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Moscow theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop"

Feedbacks from viewers
Antonina was 16 january on Mother Courage

Awful amateur performance, left in the intermission, the first time in this theater is such a disappointment.

Nataliya was 28 december on Family happiness

A subtle and beautiful performance, a classic manner of performing, through pauses, movement and words. The aftertaste that always remains after Fomenko Workshop is worth it and how the drug is attracted there again and again!

Anastasiya was 03 december on Family happiness

A wonderful performance, as always in this theater, very subtly played, thought out to the smallest detail! No tragedy, but it's no less profound. Many thanks to all artists!

Anastasiya was 03 december on Alexei Bartoshevich: Comedy del Arte

I liked the lecture! I think that it was interesting, both for professionals and for people who love theater. Helps to look in a new light on the heroes of famous plays. Alexei Vadimovich infects the hall with his interest in the theater and this connects us sitting in the hall with the Renaissance tradition.

Aleksey was 23 november on A dream in a summer night

For a year and a half chasing tickets. AND NOT EAR.

Evgeniya was 19 september on What a pity...

Was in this theater for the first time - a cozy, stylish theater house! I liked it very much! Maksakov, bravo! I really liked the game and the production. The plot did not like - small problems for the Russian people, irrelevant.

Yana was 18 september on After the curtain

The performance is wonderful! Gypsies unexpected, Kutepova, as always, is beautiful! The scenery of the second part is so precise and piercing that there arises an aching sad feeling about a lost beautiful world. I leave every time with a heap of emotions, which I want to worry, think about, discuss for a long time!

Liliya was 17 september on The Tale of the Ardennes Forest

She ran to this performance from the station, very tired and, moreover, fell under the rain and even was skeptical about the performance, although she wanted to get into the production for a long time. In the end - I forgot about everything and just enjoyed it. This is an amazing performance with thoughtful and built dialogues, language games. I thought about the questions that made my heart sometimes miss a few blows, and after hitting at an accelerated pace! "The actors are all - the artists of the unit!" It's not for nothing that this play was played not only by Fomenko, but also by Kim! Music, if I'm not mistaken, sounds Nikitin. Sixties. It's just a dream. So I'll be back! Not only for this production, but also for the theater itself.

Vladislav was 16 september on He was a titular counselor

Sumptuously! Very pleased!

Danila was 12 april on Ulysses

Ulysses. Simply super! Watched a second time. And I will come again! THANK YOU!

Nataliya was 16 october on Gift

I was delighted! A very difficult performance, but fantastically masterfully done - a low bow to all the masters of his craft

Vladislav was 30 november on Ulysses

For a 6-hour performance, wider and more comfortable chairs, coolers with water in the lobby and affordable food without queue at the buffet are needed.

Nina was 26 february on Gift

I liked everything very much

Irina was 02 jule on Gift

Just great!

Anastasiya was 08 january on Gift

A real theater! Excellent game and a subtle reading of Nabokov.

Katerina was 12 october on Ulysses

A stunning performance. I would never have thought that such a book could be placed in a 5-hour play! And so masterfully! The actors play is simply amazing! Do not be afraid, it will not be boring, it looks in one breath!

Anna was 18 september on Gift

I liked the performance of the actors, very expressive. Interesting scenery and created atmosphere. But of course with the storyline with a general idea, it did not work out. Probably it's not just a GIFT ....

Uliya was 17 may on Ulysses

Beautiful production! I love her very much, I will come again.

Anna was 08 april on Gift

I liked everything very much

Natal`ya was 02 february on Ulysses

I bow to actors who have mastered such complex monologues. Awesome actors play. The performance itself is hard to understand, especially one act, but in the end you realize that this is a performance about lonely people and each of the heroes is lonely in its own way.

Uliya was 10 november on Gift

Sumptuously! I liked the performance very much, I would like to note that I have sotrela the play before, now the actors' play is much better

Marina was 08 april on Gift

A stunning performance, thank you!

Elena was 09 september on Olympia

The performance is dynamic, with a branded crank. In content, rather, for those "to whom for 40", although the young people in the hall reacted very positively.

Lesya was 08 april on Gift

Thank you! We really liked the actors' play, the production, but the material for us was difficult for perception. We spent the whole evening discussing what we saw, in general, I liked it!

Tat`yana was 24 january on Olympia

There was a feeling that both the author and the director want to say something significant, but, like dogs, they can not. The play left feelings of bewilderment and awkwardness. Although a couple of interesting (and not more) moments were still very surprised by the screams bravo at the end.

Raisa was 21 january on Gift

The first act disappointed: too long, abstract, too "literary" and confused. The story of Fyodor and Zina's acquaintance is collapsed. The second act is much more scenic, and more lively. Successfully stressed the theme of the tragedy of emigration, the theme of creativity, the material for which is everything and which is most important for the hero, and the Jewish theme. But the very important part of the plot is too weak: the loss of the key. The viewer knows that the key left behind the locked door in the hallway of Marianne, but it escapes from him that Fate played with the heroes the next joke: and Fedor does not have a key and at the moment when the heroes finally can connect, the apartment will be inaccessible. Allusions to the production of the Theatrical Novel (half-dime-half-darkness on stage, pillars-scenery, the attack of ugly, frighteningly comical critics, the weariness of the author) The Three Sisters and After the Curtain (the station as a scene of action), but the Theatrical Novel And "Three Sisters" is more successful.

Marina was 08 january on Gift

Very pleased!

Nadegda was 10 november on Gift

Thank you! Wonderful statement. A special pleasure from the poems of Nabokov in the performance of actors.

Yulia was 22 september on Olympia

A stunning performance

Ludmila was 09 september on Olympia

I liked it very much. Congratulations on the successful premiere

Nina was 10 november on Gift

An interesting interpretation of the work. A good move with the introduction of a new hero-critic. Actors coped with the task, but did not have enough energy and sometimes emotions. Thanks for the production!

Oksana was 15 may on Gift

Thanks to the creative team of the theater! I liked it very much. Multifaceted, whole, fresh, dynamic! I want to re-read a lot. Many interesting images and findings!

Vyacheslav was 08 january on Gift

A good complex performance, but 4 hours is too much - or you need to start early)

Nina was 19 june on Gift

Shock! I really love your theater

Stella was 08 december on Gift

Long, a lot of funny zadumok, but incomprehensible, although very high-quality, time does not recall anything

Margarita was 09 may on Olympia

The performance is worthy. Not for nothing in his time, "Golden Mask" received. How to leaf through your life and country life. Still impressed.

Kirill was 14 february on Gift

Thank you very much for the performance! Plunged into the atmosphere of Germany early 20 century. A perepevka critics is something! Bravo!

Tat`yana was 10 november on Gift

Thanks for the pleasure of visiting the theater, I liked the performance

Nataliya was 02 jule on Gift

I got a big charge of energy from meeting with real, living art. Thanks for the aesthetic pleasure. I hope I can afford this joy again and again.

Irina was 22 september on Olympia

Good afternoon. Fate, era, time - our life for the year. Dreams and reality, hopes and disappointments, love and separation, victory and defeat - a simple human life. All this is so close that it can not but inspire! The play was very touched! Special thanks for the warmth and atmosphere of every action! The final scene picks up to tears!

Alina was 07 april on Gift

Fantastic Polina Kutepova! And in general - actors in Fomenko always inspire and inspire, but here - especially. I did not read the book, so I can not say how straightforward the statement is in relation to Nabokov's text, but there are a lot of cool sets of scenographic pieces. As a result, 4 hours pass almost in one breath. Despite the fact that there is no content as such, or rather - it all comes down to the form, rather than to some storyline. In general, she did not regret at all. It's all in my unsophisticated amateur look, of course.

Aleksandr was 19 november on Gift

We really liked the performance.

Anton was 02 november on Olympia

Extremely weak performance. The text is either a set of stamps, or incoherent mumbling. Even good actors do not know what to play, so they do not save the performance. 80-ies the authors go as a list of the most well-known events - Vysotsky died, Joe Dasen died, Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko died. In short, all died and the Olympics. There is no regressure. It seems that the whole performance is some kind of a prelude, the action is about to begin, but it never began. It was necessary immediately to leave, sorry for the lost time and artists.

Natal`ya was 24 january on Olympia

An unusual performance, but worth a look! All the first action - a chronicle of the history of our country since 1975, and for a single person - a summary of life ... Nostalgia! Memories of youth! The actors play well. It's nice to see Ekaterina Vasilyeva on stage.

Aleksandr was 29 march on Ulysses

It's good to see the performance, in which actors are laid out. For them, this is a difficult performance - a lot of text, everyone plays several roles at once. Emotional and physical load viewers simply do not notice. The play gives a feeling of a story that is born in your eyes - sad, cheerful, different. The corporate style of "fomenok": the theatrical convention is so convincing and real that there is a feeling of film truth or television effect of presence. And always a good hall - the third time I looked "Ulysses" and again thought about the magic of this amazing theater ... no-one and thinking!

Evgeniy was 14 february on Gift

Very touching performance with amazing scenography. Reading the novel, there is a feeling that all the experiences of the main character are very serious. In the play, the accents are shifted so that irony is everywhere, which makes the entire story told, perhaps, easier and less tragic. This was my first performance at the Fomenko Theater - a wonderful, memorable start!

Nadegda was 14 february on Gift

Delight from the performance and from the theater! Thank you

Aleksandr was 08 december on Gift

Very good

Irina was 24 january on Olympia

Attended the premiere of the play, where the actor Evgeny Tsyganov made his debut as a director. The play by Olga Mukhina about the years of perestroika and to the present day seemed difficult for me to stage in the theater. What is called a gallop across Europe. And we were worried, worried about how Eugene will cope ... AND BRAVO and the director, and the actors, well done! The performance turned out! Catherine Vasilieva also worked for all the other actors! I wanted to see Eugene, but in the credits on our day he was not there, but it's a pity. But to bow at the end of the play he left, and it's nice! Olympus and I took place !?

Sasha was 14 february on Gift

Thank you very much! I liked the performance very much, did not even notice how 4 hours passed!

Konstantin was 21 january on Gift

Always considered your theater the best in the country

Alina was 22 september on Olympia

Very very cool

Nataly was 21 january on Gift

Phenomenal performance! I experienced a great aesthetic pleasure! Everything is just perfect! Thank you so much!

Marina was 18 november on Olympia

Wow! It was cool! I liked it! I will advise this performance to all my friends and acquaintances!

Yulia was 19 november on Ulysses

A very complex work and a difficult performance! Have made the incredible, in my opinion - very interesting, as always with a great sense of humor and a bewitching game! I'm delighted! Thank you!

Natal`ya was 28 november on Gift

Fedor Malyshev - an actor of great talent, really liked his game!

Svetlana was 24 january on Olympia

Were on October 1st. I liked the performance very much. Thanks to the actors for the game, especially to E.Vasileva. Inimitable. I bow low! Health, creative success!

Elena was 21 january on Gift

Great performance, thank you!

Dar`ya was 22 september on Olympia

I liked it very much

Elizaveta was 12 april on Ulysses

Ltd!!! 6 hours of creative process, the whole life swept in one day! And I did not want that day to ever end ...

Tat`yana was 21 october on Olympia

The husband, born in 1969, shed a couple of times, comparing the performance with his own memories. This is true. Many thanks.

Uliya was 10 november on Gift

Feedback is most positive!

Ol`ga was 27 february on Olympia

Was at the play on Friday. A stunning performance. Still impressed. Bravo Evgeny Tsyganov.

Sergey was 27 february on Olympia

The fact that Tsyganov is a good actor, I knew for a long time, but yesterday I was convinced that he was also an excellent director. Olympia is the history of one family for almost 40 years, from 1976 to the present day. This is certainly a benefit of the young actors of the theater - Ivan Vakulenko and Serafima Ogaryova, the other actors, even the magnificent Ekaterina Vasilyeva, only shade, albeit no less talently, the love story of Alesha and Larisa. At some moments, emotions could not be restrained, in some scenes a tear fell over her eyes, in some a smile appeared on her face. The religious motive spoils the whole picture a little, but such are the Russians, it's not wise to be saved from troubles, so let them) I got great pleasure, the main plus of the productions, that each generation will find there something of its own, and this "soviet" will undoubtedly unite to Final, so I would recommend a family trip to the theater. Thank you very much for Evgeny Tsyganov, his actors and all the creators of the performance for the pleasure they received!

David was 08 january on Gift

It was great, thank the theater)

Vladimir was 19 november on Gift

This is my first time in this theater. The feeling of nonstandardness arose immediately. Architecture, the atmosphere, everything is "different", not the same as in other theaters. This continued on stage. We are used to classics. And this action forces to peel off the husks and zaskoruzlovosti, to brainwash and open the soul, in order to experience the game actors and ideas of the author. Interesting and pleasant finds from the director. For a long time I wanted to see Polina Kutepova alive. A wonderful acquaintance!

Renata was 21 january on Gift

Unfortunately, the performance is bad. He does not broadcast anything Nabokov, the characters are picked up surprisingly out of place. Pensive, intelligent Cherdyntsev from the book recalls in the play Kostya from the "Pokrovsky Gates". The atmosphere of life in the estate near St. Petersburg is not absolutely transferred. Family scenes resemble a farce. The father, almost the main character of the book after Cherdyntsev, looks ridiculous. A touching narrator with Gogol's nose is annoying! All the characters are fussing and seemingly in a hurry to get as much text as possible with the same intonations, all with a tear, not thoughtfully. I love your theater, and this performance is my first disappointment, but, I will not hide, great.

Aleksandr was 28 december on Ulysses

Kutepova likes it very much

Tat`yana was 17 may on Ulysses

Bravo! Full of delight! The work of actors, director, script, visualization, music, everything is complete and worked! Thank you very much! Have been with you for the first time and will definitely return!

Yarksenia was 10 january on Olympia

The performance is extremely weak, just a kind of visualization (and in some cases not always successful) Parfenova "The other day." In comparison with other things the theater Fomenko - a complete failure. We regret that they did not leave after the first separation.

Dmitriy was 08 february on Olympia

Great performance! Perfectly recreated the atmosphere of time and against this background a saga about the history of one family is displayed.

Nadegda was 21 october on Olympia

I love the theater of Fomenko and all actors without exception. For me it is a standard theater, not having similar, sensual and powerful. But this production, unfortunately, disappointed. The work and the forces invested in the creation of the play are invaluable and ... unjustified. The play is some kind of undercooked porridge. And the performance was dry and amateur. Of course, it's easier to criticize than do something yourself, but from Evgeny Tsyganov a good director (so far!) Did not work. I hope that his next production will be more successful and brighter. Thank you for the opportunity to see Ekaterina Vasilyeva on stage! Sincerely.

Etella was 18 december on Ulysses

I liked the performance very much. Wonderful spent the evening,

Elena was 02 november on Olympia

The performance made a strong impression, a complete immersion in the recent past. Ekaterina Vasilyeva as grandmother is simply amazing!

Dmitriy was 28 december on Ulysses

If this is not some subtle idea of ​​the director, then Alexei Kolubkov should pay attention to the diction. Especially when the actor turns away from the stage to disassemble some of his monologues is impossible.

Anna was 20 jule on Olympia

Were at the play on 07/20/2015. Not a bad nostalgic statement. But some scenes are very tight, especially in the second act. I really liked the game of all actors. Talented youth (Vakulenko, Ogareva, Andreeva) and the chic Catherine Vasilyeva! Mom, Dad and coach - it was so, we are also from the USSR :)

Ol`ga was 12 october on Ulysses

The actors liked the play very much, but the performance was difficult, for thinking people. Whoever goes to the theater to rest for this performance is better not to go.

Anna was 24 may on Olympia

Stunning production. Wonderful drama by Mukhina Olga. Very strong emotions. Bravo!

Valentina was 30 november on Ulysses

Everything is great Very liked the director's decision of such a complicated thing The actors are magnificent Thank you

Kate was 06 october on Gift

Otli4niy spektakl, otli4niy teatr! V lu4shih tradiciah samogo Fomenko!

Svetlana was 20 jule on Olympia

Great performance !!! Very interesting!!! And Ekaterina Vasilyeva is GREAT, GREAT !!!! Huge thanks !!!!!!

Elena was 30 november on Ulysses

I am very glad that I was at the theater yesterday and finally saw Ulysses. Miracle! Thank you!

Uliya was 04 october on Olympia

Well done, the performer of the main role-Ivan Vakulenko, Lives life in front of your eyes with his family, with love, Searches .. Ekaterina Vasilyeva does not need words of approval and praise, she is simply brilliant! And a special thank you for the modern, original and memorable scenography. BRAVO!

Tat`yana was 19 november on Gift

We watched a second time. I liked the performance even more! Plastic actors, speech, stunning fantasy director! A special admiration for Polina Kutepova!

Mariya was 28 december on Ulysses

I have not read the book yet, the performance is also very complicated, but I liked it, thank you! Still impressed. Most of all I liked the scenes in the library, with the monologue of the anonym and the last scene with Molly. Now I must read the book.

Vasilii Sherbakov was 10 november on Gift

A wonderful performance filled with Nabokov's fragrances, meanings and metaphors. There was a wonderful feeling of Mozart's ease from the actors' play. Vasily Shcherbakov

Valeriya was 24 january on Olympia

A good performance for children and young people. Reminds of what is good and what is bad with simple language. Let these topics of good and evil, relations with parents, drugs, families and seem to be beaten, but they are unchangeable and eternal. It's amazing that in Ekaterina plays Vasilyeva (Alyosha's grandmother). She is just the image of all the bright, sincere and beautiful. The play "clings", even a little tears. In general, it is worthwhile to go.

Maria1986 was 14 february on Gift

Excellent staging and acting. Many thanks.

Pavel was 28 may on Ulysses

I did not read this work, despite the fact that it is considered one of the best works of the 20th century. However, what I saw on the stage struck me. It was clear that they had put an extremely difficult production for the production !! But everything was delivered brilliantly, down to the smallest detail, my wife and I were immersed in that atmosphere and for these 6 hours, we lived quietly for ourselves a small life in Ireland. Yes, 6 hours is insanely much, but on the stage they do everything to keep the viewer's attention and they get it. And of course I recommend those who have not read the book, because the reader is always looking for what to find fault with, he has favorite moments in the book that often do not fall into theatrical or cinema interpretations, and the person is upset and curses the whole performance. And not just readers are enjoying something new.

Arkadiy was 07 february on Gift

Unfortunately, the performance is delayed to impossibility. A good game of artists, there are interesting finds, but throughout the whole action was just boring, not counting a few episodes. It seems to me that the performance is not enough, energy, drive, what was inherent in you earlier ... And yet, I did not see ideas, depths in the play ... Heroes repeat very similar monologues, their behavior, alas, linearly and banal .. .

Dasha was 26 february on Gift

Thanks to the theater! And to everyone who participated in the creation of Dara in particular! It is a masterpiece! I sat down, read, looked again ... Masterpiece! Thank you!

Kseniya was 17 may on Ulysses

A stunning performance! I really liked it! And the actors' play, and the production itself. I will definitely come again, and more than once!

Irina was 19 november on Ulysses

Went to the play in November. Great performance. Time flies imperceptibly)))

Nataliya was 20 jule on Olympia

Good afternoon. Thank you very much to this wonderful theater, to the artists, to the director, to the author of the play, to Ekaterina Vasilyeva !!!!! To be honest, I cried ...... after finishing immediately did not go home, and walked in the center, remembered ..... I did not get to the play for a reason ....... I was interested in the phrase of Evgeny Tsyganov from the program "On Night watching "...... that this performance about those who were born in 70, studied at 80, survived at 90, and did not die in 2000 ...." Yes, this is about us ..... AND I will definitely go again ..... in September ...... My opinion, the performance will not be delayed ..... I turned back to the stage as if at 19-15, and never took my eyes off more ..... Even to her friend did not turn once .... so THANKS MUCH ........ And I hope, I'm even sure that everything My friends will definitely visit this wonderful play ......

Yulia was 18 november on Olympia

Vasilyeva is wonderful. But even her participation can not draw a performance. Very liquid formulation, little action, little. It is very strange to see the laudatory reviews.

Dmitriy was 18 march on Gift

Thanks you!!! A wonderful performance, an excellent game of actors. It was a shame that after the intermission a lot of spectators left the hall :( Alas, not everyone can understand such a performance! Your theater is one of the most beloved ones! Thank you and see you again!

Elena was 22 september on Olympia

Highly! This is about the change of epochs, and about relationships. And about treason, family life, love. But the main thing is that you must always remember your dreams and not sag under the circumstances, but try and try, again and again. There is a play for 3 hours, and we were honestly going to leave early before the start. But they did not want :) So vividly, figuratively, clearly. It is not always pleasant, especially to realize that we live in the very era when the values ​​of most people are blurred. But truly. I thank the whole team working on this show. I recommend! And laughter, and tears, and love. And even more about God :) He is Love, after all.

Uliya was 23 october on Gift

A smart production, very much in the spirit of the theater of Peter Fomenko. Who is an amateur of this theater, he will understand. Inspires and makes you think, excites moments. Excellent, talented cast. I advise everyone. And I myself go again and again.

Svetlana was 30 november on Ulysses

Many thanks, very interesting, interesting and makes you think. The amazing play of actors and the unlimited possibilities of human memory

Luba was 09 march on Ulysses

Great performance. Strong finale, but a lot of plot in the first act.

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