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Aleksandr was 13 april on Lohengrin

Elsa's story "I remember how I prayed, deeply grieving in my soul" conveys the fragile, pure nature of a dreamy, enthusiastic heroine. Elsa's arioso "Oh light-winged wind" is warmed with joyful hope, anxious expectation of happiness. The subsequent dialogue emphasizes the dissimilarity of the heroines: Ortruda's appeal to the pagan gods has a passionate, pathetic character, Elsa's speech is permeated with cordiality and warmth. The detailed ensemble scene of the dispute between Ortruda and Elsa at the cathedral - Ortruda's malicious slander and Elsa's hot, agitated speech - impresses with dynamic changes in mood. A large build-up leads to a powerful chorus quintet. There are two pictures in the third act. The first is entirely devoted to the psychological drama of Elsa and Lohengrin. In the center is her love duet. The second place is occupied by crowd scenes. A brilliant orchestral intermission introduces a wedding feast to a lively atmosphere with warlike cries, the clang of weapons and innocent tunes. The “Joyous Day” wedding choir is full of jubilation. The dialogue between Lohengrin and Elsa "The heart is tenderly burning with a wonderful fire" is one of the best episodes of the opera; wide flexible lyrical melodies with amazing depth convey the change of feelings - from the rapture of happiness to collision and disaster. The artists of the New Opera performed their parts brilliantly. Lohengrin and Elsa Mikhail Gubsky and Olga TERENTYEVA, Telramund and Ortruda Andrzej Beletsky and Anastasia Bibicheva, King Alexei Antonov. And Bibicheva amazingly performed the villainess. How much snake venom was in my voice. The powerful mezzo amazed her, it was clear that this woman would not give up on her. A huge contrast was Elsa performed by Olga Terentyeva. At first she sang in a pure innocent voice, I even decided that the singer had a light lyric soprano, but at the end of the opera her voice sounded very strong, the singer covered the Wagnerian orchestra. Mikhail Gubsky is a very rare dramatic tenor, a luxurious voice, as you know, a piece of goods. Alexei Antonov's velvet bass caressed the ear. Andrzej Bielecki in the role of Telramund was a match for his wife, he performed the part very professionally. There were flaws in the orchestra, the brass line-up was kicking. I wish it weren't. Well, I will not write the production, we will not talk about sad things ...

Tat`yana was 18 december on Lohengrin

thanks for the performance 12/5/2020 Olga TERENTIEVA is undoubtedly the most beautiful Elsa - a beautiful and very even voice. The voice is gold. I liked Andrzej Beletsky Alexey Antonov Anastasia Bibicheva and Alexander Skvarko. Thank you!!!

Natal`ya was 25 december on Music of love. Concert of A. Kulaeva and A. Tatarintsev

Thank! Full delight! A wonderful couple of vocalists. Success to them.

Ol`ga was 25 december on Music of love. Concert of A. Kulaeva and A. Tatarintsev

Thanks for the good organization. I got great pleasure from the concert. There was a feeling of celebration.

Veronika was 25 december on Music of love. Concert of A. Kulaeva and A. Tatarintsev

They are beautiful! Thank you very much, great pleasure

Natal`ya was 02 november on Around Wagner. Concert of the theater soloists

Thank you for your attention to the views of the audience. I liked everything: music, performance, acting, Teffi))). It was very interesting. I did not know that the theater practices polling via SMS))))))))

Ol`ga was 24 jule on Swan Lake

Awesome performance))))

Ludmila was 25 march on Swan Lake

Once again I really liked the performance. I especially wanted to mention the costumes - simply amazing! Many thanks

Ludmila was 24 jule on Swan Lake

Granddaughter really liked the ballet. Like the theater building. The scene is clearly visible. The theater is cozy and well maintained. If possible we’ll come again. We want to listen to the opera. Advise. Special thanks to the orchestra

Elena was 25 march on Swan Lake

The performance is wonderful, but it was stuffy in the hall

Kseniya was 13 may on Swan Lake

Excellent!! There were many children of different ages in the hall and after the performance their enthusiastic exclamations were heard everywhere, with which I was completely in solidarity with them !!

Tat`yana was 25 march on Swan Lake

Thanks a lot! We are very grateful!

Marina was 31 jule on Swan Lake

I liked the ballet. Thanks.

Slava was 03 jule on Swan Lake

Loved it! Thanks.

Elena was 31 jule on Swan Lake

I really liked

Tamara was 31 jule on Swan Lake

To say that I am delighted is not enough. the soloists danced not just professionally, but very sensually. For the first time I started to cry on ballet. Thank you and good luck

Anna was 24 jule on Swan Lake

Wonderful staging. Very beautiful costumes. Enjoyed

Tat`yana was 25 april on Swan Lake

A very beautiful performance, I liked the production itself, the play of the artists, Natalia Ogneva (Odette, Odile), Andrey Bolbot (Rodbart) and Alexey Orlov (Prince Siegfried) were especially good. BRAVO! Regards, Tatiana

Elena was 14 october on Lucia di Lammermoor

From love to hate - one intermission! Love ... And what is it for you - a gift or rock? You can ponder this while listening to the opera Lucia di Lammermoor at the New Opera Theater in Moscow named after E.V. Kolobova. On the one hand, love is a gift. She makes you better, inspires, paints the world around in joyful tones, gives motivation. Young lovers from long-warring families, Lucia di Lammermoor and Edgaro Ravenswood are tender to each other, make joint plans and believe that their love will destroy all obstacles. But at the same time, falling in love is a test. It does not last long and may change over time into jealousy - the antithesis of love. Jealousy makes suspicious, incredulous, corrodes inside. So the intrigues around the “Juliet” by Lucia and “Romeo” by Edgaro gradually modify them and love. A series of tragic events unfolds that evening in front of the audience. On the stage of the New Opera there is a transformation of the feelings of the main characters. “Why did it all turn out like this ?,” the viewer wonders, “it all started so well” ... But there is a palette of feelings and emotions for that. The main characters for hatred comes for love, for joy comes sadness. Here you, as a spectator, rejoice for the lovers, but you already despise them for words and deeds ... Everyone's feelings and emotions are changing. Only one thing is invariable: beautiful voices of Boris Statsenko, Irina Bozhenko, Alexey Tatarintsev and other artists; enchanting Italian language; well-coordinated work of conductor Dmitry Volosnikov, and his team; beautiful costumes in red and gold tones; scenery that reproduces the life of the 16th century in Scotland. All these details complement the image of a wonderful musical evening in company with the New Opera Theater.

Svetlana was 02 october on Sh. Gounod "Romeo and Juliet"

ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE NEW OPERA. It is probably difficult to name a work more popular in the theatrical environment than Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. An incredible number and variety of performances, operas, ballets, musicals ... The higher the requirements for each new production. We are leaving for the Moscow Novaya Opera Theater to enjoy the immortal tragedy. They put her in the theater in 2014. The director, the author of the scenery, costumes and light was Arno Bernard. And he coped with all these tasks perfectly. It is not easy at the opera to keep the viewer's attention constantly for three and a half hours of action (with two intermissions), but not only did nobody leave, but the artists did not let go, thanks to their enthusiastic applause. The action captures from the first second. The curtain opens and a lot of people in red and black suits run out onto the stage. Some of them are Capulet, others are Montecchi. In the swiftness of movements and the mass of scenes, such a conditional division of autumn helps the viewer to navigate well and, besides Togo, creates a very bright and beautiful visual picture. I would like to pay tribute to the artists of the theater choir - they were completely organic and artistically performed their roles, while not ceasing to please us with great vocals. Special fidelity and liveliness to all mass scenes was given by fencers invited from Theater V. I note that among them were girls. Their dedication and furious excitement set the tone for the whole production. But, opera is, first of all, vocals. And the sincere applause of Maria Buinosova as Juliet. The role is always difficult, since the beauty of the Capulet family is a girl of 14 years old. Her emotions, reactions, feelings should correspond to this image. At the same time complex and large vocal parts. A difficult task, but the artist brilliantly dealt with it. Romeo performed by Alexei Tatarintsev. Good luck too. Vocals, gestures, emotions, stage movement - everything fits perfectly into the image. The magnificent decoration of the opera - a small but bright diamond - is a part of the Stefano delight, performed with splendor by Anna Sinitsyna. Upscale performance and organicity in the image should be noted among all artists. And again, applause to the choir. This time - he is a beautiful and aesthetic, and vocal decoration of the opera. The action is generally very bright, I would say, picture-effective. These red velvet outfits are amazing. And the scene, absolutely incredible in beauty, is the failed wedding of Paris and Juliet. Every moment of this scene is a real picture, so everything in it is harmonious and beautiful in color and light. The magnificent voices of the soloists and the choir also corresponded to the music performed by the Novaya Opera Orchestra of the Moscow Theater, conducted by Andrei Lebedev that evening. It is impossible not to note that music performed on the organ was also sounded in the theater. Thanks to Julia Bankova and Svetlana Radugina. An organ is always a little more than a sound - it is a separate magic. And in the opera, he amazingly helped create an atmosphere of authenticity. Thanks to the theater for a wonderful evening.

Ripost was 02 october on Ten sopranos. Gala Concert

Thanks so much for a wonderful opera evening! Wonderful!

Ol`ga was 02 october on Ten sopranos. Gala Concert

I am delighted :) Thank you for giving me pleasure! This is my first visit to your theater, everything is on top, I will definitely come to you again :)

Lubov` was 02 october on Ten sopranos. Gala Concert

Ten Sopranos - it was great! Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Ludmila was 02 october on Ten sopranos. Gala Concert

Thank you for a wonderful evening! It was wonderful !

Tat`yana was 04 february on Don Quixote

I was fortunate enough to attend the ballet DON QUIHOT. This is really an unforgettable experience! Wonderful music! Excellent performance of the parties! charming atmosphere! Thank you for the wonderful action! Tatyana

Tat`yana was 04 february on Don Quixote

Loved the ballet gorgeous costumes and scenery high skill performers

Svetlana was 19 august on Spartacus. Ballet

In general and the overall impression is very pleasantly left - beautiful scenery, again, ballet (and I love it). But I didn’t have the character of Spartacus. I did not feel that contagious power, here at the Caesarion it was - that’s just a warrior. And Spartak himself - the romantic scenes turned out well, but neither the battle nor the skirmishes impressed. I would say that the performance is at one time.

Elena was 04 february on Don Quixote

Gorgeous colorful performance

Anna was 17 jule on Spartacus. Ballet

One word - Fantastic Ballet! Knowing the history of Spartacus from a historical point of view, several years ago it was difficult for me to imagine how and what can be shown in ballet (despite the fact that I adore ballet). After all, Spartak has so many stages of life, so many events have happened. And so I saw "Spartacus." I have no words! This passion, this even heat of passions, raging on the stage, passed on to me. The magnificent music of A. Khachaturian, one of my favorite composers, pervades all consciousness, leaving room for regret, for admiration for heroes, for dance ... Divine choreography, amazingly shown by ballet dancers. In particular, I saw Catherine Berezina in the title role and she is gorgeous. Once again, we can conclude that there is nothing better than Russian ballet! Thanks for the great presentation!

Elena was 17 jule on Spartacus. Ballet

Pleasure! Colorful. Staging at a high level. Thanks to artists, musicians,

Maria was 04 february on Don Quixote

Successful staging! Colorful exciting performance. Do not mind going to him again.

Viktor was 04 february on Don Quixote

Wonderful performance! It is important that the ticket in electronic form is received and cashed without any problems !! The site is very informative and effective in terms of the popularization of art, for which he is particularly grateful !!!

Elizaveta was 17 jule on Spartacus. Ballet

Good room. Great music. Beautiful scenery and costumes. But vulgarity in the "text" played a role. Left after the first act ;-)

Mariya was 04 february on Don Quixote

Loved it! Wonderful music. Dance artists are great. The evening turned out great!

Evgeniya was 28 february on Coppelia

Great setting! I liked everything very much! Atmosphere, costumes, professionals on stage! Thank you very much, a real fairy tale.

Visitor was 08 october on Coppelia

Horosho, mne I moim gostyam ponravilos.dekoracii I kostumy super.teatr vyglyadit vnutri I snaruge priyatno.

Marina was 08 october on Coppelia


Anna was 05 june on SLEEPING BEAUTY of RBC named after M. Petipa

⠀ Last week my son and I went to the Sleeping Beauty ballet staged by the M. Petipa Russian Classical Ballet at the Novaya Opera Theater. We were able to see the classic version of the ballet by Marius Petipa edited by Valentin Grishchenko. ⠀ This is a real fairy tale for viewers of any age! ⠀ We found ourselves in a real palace: huge marble columns, glittering chandeliers, painted ceilings, statues and paintings. Scenery. Very strong: they change from one picture to another. If in the first action we see a castle on the hill, resembling a medieval castle, then in the second - a castle resembling the Great Peterhof Palace. Over the 100th anniversary of sleep, both the outfits and the architectural style have changed a lot (it can be seen very well). ⠀ Costumes impressed with their wealth and luxury. Julia Zhuravleva created amazing dresses) I really liked the beau monde outfits: the king, the queen and their guests. The fairies ballet tutus were very beautiful and bright. The image of the evil Carabos Fairy (vividly different from all the other characters in the fairy tale) turned out to be vivid and memorable. ⠀ The story itself is so familiar to young viewers that there is no need to carefully study the libretto. My son asked only the names of fairies and some wedding guests. ⠀ Many thanks to the New Opera Orchestra for Tchaikovsky's magnificent music. Very harmonious performance) ⠀ The brightest were the scenes with the participation of the Evil Fairy: the whole scene was filled with a red ominous color. Here, in fact, I want to mention the game of Konstantin Marikin: his every movement, the sound of a cane, the waving of his raincoat - all this attracted attention and created a crazy dynamic. ⠀ The son also liked the dancing of fairy-tale characters at the wedding of Princess Aurora: the white kitten (Natalia Sokolnikova) and the cat in boots (Denis Tyurin), as well as the dance of the Red Hat (Christina Khokhryakova) and the Gray Wolf (Maxim Marinin). ⠀ I was most impressed by the skill of the soloists: Nadezhda Ivanovs (Princesses Aurora) and Alexander Tarasov (Prince Desire). ⠀ We liked the ballet!) I recommend to visit with children of any age)

Natal`ya was 13 may on Prince Igor

After being in Rigoletto with my husband in December, I was looking forward to the opportunity to go to this theater again. Chosen opera Prince Igor, (May 7, 2019) I liked the female voices in the choir, the final song in the final. I liked the voice of the performer Prince Vladimir Galitsky. Igor and Khan drowned out the orchestra and chorus, I think that this should not be so. At first, Yaroslavna didn’t pull out long-lasting notes, she couldn’t melt, she cried well, but not sincerely. I didn’t take it for my soul, although I liked the idea with women in the background and the projection of flying clouds. Polovtsian dances quite disappointed, it was a march on the dances of primitive tribes around the fire. And the brass was pretty much knocked out by a sharp sound from the general musical canvas. Maybe my expectations were too high, but in my opinion at 4 with a minus setting. The composition of the artists is different, perhaps it was not the best.

Irina was 01 april on The Barber of Seville

The eternal and beautiful music of Rossini, wonderful voices and acting! Thank you for the opportunity to have a great time. Irene.

Irina was 11 february on O Mozart! Mozart ... Requiem

02/11/2015 the second time listened to this performance. On this day, the stars came together - otherwise you will not tell. The first time was at this performance last season, the impression was strong, but this time it was incredibly good and powerful. In general, I really like the chorus and orchestra of the New Opera, their coherence and the strength of the sound (in some the choir is better than some of the soloists), apparently, the skill of conductors and choir masters is affected. The last time shook Salieri-Stavinsky, but it turned out that Salieri-Kudashev is no worse. The taste and the hand of Vladimir Vasiliev is felt throughout the performance! Thank you very much to all the participants and producers, to all who put their work in this performance. Everything is very harmonious: there is no fuss about the light, the scenery, the costumes, the thoughtfulness of the movements of the artists. Harmony - and that says it all! Thanks again to all a lot! Health to all and success!

Irina was 27 march on O Mozart! Mozart ... Requiem

Liked inexpressibly! Thank you so much. I would like to see this play more often in the poster.

Anna was 27 march on O Mozart! Mozart ... Requiem

Good afternoon, I really liked the play “Mozart! ...”, they were absolutely delighted! The reading of opera, dance and instrumental music is unusual, interesting and very harmonious! The staging is amazing!

Natal`ya was 27 march on O Mozart! Mozart ... Requiem

Very, very much! Regular viewers! Thank you for the wonderful performance!

Ol`ga was 22 may on Viva Verdi!

Thank! Very good impression! I especially liked the choir, and the skill and dedication of the conductor Vasily Valitov are admirable!

Elena was 09 january on Prince Igor

Awesome staging! Music and voices fascinate, costumes and scenery - do not take your eyes off. Thanks to the theater troupe for the holiday of the Russian soul!

Natasha was 13 june on Viva Verdi!

Loved the service! Thank you very much! I will continue to work with you))))

Nadegda was 26 october on Viva Verdi!

The performance is wonderful, well conceived and well-delivered. The soloists and the chorus are great. Interesting artwork with the use of composer records, sorry not everything is readable. Thank you so much.

Natal`ya was 22 may on Viva Verdi!

Sumptuously! I am delighted!

Konstantin was 27 february on Viva Verdi!

Loved it !!

Ekaterina was 07 january on RKK SHCHELKUNCHIK them. M.PETIPA

The ballet is wonderful. Quite calmly, you can come and be sure that there will be no scenes in the play for which you have to blush. I was especially pleased to see the conductor Yuri Medyanik, whose excellent work was observed even in the House of Music. The Nutcracker Ballet is a New Year miracle that each of us is waiting for. Therefore, it is better not to wait, but to take tickets to the New Opera and plunge into the atmosphere of miracles and magic with the whole family!

Tat`yana was 26 november on Waltzes, tango, foxtrot. Gala Concert

It was great, just a delight. Wonderful voices, orchestra above all praise. Many thanks to all for the pleasure.

Irine was 26 november on Waltzes, tango, foxtrot. Gala Concert

Great concert! Amazing Orchestra and Conductor! The delightful voices of the soloists!

Kseniya was 29 october on Sh.Guno Faust

Awesome music. Good voices. Highly recommend.

Irina was 24 september on Aida

Very dull production, left after the first department. Unlike the absolutely stunning Prince Igor. I went to him 1 time in the Big and 2 times already in the New Opera and I will come again. In the New Opera, Prince Igor is a hundred times better setting than in the Big! And what a low price for tickets, which is also important

Svetlana was 18 september on Rigoletto

September 17, first visited the theater New Opera, Chose Rigoletto not by chance, advised to begin acquaintance with the theater from this opera. The performance is beautiful, very beautiful costumes, classical staging, but the most vivid impression of the game and the voices of the main performers - Andrzej Beletski (Rigoletto) and Maria Buinosova (Gilda). I advise everyone to see this performance, I'm going to continue my acquaintance with the theater, I want to see other performances. Many thanks for the pleasure!

Svetlana was 30 jule on Eugene Onegin

thanks a great performance

Tat`yana was 25 june on THE SWINE LAKE OF RBC named after M.PETIPA

Beautiful music by Tchaikovsky, an amazing ballerina in the role of Odette, the beautiful ballerinas of the Jester and the Evil Spirit. As expected - there were ideal 32 fouettes. About the theater: the musical accompaniment was in the recording (without the orchestra). The hall was small, the tapping of pointe shoes was very audible. I took the seats in the first row of the balcony - in no case do not take them! The stage is not visible completely because of the metal border, that is, if you take a balcony, it is only higher than the second row.

Aleksey was 11 may on Rigoletto

was at the opera "Rigoletto" on May 7, 2018. The libretto is slightly shortened, but the voices are beautiful. It's old that there is no curtain. Maybe this is a director's move. Work scenes change the scenery ("mean") directly to the viewers during the intermission. But the impression is very good from the whole performance and the orchestra. Really liked the whole. Thank you!

Irina was 08 may on I. Strauss. The King of Waltzes

Sumptuously! the pleasure of listening to Strauss's music and the wonderful performance of arias from his operettas by the artists of the New Opera!

Natal`ya was 02 april on E. Humperdinck "PREMIERE HOUSE, OR GENSEL AND GREET

A stunning beauty spectacle !! Were with children 7 and 8 years old. Got real pleasure! And the set design, and the scenery, and the orchestra - everything is amazing !! In addition to the witch costume :))

Natal`ya was 02 april on E. Humperdinck "PREMIERE HOUSE, OR GENSEL AND GREET

A stunning performance! A real pleasure! Were with children 7 and 8 years old. Beautiful scenery, costumes. The production itself is very impressive. It would be more than such performances for children !!!!

Larisa was 01 february on Love drink

I love this opera very much. For the first time I watched her not on TV, but in the theater. Of course, there are moments that I love her, making a classic work of "modern" notes. Before the performance I read reviews of the audience and was afraid that I would not like it. There were also finals under the eye, and red family trunks, and vulgar feathers, and boxes of vodka and many more things like that .... But, to my surprise, this did not cause skepticism and in the end I clapped to the pain in my hands, and there were tears in his eyes. So pure and heartfelt sounded the famous aria Nemorino! And Adina was at the height, the voice is strong and deep, the highest notes are taken easily and highly dignified. I always listen to the orchestra in New Opera with delight. In general, the director achieved that the audience took his innovations with humor and left in a good mood and with the desire to return again and again to this cozy and lovingly arranged theater.

Ol`ga was 05 december on Prince Igor

Were at the play on December 1, 2017, very much liked the male voices, the magnificent choir, however, as always in the New Opera, good suits. But! The specific interpretation of the opera by the director seems to be controversial: instead of an optimistic ending, logical for the "heroic" opera of Borodin, you get anguish and hopelessness. Very primitive scenography and choreography of the opera, which is why the perception of beautiful music, including the famous Polovtsian dances, suffers!

Vadim was 03 december on Opera "Romeo and Juliet"

Beautiful very cinematic production! Costumes, scenography, direction and play of the chorus are beyond praise - real! I highly recommend this spectacle of world-class in Moscow!

Yanina was 18 may on Romeo and Juliet

Very beautiful ballet with beautiful music. The orchestra is on top. The eye is not torn off by graceful and graceful dancers.

Ludmila was 09 october on V.A. Mozart "WEDDING FIGARO"

I liked it very much

Elena was 24 january on Gala Concert

Great, thanks, but the audience is disappointed with only one performance on the bis

Valeriy was 02 jule on Romeo and Juliet

I liked the performance. Wonderful voices and a wonderful orchestra. There were practically no vacant seats. There were many foreigners among the spectators.

Ekaterina was 03 december on Opera "Romeo and Juliet"

Wonderful scenery, magnificent light! A beautiful setting for fencers-fencers. The opera itself seemed a bit long, 3 acts - unjustified. The people rejoiced, probably, I did not understand something))

Tat`yana was 09 october on V.A. Mozart "WEDDING FIGARO"

Liked! Unusual production. We were just going to listen to Cherubino! What a voice!

Irina was 04 april on Opera "Romeo and Juliet"

Many thanks to all the artists who performed the opera on April 04. Especially, Irina Bozhenko and Alexei Tatarintsev! It's time to award the title of Honored Artist. It's a delight! What a voice! Divine! Perfectly played the role, transferred to the tenderness and love of the characters! Bravo!! Special words of gratitude to conductor Dmitry Volosnikov for pauses in the orchestra's game, in which he gave the actors the full power of their voices. How virtuously he muffled the orchestra. The orchestra is worthy of the highest praise.

Ekaterina was 26 march on Romeo and Juliet

I really liked the child 11 years old, the beautiful Juliet, the nurse, Marcelio ... Colorful, beautiful, emotional!

Aleksandr was 20 february on Opera "Romeo and Juliet"

Was at the play on December 19. Worthy of the classic, without crazy director's frills, staging. The performance is rather lengthy (3.5 hours), but it looks easy due to beautiful music, good soloists (especially tenor Alexei Tatarintsev - Romeo) and very dynamic battle scenes of hostility between Montague and Capulets families (a special group of fencers is involved in the performance). I recommend this performance to all lovers of the opera, but ONE IMPORTANT MOMENT: do not go to this performance without enough sleep! No, it will not be boring :) but in the hall it's dusky, and the action on the stage almost always goes in dark tones - at the end, when you sit three hours in the twilight, it can start to sleep (it ends about eleven). Hence the desire of the theater: to move the beginning to 18:00, as it did in the Great for "Don Carlos".

Ol`ga was 28 december on "Nutcracker. Opera"

01/06/2014 went with the child to the ballet The Nutcracker at the New Opera Theater. This performance is designed for children under 12 years old: bright, no frills and emphasis on performance. With a child you can go. If you like and appreciate the ballet, then do not go: frank hackwork with poor performance and an orchestra with unconfined instruments. I hope that this is the only staging in this theater of such questionable quality.

Irina was 28 december on "Nutcracker. Opera"

Were on the ballet "The Nutcracker" on January 6. Wonderfully had time. I went and the child is 7 years old. The child was enchanted. All very much. Costumes and decoration at altitude. Thanks to all artists and administration. I put the estimate 5

Anna was 28 december on "Nutcracker. Opera"

I do not hide that I really love and admire Ballet! One of the tops of ballet performances is the Nutcracker. I will say right away, it's a must for viewing! It can be viewed at any age, anywhere. Let's start with the music of the Great PI. Tchaikovsky, and already I think enough to come and listen to this divine and amazing music. But! Dance, Ballet ... A fabulous story with impeccable choreography, performed by the ballet Vasileva and Kasatkina, is amazing. I can not help noticing the scenery created for the performance - an amazing work, creating an image, a picture of the action on the stage, which is no less important than the dance itself. I will definitely look again at this wonderful Ballet! Thank you!

Ol`ga was 13 february on Opera & Jazz

Thank you for the festive evening, I liked everything, got a lot of good mood and good impressions from visiting the first New Opera

Sergey was 23 january on R. Strauss "Salome"

Sumptuously! This is if in one word). When I return to Sakhalin, I'll write in more detail about the wonderful thing that happened on stage and in the hall. I thank for the pleasure received and the opportunity to say this)

Marina was 21 march on Nabucco

The opera is gorgeous, the performance is incomparable!

Svetlana was 21 march on Nabucco

I booked tickets on the Bigbilelet website and it turned out that it was very convenient quickly and clearly. Many thanks to the team will definitely order only so!

Mapina was 21 march on Nabucco

Excellent! Thank you very much, your theater is the best! I go regularly to all your productions! Please expand the repertoire of Verdi's performances THANKS

Anatoliy was 21 march on Nabucco

Sumptuously! I've never listened to Nabucco and it's great. The choir, the orchestra, the soloists are all wonderful. Such reviews have not yet been written. Thank you!!! Well, Verdi, of course!

Vladimir was 04 february on Boris Godunov

Small room. Great orchestra. Beautiful voices and the dedication of the company.

Natal`ya was 28 may on Boris Godunov

Good staging and beautiful singing. Particularly liked the fool's party.

Petr was 17 january on Sh. Gounod "Romeo and Juliet"

Have received great pleasure. Are very grateful for the opportunity to hear the talented performers of the world opera on your stage. We will be happy if this opera enters your repertoire.

Evgeniy was 17 january on Sh. Gounod "Romeo and Juliet"

Great performance! Special mention should be made of the invited soloists and the chorus of the New Opera. I wish new performances of opera performances. Eugene

Margarita was 28 may on Boris Godunov

I'm very pleased with the classic production for now, this is a great rarity of Polovtsian dances in your theater of horror

Lubov` was 01 november on Lohengrin

Stunning beauty of Wagner's music, magnificent voices of Lohengrin (Marius Vlad) and Ortruda (Mona Zomma, 3:40 am, the opera flies in one breath.The director delicately woven modern motif into the cloth of the opera (Knight Lohengrin in a suit and not in lats , Which is very similar to Hard to be the God of the Strugatsky brothers.) God grant modern directors of the same taste and tact in the productions of classical operas and ballets.

Dmitriy was 01 november on Lohengrin

Delight! Music, voices, orchestra, scenery, direction are excellent. Unforgettably!

Ol`ga was 25 june on Lohengrin

I liked it very much

Tat`yana was 25 june on Lohengrin

Music, vocals (especially Andrzej Beletsky) - wonderful. The choir sounds amazing. Once in Saratov, I saw a classic production, where a fabulous messenger of light forces, Lohengrin, appeared on a shiny boat. The current production is a classic fairy tale in one bottle with a version of "It's hard to be a god" turned out inside out, when good intentions are combined with a desire for power. Lohengrin turned into a pragmatic politician who appeared in the Middle Ages from a future romantic romantic, dressed in a modern white suit that was unusual for this environment. At the same time, the directors joke, showing us cigarettes, a gun ... The reading is unexpected, but today it has become very relevant. The inconsistent ruler of Lohengrin leaves, returning the missing prince-heir, but already brought up in the political realities of our days, whose sign is the same white suit, in this case a dubious symbol of purity of intent and a bright future. Bravo, "The New Opera"!

Ekaterina was 01 november on Lohengrin

Thank you! We really enjoyed! Strong voices and an interesting production) I remember a beautiful and kind final. In general, we love your theater and come again!

Marina was 25 june on Lohengrin

Thank you for your attentive attitude to the audience. Wagner's beautiful music, the content of the opera is also very interesting, even profound. However, the production seems to me not just unsuccessful, but even disgusting, just vulgar. Only the desire to listen to music helped me to sit until the end of the opera.

Evgeniya was 25 june on Lohengrin

Got great fun! Thank you:)

Maria was 17 march on Lohengrin

Lohengrin is shown by a modern smoking man, who at the end of the play deduces a new ruler, a fat businessman, who picks up two fingers. I think this interpretation would not have liked either Wagner or Kolobov. Modern directors! Put modern operas on modern music, and the classics should remain classics.

Anna was 01 november on Lohengrin

Did not like the knight in the suit. Too similar to a deputy of the State Duma.

Marina was 01 november on Lohengrin

It's delightful! Many thanks for your talent and work!

Uliya was 25 june on Lohengrin

Lohengrin is a magnificent unusual opera!

Ludmila was 29 march on The Snow Maiden

Opera really liked: the production, young voices, scenery, costumes. Thank you! Disadvantages: in the program are not noted for some reason the main executors; The artists sing superbly, but do not play particularly (but this is a defect of almost all operas).