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Drama Theater "Vernadsky, 13"

Feedbacks from viewers
Svetlana was 12 march on Hamlet

I liked the performance very much. The theater is small, but cozy. The music is well chosen, the actors play in such a way that it seems that they are going their way. Got a lot of emotions. Thanks for the game!

Dina was 14 december on Cat in the Boots

I liked it very much. Despite the fact that this is a famous fairy tale, the production was pleased with its uncommonness and even surprises in the script. The child does not visit this performance for the first time and once again with great pleasure.

Dmitriy was 15 february on On the green hills of the ocean ...

A sincere performance for children and adults. I went with my son (4 years) on 15.02.15. Not only my, but all the children in the hall are completely delighted.

Inna was 12 october on How I want happiness

Thank you very much, have received great pleasure. The actors' play is beautiful

Mariya was 27 october on Cat in the Boots

Good afternoon! Everything was great, the show really liked it. Be sure to visit the rest. Thank you.

Irina was 01 march on Cat in the Boots

Thanks to the artists, everything was wonderful. Very warm and cozy theater!

Ol`ga Kochetova was 24 january on The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

Great production! Everything is dynamic, music, effects. Aladdin the good fellow! The genie is just a fantasy, a colorful character! The only thing - the actress-princess Budur is too noticeably older than the actress-mother Aladdin ...

Anna was 14 december on Cat in the Boots

Otlichnyi spektakl ', ochen' vse dushevno, po semeinomu)

Svetlana was 14 february on How I want happiness

The actors were playing ... no, they did not play, they lived! The theater has such a nice home atmosphere! Thank you very much for such a positive evening!

Elena was 12 october on How I want happiness

Bravo!!! Great performance, great game of actors! They visited the USSR, laughed heartily and tapped to the tears for the heroes! Thank you!!!

Kristina was 13 october on By magic...

Thank you for the wonderful performance! We all really liked it!

Mariya was 01 october on The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

I liked the play very much, and me and my daughter (6,5 years). We were in this theater for the first time, we will definitely go again!

Elena was 03 may on On the green hills of the ocean ...

A good performance for children from 3 years old, about goodness, friendship and dreams. Shows even to young children the values ​​of friendship and how great it is to dream

Anna was 23 february on How I want happiness

February 23 were with a friend, laughed until tears. Got such a charge of positive energy! The most important thing is that there is no vulgarity and jokes below the baseboard, what many productions are sinning today and for many years. The actors played delightfully, naturally!

Andrey was 27 october on Cat in the Boots

Really liked it !! Thanks for the holiday!

Aleksey was 19 september on Cat in the Boots

Good afternoon! Attended this event on September 19 with the whole family. Had a great time! A good play of actors. A small hall that gives children the effect of participating in action. My daughter (5 years) really enjoyed it! The procedure of remote purchase of tickets is conveniently organized. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 10 march on By magic...

The most wonderful theater! It's interesting for everyone and adults and children! The actors play is amazing! !! Were the whole family. Children for 4 years very much very much. Let's go still

Irina was 10 may on Cat in the Boots

A delightful performance - like absolutely ALL children's performances in this theater! For my family, this theater was both a discovery and a godsend. Surprisingly beautiful and soulful young actors are laid out in every play for 100%, and children really feel it! This is the favorite performance of my children, they went themselves thrice and drove their friends-pogodkov. Children love the game A. Yushin, he is simply incomparable! Learn it in all the performances - look, this is the "same"! I also like that children's performances in this theater are very competently set in terms of time: children do not have time to get tired, at the most interesting point - an intermission. I recommend to all children and parents!

Svetlana was 13 october on By magic...

Your theater is the best! Actors were, as always, on top! Thanks for the holiday and good emotions!

Tat`yana was 13 october on By magic...

I liked the theater, the amazing play of actors, the child is delighted with the performance, we plan to come again.

Irina was 25 february on The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

Yesterday we were at Aladdin's Magic Lamp. A beautiful theater, an amazing performance! The actors play excellently! Jinn, SIMPLY GREAT !!!! Wonderfully spent time, unforgettable impressions! Thank you very much!!!

Ol`ga was 17 may on Cat in the Boots

We liked it, you had it for the first time. Children 8 and 6 years. Everything as we imagined. We'll have you again!

Irina was 11 march on By magic...

Yesterday we were at the play According to the pike command. A wonderful theater, a very cheerful and dynamic performance !! Tandem Rinat Miftyahov and Alexander Yushin chic! Charge positive for the whole day! Thank you very much!

Polina was 06 september on Cat in the Boots

Good performance. There is no delight from the production, but the children remembered, they sang songs, played games. This, perhaps, is the most important thing. The adults had an even calm impression. Ticket prices are quite attractive, the location is right for us and we will continue to watch performances in this theater.

Elena was 12 april on The Magic Lamp of Aladdin

The child really liked it! He's 5. Usually for 15-30 minutes before the end asks, when will this action end? I stayed 1,45 with interest, with questions, with pleasure. Maybe he is, maybe he really liked it. I also really liked it, gin is unmatched! Actors play for little spectators with full return! Even my husband did not doze off! Looked! Still come!

Vika was 19 april on By magic...

I liked children very much, thanks for the holiday! I was personally captivated by the game of actor Yushin.

Marina was 23 january on How I want happiness

We really enjoyed it! Delight, Thank you!

Irina was 09 may on By magic...

Excellent production, a delightful game of actors! But! Keep the track and music down! And the actors will sing with pleasure! Thank you! Children 4 and 5 years och.ponravilos!

Kseniya was 01 april on By magic...

A wonderful theater. Small cozy room. The performance itself is very funny, fun. My daughter was in love for 4.5 years, laughed at jokes. Thank you!

Natal`ya was 21 february on By magic...

A stunning performance! Musical, incendiary !! Thank you for having such a wonderful theater!

Mariya was 13 october on By magic...

Great performance! The son of 6 years was delighted! Dad - too. Thank you!

Marina was 23 january on How I want happiness

The actors played amazingly, the comedy was looking at one breath. The comedy touched on the topic of finding the love of a man and a woman at the age of forty, in the final scene I almost did not even cry ... Thanks to the actors for the wonderful performance !!!

Dmitriy was 20 april on On the green hills of the ocean ...

Thank you for a pleasant time! The performance was very popular both for parents and for the child! The child is delighted!

Pavel was 01 february on Cat in the Boots

Thank you, the children liked it.

Svetlana was 14 february on How I want happiness

Were with friends on February 14 - a very pleasant evening turned out. On the one hand, it's a very light and laid-back thing for a pleasant pastime, but sometimes it makes you feel sorry for the heroes who are trying to arrange their personal life in 40 years, but at the same time the burden of the past always tries to "spoil everything". Thanks to the actors they played? No, they lived on stage - great! Yes, I would like to say a special thanks to the staff of this theater for their easy, relaxed - home atmosphere and a very friendly attitude. This is also very important, not for nothing there is a saying "the theater starts with a hanger." Spent a wonderful evening with friends, Thank you! I recommend to see)))

Al`bina was 12 october on How I want happiness

A wonderful performance! Thank you very much for the excellent game)

Vera was 03 may on On the green hills of the ocean ...

Thanks to the troupe and the theater administration for a great time! The organization and the performance itself pleased the little spectator.

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