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Zhanna Bichevskaya sings the songs of Hieromonk Roman.

Zhanna Bichevskaya sings the songs of Hieromonk Roman.12+

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Moskva, Pushechnaya ul., 9/6
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Zhanna Bichevskaya is a unique phenomenon in art. For 40 years of creative activity, the singer managed not only to maintain her own unique style on the stage, but also to win the hearts of music lovers in many countries of the world. The singer performed on many legendary stages of the world - several times with success in the Paris "Olympia", in the Italian San Remo, where she was awarded the title "Golden Guitar"
The singer’s repertoire includes more than 300 works. These are Russian songs, and ancient and modern romances, ballads, White Guard songs, sacred songs of Hieromonk Roman, songs of civic content, bard songs, songs and romances of Tsarist Russia, a separate cycle of songs Bichevskaya devoted to the history of the Romanov royal family.
In the early 90s, the singer recorded an album with the songs of Hieromonk Roman (Matyushin), which instantly spread throughout the country. The audience heard the new Jeanne Bichevskaya - inspired, with songs filled with spiritual meaning. It's no secret that it was the albums of Zhanna Bichevskaya in the 90s in Russia that led many to God. The singer says: "It's no secret that people take a word closer in music than just a word."
Now, not a single concert of Bichevskaya is complete without hieromonk Roman’s songs. Spectators are always eager to hear their favorite songs: “The White Temple Behind the Spring”, “The Ringing of the Bell”, “The Nightingale Sang”, “The White Night”, “Oh, How the Birds Sing”, “I Will Stay in a Stack”, “Repentance”, “Fog” , “Jerusalem”, “I said that somewhere ...”, “My Joy”, “Turn to the children.” In total, the singer recorded about 30 songs of Hieromonk Roman (Matyushin)
Here is what writer Valentin Rasputin wrote about the hieromonk Roman’s songs: “They contain sorrow, pain, and self-merciless repentance, and the first movements of the awakening soul, and happy tears of its finding.” Hieromonk Roman’s songs are surprisingly soulful. In them, many find solace, correspondence to their own thoughts and experiences. In 2012, hieromonk Roman was awarded the All-Russian Literary Prize named after the Holy Right Prince Alexander Nevsky "For Contribution to Russian Poetry", in 2015 - a gold medal named after A. Pushkin "For Outstanding Contribution to Literature".
The concert on December 5 in the Hall of Church Councils is dedicated to the double anniversary of Jeanne Bichevskaya herself and Hieromonk Roman. The concert will feature many songs from the albums of Jeanne Bichevskaya authorship of father Roman, as well as the best songs and romances of the singer, songs of Russian bards.
As part of the concert, a presentation of a book about the fate of Zhanna Bichevskaya, as well as a presentation of the singer’s CD with the songs of Hieromonk Roman, will take place.
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