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You can not marry

Feedbacks from viewers
Marina was 14 february on You can not marry

A wonderful performance and good feelings are guaranteed. Director Roman Shumilov has created a wonderful atmosphere. I wish him a visit to the whole family. The comedy and life situations are woven into a wonderful play. The choreography of the play and the decision of the performance are made cool and easy. If there is a desire to get a good mood from a wonderful performance , Then you here !!!

Dar`ya was 09 december on You can not marry

Already as a year I'm familiar with this wonderful performance) Two hours of positive will charge every spectator with energy, for a whole week for sure)) Every time you come as the first, because a wonderful actor, and the director of this performance, Roman Shumilov adds something new, interesting) Therefore, not to come to "get married can not part" is impossible!)) Thanks to Roman, for this wonderful project!)

Anna was 09 december on You can not marry

I really, really liked it. I relaxed my soul, as, indeed, the whole audience, the actors played SHIKARLY, I had never before seen a performance comparable to that. Everything is fine. I would go again with great pleasure. Thank you very much to Roman Shumilov for the work done.

Ya was 18 april on You can not marry

Roman Shumilov)) thank you very much from our family☺️🙊🙈 for this wonderful evening👍🏼😎 on Theater Day on March 27, 2016 you made us a wonderful gift☺️🎭 it was cool👍🏼 we laughed heartily and we laughed with laughter Belly and tears flowed 'well done!' 😎

Ul`yana was 27 march on You can not marry

The other day I saw the play "You can not get married". The performance demonstrates a situation that is often encountered in our life. People do not trust each other, do not appreciate and do not hear each other. Roman Shumilov, the director of this performance, decided to show just such a story, adding a lot of humor, thereby letting the viewer understand that it's easier to treat such situations in life. Also, I would like to note the professional play of actors, especially Roman himself (he participates in the production and plays one of the main characters). I advise everyone to see this performance, who wants to have fun and carefree time, and also to escape from everyday problems.

Alina was 27 march on You can not marry

I watched the play about the vital problems, told in an easy and humorous way. This is definitely a modern production, where not just the action takes place in our time-the construction of the plot and the visual techniques, charisma of the characters and their humor-everything looks actual. By itself, the performance looks easy, allows you to relax and with a smile to pass the time.

Sergey was 15 february on You can not marry

Good afternoon! I liked the performance. This is really a comedy of sorts :) The first act was particularly pleased, however, the second act is underdeveloped, boring. In the second act there was nothing sensible. Crumpled end, not deployed. I propose to re-play the second act: be quicker and finish off quickly with the parsing of flights and add a story, for example, as the Dancer and Dima have muddled the novel :) It is necessary to sum up, the main character never said that she likes Grisha. It is necessary to add some touching note in the end, show passion, feel that there is a lot of nonsense in life, but if you love, nothing will destroy this love, especially misunderstanding. And instead they had a crumpled and torn off finale. But I repeat that I was satisfied :) :) :) the performance is good, the actors are super! Easy and clockwork, not tedious. The fact that I wrote this on 5, and then that is also not bad! I can recommend :) go! .

Oksana was 01 april on You can not marry

Sparkling humor, an excellent game of actors and a talented production - all this about the play of Roman Shumilov "You can not get married"! I watched 2 times, I'll go and the third! A guaranteed two-hour fun awaits you! Thanks for the vivid impressions to everyone who created this masterpiece!

Valeriya was 31 january on You can not marry

Was at the play 2 times (there will be an opportunity) I go a lot more, many times! Positiff, you are provided with a good mood, and not only for one evening, but at least a week of cheerfulness .......! Laugh to tears and pain in the stomachs .. I want to thank the actors, for the amazing game and separately Roman Shumilov ..... We are waiting for new performances ..... THANKS, THANKS, THANKS (sorry here you can not leave smiles, I think I know how Would look look "mute reproach";)) now I periodically use it in life;)))

Elena was 11 march on You can not marry

Good evening! Dear spectators)) Was at the play on March 11, 16 in the House of Vysotsky. I really wanted to share my ecstatic emotions about the performance. To say thank you to the actors of this enchanting, sparkling action. Having bought tickets, she wanted to give gifts to her friends by March 8) fled, were late, broke into the theater. Have sat down! And In one breath, with a smile, looked at the first sight of such an ordinary story, in which they saw themselves, others, their acquaintances a little)), parallels were perfectly drawn, without the pretentious vulgarity, which is so much now in the modern theater. The plot is perfectly arranged, there are no protracted and absurd pauses. Absolute classics of human relations, which is shown with humor, an excellent game, giving actors the language of our contemporaries. My applause to you))) Bravo !!!!!!

Oksana was 01 april on You can not marry

Sparkling humor, brilliant actors and excellent director's work - all this about the play of Roman Shumilov "You can not get married"! If you want to get vivid impressions and a positive attitude for at least the next week - to you here! 2 times I sat in the auditorium and go the third! Thanks to the actors and the director for the opportunity to relax and think at the same time!

Vera was 09 january on You can not marry

I watched the play "I can not get married" twice: 18.11.15 and 09.01.16 ... And it's not accidental, because the impressions are the most wonderful! The performance is a powerful antidepressant. Bad mood, fatigue, anxiety go away without a trace. The cast is laid out 100%. The remarkable works of Ilya Alekseev, Maria Kulik, Roman Shumilov and Maria Slastnenkova. A well-knit cast of actors ... It is evident that they like the material they are playing, and therefore they perform their roles with great pleasure and get high from it .. The action develops dynamically and sparkly. I never got a situation when I would become bored, or I would look hopefully at the clock .... On the contrary, I wanted this performance to continue and continue .. I was pleased to learn that Roman Shumilov, the performer of the role of Dima, also The director of this performance. He managed to do the impossible: with an abundance of jokes and ridiculous scenes in the play, there is not a gram of vulgarity ... Nowadays, unfortunately, this is rare .. (((Thank you Roman for this performance! Director's work! Do not deny yourself the pleasure! Take a look !. Zaryazhde Positive and good mood!

Ol`ga was 11 march on You can not marry

I thought the show would be different. Stronger than that (judging by the description). I did NOT see the depth of the conflict, the desperation, maybe what I expected to see after reading the review. Before the trip I saw an interview with Roman Shumilov. In the interview, he said that the end is ambiguous (including this bribed me), although the final is quite understandable without incompleteness. Nevertheless, the performance, I liked and I did not regret that I came to see it. I especially liked the actor who played Grisha. Straight got used to his character. And I danced well. Intermission, by the way, is. At least, 11/03/2016 was (and it's good!).

Elena was 01 april on You can not marry

If your family ship has stumbled on a strand or reef or you are just preparing to swim in the waves of family life, do not rush like rats to flee the ship or postpone the wedding because of a misunderstanding. It is better to swim to the theatrical shore, where the play takes place. You can not get married. Believe you will spend an unforgettable evening with new friends. Laughter and joy, positive emotions treat the soul, warm the heart. And misunderstanding and problems takes away true humor and funny jokes and chips. And life will sparkle with new colors and words of love and forgiveness will come and will sound in your hearts. LOVE and TRUST are ruling the world! They say all ingenious - it's easy! The performance is brilliant thanks to the amazing idea of ​​the director Roman Shumilov and his excellent team.

Mariya was 01 april on You can not marry

If you are going to this performance, then this is the most beautiful idea! :) A wonderful production, an amazing play of actors, very well delivered! A couple of hours of good mood for you. I laughed until I cried!)) Thanks to the great actors and director for having a great time !!!!!

Elena was 09 january on You can not marry

The performance is fantastic !!! My friend and I laughed until I fell))) Oh, this "smart house", Stas Mikhailov, an actor of extras and a learned friend))) how sometimes it is not enough to destroy someone's life ... And how much time sometimes goes into Emptiness because of pride / principles ... Sometimes, in our life there are "little misunderstandings", the main thing is not to lose a sense of humor and not rush to conclusions. Many thanks to Roman Shumilov and his team for the evening! We will definitely go again and again)))

Elena was 15 february on You can not marry

15.02.16. Vysotsky's center on Taganka. Evening. Lanterns. The theater foyer is warm and cozy with smiles and a festive atmosphere. But this, my friends, is a lyrical digression! Last call and here it is the magic of reincarnation. Improvisation is a breath of wonderful coffee in a cozy French cafe. Improvisation is the freshness of the Paris morning and the silence of the old streets. Improvisation is the secret of Montmartre and the fragrance of violets. Improvisation is the ease of understanding and wonderful journey of hearts. And all this is a wonderful project by Roman Shumilov.

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