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Загнанных лошадей пристреливают, не правда ли?

Загнанных лошадей пристреливают, не правда ли?16+

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Москва, Ленинградский пр-кт., 71/Г
02 h 20 min


Premiere of choreographer Yekaterina Kislova and director Vladimir Pankov.
The events of the cult novel by Horace McCoy “They Shoot the Horses, Don't They?”, Written in 1935, are set in America during the Great Depression. The global economic crisis has plunged people into critically difficult circumstances, so dance marathons have become one of the types of income. These competitions were real endurance tests, they could last not only a few days, but also several weeks. In the struggle for the money prize, the brave participants sacrificed their health, and sometimes their lives, for the needs of the public.
Marathons were the forerunners of the reality genre, as they blurred the line between game and reality. The vivid image of human life as a continuous show is even more relevant today.
The performance by Ekaterina Kislova and Vladimir Pankov is a synthesis of choreographic and dramatic theater, in which the language of contemporary dance will be mastered by the actors of the Central House of Theaters. Music from the artists of the SounDrama studio and the Central House of Artist will become an independent participant in the action, revealing the deep meaning of the story that goes beyond exclusively social problems. The leading role in the production belongs to the choreographer-director, who filled the performance in the soundrama genre with new expressive means.
Ekaterina Kislova: “Working on the material of Horace McCoy's novel was not easy. The main character declares: "You don't have to be able to dance, just move." This implies a different choreography: from an everyday gesture to a detailed dance phrase. The story itself is not easy either, although in the play, I hope, we will tell it optimistically. It is the image of a horse that is important for me - it is an image of strength, overcoming, moving forward in spite of any circumstances.
Vladimir Pankov: “The central image of horses given by the author in the title is very close to the acting profession, in which everyone is ready for anything for the sake of a dream. At the same time, the events of this story take place in America of the 30s - for us this is a chance to play with stylization that opens up many possibilities. The musical element of this performance is free jazz and country, reworked in the author's solution by SounDram. "
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