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Natal`ya was 05 january on Consequence leads the magician

We watched on December 30. I advise everyone. Age category from 6 years and older. This is not a fairy tale. Why from 6 years? This is a play with the moments of illusion, which must be understood. This is not a baby show, although there is a moment (I will not disclose the secret) which children will like very much. The hall is big. It is visible from any place. The scene is high. Do not be afraid of long-distance tickets. The big minus is the organization, or rather the choice of the venue. Plus-hall, but a large minus entrance, wardrobe, stairs to the ground floor .. There are a lot of people, but the premises are small. Before the performance in the hall was launched in 5 minutes. All were recruited in the foyer .... the output after the performance is more problematic. I wrote this for those who have health problems, who will go with elderly people or young children. But all these inconveniences did not overshadow our delight from the performance. It is not enough in time, but it is bright, interesting and will be remembered for a long time. Next year we will definitely go to another play