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Theater of young spectators of A.A. Bryantsev

Feedbacks from viewers
Mariya was 26 march on About Ivanushka the fool

We watched with the daughter (10 years) the play "About Ivan the Fool" at the Theater of Young Spectators. I really liked everything, a funny and kind fairy tale. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Uliya was 09 march on About Ivanushka the fool

To be honest, it's boring and if it were not for the actors' game and costumes, it would be quite sad. But we will come to other performances. I would like to talk about Humpback, but on weekends. Thank you, I hope I did not offend anyone.

Irina was 05 october on About Ivanushka the fool

I really liked the play. It is interesting and heartfelt. Deep meaning. Thank you!!

Marina was 26 january on About Ivanushka the fool

Children really liked it, thank you! From the wishes, I would like to bear a bearish suit (children are confused) and a greater choice of tickets through the Internet. Thanks again!

Marina was 09 march on About Ivanushka the fool

Performance EXCELLENT! Fine work of artists, especially the BEAR and the COUPCHY. Children are happy. THANK YOU!!!

Janna was 26 january on About Ivanushka the fool

My daughter (6 years) liked the performance. I (mom) really liked the costumes and musical design. Thank you. Now - "Snow White".

Pavel was 17 september on Beckett. Plays

Sumptuously! Fresh and unfamiliar to St. Petersburg Beckett. Wave-shooters put it like no one else in the city had set it. Thank you!

Alla was 18 september on Beckett. Plays

The guys tried. Thank you!

Elena was 03 november on Miracles in my house

We liked the 11-year-old daughter !!! Many thanks to the whole staff of the theater!

Tat`yana was 02 november on Start. Picture first.

I really liked the performance, thank you!

Anna was 04 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I liked the performance very much! It was interesting for a five-year-old child and a thirteen-year-old girl. We will definitely come again, have already chosen performances for which we will definitely go. Let's call friends, too.

Valentina was 23 february on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Thank you for the interesting performance, we enjoyed watching!

Yulia was 12 april on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Beautiful performance. Thank you

Marina was 23 february on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Thank you, I liked it very much!

Nataliya was 03 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I liked the child for 6 years. Problems with sound. A storyteller can not always be understood, and during music there is not even a word to disassemble.

Inna was 12 april on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I liked the performance very much. Many thanks!

Boris was 04 january on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Understand. Theater for Young People

Anna was 12 april on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I went to auza in my childhood, now I came back with my son :)) The performance is very good. Pleasantly struck alive band and songs. The actors' play also differs markedly from the standard modern productions. The ticket purchase service on the site is very convenient! Thank you for the joy of the child and the chorus. Service to parents. Sincerely, Anna Inshakova

Igor` was 23 february on The Little Humpbacked Horse

I really liked the play. All artists are fine fellows. Happy Birthday! Keep it up!

Kvitko was 12 april on The Little Humpbacked Horse

We watched with pleasure. I liked the king, granddaughter - horse hunchback and Ivan.

Roman was 06 october on The Little Humpbacked Horse

All liked it

Tat`yana was 03 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

The child in delight and adults also liked it, also returned to childhood

Ol`ga was 04 october on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Hello. We liked the play "The Little Humpbacked Horse". Very nice performance, good actors. The only thing, it seems to us, would have been better heard if all the actors had microphones, and not 2-3 of the whole performance. We sat on the 6th row, and more than once there was a situation that the speech of the actors was not audible-indecipherable. Thank you

Uliya was 23 february on The Little Humpbacked Horse

A magnificent performance, colorful, musical, bright)) the child is delighted! Thank you!

Svetlana was 03 november on The Little Humpbacked Horse

great performance! I liked both me and my son! Thank you!

Valentina was 21 june on White sailing ship sailed

I really liked the play. I passed in one breath. No finesse. Very warm and kind impressions remained.

Nadegda was 10 december on The Tale of Lord Zommer

In full delight with the presentation

Mihail was 10 may on White sailing ship sailed

A wonderful performance. A great game, very interesting and fun. Perhaps from 6 years is not enough, but with 7-8 together with the parents will be very interesting. The team of actors is adorable! Keep it up !

Kristina was 07 september on White sailing ship sailed

Not 6+, as in the announcement, but 10 + min. The performance for 6-7years old is incomprehensible and uninteresting. The organization is a nightmare. The quality of the performance is good.

Anna was 19 october on All mice like cheese

Were at the play with two children - boys 6 and 5 years old. I liked it very much, the actors' game was amazing, the children were delighted. Thank you!

Olesya was 29 march on All mice like cheese

Thank you for the wonderful setting, children at the age of 6 were delighted. Thank you.

Oksana was 29 march on All mice like cheese

Everything was wonderful! Thank you.

Svetlana was 09 november on All mice like cheese

We watched with pleasure. My son liked 7.5 years. With pleasure we will come again, the son already asks when we will go to the next.

Vera was 29 march on All mice like cheese

All liked it! Fun! Convenient purchase of tickets.

Natal`ya was 09 november on All mice like cheese

Were with a child (9 years), very much! There is something to laugh at and there is something to discuss after the performance with the child. Many thanks!

Ol`ga was 29 march on All mice like cheese

Thank you, the performance is excellent! Singing in the hall talking in the voice of grandmother with three-year-olds, chupachupsami and seeds are terrible!

Marina was 16 february on The Man in a Case

On February 21, instead of the canceled "Teenager", the play "A Man in a Case" was watched. Wonderful direction, a wonderful play of actors, the performance is perfectly set, goes "in one go" and everything is organic! :) The audience was so keen on playing the actors that they did not even make any unnecessary movements (they did not cough, did not sneeze, did not rustle, the phones were silent). I especially want to mention the talented work of Valery Dyachenko and Alexander Ivanov! Gratitude and bow to the whole company!

Svetlana was 02 november on Start.Figure 1

Thank you for the interesting statement. The performance really liked!

Anastasiya was 14 february on Poor people

Thank you for such a wonderful evening !!! The game of actors is simply gorgeous ... and so only true masters can convey Dostoevsky. I cried ... Thank you for your work.

Irina was 01 march on Education of Rita

The performance was pleasant, the actors' play is wonderful, but it is incomprehensible the presence in the hall of children of primary classes in large numbers

Ol`ga was 05 june on Dear Elena Sergeevna

The play was very impressive! The actors play at the highest level. There were a lot of young people in the hall and it makes us happy! If you compare with the movie of the same name, then the performance is much stronger!

Irina was 28 june on Dear Elena Sergeevna

Many thanks! The performance is wonderful!

Aleksandr was 10 november on Mad Money

We liked the girl very much. We did not regret it

Vasiliy was 04 october on Lyonka Panteleev. Musical.

Everything was super! Excellent production, and the actors' game was so amazing that we are still under the impression! FELLOWS !!

Mariya was 24 november on Lyonka Panteleev. Musical.

An excellent performance.

Elena was 24 november on Lyonka Panteleev. Musical.

Great, 5+, guys are fine.

Irina was 10 november on Mad Money


Visitor was 14 march on Mad Money

I liked it very much

Gektor was 07 november on Letuchka's love

The performance was very pleased, beautiful scenery, an excellent actors' play, touched on topical issues for teenagers, sat "opening your mouth"! My daughter did not like the subject of suicide and the rather familiar attitude of the heroes to the Higher Powers! Very worried when the Angel took people after a temporary stay! Thank you for the strong emotional experience!

Svetlana was 07 november on Letuchka's love

A fine performance, a wonderful theater, a good hall, more performances for teenagers. Thank you.

Elena was 21 february on Letuchka's love

I liked the performance !!!

Aleksey was 06 november on Pollyanna

I liked it very much

Elena was 24 january on Pollyanna

A wonderful, kind and sincere performance for the whole family. I recommend for family viewing.

Svetta was 27 march on Letuchka's love

The performance was pleasant, very interesting scenery. many thanks

Stanislava was 27 march on Letuchka's love

Went with my daughter. At first they were skeptical, especially I, but then got carried away. Recently looked in BaltDome "Hotel Two Worlds" about the same topic. But the guests of the festival, in my opinion, could not cope with the production. Youth Theater - at altitude.

Visitor was 27 march on Letuchka's love

We really enjoyed! The performance is magnificent and instructive, the actors play is wonderful, very talented and sincere. The whole evening was discussed with the children. Everyone was happy. Many thanks for the great time and the sea of ​​positive emotions.

Natal`ya was 27 november on Letuchka's love

Excellent!!! Thank you so much!!!

Aleksey was 27 march on Letuchka's love

It was one of the most disgusting performances I've ever seen. Why is there no warning about pro-Christian propaganda in the description? Actors play well, but the production itself is simply mediocre. No thought is brought to the end, logic in behavior and statements. I would also like to note the work of the cloakroom attendants - it was probably hard to find more unorganized and slow workers. To force to stand 20 minutes in an unorganized queue is a frank spit on visitors. What can we say about the seats and the distance between them - no loukoster can compare. For such an event, in my opinion - the theater must pay me.

Uliya was 27 march on Letuchka's love

Great performance I will definitely come with other children again Thank you.

Uliya was 29 march on Pollyanna

The performance is heavy, filled with ambiguous allegories, obscure even for adults, sometimes deafening music and half of the performance takes place on the playgrounds behind the spectators. I expected a more positive performance, and this is a heavy drama.

Anastasiya was 21 february on Letuchka's love

Thank you very much! Great performance! The game is very sincere and kind!

Mariya was 04 january on Pollyanna

Interesting reading, unexpected solution. If you have not read the book much will not be clear. They do not convey the incredible sensations and profound meaning that the book leaves. If you read it will be over what to laugh) not for children. The actors are trying! Well done! Looked and thought "what from where does it come?" If you want to laugh, see that something is not unexpected strange go!) But do not bring your children with you! Expected more!

Natal`ya was 08 may on Pollyanna

Adults really liked it, and the child was 9 years bored, although he loves the book.

Irina was 21 february on Letuchka's love

Thank you! The performance is wonderful!

Elena was 27 november on Letuchka's love

I liked it very much.

Mariya was 27 march on Letuchka's love

My children were 9 and 14 years old. For the younger it was just an exciting bright theatrical performance. But the elder, for whom the campaign for this performance was intended, remained impressed and said that he would have something to think about at leisure.

Ol`ga was 14 may on Letuchka's love

We liked the show with my daughter! There is something to think about. Many interesting finds of the director. Young actors played emotionally.considerably I will advise my friends!

Anna was 07 november on Letuchka's love

I really enjoyed everything: from your service to a wonderful performance

Uliya was 29 march on Pollyanna

A very good performance! A lot of positive emotions!

Anna was 25 march on Letuchka's love

Were at the play with his son for 12 years. Very good performance, touching.

Tat`yana was 27 march on Letuchka's love

I liked adults too, and what's important is for children. I advise parents to observe the age-old recommendation (from 12l.). Immediately I will advise a 16-year-old nephew ..for him "straight to the point"

Natali was 08 may on Pollyanna

Thank you very much, but who did not read the book in some places did not understand

Ol`ga was 29 march on Pollyanna

Thank you, wonderful performance

Ludmila was 14 december on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Thank you very much for the wonderful production. The grandson (7 years old) enthusiastically retold what he saw.

Ekaterina was 05 november on Tom Sawyer

thank you, I liked it very much

Uliya was 16 march on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Thank you for the wonderful performance!

Natal`ya was 08 december on Plum

Many thanks. I liked it very much.

Evgeniya was 10 march on Tom Sawyer

They were going to another performance with the child, but they were in the Theater for Young Spectators and "Tom Sawyer", and they never regretted that they got into such a wonderful theatrical element. The hall is full and everyone is watching with fascination the actions on the stage and the changing 3D images. The child is 9 years old and he did not take his eyes off looking at the scene. Wonderfully rested and enjoyed the game of actors.

Tat`yana was 30 march on Tom Sawyer

Children went on their own, they say the performance is very classy!

Tat`yana was 29 december on Tom Sawyer

Wonderful performance. I spent 9 years watching with great interest, regretted that I did not read the whole work before the performance. Using computer graphics made the performance very dynamic, fascinating. Thanks!

Oksana was 13 october on Tom Sawyer

The performance of the Sawyer volume does not look much like the theater itself. It's more of an interactive multimedia show. I'm not a supporter of such a way. I consider it a flirtation with the viewer in this case with teenagers. But it was curious. Sometimes it was fun to my daughter. Seven years I liked it. I had to solve the problems with the voice acting. Experiment is cool. Good luck. Picky viewer

Nina was 13 october on Tom Sawyer

I liked it very much! A wonderful play of actors, an interest throughout the whole play! Thank you!

Igor` was 05 april on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I liked the performance very much. Aerobatics.

Anastasiya was 08 may on Plum

Performance of the Young Spectators Theater. AA Bryantseva is a real classic, and like many other plays by Ostrovsky, this one also has not lost its relevance and is very modern in our time. And the director of the play Dmitri Astrakhan says the same: "The play's play is quite topical: it's about corruption, which permeates all layers of life, becoming its norm." The material we have is not up to date, the main tasks are to saturate it with living characters, recognizable Characters and sound director's ideas, so that the pulse of time would beat in action, his pain points would be felt. " There is everything - love, and attempts to buy a person for money, and dignity, and exposure. I really liked the actors' play, they seemed to live their roles, and we were witnesses of this life. Suits and decorations correspond to the era, interesting. Dresses, hats you want to consider better and try on yourself) Ivan Batarev, who plays the role of Vasily Zhadov, perfectly passed on the nature of a person who decided to live by conscience, to achieve career heights with honest labor, not sycophancy. And in contrast to him, Belogubov, ready to cave in under those who are higher in office, to take bribes, Vishnevsky, who earned a dishonest way, Yusov, who is building a big boss, Kukushkina, dreaming to attach daughters, Yulia and Polenka, who want to live beautifully . I really liked the scene of the explanation of Zhadov and Polina, it was amazingly played.

Elena was 08 november on Tom Sawyer

We were together with my son for 16 years. Both are satisfied with the performance. A lot of unusual decisions, a wonderful game of actors and, as usual, a great mood for big and small spectators. Many thanks for the holiday !!!!

Natal`ya was 06 september on Tom Sawyer

A wonderful performance with the use of new technologies! Thank you for having a pleasant time.

Elena was 30 march on Tom Sawyer

Very good performance! I liked both children and adults. An interesting modern solution of the work of Mark Twain. A great game of actors, music and special effects. Thank you.

Tkacheva Nina Nikolaevna was 02 january on Tom Sawyer

Thank you very much the performance.

Dar`ya was 18 january on Tom Sawyer

Thank you so much! There were four together with two children, a boy 11 and a girl 7.5. We received great pleasure. I liked the decision to embody some of the scenery through the screen. At the same time it was pleasant that there were no more serious experiments and everything was sustained in a fairly classical style and "close to the text." Tween's sense of humor is well noted. Thank you! We'll have you on the 26th on Ivanushka. Already only with the girl. Looking forward to meeting with impatience! :)

Kvitko was 02 january on Tom Sawyer

I liked it very much. Very successfully used the computer.

Anna was 11 october on Plum

A wonderful performance! I liked both me and the tenth grade.

Elena was 26 april on Tom Sawyer

Thank you very much for the work done.

Ol`ga was 10 october on Danish history

We are delighted: the artists sing and dance, and they play musical instruments! Youth with such passion enters the role! We are waiting for you to meet again and again. Olga is a volyne and children.

Mihail was 02 january on Tom Sawyer

Wonderful performance

Ol`ga was 13 april on Tom Sawyer

Thank you, I liked it very much!

Ludmila was 18 january on Tom Sawyer

Very grateful for your services and excellent performance

Tat`yana was 27 september on Tom Sawyer

Children are delighted, thank you!

Elena was 30 december on Tom Sawyer

Children in the East! Interesting, fun, original!

Elena was 25 march on Danish history

The performance is excellent! Rasputin

Igor` was 18 january on Tom Sawyer

Thank you very much!

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