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Istra Drama Theater

Feedbacks from viewers
Evgeniya was 28 august on Performance "DEAR PAMELA"

We were at the Istra Theater for the first time, were in a pleasant cultural shock. The theater itself is wonderful, both outside and inside - beautifully decorated for the New Year, covered in lights, and we decided to go to the performance, driving by and observing how beautiful and elegant it is. Inside, too, everything is decorated: a tree, balls, music. The performance was good and the actors played great - they didn’t notice the difference with the famous Moscow theaters, to be honest (I’m sure that all the actors graduate from the same Moscow theater universities) .. And the theater was full. And after the audience, the New Year program was still waiting - the actors staged a real children's party for adults and everyone had fun, danced and sang along with the artists. Plus a lottery in which theater tickets and other pleasant prizes were raffled off. Everyone parted in a good mood and with a sense of celebration.

Maksim was 28 august on Performance "Capricious Princess"

A little upset, the game of the cast on the C grade.

Evgeniya was 14 february on The play "Anna Karenina"

The impression of the performance is very strong. the director involved the entire space of the auditorium and sometimes there was a feeling that you were inside the action. And the wonderful game of actors who did not play, but lived the lives of their heroes, reinforced this impression. And the classic famous story was re-experienced with artists. In the center of the performance - Anna and Karenin. Actors and director bravo!

Irina was 17 january on Play "RETRO"

Good performance. Cozy and positive atmosphere. Rested soul. Actors well done !!!! I advise everyone to visit

Maksim was 17 january on Performance "BREMENIAN MUSICIANS"

The idea of the performance is good, but the production is not very. Boring, unemotional. Troubadour whole play shy to perform. Darya Makhmutova, in the role of a cat, Victoria Trius in the role of the chieftain and Flowers in the role of an ass, pleased. The child 30 minutes after the start of the performance, began to fall asleep.

Natal`ya was 17 january on Performance "BREMENIAN MUSICIANS"

Good children's play! All the actors are great! The child is happy !!! Come again to this theater.

Aleksey was 17 january on Performance "CAT IN BOOTS"

All is well

Violetta was 17 january on Play "RETRO"

Parents were delighted with the performance! They literally shouted with delight, shared their impressions for a very long time. The game of actors is great!

Ksenofontiy was 23 august on The play "Anna Karenina"

Beautiful performance, costumes, actors' play. But I'm in the final scene, it seems to me that the child is in vain, of course it gives drama to tears, but how does this affect the child's psyche? It's not so, I have a request to the director to change the final Scene.

Natal`ya was 02 april on Play "RETRO"

A wonderful performance. The actors play at altitude. I come from Zelenograd for the first time. I got hooked at this theater.

Nataliya was 26 march on Play "RETRO"

Great performance! Especially liked the game of Sergei Grekov and Nina Shcheglova!

Tat`yana was 30 march on Performance "THE SECRET OF MAGIC WATCHES"

Thank you, I liked the performance very much!

Natal`ya was 29 january on The play "Anna Karenina"

January 5, 2018 I had a chance to visit the Istra Drama Theater and see the play "Anna Karenina." The performance made a deep impression, touched to tears! It was a sincere surprise for me to see such talents on the stage of a small city. Separate words of praise deserve the actors who played the main role: Sofia Elfimova and Denis Yasik. Very heartfelt, touching and heartily! Lovely suits, allowing you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of aristocracy and excitement, a game with the participation of the audience. And, of course, the feeling of getting "from ship to ball" - everything is perfectly taken into account and combined! Many thanks to the director - Sergei Guk, for his magnificent brainchild!

Elena was 08 december on THESE FREE BUTTERFLIES

Wonderful performance, bewitching actor's game ... and the topic is more urgent nowhere! Every time I am convinced that I will return to this theater again and again!

Svetlana was 05 january on Play "RETRO"

A magnificent performance full of enchantment by the actors' play, especially the role played by Lyudmila Semyonova Alexandrovna. Cozy and soulful atmosphere with the personal participation of the Director of the theater and the thin hand is impressive. I hope that we will come many more times to performances of this theater, although we live and work in Moscow, next to Istra in a country house we spend all our free time.

Inna was 01 december on Performance "CAT IN BOOTS"

All liked it

Juljkka was 02 february on Performance "Hypnotist" V. Sigarev

Good afternoon! Went with a friend to the play "The Hypnotist" and to the play "Everything is just beginning." I really enjoyed it, the actors played great. Now they decided to make a trip to the theater with a weekly tradition. Thanks BigBilet for a convenient site for choosing and buying tickets for events.

Murzaev Usman was 03 december on Storm

I liked everything very much. A wonderful production, wonderful actors and a cozy room.

Mariya was 26 october on Performance "CAT IN BOOTS"

Were in the Istra drama theater on "The Cat in Boots". daughter is delighted! Very pleased! We are waiting for new performances! THANK YOU!!!

Inna was 01 december on Performance "CAT IN BOOTS"

All liked it

Irina was 16 february on Performance for children "AIBOLIT HURRIES FOR HELP!"

The child is very happy! Thank you!

Ol`ga was 29 march on Performance "The Wizard of the Emerald City"

Went with my son for 6 years. Were the first time in the Istra Theater. I liked it very much. The son is delighted. Impressions were the sea. Actors are great fellows. Thanks to all!

Uliya was 29 march on Performance "The Wizard of the Emerald City"

Great performance, the girl was very pleased 6 years, asks to go again, the actors are good fellows. The hall is small and comfortable (with a rise, so it is clearly visible from any row

Larisa was 15 december on Performance "Hypnotist" V. Sigarev

Thank you, I liked the performance. We got great pleasure from professional acting. In addition, the theme of the play is very vital in itself, it teaches us in a relaxed manner true good and the ability to forgive all for the sake of true love)))

Unna was 22 december on Performance "MAGIC LAMP OF ALLADINA"

I liked the performance! The child was delighted :)

Tat`yana was 02 november on Performance "Capricious Princess"

I liked it very much. Thank you.

Aleksey was 13 april on Performance "MAGIC LAMP OF ALLADINA"

The theater and the play very much. We will come to you again!

Vyacheslav was 13 april on Performance "MAGIC LAMP OF ALLADINA"

Thank you very much for the pleasure you have received! We were for the first time with your daughter for 5 years in your theater, very cozy, wonderful repairs, a chamber hall and a magnificent performance. We will watch the whole repertoire of 100%!

Elena was 20 september on Performance "MAGIC LAMP OF ALLADINA"

Wonderful performance !!! A lot of music, oriental dances. A fascinating interactive program on the theme of the play. My daughter, 6 years old, really liked!

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