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Card payment rules

After you click the "All clear, pay!" button, the system will redirect you to a special "pay page" for electronic payments, where you need to enter the following data:
1. Number of Your bank card (from 12 to 19 digits)
2. The validity period of your card - month / year
3. Cardholder name - in exact accordance with the data on your card
4. CVV2 / CVC2 Code — is last three digits, located on the signature strip,
or next to the signature bar
As a rule, the confirmation of payment is received immediately, but it will take us a little time to process the payment.
After that we will send you necessary documents and SMS-messages. As a rule, it need 3-4 minutes to deliver documents
and messages (e-mail and SMS) to the recipient.

After the payment is made, there is no need to send us any payment information. The payment system will automatically inform us about the completion of payment, and you will be informed by an individual e-mail about all the essential payment requisites.

Additional commission or any payment fees for payment by a bank card are not provided and are not charged. You pay only the final amount for the order.

For your information: The method of payment by a card is one of the most secure ways of electronic payments. It uses the SSL 3.0 protocol. That means, that the processing of data, including the card number and other information, complies with the rules of confidentiality of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, and is absolutely protected from unauthorized use.