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Antonina was 16 january on Mother Courage

Awful amateur performance, left in the intermission, the first time in this theater is such a disappointment.

Мамаша Кураж

Мамаша Кураж16+

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Москва, Кутузовский пр-кт., 30/32
02 h 30 min



Bertolt Brecht

Music: Paul Dessau

Trials and Errors

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with 1 intermission
"Do you want to have breakfast with the devil, prepare a long spoon" -this proverb was for Brecht a semantic epigraph to "Mamash Kurazh ...". Brecht wrote about the inevitability of consequences, the inevitability of retribution for communicating with such a blind and terrible element as war. He wanted to make a play-warning, but "writers can not write with such speed with which governments unleash wars: after all, to compose, one must think ..." Mother Courage and her children "- was late," recalled the playwright. The play was finished in 1939, when the Second World War had already begun.
In Kirill Vytoptov's play, Mamasha Courage does not need a "long spoon", she can not "learn from her mistakes", because she does not remember and can not remember. This is not a candle-daddy who wanders with her cart behind the front line and sells boots, vodka and cartridges. This is an insect pinned by a pin in Nowhere, outside of life. "It seems to me that I trade in pitch in the underworld," says Courage. Probably, it looks like hell. There is neither evil nor good, and the struggle for a can of canned food is "more battalious" than any military battle. Because there are no wars here either, there are only her signs, some sound waves, voices making their way from the walkie-talkie - their own, strangers, is it all the same? There is only a pervasive desire for profit, which sometimes acquires the features of a bulimia.

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Does milady love Courage their children? Of course.

The war was made by the hard, mercantile trade, the lady of her. Trying to cash in on the war, earning a living as much as she can, she will travel her far and wide, selling boots and vodka.

The war lasts so long that it seems to be endless. Mother Kurazha loses children in turn, one, the other, the third. And all the same goes further - to trade, work.

In this non-belligerent, but hardened woman, there is much modernity. It is forced to trade and bargain because this world is sold and trade is the law of survival in it. Here, the trafficker is a mother, not only to her children, but to everyone who lives in the conditions of purchase and sale.

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Antonina was 16 january

Awful amateur performance, left in the intermission, the first time in this theater is such a disappointment.

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