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Puppet Theater "Stray dog"

Feedbacks from viewers
Olesya was 12 january on Penguin Adventure

The performance left an ambiguous impression. The production is designed exclusively for visual development, because the characters in the fairy tale do not speak. Of course, this is very useful for children, but half of them got bored after 15-20 minutes, because, unlike other performances, there was no contact with the audience, the characters did not communicate with the guys, and this was a minus. For the rest - good decorations, good dolls, good music.

Evgeniya was 12 january on Penguin Adventure

Thanks for the show. But the organization of the event was very upsetting. The hall could not physically accommodate all those who came, it was stuffy. We paid for 3 tickets, in the end we held the child in our arms, because. there was no place to plant. In addition, in the announcement it was written about the New Year's sideshow, but we never saw Santa Claus.

Irina was 19 march on Penguin Adventure

I liked the performance very, very much. Acting at the highest level. I am delighted. We plan to arrive for another performance in the next few days. Sincerely, Irina

Ekaterina was 21 march on Penguin Adventure

The second time we come to you and the child is delighted! Thank you!

Olesya was 01 april on MASHA, BEARS, or Incredible adventures in the forest

Very unexpected and very interesting! We love all the performances of "Stray Dog": music, actors, director, costumes, scenery - everything is gorgeous!

Natal`ya was 16 february on Fly-Tsokotukha

The grandson liked the play very much. He asks when he will go to the theater yet. and which performance. He said that he loved this theater. Thank!

Natal`ya was 14 january on Moidodir

The performance really liked. Cheerful and helpful. The grandson returned from the theater, undressed and rushed to wash his hands without reminders. We have already decided which performances we will go to first of all .. And now we will definitely go.

Ol`ga was 30 june on Thumbelina

Thank you very much for the wonderful staging, very sensual game. I watched, as spellbound, the slightest movements of the actors. The children watched the play in one breath and empathized. Son 2 and daughter 4,5 - we are very grateful to you!

Viktor was 12 march on Moidodir

A good performance, my daughter really liked it.

Elena was 05 january on Morozka and New Year's Interlude

Children and 3 and 10 years liked the performance (girl choir.) Intervention.

Valentina was 31 december on Adventure penguin

Very good performance, I thought the child from the first time does not understand what's what, the show is a screen, without words. But after a detailed retelling I realized that I was wrong. I liked it very much. Santa Claus and his Snow Maiden had a great time with the children.

Artem was 31 december on Adventure penguin

Very good. Our children are totally ecstatic. Thank you for gifts toys.

Irina was 11 january on Morozka and New Year's Interlude

I came to you on the advice of a friend. I liked everything very much and the child, and even I was interested and funny) We are going to visit you this weekend.

Uliya was 08 january on Umka

Good afternoon. I was not at the play. Nastyusha liked everything. Thank you.

Uliya was 08 january on Umka

I liked it very much (rescue

Valentina was 07 january on Umka

Many thanks. Granddaughter first visited the theater. Impressed scenes under the water-fish, seal. We will come to you without fail!

Sofiya was 03 january on Umka

Good performance, plot. It was boring in places (a lot of philosophy, and children love action), I really enjoyed swimming Umki with fish, children are delighted.

Tatiana was 12 april on Gosling

Thank you! Very bogged down!

Anna was 02 november on Gosling

Thank you very much! My daughter is 2.9 years old. She really liked it. She understood the story and told everyone. We will come again!

Elena was 12 april on Gosling

Thank you, the gosling is very cute! We liked everything! we will come to you again!

Anna was 02 november on Gosling

Very pleased with the play "The Little Gander"! Very modern, fun, interactive and instructive. My daughter was delighted, participated with pleasure, applauded and learned a song about the forest. Thank you very much !!!

Arina was 08 march on Gosling

Granddaughter liked very much

Tatiana was 29 march on Hare, Fox and Rooster

Good afternoon! Many thanks for the kind and positive performance! My son was the first time and said that he also really liked the actress, which prevented the artist)

Dmitriy was 29 march on Hare, Fox and Rooster

Thank you very much

Nadegda was 26 september on Teremok

Very nice, friendly atmosphere in the theater, Wonderful artists! Very cute heroes of a fairy tale - not even a wolf and a bear are terrible. It is interesting to watch the play for the youngest spectators and the older ones, and the parents are happy to watch how sincerely the children rejoice and worry about the heroes. And what lucky kids when favorite heroes cope with all villains! Going to your performances is a wonderful holiday for kids and parents! Thank you for the holiday with a fairy tale!

Violetta was 16 march on Wand-rescue wand

Thank you very much for the Sunday event "Wand-Zamchalochka." I liked the child very much. The only thing that did not like it, it's a seating system for spectators.

Svetlana was 15 november on Miracle-Turnip

Miracle-turnip is wonderful! Bright, musical, understandable! For kids, they are delighted with kids for 3 years, talking a turnip and a fat mouse, we are at your theater for the first time-a wonderful room, home furnishings and understandable dolls-it's important! Thanks a lot, we will come to you for performances necessarily!

Elena was 28 february on Wand-rescue wand

A wonderful performance! Not long, it does not tire the child. The plot combined both of Suteev's works perfectly. Dolls are very original.

Ekaterina was 25 january on Cook-Az-Buk

Very interesting event. The child is delighted. We managed to make an interesting warm-up for the hands, about 10 different animals from the hands, a shadow theater, dolls from pillows and a ball for ping-pong. At first, interestingly show-explain, then sketches with the turned out dolls, and then the children go on stage and try to show the number themselves) All with a soul, with humor, with patience for fidgeting. Sincerely I recommend.

Irina was 15 february on Cook-Az-Buk

Thank you for an interesting and useful event!

Irina was 23 march on Barmaley

The actors played at the highest level, but Barmaleya should be played by an uncle, kind, slightly evil, but uncle

Ekaterina was 25 january on Chicken Ryaba

Wonderful good performance! It's interesting for children, it's fun for adults !!!

Tat`yana was 13 september on ACCOMMODATION

Thank you very much, the child liked it, but there is not much space; (

Milena was 13 september on ACCOMMODATION

The play was staged for children of 5 years, with a story for kids. Because there were many screaming for fear. But in general, well)

Elena was 14 december on Chicken Ryaba

Thank you! Very pleased! Dared to go to 1.8 months and did not regret it !!!

Irina was 23 march on Barmaley

Hello! To say that our family liked it, it's nothing to say! A wonderful game of actors and the organization as a whole. Thank you for a wonderful Sunday day!

Ol`gah was 23 march on Barmaley

To me, and most importantly my child really enjoyed it. We will definitely come again.

Galina was 10 november on Barmaley

We really liked it, we will definitely come to you again!

Kseniya was 24 january on ACCOMMODATION

The performance is not bad. But the theater itself is very chambery, I would even say gloomy. The child was frightened ... in the end, we did not watch the performance, we sobbed out into the foyer ... And it's very crowded! There are no separate places, everyone is sitting on benches like a sparrow ((

Uliya was 07 december on Barmaley

Performances are good,

Laseneca was 07 december on Barmaley

I liked the theater and the play very much, with pleasure we will come again!

Anna was 03 november on ACCOMMODATION

I liked the performance very much! Thank you very much! Daughter 2.8, but everything is accessible and understandable! A lot of music, colorful and fun.

Ol`ga was 22 november on Three piglets

The performance was liked, the child is happy. Thank you

Viktoriya was 22 november on Three piglets

I liked it very much

Vsevolod was 08 december on Three piglets

We watched "Barmalei (scary), chickens, Ryaba (it's not clear), fly cicatoo, fed." Grief (bored) and three pigs (it turned out to be a better idea. Thanks

Valentina was 08 december on Three piglets

The performance is excellent, the children went with two children: 2 and 3 years old, both looked with interest, they want to go again. Some children in the room were afraid of the wolf:) a very nice atmosphere in the theater, the dolls are very beautiful, the actors play beautifully - everything is fine, after the performance

Uliya was 09 november on Three piglets

We really liked the child in delight, the only man who played the wolf was visible, the child says that there was still uncle there)

Anna was 20 november on Three piglets

Thank you, the performance is excellent! Heroes are persuasive, the wolf is remembered, such an individual !!!! As it is necessary to expand the foyer wardrobe, can transfer the cashier .... and then our departure was similar to military action :)

Natal`ya was 18 may on Three piglets

I liked it very much :)

Visitor was 10 march on Three piglets

I liked it a lot, thank you

Ol`ga was 05 october on Fly-Tsokotukha

To the child spektakal Mukha-Tsokotukha very ponravipsya!

Natal`ya was 17 november on Teremok

Beautiful performance, beautiful actors, it was the first visit to the theater from my son, thank you, he really enjoyed it. We will come to you again!

Tat`yana was 05 april on Teremok

Thanks for the quality work. I liked very much both the child and me. 5 points

Elena was 24 november on Little Red Riding Hood

Dear Stray Dog. In my opinion, the performance is not the most successful: the dolls are small; It is not very clear to whom the replicas for French are calculated; Little Red Riding Hood spoke softly and not very clearly

Kseniya was 17 november on Teremok

A lot of people, very crowded.kol-in places does not correspond to the number of invited guests. And the performance itself was liked.

Alisa was 01 december on Fly-Tsokotukha

Thank you very much for an interesting presentation! We really enjoyed! We already bought tickets for the performance "Three Little Pigs."

Anastasiya was 12 november on Fedorino Mountain

Many thanks to the organizers and actors! His son liked the play very much. We will come again and again) And a special thank you for the convenience of booking tickets.

Ekaterina was 17 november on Teremok

Thank you, I really enjoyed it! We plan to come to you again soon

Tat`yana was 27 october on Little Red Riding Hood

I liked it very much. The child is ecstatic (3years)! It is remarkable that during the performance there is an interaction of characters with children. We go for the third time this month

Marina was 04 november on Fly-Tsokotukha

The performance is good, the organization is terrible

Polina was 01 may on Teremok

Our family thanks you for such a wonderful performance as "Teremok"! My daughter is delighted. We will definitely come to you again.

Irina was 02 march on Teremok

Thank you! A wonderful and cheerful performance. The child (3 years old) was satisfied.

Yana was 24 may on Teremok

We really enjoyed the performance. Children are happy.

Uliya was 15 march on Fedorino Mountain

Liked it, thanks!

Kseniya was 30 november on Fedorino Mountain


Ul`yana was 19 january on Fly-Tsokotukha

I, a friend and our children really liked the performance

Olesya was 31 january on Little Red Riding Hood

We went there with my son (3 years), everyone was totally delighted !! Stunning presenter, such cool puppets, great staging. I was very surprised that in this performance, French words were used actively with translation - how cool! Very much develops, more such performances. It was fun both for children and adults, even for me, although I never liked puppet shows! I strongly advise, none of the children will not remain indifferent, all the children actively drove the wolf and worried about the Red Riding Hood))))

Mariya was 26 october on Teremok

Very good thanks

Artem was 30 november on Fedorino Mountain

We liked the performance very much! Thanks you!

Elena was 16 january on Teremok

Great performance. Child (3.5 g.) And I really liked it ..

Lubov` was 15 february on Fly-Tsokotukha

Wonderful performance!

Kseniya was 26 october on Teremok

I liked it very much !!! The child was ecstatic

Kseniya was 26 october on Teremok

Good performance, thank you.

Ekaterina was 19 january on Fly-Tsokotukha

Thank you! Were at you for the first time all very much. In the future we plan to visit all your events.

Natal`ya was 17 november on Teremok

11/17/2013 This was the first visit to the theater for my little son, he is 3 years old. I liked it a lot, thank you. A wonderful idea.

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