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В Гостях У Барона Мюнхгаузена

В Гостях У Барона Мюнхгаузена12+

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Москва, Кутузовский пр-кт., 30/32
00 h 50 min


Do you know who Baron Munchhausen is?
This is the most truthful person on earth!
This is who!
And also this person is not only mythical, but also historical, Karl Friedrich Jerome Baron von Münchgausen - German Freiherr, the captain of the Russian service really lived in the eighteenth century.
He fought, hunted, and also told incredible stories about himself that were passed on from mouth to mouth and soon turned into folk tales, and later into literary works.
We collected all the facts known about him, and the fact that these are facts and no fiction, we do not doubt for a second and, mixing them in the cauldron of imagination, created a performance in which there is not a single word of truth ... That is, lies!
We invite you to visit Baron Munchhausen, where he will tell you, and we will show some amazing stories that happened to him on his arrival in Russia, the basis of which was a dispute with a certain Baron Truihin ... That is, Trukhinin. We wanted to say Trukhinin.
Come with us on the road of imagination to the amazing and incomprehensible country of fantasy and facts of Baron Munchhausen.

A performance staged two years ago on the stage of the Yuri Bashmet Center will acquire a new residence permit - now Baron Karl Friedrich von Munchhausen will tell his most incredible and extremely truthful stories on the Old Stage of the Workshop.
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