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Feedbacks from viewers
Evgeniya was 17 april on Metamorphosis I: Light breathing

Great performance! You can see the huge work done. Thanks to all! I would not call this an "open rehearsal". Quite a quality full-fledged performance-collage. It's just not for everyone. Thank God that there are SUCH people: actors, directors, artists ... Once again, THANKS.

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Новозаводская ул., 27
02 h 00 min

Director - Igor Yatsko
Artist - Masha Kapustina - Carew
Plastic - Ramune Khodorkayte
The musical collage - Alexander Simonenko
An unusual look at the most, perhaps, popular in Russia dramatic work will be presented by Igor Yatsko. The director combines the text of Shakespeare with musical arrangements in the style of the Wild West, the plasticity of the choreographer Ramuna Khodorkayte and unexpected video installations. An improvised camp of immigrants with mischievous adventures and dangerous wanderings will be created before the spectator.
Igor Yatsko will speak with the audience in the language of adventurism. The topics of the Wild West - cowboys, sheriffs, desperate seekers, beauties - carry the viewer during the "spaghetti western" by Sergio Lyon and the cheats of the "comedy del arte".
"The deep, energetic idea of ​​the play, embedded in the very title of the work of Shakespeare, is that important quintessence that allows the young actor to reveal the whole facet of his professional skills, to" tame "his professional talent. I wanted to sing the male and female beginning, so clearly expressed in the novel, because without them, no human happiness can ultimately be born. This is an energetic comedy for a wide audience, for the mischievous and the young in spirit "- commented director Igor Yatsko.
The performance "The Taming of the Shrew" by the Academy of NS. Mikhalkova - a bold dramaturgic experiment, combining the charm of acting and the deepest tragedy of the classical work.
Characters and performers:
Petruccio / Christopher Sly - Anton Strelyaev
Tranio - Catherine the Kabak
Katarina / Innkeeper - Christina Dasarskaya
Batista / Lord - Edmond Saadyan
Lucencio / Actor - Yaroslav Shevaldov
Gortensio / Actor - Georgy Kuzubov
Gremio / Actor - Michael Edlis
Biondello / Vincenzio / Servant of the Lord - Sergey Khachaturov
Bianca / Page - Alexandra Popova
Widow / Teacher / Servant of the Lord - Inna Sopina


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