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Mariya was 02 march on Free pair

Wonderful, easy, life performance! Aronova and Shcherbakov are amazing! With enthusiasm, from the heart, communicating with the audience from the audience, adding something from his life experience ... The feeling of intimacy with the actors. Communication with native people does not leave the whole play! And the production itself! Everything is trite - a married couple, having lived half a lifetime together, decides to diversify their existence. Rather, the husband decides that now the spouse is not a woman, but a companion, and women are also outside the marriage. And then the wife also remembers life beyond the line) The performance is more conversational. Events are interrupted by memories and clarification of relationships, but, God, how touching, vividly, emotionally! In each of the actors there is an eternal drama and an endless irony of our life. Despite the comedy genre, the play touches upon the extremely serious topics of the relationship between a man and a woman, the search for oneself and the taste for life, regardless of anything, especially from the age, the sense of habitual life. Of course, I recommend to visit! Definitely the salt of the production in incredibly talented and experienced actors! While writing, felt out, already goose bumps went to my heart ..