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How to get a ticket?
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How to order, pay and receive e-tickets

Find the event, select it,
and click "Buy" button
Select places on the floor plan.
Free places are indicated in blue color
After selecting the tickets, the site will offer you to
check and confirm
the list of tickets in the order
Choose pay method
After completing the payment
we will send to your mobile phone an SMS-message
with PIN-code of the purchased tickets

Receiving tickets

Each electronic
ticket is assigned
personal code (PIN)

PIN-code consists of 5 digits*

After purchase,
PIN-code will be
sent to mobile phone
or assigned
to the "Theater-card"
if you have it.

Instead of presenting a
paper ticket at the entrance,
tell the ticket-taker that you have
an electronic ticket.

Enter your PIN

Ticket-taker will prompt you
to input a PIN-code
on the terminal's keyboard
for issuing ticket

After PIN-code
is entered, printing
and receiving tickets
takes about 2 seconds