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Theater-Festival "Baltic House"

Feedbacks from viewers
Aleksandr was 06 april on Theatrical novel

The Bulgakov style. In some places very high-quality theatrical humor. The performance is cheerful and light, with Bulgakov's depth.

Elena was 25 september on Reloading

A stunning performance, for a long time so did not laugh, thank you!

Ludmila was 05 november on Scarlet Sails

Very good! Thank you, we will definitely come again!

Nina was 07 november on Treasure Island

"The Tale of Nightingale, Emperor and Death" - a very good performance. Beautiful actors, beautiful fairy costumes. Interesting production, I liked both children and adults.

Nina was 07 november on Treasure Island

We did not like the play "Treasure Island". The level of the production is average, the scenery is not interesting. Probably, for children it would be interesting something more cheerful, spectacular and original, as the plot is well known.

Elena was 16 october on Return to love

The original musical on E. Evtushenko's verses and music of R. Pauls. I liked the performance very much - professional, young and talented actors who not only sing well but also dance. A beautiful setting (thanks to the director), which carries the era of the 60th century. Separately, I would like to note excellent scenery and scenography in general. Unequivocally I can advise this performance to viewing. Although I am a fan of musicals, including those staged on Broadway and the West End, the last tendency of Russian musical performances to make the tracery of Western musicals and the absence of original Russian musicals and operettas was saddening. This performance is one of their worthy examples of good Russian musicals that must be photographed (at one time good musicals were staged in the theater-cabaret "The Bat" - for example, "I'm stepping around Moscow", but this performance did not have time to be removed, and, unfortunately, Now it is lost).

Yana was 26 may on A dream in a summer night

Brilliant production! I recommend!

Yana was 25 may on Two old-fashioned cocktails

Every year I go to this play, I bring friends to him. And although I seem to know it by heart - I constantly swallow tears. However, the good half of the audience cries - and the men too. And the aftertaste remains bright, because the people's artists I. Sokolov and R. Gromadsky play such a tremendous love that you believe - it will overcome all the distances and difficulties, the couple of Coopers will be together again!

Yana was 15 february on What men and women talk about

I watched this performance several times and always in great pleasure! A great game of actors! Bright and, alas, recognizable characters, incredibly funny, and sometimes even instructive ... And a light, lyrical finale!

Vladimir was 09 august on The Master and Margarita

The play leaves a complex feeling. The task that the director and the troupe set before him was solved: the philosophical subtext of the novel is brought to the viewer in various forms. I want to note a successful solution to the multifaceted nature of the novel: before the viewer events unfold on the scene at once in 3 different places, and this does not interfere with the perception. Faithful is the departure from the Divine display in the play - we only hear Yeshua's voice, and this proves sufficient. The question of the existence of Jesus Christ (as well as everything connected with God) was solved in the affirmative - we are shown the icon of the Virgin with the baby Christ in his arms. Thus, good in the play prevails. A few words about the props: the benches on the stage are successfully involved both as a quay, as beds in a clinic, and as horses, at which the Master and Margarita are carried away at the end of the play. After the performance you experience a real catharsis, and this is the most valuable and necessary for any spectator. Thank you!

Elena was 02 august on Two old-fashioned cocktails

Two old-fashioned cocktails for two old-fashioned eccentrics - theatrical performance of the Baltic House. Touching, emotionally. A wonderful game of actors.

Fyyf was 25 may on Two old-fashioned cocktails

The performance is as everyday as it is bitter. Makes you think about your parents ... We cried next to everything. It seems that everything is simple, but with whom parents will live, if they have grown children, but there is no money ... And the children got married, they also have children who need something, and a lot. And you can not say that the children are taken care of. And will we need our children? Will not it be easier for them to forget about us? Forgetting that the actors next to you, you see a number of people, their feelings, empathize with them. Coming out of the hall, you feel purification, which has not happened to me for a long time.

Sergey was 05 march on The Master and Margarita

Many thanks to the actors! Great game! 3.5 hours flew by instant!

Larisa was 05 january on The Master and Margarita

An interesting staging, the director has his own reading of the great work of Mikhail Bulgakov, a wonderful play of actors

Anna was 22 november on Loneliness in the network

In general, the performance was like. Especially impressed by the scenery and the use of video. Perhaps the action is somewhat delayed. On the organization, when buying tickets through the site it was not clear that the queue to the cashier before the performance is not necessary. Defended.

Alejandra was 07 august on Woe to the Mind

Os is not bad. Sophia, however, sometimes broke into a falsetto from an overabundance of feelings, but this did not spoil the gracious impression of the play. The characters are played perfectly.

Nataliya was 07 august on Woe to the Mind

Great! Thank you

Marianna was 03 august on Loneliness in the network

Thank you! Excellent work - and the actors, and the director, and the artist, and the dresser - of all-all. The film for the play is cool. The play seemed more "female", I liked it, although the line with my friends seemed superfluous.

Ulian was 01 august on Loneliness in the network

I did not read the book, so for me the first part of the play was a shock therapy. Actors are super! But the intermission could have been longer, had not had time to finish the champagne!

Aleksandr was 19 august on Woe to the Mind

Chatsky played smartly.

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