether she needs this Ostrovsky play, but personally I belong to the unequivocal fans of this idea and to ardent lovers of it incarnations on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. "Forest" is a play which, due to some, I would venture to assume, national and universal features will always sound actual. And the transfer of it to a more modern entourage is just the case when modernist performance does not harm a drop, but, on the contrary, serves as a worthy frame. Because we should not forget that this comedy is a bitter taste. "And in fact, Brother Arkady, why did we come, how did we get into this forest, into this dense forest?" - asks Neschastlivtsev in the finale of the play, the next time, suggestive, and it's no longer possible to laugh so carelessly. After all, really - why? .. Very good, sharp, topical (quite in the spirit of Serebrennikov) allusions to modern Russia and the political situation as a whole. According to the text, it's all the same Ostrovsky, but to turn it off in this direction, it would never occur to me to show them exactly in this way. And it's amazing. It is worth noting also the wonderful musical design and amazing game of Natalia Tenyakova, Dmitry Nazarov, Yuri Chursin and Avangard Leontiev. Without them, all this would look half as good, and without the parody talent of Yuri Chursin, one brilliant, in my opinion, the director's idea and did not succeed. So, having combined all of the above, we will get a perfect example of a comedy, not just relaxing the brain, but also stimulating reflection. A wonderful performance.

Inessa was 13 february on Forest

I received great pleasure, the performance was very pleasant, the original version.

Elena was 13 february on Forest

The performance was liked, the actors' play was worthy. The mood of the performance remained good.

Irina was 18 april on Macbeth

A stunning performance! Alexei Kravchenko in the title role was magnificent. 2 hours in one breath. It's a good idea not to interrupt. It only distracts. Modern processing was carefully metered and well blended. The idea with the camera in my opinion is very interesting and successful. Very pleased! Thank you! Would go again.

Ol`ga was 18 march on Forest

Everything is wonderful, very much. An interesting production, a wonderful play of actors. Thank you for wonderful emotions and impressions.

Vladimir was 13 april on Forest

I like it.Dynamic and informative.

Tat`yana was 18 march on Forest

A wonderful performance! Absolutely "today", it is actual, as well as 10 years ago. Actors - brave!

Artem was 20 october on Forest

We left in the intermission 18 row nicho not heard

Marina was 13 february on Forest

Beautiful performance

Yana was 13 february on Forest

Was on 13.02.14. The performance is long, delayed, well, and where to hurry something. A sudden joke-parody of Putin at the end of the play to the majority seems to have liked me (I do not really). Nazarov is beyond praise. Skorik do not believe, Aksyusha is not like that. It is worth going, it is better to see once than to read responses and reviews a hundred times. But I would not go to Kamergersky for this play.

Evgeniya was 27 september on Forest

Very lively, active, musical performance! Nazarov - the main color of this production, in my opinion. If you laugh and rest - you here

Mariya was 05 february on Forest

A worthy play of actors. Worth a visit, do not regret it! The ending is unexpected!

Mariya was 19 april on Macbeth

Excellent modern performance, spectacular, with a bunch of chips. Bright costumes, unusual scenery. The actors played on "Hooray", even I will not give out anybody, all the fellows! 2 hours in one breath. I recommend!

Elena was 09 september on Forest

Oh, what a wonderful play! It was just some kind of fantasy! Actors, scenery, costumes, perfect plot twists and turns! The action was moved from 19 to the middle of the 20th century, and the dialogues are clear on Ostrovsky, it's not even surprising that they are relevant to this day. And the plot is old, as the world: a young rich old woman fell in love with a young rake)) and married him. Does not it look like anything? And pre-election promises? At the same time, not a word past the original! In general, go to the play is only after acquaintance with the source, otherwise awareness will be incomplete. Thanks to Kirill Serebrennikov for this evening and this vision!

Uliya was 15 february on Forest

I really liked the performance, three and a half hours with one intermission flew by unnoticed, the acting game shocked the imagination, especially Dmitry Nazarov in the role of Neschastlivtsev, laughed to tears! Highly recommend. Thanks to all the actors.

Natal`ya was 18 march on Forest

Such pleasure from performances I did not receive for a long time, though I go regularly and in different theaters. Many thanks!

Uliya was 09 november on Forest

The performance is excellent, a great game of actors .. thanks ...

Larisa was 13 february on Forest

Many thanks! I really liked the play.

Galina was 18 march on Forest

We thank all the participants of the 10th performance "Forest" and the administration of the theater for their excellent craftsmanship and good organization!

Irina was 19 may on Forest

The performance is wonderful, super! With humor, laughed to tears, a brilliant game of all actors and, of course, bravo to director Cyril Serebrennikov! Very modern and necessary performance.

Tat`yana was 13 april on Forest

Great performance! Remarkably Nazarov plays. An interesting presentation of the classic work, there is something to think about) We will recommend to friends. Thank you for the pleasure you gave))

Konstantin was 13 april on Forest

Very pleased, everything is perfectly organized!

Anna was 13 february on Forest

A bit tightened, it's not enough "Ostrovsky", pleasant politicization, they sang well

Anna was 27 june on Forest

Thank you! The performance really liked!

Cergey was 13 april on Forest

Great performance! I saw Ostrovsky's play in a new way. Thanks to the theater, the actors and the director.

Rima was 12 may on Macbeth

We enjoyed the performance, my friend and I went there and we both read McBeth in English, we are both foreigners .. but we really enjoyed it !! the performance showed McBeth in the different and modern way, it was a great performance and the actors were great each and every one of them and we want to attend another performance soon :) ... thank you all !!

Alevtina was 04 november on Kreutzer Sonata

Was at the play on September 14th. The production is impressive. With great skill in simple scenery, the director moves the characters to different episodes of their lives .. Porechenkov perfectly conveyed the attitude of his hero to the woman. I would like to note one circumstance that is not very convenient for the viewer: a 2-hour performance takes place without a break.

Nataliya was 04 november on Kreutzer Sonata

I discovered Michael Porechenkov as a deep dramatic artist. Very strong performance! The work of the director and sound engineer at a high level, two hours flew by unnoticed, I recommend everyone

Elena was 01 november on Helpline

Great performance, were yesterday! Looks at one go! Recommended!

Elena was 30 october on I'm Afraid to Become a Kolya

Very good performance. The actors play is delicious. You laugh a lot during the performance, and after it you reflect on the problems raised in the play. Must watch! I plan to go again and invite friends!

Angelika was 26 october on Divas

Great performance. I am a spectator with experience, but this performance is SUPER !!!!! Thanks to all the actors for the pleasure.

Alla was 26 october on Old-world landlords

I thank the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov for the delivered joy! The play "The Old-World Landlords" warms the soul, is filled with light and love!

Mariya was 26 october on Libra

Easy, but, life performance. There is a smile, there is and think about something over something. I watched twice and with Zolotovitsky I. and with Chindyaykin N. The acting is beyond praise. Bravo. There would be more such productions, where you really feel the theater and there are no violent, mate and frank scenes on the scene. Thank you, once again, the Moscow Art Theater.

Marina was 26 october on Libra

Watched the play a second time. It's about something says. Although the first line-up I liked more, but also for the second time the performance looked very good. Thanks to everyone who created and played in the play!

Evgeniy was 25 october on Libra

The Moscow Art Theater simply burns. Whatever the new production, it's fine. Excellent balance of the plot, the actors' game, space. You come out and do not understand how all this fits in just 1.5 hours. Recognizable. Touching. It's funny. Sometimes tears welling up.

Tatiana was 24 october on Drunk

I liked the performance very much, the very Inna performance is very good. The humor is good, but in the second half of the play, I already somehow wanted to think and think and laugh stopped Bravo Bravo All is well in the play, the play, the actors and the production for me all came together

Uliya was 22 november on Noble Nest

Has received huge pleasure! I would go to this play once more.

Elena was 30 september on Noble Nest

To my great regret, I was not satisfied with the expectations of getting involved in the cultural event. Boring, delayed, not all actors played with impact :-(

Elizaveta was 29 march on Noble Nest

Lovely is beautiful, great umnitsa.Spasibo, had fun !!!!

Tat`yana was 29 march on Noble Nest

Hello! The performance "Noble's Nest", which my mother and I visited on 29.03.2014, very much! The unsurpassed play of actors left only positive emotions and excellent impressions! I especially want to note the game of Dmitry Dyuzhev, Yana Gladkikh, Ksenia Lavrovoy-Glinka and Nina Gulyaeva! Thank you for the excellent performance of the classics and a wonderful Saturday evening, held at the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov!

Aleksandr was 29 march on Noble Nest

The performance really liked! A wonderful game for all the actors involved in the play!

Nataliya was 30 january on Noble Nest

I liked this performance, especially the game of Dmitry Dyuzhev and Dmitri Nazarov

Mariya was 30 september on Noble Nest

The performance is good, especially the female composition is beautiful. All the actresses played convincingly (Ya. Gladkikh, N. Egorova, N. Gulyaeva), a little bit upset the performer of the role Lemma Dmitry Nazarov, somehow vaguely turned out although the character is characteristic

Anna was 19 september on Noble Nest

The performance really liked! He touched the feelings that had fallen asleep! The actors are gorgeous!

Nataliya was 11 june on Noble Nest


Elena was 28 december on Noble Nest

I cried. They were all so good ... Thanks to Marina Brusnikina, for such a classical production. As everyone is alive, like everything is real. D. Dyuzheva, I generally in this formulation was not (somehow serially treated him .. well, well, it's high, bright), but he is such a piercing in this performance ... and how he sings .... In general, just a spirit ... Turgenev's spirit in everything . Perfectly.

Kristina was 04 june on Noble Nest

A beautiful production and a wonderful play of actors! My spouse and I really liked the performance. All the actors laid out 200%! Bravo!

Anton was 19 september on Noble Nest

It's delightful! The best impressions! The play "holds" from the first minute to the last. Brilliant composition of artists! Usually it's very easy to beat the classics. Here I want to say: "I believe!". THANK YOU!!!

Aleksandr was 11 june on Noble Nest

I liked it a lot, thank you!

Elena was 24 april on Noble Nest

The performance is very good, the actors play is amazing!

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