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Theater "House of Fanny Bell"

Feedbacks from viewers
Yanka was 08 october on Petson and Findus. Hunting for foxes

Wonderful performance! Matchless acting. The actors are entirely in the play, they like this action! Sometimes you come to the children's theater, and the actor there is serving his working day. Here everything is different! Thank you so much! I recommend everything: both adults and children!

Tat`yana was 20 november on Moydodyr

Were yesterday at the play with a daughter of 2.5 years, at first was frightened, asked to go home, but the show started and we stayed. My daughter really liked it, she also asked my dyadyr and the boy to get dirty. After the performance, we were photographed with artists, we went to examine the requisites, so the very last ones left. The first impression of the theater is very positive, thank you!

Aleksandra was 11 april on Buka

First, they were waiting for a bucket of serpentine, as in "Moidodyr", but chasing a beehive with a beehive and biting it was also fun)) Most of all in the play my daughter liked Buka :-)

Mariya was 03 june on Fly Tsokotukha

We went to Mukhu-Tsokotukha in the house of Fanny Bell in June 2015. Both I and my daughter (3,5 years) were delighted. Children are not allowed to get bored, they are always involved in the performance. The daughter has never been frightened and not distracted from the action, has received a sea of ​​impressions. I liked the actors' play and their work with children - they easily entered any prank of the kids into the action of the play. The performance is musical and cheerful. Parents sometimes laughed even more than children.

Mariya was 11 june on Moydodyr

We went on July 11 with my daughter (3.5 years). As always in full delight from the House of Fanny Bell! Thank you so much for the positive sea. Each trip to you for us as a holiday is a guarantee of a good mood and memories for a long time, which are created due to a relaxed, comfortable environment, jokes, games, a good game of actors. At the play, the children do not sit still, but actively participate in the performance: they wash their dirty trimmings with a washcloth, lead a round dance with a crocodile, and do exercises.

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Басманная Стар. ул., 15
00 h 50 min

Author: Sven Nordkvist

Director: Elena Labutina

Artists: Vera Sokolova

Composer: Sergey Luran

In the play participate: Nikolai Zakharov / Artem Chetverikov, Daria Loginova / Tatiana Kargayeva, Ilya Sobolev

Age: for children of 3 years and their parents

Production: "Fanny Bell's House" Theater

Petson and Findus return with a new adventure! This performance will immediately fall in love and in three years, and at ten, and at thirty-five, and even if you are a grandmother or grandfather. In less than an hour, spectators will live a day full of adventures: preparing to catch a fox, arranging an ambush, planning fireworks and turning into a ghost. An adventure that nothing boded. Almost an espionage story, and at the same time - very touching, because in the finale with fireworks and a ghost it will not be scary, but joyful, and no one will suffer. Although the fox will necessarily appear, and behind it creeps the same hunter with a gun and a dog.

Attention! During the performance used crackers.


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