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Пятая колонна

Пятая колонна16+

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Москва, Суворовская пл., 2
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March 25, 2018 on the experimental stage of the Theater of the Russian Army will be premiered - a dramatic play "The Fifth Column" directed by Galina Saltsman, based on the play of Ernest Hemingway, who wrote it under bombardment in besieged Madrid in 1937.

The first premiere of 2018 on the experimental stage of the Theater of the Army - a play based on the play "The Fifth Column", was chosen not casually. It would seem that as a civil war in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century, the struggle against the nascent fascist movement may interest the modern spectator. At the same time, this profound performance touches upon the questions of every minute choice between personal happiness and duty, life and death.
The action takes place in besieged Madrid, in a hotel cut off from the whole world. Four Frankish columns are bursting into the city, hoping for the help of the "fifth column" - their companions, destroying it from within. The same "fifth column", which prevents the main character from counterintelligence Philip, becomes a love for Dorothy, a woman who embodies a revival, a dream of children, a home and a normal life. The hero is torn between duty and feeling. Philip is loved by another woman - Anita, symbolizing duty and true death in the name of the life of other people.
The director subtly uses scenic forms to express the author's idea that there are no right or wrong decisions. Each situation has a downside, and we all make a minute choice, often at the cost of losses.
The play "The Fifth Column" is the second work of the director Galina Saltsman at the Theater of the Army. Behind her shoulders the production of the play "Theater Star" based on the play by Sasha Denisova in the genre of "sinemoshn." Galina Salzman is a young but already well-known director. It is worth noting that one of her latest works - the performance "Listen to Tobolsk" is included in the long-list-2018 of the festival "Golden Mask", as one of the most notable performances of the 2016-2017 season. Another production of director Galina Zaltsman "Banda of outsiders" in the genre "monochrome with shots" will be shown in the framework of the out-of-competition program of this festival.
Director - Galina Zaltsman
Artist - Elizaveta Dzutseva
Composer - Ruben Zatikyan
Lighting Designer - Andrey Boguslavsky
Video artist - Anastasia Makarova
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