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Ф.Горенштейн ВОЛЕМИР

Ф.Горенштейн ВОЛЕМИР16+

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Москва, Кутузовский пр-кт., 30/32
02 h 50 min


This is a story about how a person, confident in his righteousness and integrity, discovers that he is a fool, and, horrified at himself, grows up. Volemir discovered the invincible man's craving for evil, irrational behavior and vulgarity, cruelty, pettiness, physiology and rationalism-such an abyss of abomination in himself that otherwise it is difficult to convey the collapse of the world.

In the cutlet on the beach, wallpapers "Adam's Creation" by Michelangelo, plastered with announcements about buying and selling and exchanging - something flickers through life. But how to scrape this patina with the amalgams of God's creation? For loans to household appliances, fur coats and a desire for false happiness - how to get your children's dreams back when everything is possible, when you wanted to save the world, to become an astronaut or a fireman?

"I differ from the humanists, that I think that the basis of man is not good, but evil. At the heart of man lies, in spite of God's design, satanism, devilry, and therefore one must put such great efforts to keep him from evil. And this is not always possible. " (Friedrich Gorenstein)

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Will you think that you've sinned a little, who does not exist? Business everyday, everyday: the neighbor-coquette liked, lured to myself ...

But no. Now the hero can not find peace, his conscience torments him. He can not understand: how is it? After all, he certainly was sure that he could not go astray, others - okay, let him, he never did. And now ... How to live, what to think, if in yourself you can not be sure?

And a simple Soviet apartment can become a field for resolving profound moral problems, and a trivial fridge is the pedestal on which the "sinner" is planted. It is capable, yes, it is capable and all bored with everyday life to accommodate high questions, so it's a little thing: to be able to ask questions.

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