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Feedbacks from viewers
Marina was 09 october on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Hello, we were at the play on 7.10.18 ,, Karlsson, who lives on the roof, with a godson, he is 5 years old. The performance pleased him and me. The relaxed atmosphere in the hall, children can sit and lie down and, gossip,

Elena was 22 january on Chick

To the child 3,5. We were both absolutely delighted! The performance is very rich and visually very interestingly organized. I recommend to everyone! And thanks to the theater - you are doing a very good job!)))

Svetlana was 22 january on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

In this theater they got with their granddaughter for the first time, under such cramped circumstances, in which the collective of the Theater is located. actors and employees do the impossible-create magic: the impression of what is happening on the stage is simply incredible, it seems that you yourself become a participant in the events that occur with the heroes of the fairy tale, everything is very impressive: the scenery is fabulous, the actors play-impeccable, thank you for Feast of Fairy Tales!

Dmitriy was 15 january on Cinderella

A wonderful performance, daughter (5 years) was delighted!

Violetta was 05 january on Wake up, Petson! or Amazing Christmas

Thank you very much for the fairy tale that you give not only to children, but also to the intimate ones

Ekaterina was 22 december on Moomin-troll and Christmas

Were at the play with my daughter for 4 years. We both liked the performance very much! And the dolls, and the actors' play, communication with the audience were magnificent !! Magically! The duration of the performance is indicated as ten, but it is divided into two parts, the puppet fairy tale lasts 30-40 minutes, then comes Yolupukki, plays with the children, gives presents. The second part was like no less, beautiful Yolupukki, the actors are also included in the game. Be sure to come back to this theater !! From the nuances: a weak air conditioning system, very stuffy in a filled room, but forget about it instantly, carried away by a fairy tale))

Anna was 19 december on Wake up, Petson! or Amazing Christmas

The performance turned out, as always in this theater, wonderful! The atmosphere of magic, comfort, kind and spiritual tale! It is very pleasant always that there is no clear division into the auditorium and the stage, the action on the stage takes place as close to the children as possible, in direct communication with them, it seems to me that everyone feels part of this magic! The appearance of Santa Claus with the opportunity to tell him a verse or sing, was a separate very pleasant surprise for children, not to mention gifts from a big bag! The son was upset only one moment - that it was over!))) Be sure to come again and not once!

Nikita was 20 november on "The Adventures of Mr. Scrooge"

Good afternoon. The performance was on 18.11.2017. Of the pros: the presentation is good, the child really enjoyed it. From the minuses: it's stuffy, there was no air conditioner or hood. Come for 15 minutes. meaningless, a lot of people were formed and everyone jostled in a small corridor. We launched it on time.

Natal`ya was 13 november on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Very good performance, pleasant atmosphere, the child and mother are happy. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 13 november on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

The performance is just wonderful, however, like all the performances in Carlson House, they enjoyed it immensely, and my daughter and I!

Marina was 10 november on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

I liked the play for both me and the children (granddaughters 2 and 7). I liked how the artists involved the children in the process before the performance. Children already initially treated the heroes of the play as their kind friends. Funny, funny, kind play .. The holiday was held! Many thanks..

Anna was 08 november on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

A wonderful production! Children and adults got a great pleasure. They laughed heartily. Very cozy atmosphere, definitely come again!

Galina was 01 november on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

We really liked the performance. Thanks for the great mood, great humor and a lot of laughter. With pleasure we read stories about Petson and Findus.

Olessia was 31 october on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Remained in wild ecstasy, were with his son, 4 years. The play begins with a threshold. All with great taste and humor. It's ingeniously invented how to make small fidgets carefully and quietly! listen to the play. The play is interactive, children and adults! With pleasure participate. But at the same time the actors do not let the performance go wrong, they lead their own line, everything is very reserved. The performance is interesting for children aged 4-8 and adults.

Anneli was 30 october on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

Good performance. Many children and parents. Everyone is trying to sit on the rug in front of the stage. Replacement shoes are not required on, no one checks it, many children in shoe covers. In winter, boots will flow on someone's pants. Children sit on a rug in 2-3 rows, latecomers also climb on this rug with the edge. The crowd in the locker room, not a very clean toilet at a high ticket price left not the best impressions. In general, the main thing that the child liked the idea, the rest is parents' problems.

Natu was 18 december on A great Christmas for little Nicolas

Excellent performance: cheerful, light, witty, however, as always in Carlson House. Deliver pleasure not only to children, but also to parents. Very good soul part - Christmas tree: Santa Claus-poetry-gifts.

Ekaterina was 08 january on A great Christmas for little Nicolas

The best of what I saw for the young)). Bravo, Carlson House! I sat on the windowsill and wished that my beautiful friends and family could see it. Subtle, beautiful, clever, infinitely ingenious. Snails made of gloves, oh, what snails! This is extravaganza.

Nikolay was 12 october on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

On October 12, we all visited the play. We were pleasantly surprised from the very threshold: it's a friendly atmosphere, and a fabulous atmosphere that immediately plunges into the spectacle, and wonderful costumes and decorations (a magic table!), And of course a talented, sincere play of actors that draws into the fairy-tale process not only children, but also adults !!! A pleasant feeling after the performance remained for a long time. PS Warm greetings to the March Hare Denis Polovikov from Cherepovets and the Chamber Theater.

Ol`ga was 10 october on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

We visited our son at the play "Kralson, who lives on the roof" ... the third time ... and I feel that I'm not the last ... soon someone very beloved will say again: "Mom, I want to Carlson ... in the theater ... where else buns give and cocoa ... "So, those who are not afraid to eat buns, I recommend .... Very cozy, fabulous theater for children and parents))))

Vera was 03 october on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

A wonderful play for kids. The children were satisfied. They genuinely worried about the heroes.

Sofiya was 03 october on Chick

My baby is 1 year and 4 months old. Dared to go to the play "Chicken" and not disappointed. This is our first experience of the play, where you need to sit during the performance, where you can not participate in the action taking place on the stage. The kid really liked sitting on the floor on cushions. The actors are wonderful, the music is adequate and quiet. The plot line will be interesting to both kids and older children.

Marina was 25 september on "Little Longnose"

09.27.17 were at the play "Dwarf Nose" We adore your theater, we go to big companies, it's always interesting, fun, emotional. Many thanks to the staff of the theater, the actors for creating the mood, for their sincere attitude to the viewer. Special thanks for a good site and convenient purchase and booking of tickets.

Nadegda was 25 september on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Very pleased with the performance of the child and adults! A wonderful atmosphere in general in the theater, meet as old friends. We are not there for the first time, we really loved this place.

Natal`ya was 25 september on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

Wonderful performance!

Elena was 20 september on Chick

I really liked the play. To the child 2 years 5 months. I looked with pleasure. They did not even expect it. this is our first visit to the theater. We will definitely come again.

Ekaterina was 19 september on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Feeling of a fairytale, both for children and adults! Magic, delight, joy and surprise! In St. Petersburg there were only two days, the first time with the kids! Have time to see this wonderful performance right before the train! What are sooo happy! Good luck and prosperity to your theater!

Visitor was 18 september on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

There were three of them: one adult and two children 3 years and 7 years old. I like it. Very interesting is all invented, good actors, nice atmosphere, very cozy and mysterious atmosphere. Children also liked it. Very animatedly all recall and retell. Thank you very much for the pleasure.

Aleksandra was 10 january on "The Silver Hoof"

Beautiful performance, magical and touching scenery. This is a New Year's fairy tale. Magic, kindness and holiday))) thanks a lot)

Elena was 08 march on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Performance to me and the child (3,5 years) was pleasant. The chief chimney sweep was especially good (I made children and adults laugh)!

Ekaterina was 30 december on "The Adventures of Mr. Scrooge"

A wonderful performance - so beautiful, diverse. Excellent acting, magic scenery. Unusual Christmas presents after the performance to adults and children. Thank you for a great time!

Irina was 03 may on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

The child liked it. Your problem you know, tightness)))

Irina was 30 november on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

We liked it, thank you very much. See you soon.

Inna was 21 december on "The Adventures of Mr. Scrooge"

At the play were two children - 8 and 10 years old, all very much - the show itself, and the theater (for the first time), and the attitude to the audience, and gifts. Grandmother was delighted with the gift for adults (the book). Thank you!

Uliya was 08 march on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Liked it, but before that they even gave us a cup ... we waited for them.

Dmitriy was 05 april on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Thank you! Very high quality and interesting production. Sincere and warm atmosphere, the child is delighted, fun and intricate !! Good luck, keep it up ..

Kirill was 23 march on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

I liked it very much, I recommend children 4-5 years old - children will be delighted! Interactive with children before, during, and after the performance, sincere young actors. This is our second performance in this theater. Before that was "Sing, Yusi, sing." Both on the Fontanka. Now we want to go and on ul.Lomonosova

Elena was 27 september on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

A wonderful performance, I liked both the adult and the child! Beautiful actors, scenery, dolls! In general, thanks to the great Carlsson House! We will definitely come to you again!

Vera was 04 may on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Very from Arkhangelsk. Come

Uliya was 21 september on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Good performance! Thank you

Tat`yana was 04 november on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Thank you very much to the organizers and actors! We are delighted!

Vladimir was 01 april on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

We went to the play with my son for 4 years, we liked it very much, everyone laughed heartily, both children and adults! At the end of the show everyone was treated with buns with cocoa (the drink was terribly sweet, so it is better not to give the child such a drink). Pleasant theater, great artists! Next week, tickets to CarlsonHouse for another performance have already been bought!

Anna was 23 march on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

I liked everything very much. The artists are great. Thank you! Only very stuffy in the hall

Ol`ga was 18 may on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

The child was unhappy .... (((

Maksim was 20 april on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

I liked the child

Svetlana was 08 february on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Hello! The child really liked the performance !!!! I did not want to leave)) We will come again to you with a great deal of luck.

Dmitry was 19 january on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

It was great! It's delightful! Thank you very much!

Galina was 06 jule on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Granddaughter really liked it, thank you!

Vihoreva Nataliya Mihaylovna was 23 march on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

And I did not even like my 6-year-old grandson! We will come again.

Ganna was 22 march on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

I liked everything, the artists are super, the dolls are very beautiful, if at the end of the show children were given a bun from the frescos side would be generally excellent

Vyacheslav was 04 october on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Children really liked it, the action takes place almost directly with the audience, the game is sincere.

Maria was 09 march on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Thank you, wonderful performance and actors, not enough good ventilation. Children liked

Sergey was 19 april on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

We liked sooo, thank you, Nastya.

Ludmila was 08 december on Karlsson, who lives on the roof

Super, very, very pleased

Irina was 08 april on Little Nicolas

Thank you very much for your service! ALL mega convenient and high quality !! Do not need to stand in the cash register, print tickets, search for them all over the bag or worry that you lost. All reminded, sms-koi (did not irritate the bell) !!! I'm totally ecstatic, I'm sorry that your service does not work everywhere. SPECTACLE - great! It is interesting for children, at this age it is important to carry away the child and to keep attention. Artists, beautiful. The very building of the theater on the Fontanka is very cute, well-groomed and interestingly decorated. Be sure to visit your performances))))

Ekaterina was 27 may on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

We went twice, when my daughter was 4 years old and now at 6 years old. Both times we really enjoyed it. The performance is like a puppet, but people participate in it on a par with puppets, the idea is excellent. Hall as always chamber, children can sit on the floor on pillows, actors and dolls at arm's length. Many thanks!

Anna was 02 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Visited the whole family this performance! We received great pleasure and a charge of good mood! A friendly atmosphere, a terrific play of actors! I strongly advise everyone who has little children!

Irina was 28 may on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Were with the baby (6 years) in the play "Sing, Jussi, sing!" In the theater "Carlson House" May 28, 2017 HUGE pleasure !!!!! Children so sincerely laughed! Yes, and adults did not lag behind)) We will definitely try to see the whole repertoire of the theater !!!! Thank you very much for your work! The theater has a wonderful atmosphere !!!

Irina was 02 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Were with my son (3 and a half years) Both of us, well, really enjoyed it! The actors play beautifully, the whole atmosphere is tuned to the child, immersing it in the tale already from the threshold. We highly recommend it to everyone!

Anastasiya was 11 march on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Good afternoon! I really liked the performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!". We went with the girl for 9 years, because she really likes books about Peterson and his kitten, Findus. We both laughed heartily. In my opinion, all present children really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this performance. Only it is better to read the stories of Nurdqvist first.

Anastasiya was 24 june on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

Great! It is interesting for children and parents. A child of 5 years in ecstasy! Very home environment, the children sit directly in front of the actors and puppets, which enhances the effect of viewing. Definitely recommend! We will definitely come again.

Aleksey was 02 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

A beautiful chamber performance, in which, among others. Participate and the audience. Excellent game of actors, children (6 and 8) were delighted, I also really liked it. Many thanks.

Nataliya was 02 jule on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

The husband and daughter were walking. They liked the performance very much, noted even the Swedish accent and how it was necessary to congratulate everyone. Thanks for the gift, it was nice and fun;) of the minuses - somehow quite noisy this time behaved many children, parents did not react. Someone came to the stage, someone fell and squealed. Yet it is a theater, not a playground. ,

Uliya was 29 january on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Very good, funny, kind performance in a wonderful theater - we seemed to come to someone's house) So it's nice to be there. The children laughed all the time,

Elena was 24 june on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

Perfectly, with taste and with humor! Yours faithfully to the author and to small spectators!

Svetlana was 19 march on "Little Longnose"

March 19, visited with a 5-year-old son on a wonderful interactive presentation Dwarf Nose! A wonderful, sincere, very friendly atmosphere, interesting scenery and a great actors' game! We really enjoyed! I recommend not only to children, grown-ups, too, were delighted! I wanted to go there again, which we will do)))

Oksana was 01 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Was very pleasantly surprised ... The actor's job is chic, the children are delighted, from the unusual action and involving them in the play ... All recommend, the children are ecstatic ....

Anna was 25 june on Chick

Visited the play with his son (3 years 1 month.), And he really liked me! In the theater there was a first time (not including visits to performances in "Skazkin House" - but there is a completely different format), a little worried how the child will react to the lights off in the hall, whether the play will keep the child's attention. All fears were in vain - the son sat through the whole play, laughed, worried about the heroes. The hall was full, according to my observations all the children were interested, only one very small girl about 2 years began to cry a little at the sight of the "evil" hero of the cat, but having moved to her mother's lap quickly calmed down. I advise you to visit the play, success, I think, is natural. Firstly, the actors themselves are very sweet, smiling, have children to communicate; Secondly, the plot - the ratio of the chicken and the mother of the chicken - love, affection, kindness - is so clear to our children; Thirdly, the artistic embodiment in dolls, music and scenic receptions are very successful and interesting; Well, and fourthly, the seating of children in the room on the pillows immediately relaxes the children)). I advise everyone!

Andrey was 01 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

A great performance, I liked not only my child, but me. An excellent game of actors, but the most interesting is that the children themselves and adults take part in the play. Be sure to go to the play, you will not regret it.

Elena was 14 june on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

To say that I am shocked is to say nothing. Such performances should be for children: talented, boring, bewitching, musical, interactive, teaching and kind. The child was delighted and promised to become an avid theatergoer now :) it's a pity that the theater Karlson Hause did not have a branch in Moscow (and in St. Petersburg we do not often ... everyone must visit !!!

Arina was 24 june on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

Great performance! Bravo and many thanks to the wonderful actors!

Nadegda was 31 may on "Little Longnose"

Our third performance in this theater. And I can already formulate why we left the third happy performance. There is nothing false in anything. Not a shadow of vulgarity. There is no sense of embarrassment for adult uncles and aunt, forced to portray fairy-tale characters for children. The one that so depresses usually at children's plays. In performances Karlsson hause impeccable taste in everything: from a meeting of spectators to the music used in the play. Artists behave with small spectators as with initiates. Manage in the course of action to address violators of discipline and correct the situation in a joking manner. I liked the wandering medieval wagon with the artists, the windows in which the dolls appeared. For myself, I realized that this theater embodies my idea of ​​the ideal puppet theater (and I went to different theaters of Petersburg with an older one, 10 years ago). Thanks, Karlsson hause!

Natal`ya was 06 june on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

Beautiful performance, wonderful scenery, beautiful music, a wonderful game of actors. Full delight, highly recommend. Were with my daughter (6 years), 06/06/2015, Natalia

Nadegda was 04 may on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

This was our first hike in Karlsson hause. We made a discovery! Children are immersed in the fabulous intimate atmosphere of the Looking Glass from the threshold, when the March Hare meets the guests. The magic table on which Alice travels is great, musical numbers are very organic. And the final joint tea-drinking finally makes the home environment. At the next performance of this theater the child was waiting for everything, whether there would be a march for the mirror door. But we were already waiting for other miracles. We will definitely come back to your performances!

Elena was 06 june on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Was with my daughter (2 years 11 months.). The performance is magnificent! The actors are wonderful! Dolls are magic! We really enjoyed! My daughter has already visited many theaters, including the Bolshoi Puppet Theater, but here we liked the most. Great theater. We will come more than once !!

Nadegda was 11 may on Moomin-troll and the wizard's hat

I watched the performance with pleasure with a five-year-old son. Beautiful dolls, scenery, costumes of artists. Everything is done with great taste, nothing superfluous. Small children, however, frighten Morra. She looks very believable. But the kids are happy to switch to fun moments. We like the performances of this theater!

Nadia was 26 april on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Were a group of 4 girls from 4.5 to 6.5 years without parents. The girls really liked it! They vied with each other about the story, correcting each other. It was said that there was an interactive - they planted cabbage all the staff :) It's great when the children are involved. The only thing that consumed the kinder-surprise after the performance was strained. Little does anyone have an allergy to chocolate, they are not yet quite responsible about this, even if they know. Yes, and interrupt the appetite before dinner. It would be nice to somehow warn about the distribution of sweets, but it's better, of course, not to give them away. Or give the parents along with the children. In the rest, everything is wonderful, as always! We will come again!

Nadia was 04 april on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

There were four of April 4: 2 adults and 2 children 5 years. I've read a lot of reviews here, including, so I was ready to immerse myself in a fairy tale. Reviews are not fooled. Despite the understanding of the mechanical origins of miracles, this did not interfere with the magic of what was happening. The Hatter and the Rabbit in their cute skirmish were appropriate and vital. Miracle-Alice, more like an angel in light clothes and with her hair loose and with a wonderful voice-over voice, appeared here and there, calling to life the hidden mechanisms of the magic table. Her first appearance from the teapot shocked me the most. And also the crown, more reminiscent of the cage, which the children understood instantly and responded accordingly. I do not want to disclose all the finds of the play, but about a chocolate cake a couple of words. The very notion is great, but here's the performance ... I with my free English could hardly guess the words. It seems to me, if it was in Russian, it would be no less fun, and the children could sing more actively. But these are trifles, tk. The play and the truth is very original in the pitch, wonderful in the performance of the actors, especially the dances that they managed to perform on the territory of 3m by 80 cm three together! Creates an amazing mood. Children instantly join in what is happening. And sweets and tea are beyond praise. You are wonderful! Thank you! We will definitely come more than once. And the service Bigbilet, which faced the first time, is also very pleased. Everything is clear and fast. Thank you!

Sergey was 01 february on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

The theater is cozy, the show really liked us, as well as our 3 year old daughter. She even asked why we should not live in a theater where there are so many interesting things. We will definitely go to a new play.

Irina was 01 jule on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

A wonderful performance, I went with my daughter for 4.5 years. I liked it very much, it was an excellent production and a play of actors, dolls as alive.

Gilyaeva was 24 january on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Great performance. The child is 4 years old and often attends various events, but in this theater in the first. Very vivid impressions, not a standard approach. And I and the child are totally ecstatic. It's not just a performance, it's an interactive show. Actors involve children in the plot: they ask questions, give some tasks on the plot ... Not for nothing, they got a "golden mask" for this performance. And at the end of the children there is a tea party with fabulous characters. Now we want to go to their other performances .... on the turn Carlson

Anna was 01 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Thank you very much for the presentation, I liked it very much. I was with my son (4 years). Very cozy and warm attitude, a sense of intrigue. The unexpected end of the play was considered.

Irina was 20 september on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Not everything was clear, even to me, an adult, not to mention the child. But the main thing is why we go to your theater-the absence of trash and vulgarity-what most children's theaters sin, as if children are fools, for whom it is not worth trying. I bring the child to you, so that I can see the real acting game, without any crookedness or deliberateness. Hatter wonderful :) thanks for the quality.

Nadegda was 01 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Full delight :) Parents and boys 4 and 11 years old. Beautiful, dynamic, subtle, interesting and .... tasty :) many thanks to the theater for our emotions.

Svetlana was 07 september on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

We were at the play three together with daughters 7 and 9 years old. All are delighted! Very sincere, fun and at home! Many thanks for the miracle, for returning to childhood and to your beloved Sweden! Come to all the performances and not take the pope!

Aleksandr was 07 september on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Great performance! The children were happy, thank you!

Marina was 12 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

A wonderful impression. We will come again, we will advise friends. All the benefits of the cast.

Nataliya was 28 june on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Very pleased! Original, talented and tasteful.

Margarita was 14 june on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

The performance really liked, thank you very much. We will be glad to visit your wonderful theater again! :)

Ol`ga was 25 june on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Good afternoon! Greetings from Veliky Novgorod! Children (6, 8 years) were at the play on Saturday, 14.06.14. It was very difficult to take the children home ... did not want to :-) I was amazed by a rabbit who opened the door :-) THANKS !!!

Galina was 28 june on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Thank you, I really liked the performance. The child enthusiastically spoke about what he saw. We hope to come to you for a play.

Marina was 22 june on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

I liked the performance very much, the show was featuring puppets and people, which in itself is very interesting! Children are directly involved in the performance! At the end of the play, treat tea with sweets and have the opportunity to take photos with the main characters! The child is delighted, we will definitely visit it. Theater yet!

Tat`yana was 28 june on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

I liked the Sun very much.

Sergey was 29 june on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

The most important thing is that the child is delighted, so everything is SUPER. Thank you

Elt@Live.Ru was 05 jule on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Thanks, I liked it!

Ea was 04 jule on Odysseus

Thank you very much, unusually and sincerely.

Nataliya was 28 june on "Probably, the tea party will be held"

Many thanks! Very pleased!

Uliya was 14 june on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Beautiful performance. Wonderful staff

Dar`ya was 13 june on Odysseus

The play really liked, the actors are talented. One thing: very, very uncomfortable seats. Even after only 1.5 hours of the performance, the whole body ached. And so everything was pleasant! Thank you for your theater!

Evgeniya was 31 may on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Thank you so much! We were at your theater for the first time! We are delighted, we really enjoyed it! Our daughter was 2.8 and I thought that she could not stand the whole performance, but everything was so fascinating that time flew very quickly! Thanks again, and we will come again many times.

Ekaterina was 17 june on Performance "Sing, Jussi, sing!"

Wonderful performance, daughter of 3 very much, barely led, especially after they began to give the children Kindery; It's good that the children are partly involved in the process; The very same was interesting, the staff is very friendly, in general, a very cozy theater, we will definitely come again

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