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Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 05 january on Cat in the Boots

We went by turns with all the children of our family. Everyone liked it very much. A wonderful performance, bright, colorful, remarkable in form and instructive in content. Interpretation of the fairy tale in verse made it more dynamic, as the scene has its own laws and it is necessary to preserve the dynamics of the narrative. Fairy tale from this did not suffer at all. A wonderful play of actors, everything is very good.

Aleksandra was 22 december on Uncle's dream

The play leaves a feeling of mild sadness.

Irina was 15 december on BENEFIT

A wonderful light show. New Year's fairy tale for mood. He left a pleasant "aftertaste". According to the plot - a very delicately described family situation in unreal circumstances. Special thanks to actress Olga Tumaykina-your game in the explanation scene in love moved to tears!

Svetlana was 11 december on Our class

Unusual format. Action on the stage at first did not understand, then tried not to lose the thread, and after the performance there was a heavy sediment on my soul. But nevertheless, the performance really liked. Most likely, I would go again to reconsider the lost.

Ludmila was 27 november on Cat in the Boots

Have been with my son for 5 years. I liked it very much. The child looked at the stage with pleasure, experienced, applauded.

Valeriya was 24 november on Eugene Onegin

It is meaningless, boring, chips and director's findings are not completely combined into a single play and therefore are like a mockery and insincerity. A couple of good readings of Pushkin Makovetsky and nothing more. Left with the second act, which happens to me seldom (

Ludmila was 24 november on Eugene Onegin

Went to the play on November 22. Looks in one breath, attention does not weaken for a second, I wonder what further came up with the wonderful director Rimas Tuminas. Everyone knows Pushkin by heart and still everything is new, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes pinching, actors play beautifully. In a word wonderful, thank you!

Natasha was 20 november on Smile to us, Lord.

Wonderful actors! I liked the play very much! I recommend.

Kseniya was 20 november on Smile to us, Lord.

The play was disappointing. There is no involvement, the feeling that the actors are playing for themselves. The text is not adapted to the scene. Humor level sitcoms, it is unclear how you can laugh at this, and how not to love the viewer to insert into a serious thing such a primitive joke. The ending is too metaphorical. One of the worst performances from all that I've seen.

Natal`ya was 31 october on Men and women

Great performance! I could not even imagine that such young, but already quite recognizable by the films, the actors are so beautifully dancing and possess such expressive plasticity. Beautiful costumes that emphasize the figure and "highlight" of each heroine. Masterfully selected music! Brilliant choreography! Such a performance deserves a prize! And ... I want to continue! Only probably, it will already be "Mom and Dad"?!

Anna was 26 october on Masquerade

And I liked it, ironically, for sure, not always thin, but with taste. The handwriting of the master is understandable and I think the director caught Lermontov's special concen- tration

Tat`yana was 25 october on Mademoiselle Nitouche

Terrific! You are beyond praise! Bravo! Bis! Very funny! I advise everyone, get real pleasure!

Tat`yana was 01 april on Creative meeting with za. I.Kartashev

Igor Kartashev is a wonderful actor, singer and composer. Nature generously endowed him with talents - artistry, a musical ear, a strong velvet voice, with a unique, only his inherent timbre. I go practically to all the evenings of Igor Kartashev and each time I get a tremendous pleasure from meeting with the real artist. I envy those who get acquainted with the work of Kartashev for the first time!))) Tatiana.

Alla was 13 october on Men and women

My soul is tight in my chest! I want to dance and enjoy life, despite the autumn rain outside the window! Thanks to Angelica Holina and all the participants and creators of the play! I recommend that everyone get positive emotions and get a piece of love and happiness!

Irina was 11 october on BENEFIT

Were at the play 10/10/2017. Terrific! A wonderful evening! Thank you so much!

Kristina was 10 october on Run

Incredibly talented !!! How many emotions the play causes !! I advise everyone to see and feel this!

Ol`ga was 10 october on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

Very, very much! Fresh, fun, bright, favorite artists, the quality of the game and the plot. For a Sunday evening after office everyday life - it's just a delight and energy for 3-4 weeks ahead! Thank you very much to all the creators. We got a lot of positive! Maxim Sukhanov - just super!

Uliya was 01 october on Creative meeting with the NA M.Yesipenko

Very pleased! I want to watch, listen and hear! Thank you! Bravo!!!

Oksana was 26 september on The Wind in the Poplars

Absolutely inimitable game, such intonational accents, such bursts of laughter. A profound subtext is replaced by simple-hearted explanations of the essence of the matter. Dog! My captain! gave a great mood, thank you!

Murat was 16 september on Masquerade

A wonderful performance is one of the best productions that can be seen in Moscow. Brilliant play of actors.

Katerina was 11 september on KING OEDIP

Went with a colleague 07.09.17g. on Oedipus King, received a charge of positive energy. The visual presentation of the myth of Sophocles was excellent! The scenery, the actors' play left an unforgettable impression. I think everyone who came (the hall was full), was satisfied! I would go again.

Galina was 16 may on Othello

"Othello" is a stunning production! It has burst into tears! Charm in every movement and in every sound!

Al`fiya was 28 september on Okavemy days

The actors play touched, the plot is instructive.

Uliya was 11 september on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

Did not like. We left in the intermission. In my opinion, it's gone.

Elena was 22 march on People as people

The performance is excellent: the theme is eternal, the actors' game is penetrating.

Anna was 26 march on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

For a long time I wanted to see the performance "The Marriage of Figaro" at the Vakhtangov Theater. After all, the theater is famous for its classical productions. I wanted to see more because the version of Pushkin's theater was remembered by its traditional interpretation, which is amazing for the Pushkin Theater. In the theater of Vakhtangov everything turned out differently. Mirzoev - the director of the play, created the modern Figaro. The first impression was made by a stray, thieves and a slightly stupid count who keeps the entire production. Of course you can feel the Shchukin school. Only Pike brings up a traditional actor. Those dances, those monologues, those musical numbers speak about the high education of the Shchukin. Although this has its plus, and its minus. For some reason it seemed to me that the actors are losing their individuality, there was a "punching". It was a comparison of two theatrical performances of different theaters I loved. To say which Figaro is better, what is worse - it is impossible. Each is original, unique and interesting. Tightness in the play was present, at times it was boring, but the count brought cheerfulness into the plot. In general, the production is worth watching when you get tired of work, bustle, messing around and want to relax, relax and spend the evening in a theatrical setting.

Andrey was 15 april on Smile to us, Lord.

We were on the 15th of April. Thank the director and artists of the theater for the performance "Smile to us, Lord." Three Jews in the performance of Makovetsky, Sukhorukov and Knyazev are simply wonderful! And what a goat - Rutberg! Although the events took place 100 years ago, but are perceived as today's! In this tragic life there is a lot of philosophy and humor.

Ol`ga was 15 february on Smile to us, Lord.

I love Vakhtangov's theater, but this performance did not like it - it's long, tedious, hard. Actor's game is great - and Simonov, and Guskov, and Sukhorukov and Viktor Dobronravov, just did not like the play itself, its message

Anna was 13 december on People as people

The play is about "eternal". After watching active thinking processes and introspection began, I wanted to look at my life a little from a different angle and something to correct) And in general, for perception, the production is very successful. Despite the fact that the play touches on difficult topics, thanks to acting and directing (and not only) work - everything looks very harmonious and it's interesting to watch the performance. At the end the hall applauded standing.

Viktor was 16 november on People as people

I liked the play, especially the game Guskov

Anna was 19 january on Okavemy days

The play is beautiful, Etush is divinely unique! My favorite theater!

Marina was 01 jule on Othello

Choreographic production for me as not for the professional, but as for the ballet-dancer was a new discovery of last season. This is not ballet, it is a narrative without the words of all known history. Incredible fullness of emotions is transmitted by dramatic actors without words, movement, gaze, turning of the head, gesture. In combination with music and light, everything is so harmonious that there are no questions about the correctness and coherence of the movements of actors-not dancers. Bright and charismatic dramatic actors convey the essence of things! They do not pull the toes and do not give out complex "pas," but they penetrate the soul like an electric discharge.

Anastasia was 13 march on People as people

A stunning performance that touches on many topics. Actual and alive in our days. Pre-revolutionary Gorky is good, Zykov's play is very modern. The actors play is brilliant!

Mariya was 24 april on Othello

What pleases you - you can go to Angelique Holin boldly, knowing that it will be something breathtaking. We watched the Women's Coast, and Anna Karenina, and now - Othello. And everything is just amazing. Of course, one must love this. To watch the play without words, something in between ballet and a dance, I think, not everyone can. But how?!?! How does she manage to transmit emotions through plastic, and even so that the heart stops. At her performances you sit and do not breathe. Vakhtangov was very lucky with her. Straight and I want to say on the motive "aftar pischi disappear" - "Angelica, we are waiting for your productions" !!! Antipenko, Lerman and Dobronrav are inimitable!

Nailya was 28 june on Okavemy days

I liked the production and playing of actors. thanks for

Larisa was 05 february on Othello

Magnificent, unusual.

Larisa was 05 october on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

I came from the play, I can not help but share my disappointment! It's endlessly prolonged, the dialogues are unjustifiably long, jokes in the style of KVN. At the end of the scene in the garden, there is also a parody of Renata Litvinov! The glowing horns on Figaro's head against the background of a continuous bad taste were no longer evident. Very sad for the good actor Sukhanov and director Mirzoyev! Failure!!!

Uliya was 14 february on Othello

A wonderful performance, touched to the depths of my soul! Thank you very much to all artists!

Irina was 22 march on People as people

Boring, uninteresting performance. Which even Tumeikina and Guskov could not revive .. The performance did not like. They left after the first act.

Elena was 10 september on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

Has received huge pleasure! The production is beautiful, thank you.

Imya was 06 june on Okavemy days

I liked the performance. I respect and like Alentov and Men'shov very much. I wish them health and creative success!

Mariya was 22 february on Othello

Incredibly original production. The cast is wonderful - Antipenko and Lerman are amazing!

Svetlana was 10 december on People as people

Excellent classical Russian performance: with love, the bitter truth of life, the opportunity to reflect on your life about the soul, the thoughts of faith - where it is, what it consists of and how it manifests itself, humor, optimism, tragedy, relations of fathers and children ... In the play, the fountain life force - Alexei Guskov. Little did not suffice (in my opinion) "truth" from Lidia Velezheva. Thank you

Uliya was 23 january on Othello

The plasticity of the actors' body expresses so expressively the emotions and thoughts of the characters that she herself has experienced these emotions. Shook the choreography and costumes. Nothing distracts from the experience and penetration into the performance itself. Love! It was impossible to even imagine what it was playing! So live! Fly on the wings of love-the movement of pens and bare legs! And how we are tormented by a hangover! All this: and turns inside out and splits in half and then up and down! And they do it with their own body ... Miracles and the power of emotions go off scale! This is not a performance for joy and laughter! This is for those who have everything so well, but it would not hurt to shake)!

Vlada was 03 january on Okavemy days

A wonderful performance. Thanks to Master Etush

Galina was 12 april on People as people

A wonderful performance with wonderful actors. What a pity that so few Gorky plays go to theaters. Many thanks to all the creators for the wonderful evening.

Margarita was 05 october on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

As always, the performance in the Vakhtangov Theater is above all praise! The actors' game is excellent, two and a half hours passed unnoticed. Many thanks for the delightful actor Maxim Sukhanov !!!

Mariya was 13 march on Okavemy days

Very good performance! Bravo!

Ol`ga was 25 january on Okavemy days

A wonderful performance! Just about life, about love, about forgiveness, truly wise and deep. A great game of actors is still, but Vladimir Abramovich Etush - BRAVO!

Visitor was 15 february on Okavemy days

Thank you. Mentally, spiritually, cordially. Health and well-being Etushu

Rimma was 13 december on People as people

The performance was extraordinary. I liked it very much. The actors play is magnificent. Stylish, intelligent. Such a modern reading of the play. During the whole performance I did not notice that it was about pre-revolutionary life. Excited.

Svetlana was 15 february on Okavemy days

Bravo to the great artist Etush! The performance is stunning! I advise everyone to go.

Ludmila was 14 june on The demons

Many thanks for the wonderful. I liked it very much. A wonderful game of actors.

Sergey was 28 june on Okavemy days

The performance surpassed all expectations. Etush is magnificent and unique. Actors do not play, but live on stage, helping Etushu to reveal all his skills. Thank you.

Evgeniy was 20 may on Okavemy days

Elegant performance! Elegant Vladimir Etush! Gratitude to all actors.

Ludmila was 07 march on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

Did not like. If there is nothing to say, then do not say it. Stretched, boring, boring. About nothing

Kuper was 04 jule on Smile to us, Lord.

A wonderful performance, an excellent performance of actors, an interesting musical series

Aleksandr was 05 february on Othello

Great performance !!

Elena was 06 june on Okavemy days

I'm ecstatic, Etush is a genius, it's a pity that in the movie I only know him from comic roles

Tat`yana was 30 october on Othello

Many thanks for a wonderful evening in your theater !!! The choreographic performance is a performance not for the mass spectator, but for true connoisseurs of art, for the thinking spectator. Unfortunately, there are not so many in our time today! The actors play is amazing! Once again I am convinced that "if an actor is talented, he is talented in everything." Plastic, dramatic, symbolism and much more, all at the highest level! A huge bow to the whole group of artists! You guys are great! Special thanks to the director !!!

Yakov was 28 january on Smile to us, Lord.

Were with my wife at the play on 01/28/2015. More disappointed. Smart actors play a boring, gloomy production. This time Vakhtangov disappointed ...

Tamara was 13 march on Okavemy days

Extraordinarily touching.Vladimir Etush excited our conscience.

Inna was 14 december on Okavemy days

I liked the performance very much. I'll go again, I already bought tickets. I want to enjoy the game Etush. Inna

Tatyana was 08 march on Okavemy days

Very piercing performance: both in the plot and in the game! Girl Masha, who knows that her life will be short, and therefore she loves this life and helps others to fill the life with love! The old man is an academician in the brilliant performance of VA. Etush, whose highest wisdom manifests itself in the understanding that the love of people is more important than the love of science. Still, it is love that will save this world!

Anna was 13 december on People as people

A fine performance. I must say that I was afraid of Gorky, since the stormy petrel is not close to me now. But the performance surpassed all my expectations. Bow to the actors and everyone who did it.

Nadegda was 28 june on Okavemy days

Great performance. An excellent game Etush - feel the high-class performance of the actors of the Vakhtangov school. It looked with pleasure. A touching story, perfectly conveyed by acting.

Maksim was 02 february on Okavemy days

Magnificent V. Etush in the classic play about family values ​​and love.

Marina was 01 jule on Othello

June 1, 2015 were at the play. Very satisfied: looks at one go. The combination of music and dance is fascinating. The only drawback: the second branch was tightened a little (the scene with Desdemona).

Kirill was 25 june on Smile to us, Lord.

Performance for an amateur. The setting is peculiar. I want to mention the excellent game of Viktor Sukhorukov

Mariya was 04 november on Smile to us, Lord.

The play was disappointing. I waited for interesting philosophical reflections on the life of several Jews at sunset, and the play was prolonged, boring, leaving no food for thought. Only the game Sukhrukov is incomparable! It is worth going to those who love this actor. My friend in the intermission, still gone.

Kira was 23 april on The demons

The play is in the usual style of Yuri Lyubimov. Unusual production, very musical, non-classical. Those who are a fan of the old Taganka headed by Lyubimov - it will be a pleasure

Mihail was 25 november on Okavemy days

Live art. Etush is magnificent. The performance is an example of remarkable direction.

Ol`ga was 04 november on Smile to us, Lord.

Hello! Ambiguous impression left the performance, on the one hand, star cast, Sukhorukov, as always, is beautiful, on the other hand - the production itself seemed long, tedious and difficult to perceive .... I wanted to leave: (((((

Damir was 03 january on People as people

Buying tickets for this performance, I read a lot of quite contradictory reviews: someone liked it, someone categorically does not. So I'll try to express my opinion. The performance is classical. I think this is the best epithet for him. This definition can explain the duration (about 3 hours), and pauses in the dialogues, and the seeming detachment and coldness of the artists. But in my opinion, all of the above nuances do not spoil it at all. And in the Theater. E. Vakhtangova people come to touch the true art, and not to a fleeting fashion. Separately, I would like to highlight the game of Alexei Guskov. He is incomparable, indisputably talented. And Lidia Velezheva is not lost on her background ... A very good acting duo!

Ol`ga was 10 september on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

As always - awesome! Maxim Sukhanov does not cease to amaze

Elena was 28 june on Okavemy days

Super performance! And laughed and cried) Etush great!

Irina was 15 march on Smile to us, Lord.

Went with friends on the play on March 15. The performance of the actors is excellent, but due to the fact that they were not familiar with the original work, not everything was clear. But now we get acquainted with the work of Grigory Kantorovich, on which the performance was staged. And I advise everyone to read the original first. More you will understand. I liked the play although it is a long time and not dynamic.

Mariya was 08 february on Okavemy days

A stunning performance! Touching, lyrical, but at the same time ironic and very deep. Vladimir Etush is incomparable. Thank you!

Svetlana was 13 june on Okavemy days

Were on June 13th. Originally bought tickets for "Uncle's Dream", but did not regret the replacement of the play. The performance is magnificent, somewhere it makes you smile, somewhere you will feel sad. The play of the actors was on top. Particularly admired was Vladimir Abramovich Etush. The hall was full, applauded standing.

Liliya was 09 january on Smile to us, Lord.

Before joining the theater of Rumas Tuminas for me, the theater named after E.Vakhtangov was always a mystery. I left after three acts with three performances. Although I am an avid theatergoer and I highly respect hard acting. The play "Smile to us, Lord!" insanely touching, irony in dramaturgists - tragifars. The game of all actors without exception is amazing! I recommend everyone to go to this performance, as he will not leave anyone indifferent.

Svetlana was 05 february on Othello

The performance is wonderful. The choreography is magnificent. Actors - the work of the workshop. But .... Desdemona's desperate scene is unbelievable. There is a frank desire to strangle her.

Elena was 10 may on Smile to us, Lord.

The play did not pass in one breath - it flew by! What a pity for them, and laughter is sad, but it is sometimes not possible to laugh. What a pity for us - we are the same, we are all in the same cart, on one road - life. Very deep impressions. The game is bravissimo !! I watched on March 8 as part of Simonov, Guskov, Sukhorukov, Rutberg, Popov, Fedorov, Dobronravov and others. It was a holiday not only "March 8" - a holiday of the soul. Not just on the site of the theater already sold out - there are no tickets for April at all! While there is, I go again. Listen, ponder, enjoy playing your favorite actors.

Irina was 28 june on Okavemy days

A remarkable, touching performance with the participation of the Great Master - Vladimir Abramovich Etush (I confess, went exactly on him). Here, the Master in the role of academician Okayomov, a Soviet historian, shown a playwright and director in a domestic situation, closed in the framework of his metropolitan apartment. And the situation seems to be simple, but it keeps us interested in what will happen next. Of course, age spares no one. And the audience in the hall (and it was a sold-out!) Feels it and understands it. But the school, skill, experience - all this evokes a standing ovation of a grateful spectator and flowers, flowers, flowers ... "Come to us again"! - "Come on!" I also want to mention the work of Maria Kostikova in the role of Masha, granddaughter. At first, like, her game seems very fake, unnatural. But she was touched by her tears after V. Etush's monologue, which ended in a play. And this work is seen not only as a goal to please us, the audience, but as a desire to deserve the Master's praise. Vera Novikova, with her very small role at the end of the play, is also praising. And in general - thanks to all!

Ol`ga was 19 january on Okavemy days

The magnificent performance left an indelible impression. The work itself and the inimitable play of actors make the audience think about such seemingly simple and ordinary things as love, respect for the older generation, compassion, mutual understanding. such important values, but at times so lacking in our daily and vain life.

Kristina was 12 december on People as people

Great performance! Game Alexey Guskov just on top!

Alena was 14 february on Othello

Grandiose, bewitching. Wonderful choreography. It depends on how the actors move, understands every sense of the heroes of "Othello".

Ludmila was 05 february on Othello

Bravo!!! Four of them walked, the age was from 24 to 62. Everyone is shocked. Music! Costumes !! Dancing! The game and plastic drama. Artists !!!!!

Natal`ya was 28 june on Okavemy days

Wonderful game this. The play itself disappointed. It is even surprising how from Afinogenov's remarkable play managed to make such a featureless production! . Etush draws on himself the entire spectrum, for which he thank you so much!

Uliya was 24 september on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

A peculiar reading of the play Beaumarchais, enchanting Maxim Sukhanov created a philosophical mood towards the end of the play and something wanted cognac rather than uncorking a bottle of champagne. In a word - I liked it

Krasavin Andrey Ur`evich was 15 november on Okavemy days

Beautiful performance. A great play of actors. Thank you so much.

Galina was 02 february on Okavemy days

I liked the performance very much. Etush is gorgeous! Good play + good actors = well spent evening. I'm glad that I looked at myself and took my son.

Nataliya was 29 may on Okavemy days

very much! Thank you!

Uriy was 28 june on Okavemy days

In truth, the Patriarch of the Russian scene is Vladimir Etush! Infinitely bravo!

Katerina was 12 april on People as people

The play did not make a deep impression, they looked at it as just a kind of story. I associate this with the fact that the places were far away (amphitheater, 5th row), I had to listen carefully, because it was audible badly. Very much I do not advise these places, it is better a balcony. After the intermission, some left. BUT a game of actors, especially Guskova is simply gorgeous!

Nataliya was 15 february on Okavemy days

Many thanks! The performance is wonderful. Etush is magnificent. The last scene of the play touched to tears. God grant health and longevity wonderful. To the actor!

Sergey was 24 september on MAD DAY or Marriage of Figaro

Not a bad performance. Everything holds true on Sukhanov. It is worth to go just for his sake.

Olga was 19 june on Othello

Theater Vakhtangov from the category of the favorite! But this performance did not like, they left after the first action. Very sorry!

Ekaterina was 25 january on Okavemy days

The performance is wonderful! Vladimir Etush - BRAVO! Great Actor! I recommend this show to everyone.

Elena was 04 april on Othello

Unusually and powerfully! :-)

Gulina was 28 june on Okavemy days

Thank you so much! I want to see it again, I'll bring my son!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Арбат ул., 26
03 h 10 min

"... people are prevented from living, as he wants, two forces: God and people."
"In people" M. Gorky

The long scenic life of Maxim Gorky's play The Zykovs was almost always associated with a social dominant, which was interpreted at various stages of production quite sharply. Today, it seems to us, this approach has lost its former relevance.

Vladimir Ivanov, calling his Gorky play "People as people", trying to figure out what unites the people of the early twentieth century (the time of writing the play) and XXI?
The unchanging nature of human nature, aggravated by the "confusion of concepts formed when no one knows where its place". Aggressive individualism, selfishness, interfering with hearing the other and responding with compassion. "I want!" Instead of "want what you must" ... Fears that freeze the soul of a person who has lost touch with the Heavenly Father ... The pain of loneliness ...

Reflections on these signs of the present time became for the director fundamental in the work on a play filled with passions, love, contradictions ... How many people, so many fates. For some, life is a fist fight and the loss of illusions, for others - the search for good and light, someone tries to purify themselves by love, confusing it with passion, which is not identical, for love is everything to give, passion to take possession.

In this kaleidoscope of moral categories there are a lot of questions - what is dignity, morality, humility? Centuries pass, and each person answers in his own way - People as people.

The year is coming. The cities are collapsing. People do not change.

Wooden boards - like the walls of narrow coffins. As the lid oppresses the oppressive atmosphere in the house.

One frivolous servant does not notice anything. Enjoys life in the "tomb". A merry song is heard ringing at home.

I put my whole life on the forest. Logs, boards, drying, uneven bars, files ... And the son has already grown. Is to whom business to transfer.

He at least drinks, not drying out, but quiet, kind and flexible. The hangover treats the guitar and poems. And he does not want to think about his father's business.

Maybe the wedding will fix the brains? The girl is beautiful. Beauty, with a fervor from the heat of the monastery walls. So maybe .. so it's useful?

Why such a good son of an alcoholic will disappear? Girl, why are you so uninviting. Really does not care why you have so often happened?

Do you agree? Well, fine…

The old businessman and the young fool are the perfect couple.

It's easy to guess. People need not jeeps, plasma TVs and an abundance of square meters.

People just want to be loved. People are like people.


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