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Feedbacks from viewers
Anna was 20 february on The Taming of the Shrew

⠀ “The Taming of the Shrew” is probably one of the most popular and favorite plays. A performance with such a name will be found in the repertoire of almost every theater. ⠀ I went to the State Theater of Film Actor, since I wanted to see exactly the director's version of Igor Yatsko. ⠀ Action moved to Wild West. Here, at every turn, you can meet a cowboy, or a bright beauty, and endless sounds of shooting are heard. There are many unexpected and interesting directorial finds. One artist can perform several roles. The action itself is very dynamic. ⠀ Interestingly resolved scenery. On the huge white canvases, we see video projections, sometimes quite unexpected. ⠀ In the performance, all conditions are created so that the artists can show themselves from all different sides. I really liked the scene in which Sergey Khachaturov turns from a young boy into a respectful Mr. Vincencio, and he even has a dialogue with himself). ⠀ Artists are very actively interacting with the audience, constantly turning to it. ⠀ I was able to impress two artists. Anastasia Privalova, who played the role of Tranio, servant of Lucentio. I have been watching her play for a year now in a variety of theaters. And every time she surprises me. Bright, dynamic, lively. I can not explain with words, I just want to look at it. ⠀ And I liked the way Anton Strelyaev played, who played the role of Petruccio, Katharina's fiancé. Among all the artists involved, he has the best diction. He is very charismatic and emotional. ⠀ The performance left a positive impression) I was able to see one of my favorite works in a completely new way.

Tat`yana was 29 december on Metamorphosis III: Enemies of the Premiere

I really liked it, but a little damp, I think that I simply didn’t have enough time for rehearsal, the quality of the sound from rehearsals cut a little, and the ending fell out of general context. something new in the long-known.

Evgeniya was 29 december on Metamorphosis III: Enemies of the Premiere

Looked before I and II Metamorphosis - staged with the soul! This one - categorically did not like. Bunin look "not comfortable." The final scene is a separate horror (for me personally, of course)! Although, the nephew remarked: "This is the superfluous one" ... Came out with the thought: for whom is the performance? Those who are close to the sound of bells announcing the beginning of the church service and home prayers will not appreciate the last sketch, and vice versa. After all, the point is not in contrast, as such, but in the flow - and it is vulgar. But this, I repeat, in my opinion. After these performances do not expect to continue, to regret! I respect N.S. Mikhalkov, but did not understand.

Evgeniya was 01 october on Metamorphoses II: Wives of artists

Excellent! Bravo! As N.S. Mikhalkov: "The Energy". Indeed, energy, music, words - you feel everything and pass through yourself! Vysokub plank put and directors, and actors. After performances of this quality it is difficult for us and the audience to find something worthy of this! Thank you! "We will seek" (c).

Evgeniya was 17 april on Metamorphosis I: Light breathing

Great performance! You can see the huge work done. Thanks to all! I would not call this an "open rehearsal". Quite a quality full-fledged performance-collage. It's just not for everyone. Thank God that there are SUCH people: actors, directors, artists ... Once again, THANKS.

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