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Moscow Art Theater of A.P.Chekhov

Feedbacks from viewers
Ol`ga was 15 january on Ideal husband. Comedy

Loved it !!! About our life as it is, about the degradation of young people under the shroud of "snow", dad gives Ferrari (says enjoy your life while son is young) to his son, instead of knowing about life, about spiritual values, about developing himself. And naturally stupidity leads to the death of a young man, empty brains. It is correct about parents that it is generally shown that the main character helps them and communicates and praises the Father !!! Respect is shown to the older generation, they are remembered !!! About the official's wife, the man brings the money to the woman correctly, and he gets success in his work, so it is! Everyone gets what they need, everyone develops !!!

Svetlana was 14 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

I really liked the performance, I am delighted, it touches me to tears, talentedly and professionally, it turned out to be a good gift for my Birthday.

Igor` was 14 january on CHEERFUL TIMES

Truly, fun and easy. Actors thank you all for the fact that no one was serving a number. Money and time do not mind. Ready to spend them on such performances.

Elena was 11 january on Contrabass

Thank you very much to Konstantin Khabensky for a wonderful, good creative evening "Double Bass without Contrabass".

Dar`ya was 14 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

The twentieth century is a plastic production in which key figures of the twentieth century are marked. The performance is wonderful! I really liked, and laughed and shed tears. Now it is necessary to bring the mother together, it seems to me that for the older generation the play will be especially interesting, since for the modern youth some characters of the play will probably not be readable. Who remembers Vertinsky, Petr Leshchenko, how many people remember the stories of Vampilov and old films The house in which I live and I walk across Moscow? The atmosphere of each episode is perfectly conveyed, the director has managed to catch the spirit of each time. The only flaw in my view of the performance is a crumpled finish. I am happy to go again.

Sergey was 14 january on Marriage

I advise you to go, do not regret it !!

Sergey was 14 january on Zoykina apartment

Personally, I had a great evening. great performance! A wonderful game of actors, installations, texts.

Marina was 10 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

Stay impressed! Sumptuously. The artists are very lucky to work with Alla Sigalova. Experience for life. They played with full dedication, there were scenes that touched to tears. Everything is recognizable. Thanks to the whole team for the performance, light, costumes, scenery. Certainly - the event of the season. Thank you for the evening in your theater! I love and often visit.

Svetlana was 10 january on Seryozha

Awesome! Looks in the same breath, the game of actors is great! An explosion of emotions! It is imperative to watch this work before watching. For proper effect. The first time I saw Smolnikov on the stage - I was captivated by her play!

Elena was 10 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

My theatrical and very busy January continues. Today at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater on the play "XX Century Ball". Director - Alla Sigalova. This is a reflection of the memory in two parts with a prologue, music and dance sketches. This is indicated on the official website of the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov. I took this performance as a costume, music, dance show. Unfortunately, without much meaning for me. In that sequence of changing pictures, I did not feel everything that the director apparently invested. From what impressed me, I can say: Costumes are vintage and stunningly beautiful. Costume Designer Alexander Vasilyev. To create images were used old photos and postcards. The fitting and selection of costumes took more than 3 months. The main place of events is the station - a witness who preserved the memory of the past eras. “The station is a place where people are forgiven, where they meet, where they leave, in the literal and figurative sense” (A.Sigalov's words). Maximum use of modern technology. Tulle screens, projections, holographic structures. Very beautiful scenery and amazingly used special effects, for example, the arrival of a train at the beginning of act 1. In the second act, the train changed the train. And the action went for me more interesting ... Part 2 - these are songs and dances. The most vivid impressions remained from the number “Come on, Girls” and Irina Pegova as Zhanna Stepanovna. If this is really a ball, then she is definitely the queen of the ball. Apart from Irina Pegova, I can single out for myself a few more artists who made a great impression on me, as always from performance to performance. This is Pavel Vashchilin, Veronika Timofeeva. “XX Century Ball” is a luxuriously costumed multimedia action, which for me was not a performance that left a mark on the soul. Unfortunately...

Tat`yana was 10 january on THREE SISTERS

The three sisters of Bogomolov are the worst performance I've ever seen. Scenography and movement of heroes, as in the play HUSBANDS AND WIFES. Three sofas, the contour of the house in different colors. Brother's speech is unintelligible, the line of the brother's wife is not bred. Only once, and quite successfully, her aggressive mood was emphasized when landing on the sofa. Everything (now sitting on the couch, now standing) read the text without emotion. It is not always intelligible. Yes, and the screens, which is very good for the audience from the balcony, and, it seems to me, inappropriate for the stalls. What does one say, and on the screen another hero of the play. In general, even the text of Chekhov does not save the play. The last light decision - all in orange - was ripped off from Fomenko. The whole scene, all the tubular contours of the house are orange before the duel. The hall is chock-full, there were no empty seats, only on the balcony at the edges in the last rows of two or three seats. But there were applause, someone from the last rows of the stalls even shouted BRAVO.

Nadegda was 08 january on THREE SISTERS

Great performance, really liked! Daria Moroz in the role of Tuzenbach is amazing, so much warmth and love in her eyes. The atmosphere of that time is very well conveyed, the ideas are modern and very relevant to this day.

Anna was 08 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I really wanted to see this particular performance ... we managed to book (online) tickets a month ago ... and ... got to the Real Miracle Performance !!! Pisarev can not be counted, the set design - the beauty and scale of the extraordinary, the acting game is gorgeous, it is clear that the artists get great pleasure !!! The costumes, music, plastic, choreography are perfect! An ideal performance !!! But ... not for children 6 +, the scene of a sea bottom pool ... character dialogues ... understandable for an adult audience! Therefore, from the age of 10, I think it is already possible for children.

Ol`ga was 08 january on The truth is good, but happiness is better

I do not know what to say. On the one hand, it is very boring, on the other hand, the classic is Ostrovsky, eternal themes. The actors of the "old guard", Alla Pokrovskaya, Olga Yakovleva, Avant-garde Leontiev, are simply wonderful. The “Youth”, which is no longer youth at all, such as Eduard Chekmazov, is very weak. Not yet liked the actor in the role of Proshenka, Artem Volobuev. In my opinion, and superficially, does not fit this role, and the game is weak, at some moments it just seemed to me that he was copying George Vitsin in the role of Balzaminov. The first action that takes almost two hours is very boring and boring. The second is about thirty minutes, here is already somewhat alive.

Uliya was 07 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Very average performance, in my opinion. Plus disappointed and frustrated vulgarity. The performance is not worth the amount of laudatory reviews written about it.

Frida was 07 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

Looks like the opening ceremony of Olympus 2014.

Sveta was 07 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

amazing not expected, beautiful, a sea of emotions! thank )

Elena was 07 january on Seryozha

Thank you, Dmitry Krymov, he gives us the THEATER. So many thoughts, emotions ... What interesting solutions .. Seryozha ....... Karenin's sufferings ...... Anna's throwing ...... Everything is expressed in such a talented and such theatrical language ..... Go and look ..... and think .. .. think .... This is a magnificent miracle of the THEATER, such a difficult and exciting journey into the passions and meanings of life !!!

Irina was 07 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

The performance is great !! In our mad time we lack aesthetics, enjoying the beauty of music, movement, plastics! Everything is there! Talented performance created by talented people. Alla Sigalova unconditional talent! Brilliant woman! Her "Casting" in the Moscow City Council and "Katerina Il'vovna" in the Boxing box confirm this. I advise everyone to look. Of course, "20th century. Ball" is the event of the season !!!

Anna was 07 january on № 13 D

Great performance, 2.5 hours of humor and laughter. Great acting game. I want to come back to the Moscow Art Theater again and again.

Elena was 07 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I drive in turn all the grandchildren. 10 years ago, Nikita with Ilyusha, and now Vanya with Dima. I vvostorge, children also really like it, especially the hunchbacker and whale fish. A true performance is long, it is difficult for children to sit through active.

Elena was 07 january on XX CENTURY. BAL

A very interesting modern idea (but not a show!) About our history. On the other hand, it is very theatrical (read, beautifully) even the tragic pages of the 20th century, and on the other hand, it touches even to tears (a dance about women's military fate). Of course, not everything is smooth (the insert number with Pegovaya is knocked out strongly), but on the whole it is impressive. A video with a locomotive has such a huge context of all the art and life of the 20th century that you could not think of a better one. Maybe I would have removed Nostalgia, although I understand that emigration should also be indicated. And a simple but strong ending: the reaction of the hall is so different, who laughed, and someone (and I) experienced very mixed feelings. Thanks to C. Ernst (the experience of the Olympiad is felt), and Alla Sigalova, and the artists whom I saw the day before in a poetic evening, where they read beautifully, and here they danced no less beautifully. So it should be in the first theater of the country - high professionalism.

Tat`yana was 06 january on Creative evening. Double Bass without "Double Bass"

When something went wrong .... Mixed feelings ... Feeling that Konstantin Y. does not spend creative evenings so often. Or this format has become uninteresting to the modern viewer ... A strange choice of prose to read on stage, and for some reason only one author ... The reader of the actor, from my point of view, is not a bad one. With Bashmet the texts are much more expressive ... I rather did not like it. I treat the actor with great respect and sympathy. Perhaps the flight had the previous day ...

Svetlana was 06 january on Creative evening. Double Bass without "Double Bass"

I am very pleased with the current chain of circumstances that led me to this.

Svetlana was 06 january on Creative evening. Double Bass without "Double Bass"

It has long been out of the theater with such a mood of joy, optimism and love. At the evening they both cried and laughed and thought about different things; about life, of course, about children, about parents, grandparents. Since it is not the first time I attend creative evenings, I can say that this evening is very wonderful and I thank Konstantin Khabensky for this sincere communication with the audience, still impressed !!!

Viktoriya was 06 january on Creative evening. Double Bass without "Double Bass"

It was a terrific spectacle! Konstantin Khabensky as always was at the highest level! Perhaps today, this is the most humane and most sincere and honest actor! To the question: "Should I go?" I will answer: "YES !!!" The evening was not forgotten !!!

Elena was 05 january on Kreutzer Sonata

I saw this performance before in another theater, I went to look at Porechenkov. Not a second regretted a great game. Revealed to me from the other side. The rest of the actors also did not disappoint. The performance looks at one go. And ksati, the hall was crowded. And that says a lot. Thank!

Galina was 05 january on Kreutzer Sonata

A cozy theater, conveniently located in the center of Moscow. Good performance, with a good game of artists. Enjoyed the theater performance. Thank you Bigbilet for the opportunity to attend decent performances.

Evgeniya was 05 january on Witness of the charge

Wonderful performance! The cast is great! Fully immersed in the plot and forgot about everything that surrounded us. Moscow Art Theater as always on top!

Uliya was 05 january on Witness of the charge

I watched the performance on 10/12/18. I liked it very much, with humor, easily, the intrigue remains until the last moment. The play of all the actors is great. A very interesting move - the involvement of the audience in the process. Igor Vernik is inimitable, although I am not his fan. Renata Litvinova is charming and very clever, however, as always. Thank you so much for the pleasure of viewing !!! Recomend for everybody!

Uliya was 05 january on Witness of the charge

I watched the performance 10/12/18 Loved it! - with a good sense of humor, with a strongly twisted plot (to be honest, I did not understand who killed the aunt ..). Of the actors, Sergei Chonishvili and Yevgenia Dobrovolskaya particularly liked. And, of course, a real diva and a unique creature reigns in all this and above it - Renata Litvinova - the eyes and ears cannot be torn off from her - a fascinating miracle !!

Elena was 29 december on Seryozha

The performance is very unusual, full of metaphors, the scene in the train is amazing. The acting is great. watched with great interest. The end seemed to be tightened, and for me it was not clear why the director inserted a scene from V. Grossman. But in general, of course, there was a strong impression.

Natal`ya was 29 december on Zoykina apartment

The performance (12/27/2018) was liked. It was not boring all 3 hours. It is quite logical: first cheer the viewer, then move on to serious "things" ...

Lesya was 28 december on Ideal husband. Comedy

A magnificent performance, we look for the first time, brought with us adult sons. There is something to think about, laugh and mourn. The game of actors on top. Mirkurbanov and Kravchenko beyond praise. All performances at Bogomolov magnificent. I am pleased to look again many times.

Vladimir was 26 december on № 13 D

The second time I come to the play. Sumptuously. 3 hours of laughter and delight. I recommend to everyone who wants to get positive emotions to the window of the day.

Tat`yana was 26 december on № 13 D

Wonderful performance, 3 hours of laughter. Awesome acting game. Bravo!!!

Anna was 20 december on Husbands and wives

An adorable performance. Loose, dynamic, witty. Minimum scenery and no props. An interesting statement. We really enjoyed. Thank.

Elena was 20 december on Ideal husband. Comedy

Great performance! For me he is the best at Bogomolov! Laughing to tears !!! Tough satire !!! Lovers of the classics - not here! Orthodoxy on his head again tried to disrupt the performance, thanks to the guard for vigilance! In general, they very much fit into the plot, one would have thought that this was so conceived, because they even more clearly illustrate obscurantism in our society !!! Performance - thrash, banter, provocation with deep meaning !!! For smart people !!!

Elena was 19 december on Ideal husband. Comedy

Very strong multi-faceted performance, takes from the first minute, holds all 4 hours. So many meanings have been collected that one cannot comprehend at once. And the satire of modern Russia, and the search for the meaning of life, ... etc., Etc .. Mirkurbanov and Kravchenko are great, ... Do not get fooled by the superficial impression ... trash ... funny comedy .. fantasy director .. ...

Natal`ya was 18 december on Seryozha

Maria Smolnikova is a bright, thin, amazing actress !!! In any performance, it is unique! If we talk about staging, then absolutely unnecessary scenes with a fan, a duet with Karenina and Vronsky with a dress are tightened, but the scenes with a train are magnificent - so cleverly invented !!

Svetlana was 14 december on CHEERFUL TIMES

Easy, with humor, with original director's findings and very delicate sarcasm. Wonderful acting. The performance created a pleasant playful mood!

Tat`yana was 11 december on Husbands and wives

I was pleasantly surprised by the production, because after * Boris Godunov * in Lenkom I decided not to go to Bogomolov’s performances. Yesterday it was interesting to watch.

Elena was 10 december on THREE SISTERS

I liked the performance very much! The external absence of the emotions of the actors only intensified the internal tension, as a compressed reason, at any moment ready to crack down! Chekhov's work is absolutely modern, relevant, eternal values ​​and after 200, and after 300 years,

Veronika was 10 december on Marriage

If you do not expect a bright, memorable and distinct performance from your favorite theater - go. You will have a good evening: light comedy, a good play of actors, good direction. The whole performance could not get rid of the thought that I was watching “The Town” with the participation of Stoyanov. A lot of annoying stamps and vulgarly cheap humor. For the rest, - quite suitable for Saturday evening.

Marina was 10 december on Libra

Wonderful performance! And very funny, and very serious at the same time. Great acting. Thank you very much!

Elionora was 10 december on Marriage

Good performance. Very surprised and pleased Yuri Stoyanov. All artists "in their places." thank

Elena was 10 december on Marriage

The performance is very good! Original production, great actors!

Elena was 07 december on XX CENTURY. BAL

A wonderful reason to admire the work of Alla Sigalova is excellent. The goal - homage to people, events in an incredibly concentrated form (and not in damage to the senses and emotions) - definitely succeeded. Although the whole team of the performance works as one perfectly tuned mechanism, I cannot help but single out the absolute star - Irina Pegova. To her - thanks and admiration for sparkling and artistry!

Georgiy was 07 december on XX CENTURY. BAL

Specific sight. Underbalance. Not a performance. The show of the "first channel" is interesting, but "stilly." You can go "but the third time" (review above) despite the fact that the performance passed the second time yesterday - PLEASE

Ol`ga was 07 december on XX CENTURY. BAL

Undoubted success! A brilliant combination of music, dance, video, poetry, light, costumes. Unforgettable emotions - from goosebumps and tears to laughter and cries of delight! All the artists are great, but Irina Pegova is undoubtedly a star! Recomend for everybody!

Polina was 07 december on XX CENTURY. BAL

Brilliant performance !!! The colossal work of the team of performers! Alla Sigalova is a genius !!!

Ol`ga was 07 december on XX CENTURY. BAL

Loved this performance! Musical extravaganza without words! Recomend for everybody).

Alexander was 06 december on XX CENTURY. BAL

Excellent performance! I will go for the third time. Recommend. And always make your own conclusions, and not be guided by others ...

Liana was 03 december on Expensive treasure


Vladimir was 01 december on Christmas Concert

I attend this event for the second time. Great atmosphere, full immersion at Christmas as a holiday, homely atmosphere. Great performances of theater actors, improvisation, joyful mood. Who wants to relax - I recommend.

Natal`ya was 01 december on Forest

A good game of actors, but something is missing, a schoolboy son will not lead, the modern manner of production does not reach the main idea of ​​the comedy ...

Mariya was 01 december on Christmas Concert

Great concert!

Liliya was 01 december on Christmas Concert

A Christmas concert at the Moscow Art Theater is not only a tradition of the theater, but also of my family. Always a great mood, a little sadness, memories. This time, the performance of Darya Moroz was very impressed. The original of the song "Non-Orbit" is inferior at times to the performance of Daria! Super! Bravo! Yanina Kolesnichenko is an explosion of emotions and mischief))) Amazing) I heard Yanina singing for the first time. Talent, eat talent. Thanks to the director Marina Brusnikina, a modest woman with an incredible inner world, and to all the participants and organizers of the concert mood. All year I will wait for the next concert. Thank you all! Good luck and love in 2018!

Ekaterina was 01 december on Tartuffe

The performance is amazing! The actors play great, the stage, the light, the musical arrangement are all up to par. We really enjoyed the performance, I recommend it to everyone!

Nataliya was 01 december on Christmas Concert

Very stylish and mentally at the same time - they got tremendous pleasure on a festive evening !! Daria Moroz is unbelievably elegant :)

Vladimir was 01 december on Christmas Concert

I attend this event for the second time. Great atmosphere, full immersion at Christmas as a holiday, homely atmosphere. Great performances of theater actors, improvisation, joyful mood. Who wants to relax - I recommend.

Evgeniy was 01 december on Tartuffe

The performance was not impressed. The actors did not reveal their talent, even everywhere brilliant Andrei Burkovsky. I looked somehow detached, absolutely not exciting. Such a winning theme - creativity and power, but the director did not cope with the material. I think that the performance is a rare exception in the wonderful repertoire of the theater - I watched almost everything and I love this theater very much.

Ludmila was 30 november on CENTRAL-PARK WEST

Wonderful performance, well-delivered and the actors play well. Thank!

Kirill was 26 november on Seryozha

Awesome performance! From the very beginning to the end looks in one breath. A miracle happens on the scene: grotesque images, witty context, unreal costumes, scenery, capacious meta physical scenes, shrill music - everything mixed up, and the text of Tolstoy, which was not very much in the play, was first revealed to me. The grotesque images told a living story about living people, about how tragedies occur, and how the train passes through all of us ... Despite the depth of the tragic meanings that have opened up to me, I came out happy after the performance. And it seemed to me that everyone around was also happy.

Tat`yana was 26 november on Fools village

Wonderful performance. Funny, truthful, smart. The actors play very well, I think it is their play that makes the performance so. I highly recommend for viewing. I have been with my son for 17 years. There were moments that, I hope, he will remember as life.

Elena was 23 november on A bit of tenderness

We got great pleasure from the performance. Time flew by. We thank the actors for a wonderful evening. I want to show the performance of adult children.

Ol`ga was 23 november on Illusions

I did not like the performance. From the first second it became clear that the audience will be served with a cake in the final. So it happened, treated. Why did he bake for half an hour right on the stage? Riddle. The stories told by the actors are boring and have nothing to do with love. What we were told about is not close love. Anything - but not love. I don’t like at all that in the modern theater the actors stop interacting on the stage. Came out alone - talked to the hall. There was another - talked. The third, the fourth ... And it’s as if they don’t notice each other (we can read the book ourselves, at home, on the couch. And we go to the theater completely after the other. After the emotions, after empathy, after the sincerity. This There are no illusions at all. It’s a pity to spend money and time. I do not advise.

Natal`ya was 21 november on Expensive treasure

In general, the performance remained pleasant memories, light, a little funny, a little sad. Actors played great. The first action is slightly delayed, but this is my personal perception, Who just wants to relax, come and see.

Gul`nara was 19 november on Husbands and wives

A good performance, an interesting performance, can be interpreted to your taste the manner of communication of the characters, their movement around the stage, but generally fascinating, with humor. Particularly pleased that the director did not succumb to the temptation to make two acts. Dynamically, lively and very mobile.

Alla was 19 november on The Limit of Love

I liked the performance. The monologues of the actors are so fascinating that they did not even notice that this is a monologue. I looked at one go. The small hall of the New Stage makes this performance almost "intimate". The actors are at arm's length. You even stop breathing at times. It's sad. After the performance, I want to be silent and think, think ... Well, Dobrovolskaya is generally above all praise. I just love her.

Marina was 19 november on Husbands and wives

An interesting performance in an unusual manner. A wonderful combination of V.Allen's irony and the style of K. Bogomolov gives an easy and instructive story. I liked the play of the actors very much, especially I. Vernik and S. Kolpakov charged with a good mood for the working week.

Ol`ga was 19 november on Husbands and wives

I didn't like the performance. Of course, there is something to think about, but it's too boring.

Marina was 19 november on Goose Goose

Great performance! Not for nothing at once all the tickets are bought up. Marina Brusnikina- Bravo! The first act of the play takes place in the difficult post-war years. And gradually from the young meeting of the main characters and the joy of the arrangement of being you begin

Elena was 19 november on OPHELIA IS AFRAID OF WATER

The performance is about solitude in the family, inability to hear each other, and life without love. The play is complex, somewhat depressive. It seemed to me a little tightened .. As always, a wonderful game of famous actors. Loved the game Darya Jurassic.

Igor` was 19 november on The Limit of Love

The plot is very tense and frank. The actors have a dialogue: one speaks, the second - silently answers. He knew that there would be an adapted version. Plus now also censored. I wanted to look at the unadapted version. There is a feeling that when adapting, the rhythm and meaning of the French text was lost. The adapted version is more truthful for its rigidity of statements. But it (the insert) goes in contrast with the rest of the text of the play. The flight of the French text and the landing of Russian. Nevertheless, the heroes believed. They loved. But everything went.

Elena was 19 november on OPHELIA IS AFRAID OF WATER

The play about family relationships. The performance is complicated, sad, a bit depressive, it makes you think about family values ​​and the importance of love. Wonderful game of achers. Loved Daria Jurassic.

Oksana was 15 november on The Master and Margarita

I watched the performance on November 6 (2018). Naturally compared with the performances in Gorky and on Taganka, which I saw much earlier, but Chekhov lived to see the version in the Moscow Art Theater just now). Your woland is very good, the best of all. Nazarov saw only on the TV screen, but it turns out on the stage is full of charm! I was very impressed with the master - he is unique, that is exactly how I imagined him when I first read Bulgakov. Just super master! And further, further, as in the famous work “… .. lips of Nikanor Ivanovich and put Ivan Ilych on the nose ...” - if you could put Pontius Pilate of the Moscow Art Theater Gorky (Klementiev) to your Master (A. White) and Woland (Nazarov), yes, to add such a find as a pendulum clock from the Taganka Theater, yes to add on your glowing globe (by the way, the rest of the directors ruthlessly threw out this unique scene), and put the performance purely according to Bulgakov, without directorial twists (always wondering why invent something new, when u great Bulgakov is not a scene, a masterpiece that is not a dialogue something unique!) - just bring the text of the author to the audience, that's when ... .. Oh, dream, dream ... !!! Margarita did not see a decent one, and next to A. White, the actress was completely obliterated, and the demonstration of a good figure did not even save. I saw Gusev in the Moscow Council of the Idiot, I thought suddenly, maybe she could be Margarita. In conclusion, it turns out that from your production and the cast I singled out the most advantages. Satisfactorily

Oksana was 15 november on V.Zh.

I visited the play “V.ZH” on November 9 (2018). I liked this production. Of course, not classical reproduction, as in the Moscow Art Theater of Gorky, but it is also interesting. True, the “director's tricks” will not please everyone, these are harsh sounds (the woman sitting next to her even jumped in surprise), wild screams, scenes with a basin and milk are slightly disgusting. I do not quite understand why this shock is for viewers when Gorky’s plot itself is rather heavy. Quite enough excellent play of actors who perfectly brought the whole horror and tragedy of what is happening. Played, no lived on stage! Liked the actress who played the role of Ani, somehow hooked, did not fade at all against the background of the unsurpassed Dobrovolskaya. And of course a separate Bravo Dobrovolskoy! To be honest, I’ve already got to the performances a couple of times, where venerable actors just work out the text, sluggish, as if saving emotions. Volunteer is an actress from God, apparently does not know how to tinker, and it is very nice to us the audience. Separate brave Dobrovolskoy! I recommend the performance to young people (naturally 18 plus) - it is useful to look. And even lovers of the classics, just endure some nuances.

Ol`ga was 12 november on FISH MAN

I liked the performance, the direction and the play of actors. The performance will not leave you indifferent if you are worried about your homeland. Mat did not leave his daughter negative perception. Thank you for the evening spent at the Theater, art without naphthalene is great.

Svetlana was 12 november on FISH MAN

The unexpected is boring for Butusov.

Elena was 07 november on The Master and Margarita

Very talented work. I thank all those who took part in this. Bravo!

Tat`yana was 07 november on Game in small towns

A great performance. If you like theater, and your husband is football, but sometimes you want to go out into the light together, quietly buy tickets. You will enjoy the performance, laugh heartily, mourn a little and return home with the feeling that you have met with something very bright and kind.

Leyla was 06 november on Marriage

The performance is not bad, it looks easy. Stoyanov was very pleased, I would say that he is the key face of the whole action. But the beloved Dobrovolskaya seemed insufficiently temperamental for the role of matchmaker ((

Marina was 06 november on THREE SISTERS

The performance did not like. I think that in the pursuit of a new one, that line has been crossed when the new does not destroy the theater, does not translate it into the category of television (and of low quality). If you ask any viewer of this performance: where did he look during the game? The answer will be unequivocal - on numerous screens on the stage, transmitting a picture of amateur operators (who, standing on the stage, are even more difficult to perceive what is happening as a performance). That is, in fact, you came to the theater, which in its best manifestations gives you complicity with what is happening on the stage, with the characters of the play, forgetting that there are actors in front of you. But no. Theater building, yes. The rest is cheap TV with polycranes, imposed on you by the size of a TV director. After 15 minutes, there is a desire not to look at the scene in order to concentrate on the text. Many times they were at the Moscow Art Theater (favorite theater), for the first time they felt how uncomfortable the chairs were, they had never noticed it before. And Bogomolov watched. And like it! For example, "Process" in Kafka. And modern, but everything in moderation! ". Theater remains! But" Three Sisters "is violence against the audience. Ps: the bad choice, in my opinion, Darya Moroz for the role of baron. Well, we are waiting for the production according to Pelevin.

Leyla was 06 november on Marriage

The performance is not bad, it looks easy. Stoyanov was very pleased, I would say that he is the key face of the whole action. But the beloved Dobrovolskaya seemed insufficiently temperamental for the role of matchmaker ((

Elena was 06 november on Marriage

Wonderful performance! Great acting game! Special thanks to the actor who played the role of sailor Zhevakin, people's artist Boris Plotnikov. Amazingly accurate hit in the role. Bravissimo!

Yana was 06 november on Marriage

Watched 05.11.2018. Wonderful performance! The cast is perfectly matched! Yuri Stoyanov opened for me from the other side. Duzhnikov and S. Kolpakova above all praise. The performance is lively, reckless, musical, fun, easy! Good humor! Thanks to the actors for the game

Elena was 03 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Great performance for all ages! Looks in one breath. Thanks to the theater troupe for the excellent mood and positive!

Andrey was 03 november on Zoykina apartment

I liked the performance. The game of actors is impeccable. It only seemed that the plot was somewhat stretched in the middle, and at the end of the production, on the contrary, a quick, blurred completion ...

Natal`ya was 03 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

It was the first time at this performance 8 years ago, now the youngest daughter has grown up, and we are happy to come again! I highly recommend this performance to absolutely everyone. The program says that the play is for adults and children. And there is! The lyrics and music from Accident are beautiful and modern. It is interesting to watch and listen from beginning to end.

Frida was 03 november on Mkhatovsky evening "Circle of reading"

Bravo! I got acquainted with the Circle of reading no more than a year ago, but I don’t want to give up this part of my life. I'm running! in the theater for the evening, I sit down in the chair and enjoy, getting a variety of emotions. And then, when I close the theater door behind me and turn off airplane mode on the phone, I know for sure that I will continue to read! The reading circle gives you the opportunity to read the book I need and it is today, when from every bookshelf you see the paradox of choice, and in your pocket you have access to a good half of world literature. Thank you!

Natal`ya was 03 november on The Sleeping Prince

performance from 11/01/2018: Good, humorous performance. Successful tandem experienced and young actors.

Elena was 03 november on The Sleeping Prince

Wonderful performance, Dmitri Nazarov is excellent. Has admired game Xenia Thermal. We were happy to follow the actor's findings, the subtle nuances of the game of Olga Vasilyeva, Armen Arushanyan, Alexey Kirsanov. Bravo!

Olga was 02 november on Game in small towns

Very good artist Yu. Stoyanov! But let's clean up our theater from the mat!

Natal`ya was 01 november on Game in small towns

For me personally, it was the best performance in my life. It was over all the strings of the soul and heart, from childhood to today "almost a berry again", this is simply the most magnificent game of the most-most, which did not look like a game at all. It was so that I was constantly catching my breath. It was ... it will be one of the brightest and most powerful memories of theatrical productions in my life

Tat`yana was 01 november on Game in small towns

Sparkling humor of Stoyanov in combination with a wonderful game of artists. Bravo!

Anna was 31 october on The Master and Margarita

Not the first performance that we visited at MKHT over the last year, but the weakest one. Gone in the intermission. Let me explain why: 1. There are many roles in the performance, and, apparently, it was not possible to form a homogeneous acting ensemble, someone constantly failed to get the impression that some of the actors were not drawn to stand on this stage. 2. White / Master has a problem with the scene. Half of his monologues can not be disassembled because of porridge in his mouth. The point here is not the volume as many here write. 2. The characters Azazello and Begomota fail as a whole. I do not know who played them, but the images were missing. 3. Nazarov this time disappointed, or tired, or tired. But neither the usual charisma, nor the involvement of the hall did not happen. 4. Chindyaykin / Pontius Pilat .. Hm, my husband and I initially discussed a strange choice. Imposingly and authoritatively, the prosecutor's office is not even tired of the world. 5. Margarita ... Nuuuuu she is so no, but from this actress did not expect another. Of course, the work for staging is extremely difficult, however, the staging of rejection itself did not cause, more questions to the writers because of the equal rhythm. But there are pluses. Absolutely amazing Trukhin / Koroviev. He is brilliant in this role. And the discovery for me is an actor who played Ivan Bezdomny. I wanted to watch his performances. In general, if you are not particularly picky, then you can go, you will see, the whole color of modern theater and cinema in one performance. If you are picky, then you go to Misha Porechenkov in the same theater.

Svetlana was 31 october on CENTRAL-PARK WEST

I liked the performance. Bogomolov is great. In the text Zudina slips vulgar replica. It is quite possible to remove it and the image will not suffer from it at all. I can not get used to takim from the stage. Yes, and in life from this, too, jars. In general, the performance of my husband and I received a charge of positive emotions. Thank you all!

Tat`yana was 29 october on I'm Afraid to Become a Kolya

Very good performance! I follow the works of Marina Brusnikina in all theaters of Moscow. For me, her name is already a certain mark of quality, never disappointed, thanks! The artists are all great! The performance is useful for both "fathers" and "children."

Maksim was 29 october on THREE SISTERS

As a recitative WITHOUT EMOTIONS, Chekhov’s texts are not very good. Somehow he even envied himself that when he saw the brilliant performance of Efremov 20 years ago on this stage. The performance of Bogomolov is somehow very fresh and not interesting, except that Derzhavin’s song about Natasha somehow liked it here, although we don’t really say anything

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