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Chamber music theater "St. Petersburg Opera"

Feedbacks from viewers
Ludmila was 03 december on Pagliacci

Very beautiful, chamber theater! Excellent performance, live orchestra, good voices, great music! I strongly recommend! If you rarely go to the opera, then this is a great option to get started and love.

Mariya was 07 march on Concert "All About Love"

The concert is super! Thank you!

Natalia was 06 february on Concert "Favorite melodies"

Everything is great thanks

Tat`yana was 11 february on Concert "Favorite melodies"

Talented people in the appropriate environment - a pleasure!

Natial`ya was 01 december on Betrothal in a Monastery

Hello, unfortunately we left after the first act. Counted on the classic genre. Did not like. Excuse me. Were at you on Elena then very much it was pleasant! We will definitely come again!

Tamara was 21 october on Premiere "Not only love!"

Yesterday, the company visited the opera "Not only love." For rural life. For a long time so did not laugh! Do not think that from the sowing, drinking moonshine and other village joys, you can make an opera! Sumptuously! Especially liked the choreography. A wonderful plasticity. Actors just lived on the stage. I say, as a connoisseur - I grew up on the collective farm just at this time. Many thanks for the good humor! There, and there is something to learn from youth. Here's where the real passion, and not on sites on the Internet!

Dinara was 27 december on Lucia di Lammermoor

Thank you for the performance, contrast, in excellent performance. Until next time! Success in everything!

Olechka was 11 april on Rigoletto

Very grateful! The actress who played the daughter of Rigoletto performed the party beautifully. The party of Rigoletto and the Duke was also impressed. Stunning music and costumes. From the minuses: it was necessary to make subtitles, or in Russian. Then they became more deeply imbued with the drama of the scenes. Many thanks for the pleasure!

Arthur Dent was 13 october on Lucia di Lammermoor

It was great. Thank you.

Irina was 02 november on Concert "Ien Melodies"

A good concert. Sorry, there was no access to the Moorish drawing room

Ludmila was 15 march on The palace extravaganza

Unfortunately, unfortunately

Tat`yana was 23 february on Beautiful Elena

Very good!!!

Natal`ya was 23 march on Beautiful Elena

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening)))))

Ol`ga was 21 december on Beautiful Elena

Good afternoon, your theater is beautiful and cozy, and the performance is unforgettable. Thank you for the convenient service of buying tickets through the Internet and reminders of the performance. Everything is at a high level! Thank you!

Natalia was 07 january on Beautiful Elena

The performance is magnificent. Thank you for the wonderful mood delivered by the excellent actors, brilliant vocals, witty production. But the barmaid is too concerned about her rightness, and not that the customers were happy.

Vera was 21 december on Beautiful Elena

Magnificent theater, art director, conductor orchestra, choir and of course soloists. I liked everything very much, visited your website, very informative, the history of the theater is interesting, the history of the building, if I succeed, I will definitely visit, I came from Chelyabinsk. I wish you success and endless enthusiasm. Sincerely. Istomina Vera Yurevna

Irina was 03 november on Beautiful Elena

Thank you, I liked it very much!

Arthur Dent was 30 march on Bohemia

Wonderful statement. I liked both me and my companion. Thank you.

Anna was 09 april on The Bat

It's just a holiday! Sparkling, easy, elegant setting! The director does not pass the line of decency, does not turn the performance into a farce, than many theaters now sin. They sing great, the conductor is wonderful. In general, there are no words, some emotions. Separate attention deserves the building of the opera, itself a muzyen exhibit. In general, the best choice is to spend a nice evening, when you just want to relax and cheer up.

Alla was 06 october on The Bat

A great game of actors, director's decision interesting. Were delighted

Tat`yana was 26 jule on The evening of the Russian romance

GREAT!!! Very nice impression of both the concert and the theater!

Larisa was 06 june on Yearning

Have been at your theater for the first time. Wonderful execution. Bravo!

Marina was 15 june on Eugene Onegin

Liked the very room

Liliya was 29 march on Gala concert "VIVA STRAUS"

Divine! Magnificent orchestra, incredibly charismatic conductor, beautiful voices of soloists. We are delighted!

Minihan was 01 may on Eugene Onegin

Thank you for the pleasure you brought from Tchaikovsky's wonderful music and vocal performance!

Karina was 22 march on The Bat

Thank you. Not bad, but expected more.

El`za was 14 february on Don Juan

Thank you for the pleasure! I look forward to future meetings!

Ira was 28 june on La Traviata

Visited the opera Traviatta in the chic theater of St. Petersburg Opera, a wonderful team, and the theater simply - magic. Miniature casket in the Baroque style .. A small hall, but you sit and as if you participate in the presentation .. Attentive service personnel, responsive and talented leaders. Tickets bought at, very convenient and fast, in the future I will use this service. And who will come to St. Petersburg must visit this wonderful theater ..

Ekaterina was 10 may on The Bat

Visited the "Bat" in this theater for the second time. In general, the performance really liked. The orchestra (as always in this theater) is simply magnificent. The musical pause in the second act is beautiful - it immerses completely in the wonderful world of music of Strauss. In the first act, the voices of Henry (V. Kalmykov), Falk (D. Akhmetshin) and Adele (S. Arzumanov) were slightly weak. But they just sang beautifully Rosalind (E. Tikhonova), Alfred (D. Zakirov) and Frank (E. Baev). In the second act all somehow got drunk, and everything in the vocal plan became good. The regulars of the theater, especially the fans of "Beautiful Elena", certainly will be very pleased with the appearance of Nikolai Mikhalsky (Kalhas), together with the thunder of heaven. A bit embarrassed the video of the insertion of the second act. It does not fit very well into the rest of the play, does not give that gloomy foreboding, which (as I understood) the director wanted to create.

Ilona was 02 february on La Traviata

Thank you! Everything was amazing!

Andrey was 26 january on Pagliacci

Opera categorically liked the game of actors and opera singing at altitude, without too much pathos, pure, lively creativity.

Natal`ya was 19 january on Yearning

Thank you for the opera!

Mihail was 10 january on Gala concert "VIVA STRAUS"

Great, great concert! A powerful charge of positive. Valkov burns!

Margarita was 06 january on Gala concert "VIVA STRAUS"

Everything was fine, thank you very much! One problem is not very good ventilation, there were a lot of people and it's hard to breathe in the varieties of spirits :-)

Irina was 10 january on Gala concert "VIVA STRAUS"

Many thanks, we really enjoyed it!

Margarita was 06 january on Gala concert "VIVA STRAUS"

A beautiful concert, fairy-tale music by Strauss, and the conductor and orchestra are simply unmatched! I will definitely come again to St. Petersburg Opera!

Larisa was 06 january on Gala concert "VIVA STRAUS"

Thank you for a wonderful evening! A wonderful orchestra with an amazing, delightful conductor!

Andrey was 04 december on Gala concert "VIVA MOZART"


Ludmila was 23 october on Gala concert "VIVA STRAUS"


Maria was 02 november on Pagliacci


Loskutovle was 20 october on Masterpieces of world classics

The concert really liked

Ol`ga was 29 december on La Traviata

Huge thanks ha enjoyed pleasure! We were 3 generations, everyone is delighted with the votes! Happy New Year!

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