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Moscow Art Theater of A.P.Chekhov

Feedbacks from viewers
Mariya was 18 jule on FISH MAN

The best work of Yuri Butusov!

Vladimir was 11 jule on Mkhatovsky evening "Circle of reading"

Beautiful evening! Very good poems and great actors! Despite the heat and football, I enjoyed myself, as always from the Moscow Art Theater!

Tat`yana was 11 jule on Illusions

Frankly, I went to the actors, I thought that they would choose a good one as well, and they will play at the level. Something was not enough for me in this performance, it is rather weak for these actors. They have so much strength, energy, skill, although I understand that both Brusnikin and Zolotivitsky are very busy people, but first of all they are actors. If they agreed to play in the play, then it should be at the break. Sorry, if not right.

Uliya was 11 jule on Tram "Desire"

Good performance. M.Porechenkov is magnificent!

Galina was 11 jule on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Great performance, beautiful cast. I recommend!

Alla was 11 jule on Breakage

We got a lot of pleasure from the performance! All the actors play with great impact, but there is one drawback, except Anatoly Bely, Stanislav Lyubshin and Olga Yakovleva, almost all the other actors whispered from the stage. I sat on the 12th row of the stalls and heard through the floor. I do not know what it is connected with, but it was hard all the time to listen. And other audiences noted this. And the rest was wonderful, thank you very much for the wonderful performance!

Natal`ya was 11 jule on Illusions

A light, pleasant smell of baking throughout the entire performance, family stories of 84-year-old people, love-illusion, irony, a good actors play! What more do you need for a good evening!

Viktoriya was 11 jule on Marriage

Performance on June, 13th. Full of delight! Yuri Stoyanov - he is simply incomparable! Every gesture, every emotion is in its place! He is a great, ingenious actor! Duzhnikov, Dobrovolskaya - only endless admiration! Svetlana Kolpakova - thank you for such a filigree game, great! The whole cast of actors - thank you so much for such teamwork, to look - true pleasure! It is better not to play! I will definitely look again, and more than once!

Kseniya was 11 jule on Witness of the charge

One of the best things Agatha Christie, combined with an amazing star cast of actors. Has received great pleasure. I recommend

Elena was 11 jule on The Master and Margarita

Were at the play 15.06. To shake, to be honest. The game is amazing! Woland in the performance of Nazarov inimitable. Beautiful production! I recommend to all.

Marina was 11 jule on Marriage

June 13, 18 were at the play. All the actors are professionals of their business, played amazingly, especially Yuri Stoyanov and Olga Barnet. Have a great time, I recommend to adults and teenagers from 14 years.

Aleksandr was 11 jule on Zoykina apartment

This is more a show than a classic performance Strong direction, a brilliant actor's play Wonderfully Bravo MHT

Andrey was 11 jule on Fools village

To be honest, buying a ticket for this performance, I was vaguely aware of the plot. In what I was absolutely sure, so it is that Marina Brusnikina is working on conscience. Each of her performances is a masterpiece that will evoke a lively response in the heart of the viewer. 100% was confident in the ensemble ensemble - where there are Kindinov, Gulyaeva and Dobrovolskaya - you will not be bored. The presence of young people in the composition for the current Moscow Art Theater is, too, strangely enough, a guarantee of quality! Young people here today are evil, hungry for fame and success, ready to do everything possible and impossible to deserve (to gnaw out, beat out, conquer) a place under the sun! I understood perfectly well that the play about the Russian village modernity in the interpretation of Marina Brusnikina and the actors of the Moscow Art Theater will be unforgettable! But as events unfolded on stage, I realized more and more that Vasily Makarovich Shukshin was alive, and his name is Natalia Klyuchareva today! I wanted to learn more about her and her work! Such material is expensive! The Moscow Art Theater once again succeeded in surpassing my expectations from the play! Especially I want to appeal to the spectators of the stronger sex - Natalia Klyucharyova and Marina Brusnikina created a masterpiece by no means gender-marked! Everybody will like it!

Yana was 11 jule on GLASS OF WATER

Great performance. Grandma's just gorgeous. Small room. The only inconvenience, hard chairs.

Natal`ya was 11 jule on The Master and Margarita

Performance from 15.06.2018. Very impressive and, at the same time, ambiguous production, captivating the viewer "on the increase." D. Nazarov, A. Bely, N. Shvets, N. Chindyaikin, M. Trukhin, I. Zolotovitsky, V. Khorinyak, I. Khripunov, A. Burkovsky, V. Zholobov, V. Timofeev, E. Chekmazov and others. involved in yesterday's performance actors, theater services - Thank you! A small remark: they watched the performance from the middle of the first row of the mezzanine. But the soft words of the Master, Yeshua and some others were not always audible well (there is no problem with hearing). Perhaps somewhere you should check / add microphones ...

Svetlana was 11 jule on GLASS OF WATER

Good performance! Impressions of the wasted money and time will not be exact. Duzhnikov, Babushkina and Volobuev are playing well! Thank you for a pleasant evening!

Oksana was 11 jule on Overcoat

Very lively, human performance. Not only because of jokes-jokes and singing, huge overcoats flying around the stage. And the cosiness of the hall. But because they play from themselves, from their perception, from the heart and soul. I liked the play both for me and my daughter, among other things, for a teenager of 13 years ... Thanks to the creators of this action, thanks to the actors !! Great!

Larisa was 11 jule on Zoykina apartment

My response clearly falls out of the general "chorus", I did not like it, I felt a sense of absurdity when I laughed in the hall, fragments of modernization also fell out of my perception. The actors' game is good, the voices are lovely, and this was not enough for me ... And MA. Bulgakov appreciate for another

Ol`ga was 11 jule on Do not part with your loved ones

Was on the show June 13 with two friends. The performance is not bad, but at the same time it's not one that you want to come back to again. Delights that are observed here in some previous reviews, we do not share. You can note an interesting director's decision. But the game of young actors, in our common opinion, is somewhat weak.

Irina was 11 jule on FISH MAN

Such a tragic, insanely beautiful performance. Laura again shocked to the depths of her soul. Very interesting Andrey Burkovsky. I shall go once again necessarily.

Uliya was 11 jule on CHEERFUL TIMES

Very funny, light, incredibly touching performance with a great game of actors. Suddenly had a great time!

Irina was 11 jule on № 13 D

The trip to the play was a gift for the birthday of my daughter. The youth of the performance really liked, cheerful, resting and very positive. I advise everyone to see, do not regret it.

Mihail was 11 jule on Game in small towns

I join positive responses. And there is much to laugh at, and to think.

Elena was 11 jule on I'm Afraid to Become a Kolya

The performance really liked! Dynamic, fun, up to date. A wonderful game for all actors! Thanks to the director and actors for a wonderful evening!

Maksim was 11 jule on FISH MAN

An incredible, obvious, unforgettable, exciting show. "The Golden Mask" is uniquely everything. "

Ol`ga was 11 jule on FISH MAN

I did not like it at all. All this has already happened, and why should we remember this in this form? The director was too smart. The play is meaningless. And in general, the level is NOT MHT. There is no plot as such. A lot of dirt, water, terrible disgusting noise effects, black gloomy scenery, meaningless dialogues, repetition of the same text, non-normative vocabulary. In the middle of the second act of all this begins nausea, physical disgust. I wanted to leave after the first act, but hoped that it would be better. In vain. It got worse. The only thing I liked was the performance of the artists, they were on top.

Kseniya was 11 jule on North wind

I was interested to see the world through the eyes of Renata Muratovna. The fantasmogory, the insanity that reigns on the scene, the closely intertwined themes of love and death, the finished images, plunged into the world of other people's fantasies with pleasure. In perfect delight from the costumes of Gosha Rubchinsky in the play! Elegance, restraint and inconsiderate chic !!

Nikolay was 11 jule on North wind

Elegant. No other words)) Renata Litvinova again proved her talent in all respects - as a playwright, as an actress and as a director. Honor her and praise.

Elina was 11 jule on FISH MAN

Well, I do not know, for an amateur. I can not say that I did not like it at all, there were interesting moments and director's findings. I liked the actress's dance in the role of Salmanova (just a breath of air) and Burkovsky was not bad, but in Primadonna he was more organic chtoli. Ended sooo tightened, after the second intermission I wanted to quickly put the point.

Elina was 11 jule on FISH MAN

Well, I do not know, for an amateur. I liked the dance of the actress, who plays the role of Salakhova. And Burkovsky was not bad, but in the Divas he is better. Very very long, after 2 intermission I wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

Denis was 11 jule on CHEERFUL TIMES

Funny and easy performance. A harmonious combination of live sound and actors' play with the transformation of the scene and the video sequence.

Artur was 11 jule on CHEERFUL TIMES

The very original start of the performance keeps the viewer in a tone, does not let go and does not give the viewer a respite for almost two hours ... Going down the stairs, you hear how the spectators discuss the phrases from the play ... A wonderful game of actors does not distract you from thoughts of shortcomings and blunders of the plot ... They, too, are coming to business. In general, with pleasure would go again!

Nina was 11 jule on Husbands and wives

A wonderful performance, wonderful literary material - Woody Allen, a wonderful production, concise but expressive scenography, an interesting combination of video effects, when simultaneously with the actors on the stage their close-ups on the screen in the background are broadcast. And how actors play - just a holiday! Were with friends, were very satisfied

Marina was 11 jule on Divas

A funny performance! When men change into women, it's a comedy! Dyuzhev is great !!

Marianna was 11 jule on THREE SISTERS

A wonderful play by your favorite director, wonderful actors, magnificent scenography by Larisa Lomakina, quietly, thoughtfully - Chekhov.

Georgiy was 11 jule on I'm Afraid to Become a Kolya

Moderately liked. Without salivating department and ecstasy. A short sketch from the "people's life" with a famous director and mostly unbroken actors. Well, but there is no aftertaste and catharsis, looked - and forgot.

Konstantin was 11 jule on North wind

Delightful performance with a brilliant cast of ensembles

Diana was 15 june on Contrabass

Fantastic performance! Khabensky is a walking charisma. All his roles seemed to me to be similar to each other, but this performance completely turned my idea of ​​it! Bravo!

Anna was 09 june on The Master and Margarita

A stunning performance! Great acting game!

Anna was 09 june on GLASS OF WATER

Good performance)

Natal`ya was 07 june on THREE SISTERS

Good staging, the author's text is saved almost completely. A wonderful game of actors, thanks to the cameras, you can see the game with faces, not with gestures and intonations, and there are practically no intonations. For me, the pitch is beyond praise, I felt this impassive provincial boredom, spiritual emptiness, inertia, not the ability to change my life. After the performance, she revised the production of Three Sisters with the Innocent, Miroshnichenko, the production of K. Bogomolov is not worse, maybe even better for the perception of the modern man of the 21st century.

Irina was 08 june on GLASS OF WATER

I liked the performance. Babushkina plays a great, accurate hit in the role of the gray cardinal. Sokolskaya was very pleased, just graduated from college, to keep on the stage confidently. Kravets in the role of queen is interesting.

Irina was 06 june on Contrabass

Yesterday I watched the performance with Khabensky "Contrabass". Liked very much.

Natal`ya was 06 june on Contrabass

Great performance! The inimitable performance of Konstantin Khabensky. In one breath, the entire performance he holds the entire auditorium. Very impressive. The profound meaning of the work is very subtly conveyed by the actor's play. Talent, one word. Thank you very much to Konstantin Khabensky for such a wonderful performance.

Viktoriya was 05 june on Libra

Wonderful performance! Far from all the performances you get such spiritual pleasure. From the works of Grishkovts always! Bravo to him and the actors too! I watched with Chindyaikin, Ugryumov, and others. I liked everything sooooo! I knew that Ugryumov was a good actor, but I did not see much of his roles, in No. 13D, in the performances of Snuffbox. Here he just hit me with a good one.

Nadegda was 04 june on Husbands and wives

Beautiful performance. I'm glad I looked

Elena was 01 june on Libra

A pleasant lyrical performance with a win-win story about the family and children. A wonderful play of actors. If you like the work of Grishkovets, then look necessarily

Georgiy was 01 june on THREE SISTERS

Static action. Lovers Bogomolov and admirers of Chekhov's dramaturgy. No, I did not like it. Bogomolov is secondary, Chekhov did not "go fast"

Tat`yana was 01 june on Libra

I love this performance! Looked 3 times and still ready to watch. I recommend.

Irina was 01 june on THREE SISTERS

Boredom of a small town, vulgar garrison, empty talk, eaten life. There is no heat of passion - vulgar vulgarity, the general's daughters of a loafer, whom Natasha, a petty bourgeois who ate rust, ate. Nakhodka - Dasha Moroz as Tuzenbach. The sisters are all great - and the granddaughter of Evstigneev in the role of Masha, and the wife of Ernst in the role of Irina, and incomparable Olga in execution of the Child. The screens help to see the subtle nuances on the faces of the heroines. And what is the doctor in the performance of Semchev! Thank you, Konstantin Bogomolov! pure Chekhov.

Marianna was 31 may on THREE SISTERS

An interesting performance for me, wonderful actor's work, my favorite director and artist.

Elena was 31 may on THREE SISTERS

Very interesting! Like everything that Konstantin Yurevich does!

Irina was 31 may on THREE SISTERS

Very interesting reading of the text. It seems there are no emotions at all, replicas are thrown mechanically, but this is only the first impression. Further, this intensity of passion that you look and live life with Irina, Olga, Masha ....... Begin to love, pity and understand them. The actors play is good! Separately I want to mention Semcheva. I did not see the best Chebutykin.

Nadegda was 30 may on Expensive treasure

Already at the end of the performance I caught myself thinking that all the time while he was walking, I was smiling, A very pleasant, ironic, smile-causing performance. I really liked the game actors D. Nazarov, V. Khlevinsky, Yu Chebakova, N. Shvets. I advise everyone to see.

Svetlana was 28 may on Mechanics of love

The play is a tablet from a bad mood. A small hall, a feeling of own participation in what is happening. Two girls and a boy (coming home and looking on the Internet, realized that these are already recognizable actors), talented, energetic, alive. Beautiful scenery. Do not subtract, do not add, "in the top ten".

Elena was 26 may on My dear Matilda

May 24 were at the play My dear Matilda. Very impressed! Oleg Mazurov is beautiful in the role of Matias. So many emotions! About Irina Miroshnichenko can only be said - gorgeous. It is difficult to convey these words. I am delighted! Highly recommend

Vera was 24 may on Divas

A wonderful play for relaxation, after workdays. Have a good laugh, look at the wonderful actors and get positive emotions.

Elena was 23 may on CHEERFUL TIMES

The play was liked, cheerful, with ironic overtones, actors are good. The musical accompaniment adds color to the play. Liked!.

Igor` was 22 may on Divas

A wonderful performance! Good acting. Very pleased with Burkovsky. Dyuzhev at altitude. A memorable image of Mikhail Trukhin. It must be seen! It was really funny. Many thanks to the troupe for the wonderful evening.

Ol`ga was 21 may on Witness of the charge

Yesterday, May 16, 2013, was at the play "Witness of the Prosecution." In full delight. Acting at the highest level. Renata Litvinova is very good. Time flew by unnoticed. When suddenly the light went out after 1 part, it did not even immediately become clear that it was an intermission. The hall was actively involved - it's just great. ALL HUGE THANKS TO THE DELIVERED PLEASURE !!!!

Daria was 21 may on The Amazing Journey of Edward the Rabbit

Awesome, magical performance. A great sense of humor. Stunning play of actors. It will be interesting for both children and adults. I recommend!

Marina was 21 may on The Master and Margarita

Always believed that the "Master" is an optimistic product. The authors of the play, however, have a different opinion. The beginning is too long and full of cries in a madhouse. Further, the action is very close on the plot of M. Bulgakov. Particularly pleased with the beginning of the second action, the theater-cabaret with the participation of the actors from the auditorium from the auditorium. Full effect of presence! Nazarov, Trukhin, Bely, Shvets-laid the whole performance to the maximum. In the end, when the eternal heroes are promised eternal rest, he is perceived by the viewer not as their reward, but as an endless loneliness and non-existence. Zolotovitsky's role in the role of Berlioz and Burkovski in the role of Bengal was very short of the actors. Well, it's just not lucky. And yet, they never suspected that Stepan Likhodeev and Afraniye had the clear features of representatives of sexual minorities! Of course, each director has the right to his view of the work, the more so large and ambiguous as "Master and Margarita". In general, go and see. There will be something to talk about and think about at leisure!

Tat`yana was 15 may on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

The performance was pleasantly surprised by the high sense of style and dynamism in the story about the tragic facts of our history. The farce that awakens the conscience, and makes you laugh and sad ... It would not have been possible at such a level without a great game of actors, and then you want to tell them about your love and respect: applause and bravo to Victoria Isakova, Inga Oboldina, Igor Vernik and all young and already recognized actors! Without your talent and its embodiment, I would be very bored to live.

Ol`ga was 15 may on Divas

The plot of the play is very similar to the film "In Jazz Only Girls." A real sitcom. You do not need to think about anything, but you need to laugh and relax after work.

Svetlana was 11 may on 19.14

a satirical theater is difficult, it's easy to "fall into vulgarity," and it's very pleasant that the performance turned out for such young and talented people, it's very topical today, thank you to the director, actors and musicians. costumers and everyone who participated in the creation of the play.

Uliya was 10 may on Duel

Great performance! I watched more than 10 times and every time I find something new for myself. Excellent work of actors and director. Bravo! The play makes you think about many things. It is multilayered, ironic, sad, relevant. Thank you all for such a performance.

Margarita was 10 may on Libra

If you like the works of Grishkovets, then you are here. Very clear and well-played story. Bravo, artists!

Aleksandr was 10 may on № 13 D

Splendidly Relaxed Laugh Laugh All played well The theater is alive

Anastasia was 08 may on № 13 D

Rarely, when the performance makes you laugh so much. Incredibly pleased. We received a lot of positive bright emotions.

Irina was 07 may on Duel

Very pleased! Especially the deacon performed by Valery Troshin !! I recommend.

Ol`ga was 07 may on Husbands and wives

A wonderful performance. Bogomolov is a subtle psychologist and a talented director. Kolpakova and Vernik were lit! The subtle humor of Woody Allen makes one think. An interesting find of the director with large plans of people really liked. You can watch the whole facial expressions of actors and admire their beauty. Thank you, MHT.

Ol`ga was 07 may on Husbands and wives

May 6 saw "Husbands and Wives". I liked everything: the production, the actors' play, and the plot! We were satisfied not only we, adults, but also a 17-year-old son !!! Recommended)))

Irina was 07 may on Husbands and wives

Beautiful performance. Perhaps the best I've seen in the last six months. Selection of actors, staging the play - super. I'm sure Woody Allen would have approved it, too. Look, you will not regret!

Ol`ga was 07 may on № 13 D

A wonderful performance! Laughed throughout the action. Cool talented actors, magnificent scenery, music, light. Got a powerful charge of positive. More than two hours seemed like a moment!

Elena was 07 may on Kreutzer Sonata

I liked the performance. Eternal theme, everyone will find something for themselves. I advise everyone. It goes without intermission, it looks in one breath. It is very unfortunate that Porechenkov has little theatrical work.

Ol`ga was 07 may on North wind

The performance caused a sea of ​​real emotions-there was indifference, tears, fear, hysterical laughter, surprise! Nothing much worse in recent years 2 I have not seen! BRAVO to the director and actors!

Elena was 07 may on Forest

Great performance !! Thank you for the pleasure! All the actors are gorgeous !!!

Galina was 07 may on Forest

I did not like the performance at all, wasting time and money. Tenyakov is not heard. I got an excellent game - DNazarova !!!!!

Ol`ga was 05 may on Noble Nest

Good performance, solid, detailed. Fine scenery, music, romances .. But, in my opinion, almost all the actors are "pinched" a bit, replayed, and even the amazing Nina Gulyaeva plays a little on the public. Maybe now it's in the rules of theatrical productions? And why this exclamation and gesture of Lavretsky-Dyuzhev on the last phrase of the play? Not Turgenev.

Marina was 03 may on Ideal husband. Comedy

Just delighted with the play of the actors, from the performance itself. Four hours flew just like one moment. Reading reviews, I understand that how many people, so many opinions. I want to express my opinion. I would describe the performance as a musical philosophical tragicomedy that makes us think about the realities of our life that surround us and from which, alas, we can not be protected. Of course, someone simply does not understand the deep meaning of the play, but that does not mean that it should be called "a modern incomprehensible boulevard." A low bow and endless applause to the director and wonderful actors for their work !!!

Elena was 03 may on Ideal husband. Comedy

Very pleased! Enchanting, funny, but there is still a profound meaning! Laughed heartily, really "trash"! The game of actors is beyond praise, and the star structure is incredibly happy) Yes, all the same about Russia, as without it ... The director is an experimenter! BRAVO!!!

Larisa was 03 may on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

The performance really liked, the vigorous pace, good text, but the basis of A.Platonov is traced. It was pleasant to look at the events of a hundred years ago with the eyes of the younger generation. Of course, this is the best work of Molochnikov. It was nice to see A.Vertkov and V.Isakov on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater.

Natal`ya was 01 may on Ideal husband. Comedy

Impressed! A great game of actors, and songs are a bonus and decoration! It's funny if it was not so sad! 4 hours in one breath. Bravo!

Tat`yana was 03 may on 19.17. THE LIGHT WAY

Spectal is excellent! Farce! But he needs a fresh "unmoving" prejudice view of history and our lives. The thesis " arms-wings and instead of the heart" a fiery motor "is played out. All the actors play wonderful. Pegova did not even bother, she was so much reincarnated. The whole performance is a complete director's and scenic discoveries. Thank you all! Has received huge pleasure.

Dar`ya was 03 may on Ideal husband. Comedy

Too experimental, too much for the sake of modernity, too hackneyed tricks used for shocking. There was an impression that Russian cinema moved to the theater, which made it incredibly sad. Lovers of the theater, and not modern incomprehensible boulevard.

El`vira was 03 may on № 13 D

Really liked it! All were good! We laughed heartily. I will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Ol`ga was 28 april on GLASS OF WATER

The play is famous, I saw it for a long time in a classical production, costume. But the theme is eternal. In general, I bought tickets, because I read on the theater's website that Oleg Gaas from the trainee staff is busy in the play, I saw him in the television series, I liked it and played very naturally, in my opinion. I wanted to see in the theater. But, as it turned out, his name is not even in the program. Nevertheless, the play liked the artists: Babushkina and Duzhnikov, of course, are good, but the young artists played well. I recommend that the play should be watched even in such an original genre, combined with a screen game. Well done!

Natal`ya was 27 april on Tram "Desire"

Performance on 04/19/2018. The heroine I. Pegova was more vivid and memorable (in comparison with the main character M. Zudina), despite the fact that Stella (I. Pegova) did not change her "cotton" dress for beautiful costumes / dresses during the performance (as it was in Blanche-heroine M. Zudina). The only bright accent in the wardrobe of the heroine I. Pegova - pantyhose of different colors, which the actress changed at least 4 times for the performance (an interesting decision). In addition, M. Zudina's speech was poorly audible (usually in the main hall of the Moscow Art Theater, audibility is good). But, let's make a discount on the state of mind of the actress lately .... Duet I. Pegova and M. Porechenkov, you can say, "pulled out" this performance.

Svetlana was 26 april on The Master and Margarita

The best production of all. that I saw! Liked everything!!!

Evgeniya was 25 april on Divas

Great performance. They all play very well. Mikhail Trukhin fellow - surprised)) Went with the whole family, with a child of 12 years, laughed heartily. Pleasure and good mood is guaranteed. Thanks to all the actors for a great evening!

Irina was 24 april on A bit of tenderness

A great performance, combining different moods. With the protagonists throughout the performance and laughed and saddened. Excellent acting, excellent staging. The small stage of the Moscow Art Theater is comfortable and cozy. I recommend.

Tat`yana was 23 april on CENTRAL-PARK WEST

Beautiful performance. Beautiful actors. They play well. Good text. Special thanks to the Director. I really liked it

Tat`yana was 23 april on CHEERFUL TIMES

I liked everything: a light, funny story, an actor's composition, musical accompaniment, even a change in the expression of the faces of Soviet leaders in portraits!

Tat`yana was 23 april on The Master and Margarita

I went yesterday with my husband and an adult son. The performance did not like. There is a lot of text, which the main characters say rather vaguely and inexpressibly. With a strong enough ensemble ensemble (Burakovsky, Nazarov, Chindyaykin, Trukhin and Volobuyev enjoyed the game), from our point of view, the rather weak play of the main characters in the performance of Bely and Shvets. They almost fell asleep. They even wanted to leave with the second act.

Ol`ga was 23 april on Husbands and wives

A wonderful performance, as well as all the director K. Bogomolov! I really hope that he will continue to please us with his premiers on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater!

Elena was 23 april on Expensive treasure

Wonderful, funny, ironic performance! A bouquet of magnificent actors, D. Nazarov, N. Chindyaykin, V. Khlevinsky, actresses. O. Vasilieva, D. Yurskaya, Yu. Chebakova - are simply incomparable !!! I liked the game of R. Lavrentiev. I recommend!!!!!

Larisa was 20 april on GLASS OF WATER

The performance is beautiful, I recommend. A new interpretation, modern costumes, a minimum of scenery ... Thanks to the director and actors, whose magnificent game allowed the well-known play to start playing with new colors.

Viktoriya was 20 april on GLASS OF WATER

From the performance is not enthusiastic. They play pretty well. It will be more interesting for those who do not know this play. Culminating scenes are recorded and demonstrated during the performance as a film. By the way, the photos that you see here are just fragments of this video. Staging in a modern manner, not only costumes, but also time is shown our with mobile phones and social networks. I can recommend this performance to people young and vividly reactive. I saw that some in the hall have enough hint of a joke, about sanctions, for example, or suddenly started to dance actors. Then they readily laugh and applaud. And there were those who left at the break.

Svetlana was 20 april on GLASS OF WATER

I love more classical productions .. I do not like, when the directors' wives play. The play can be made shorter without intermission. In principle, I went to Babushkin and Duzhnikov and they are great.

Irina was 20 april on CHEERFUL TIMES

Got great fun! Cheerful, clever, satirically thin, with a fine ensemble of actors)) The discovery for us was Konstantin Kryukov - as we understood, this is his first theatrical role. Beautiful evening)) thanks)) Go and see!

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125009, Moskva, Kamergerskiy per., 3
02 h 00 min
Director Yuri Kravets is known to the public of the Moscow Art Theater for staging modern dramaturgy - "The Phone of Trust" by M. Chertanov and "Mechanics of Love" by M. Zelinskaya. Now he addresses for the first time the classics - Eugene Scribe's "Glass of Water", a story about love, jealousy and striving for power, about political intrigues and passions, about a glass of water on which the destiny of the state can depend.

Translation from French by Konstantin Feldman
Director Yuri Kravets
Artist Nikolay Pavlov
Costume Designer Tamara Ashba
Lighting Designer Maria Belozertseva
Videoart Alexey Shemiatovsky
Composer and musical director Igor Vdovin
Choreographer Ilya Davydov
Assistant director Lyubov Zabolonskaya
Characters and performers
Viscount Bolingbroke Stanislav Duzhnikov
Duchess Marlborough Christina Babushkina
Queen Anna Ulyana Kravets
Arthur Meshem Artem Volobuev
Abigail Maria Sokolskaya
Thompson Ivan Dergachev


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