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Moscow Jewish Theater "Shalom"

Feedbacks from viewers
Donnie was 06 january on Pirates vs New Year

Received only positive emotions from the performance. For those who have not yet visited and have already moved away from the New Year's tables, I highly recommend)

Irina was 15 april on Cat Leopold

Were with children, were delighted! The children watched in one breath, a very cheerful and kind performance! We will visit more!

Irina was 15 april on Love with obstacles

Great performance! I would also like to see with another composition, where Anastasia Akatova plays! So we go again on April 20 for a performance!

Dilya was 13 march on Bad Jews. Forecasting

Were with a friend at the play. I liked it, it makes me think about life, about how we behave in certain life circumstances.

Marina was 21 november on Stuffed fish with garnish

I watched "Stuffed Fish" twice - no words! Sumptuously! I'm not Jewish, but I cry and laugh with delight! I confess my love to the Shalom theater! It creates a feeling of real living art, a friendly and warm concert with beautiful dances, melodious Jewish songs, sparkling Jewish anecdotes. A.S.Levenbuk, as always young, smart, funny. Anecdotes in his performance become a true work of art. Alexander Semenovich every time creates a miracle, involving the audience in the action of the play. The entire hall sings along with the artists, who deserve great praise and awards. I am fascinated by Olga Greenstein; warms the soul and heals from a bad mood. Evgeny Valevich - man-fireworks. Mikhail Evtyukhov is an amazing singer with a beautiful voice. A real cultural holiday!

Marina was 20 november on Bad Jews. Forecasting

Pleasant impression of the game artists, young, energetic, mobile. Emotionally and brightly set dances. I learned a lot of curious from the stories and traditions of Jewry.

Marina was 19 november on Cat Leopold

For the first time with the family were in the theater, which is located in the shopping center! An interesting idea, although in MEGA and very noisy for this. But here the headphones are really given out, everything is heard much better in them and the outside sounds are almost not audible! The performance about Kotop Leopold really liked - and my husband and I even more than my daughter) We grew up on this cartoon, and she is on Simpsons and Cold Heart) Respect the theater for our Soviet classics!

Marina was 16 november on Love with obstacles

I really liked the performance. Easy comedy about love and family relationships, without any modern vulgarity.

Marina was 16 november on Bad Jews. Forecasting

"Bad Jews" is that traditions should not be turned into soulless rituals. But it’s also impossible to lose touch with your culture! The heroes of the play, like all of us in the modern world, are trying to decide: to remain a person of their culture and faith, or simply to be a person who can hear another. Look and decide on whose side you are!

Marina was 08 november on Operation "Tralee-Vali" or Conspiracy Shapoklyak

Many thanks to the theater for staging children's performances. A performance for a children's audience of 4-6.5 years old, but before the performance it is necessary to show the child cartoons of Soviet times - “Well, wait a minute!”, “Cheburashka”, “Bremen Town Musicians”. And then the question from the stage about fairy-tale heroes is answered: "Spiderman and Ninja Turtles.")))

Elena was 12 october on Operation "Tralee Vali" Or Shapoklyak Conspiracy

I liked it, a good game, smart Shapoklyak, Carlson like a real one, I liked the costumes, ideal for children 4-6 years old. You can only a little shorter or start early. Very comfortable theater. Thank!!

Natal`ya was 12 october on Operation "Tralee Vali" Or Shapoklyak Conspiracy

Thank you very much to everyone who gave us this holiday today! The child was delighted and told the whole day about the play!

El`keys was 17 november on Operation "Tralee Vali" Or Shapoklyak Conspiracy

Were with a child of 4.5 years. For the first time the little girl spent the whole show. And we attend various events at least once every 2 weeks. Never sat out before the first intermission, did not like her. The theater itself has a very cozy, homely and pleasant atmosphere. Will definitely be back with both the child and her husband. Sincerely, Mayra.

Natalia was 06 october on Operation "Tralee Vali" Or Shapoklyak Conspiracy

I liked everything very much for adults and children. Be sure to come again.

Diana was 19 october on My Kosher Lady

The performance is just a miracle! My whole family is delighted, so many jokes, so many scenes, the bow to the actors. The brightest there, of course, is Victoria Tarasova, Svetlana Svibilskaya also played well) Get off! You will not regret!

Alena was 19 october on Bad Jews. Forecasting

Were at the premiere. Wonderful performance! And they laughed and mourned. Young actors played with fire. The performance of the play is professional! I highly recommend spending the evening with humor and in a warm atmosphere!

Dina was 16 october on Bad Jews. Forecasting

I will leave my review of the play "Bad Jews." Honestly, I have not seen anything like this lately. Despite the minor flaws, the performance left an impression of a very relevant and true story about the freedom to choose who you should be - a Jew, an American, a Russian, a Chinese ... And both sides are right - those who are for national traditions and others who want to leave this choice for a. Huge respect to director V.Vitols and young artists, especially Anton Schwartz!

Natal`ya was 16 october on And the third penguin in the suitcase

The performance of the biblical story with musical numbers (there was even a ballet number, dance of the dove on pointe). I liked the scenery and costumes, nothing superfluous. In some places it was funny, sometimes sad and instructive. The child remembers the musical scenes from the play and sings at home -) It seems to me that the play is suitable for children from 5-6 years old, but it would be good to get acquainted in advance with the legend of Noah and the Flood.

Natal`ya was 16 october on Operation "Tralee-Vali" or Conspiracy Shapoklyak

The plot is very simple, but the performance is staged. But most importantly - sparkling humor. My son laughed so much that he almost fell off the chair literally))). The actors play great, with dedication. If sometimes there is a feeling of playing "to dismiss" at children's performances, then there is not even a hint of this. Actors are great! The son was sitting, did not take his eyes off the stage.

Visitor was 23 february on And the third penguin in the suitcase

Incredible idea, very subtly beaten theme of faith in God, friendship, morality! And most importantly - incredibly complex topics are uncovered in a language understandable to children! My 5-year-old daughter is delighted with the theater Shalom, we go to the performances already in the second round and we are looking forward to the premiere! Victoria and Nikula

Boris was 23 february on And the third penguin in the suitcase

Thank you, everything was great!

Anna was 23 february on And the third penguin in the suitcase


Dmitriy was 13 jule on Stuffed fish with garnish

I always did not find the Jewish culture particularly attractive, it did not come close to it. And then they called to Shalom (as they say on the site, the only professional Jewish theater in the country) to the concert of the Jewish song. The songs were performed in Hebrew, Yiddish, and even in the Spanish dialect of Ladino. Bright, epic, but in moderation, unobtrusively - I liked both me and my friend. For those who are interested, I recommend starting an acquaintance with Jewish culture from this concert - you will get a lot of positive emotions.

Dmitriy was 20 april on Love with obstacles

A classic story about Romeo and Juliet, as if it was written in our days in Russia! That's only in the new version of the problem in young people is not in the confrontation of families, but in the national dislike (or vice versa, mutual attraction) of Russians and Jews! The performance is easy, at one time, no more, but it turned out quite fun and comical! I advise you to raise your spirits!

Dmitriy was 20 april on Bad Jews. Forecasting

Young heroes divide the inheritance - not houses and lands, but a small cheap talisman that their grandfather carried through the death camps. This is the tie! And the play itself is extremely controversial! The audience was delighted and did not want to release actors from the stage for a long time. But there were also those who left the intermission. And in vain! Because unlike the slightly tightened first act, the second turned out to be more dynamic, and the ending was unexpected and powerful.

Il`ya was 20 march on Bad Jews. Forecasting

"Bad Jews" - something very fresh, young, keen in the repertoire of Shalom. I, frankly, came out after the performance with a sense of delight. And even some of the shortcomings in the drama and inexperience of the actors did not spoil my impression! We live today in this world, where we can finally be completely free of religions, nationalities and traditions. But at the same time, we can - almost for the first time in history - openly believe in what is sacred to us. And be, without hesitation, for example, the same Jew! This is a unique time of freedom and any opportunities in which the characters of "Bad Jews" live, ordinary Americans, each of whom decides to become a citizen of the world or to come to the origins of the culture of their ancestors. "In the end, it does not matter whether you are Jewish or not, we are all people," says one of the heroines of the play. - What? - resents her opponent in the dispute. - The fact that I'm Jewish is the only thing that matters to me!

Ludmila was 26 january on Madame Rosa

According to the play by Nikolai Kolyada, who in turn shifted the famous book of Romain Gary. A very uneasy, deep, delicate performance about the fact that you can choose your own way, and sexual orientation, and a decent departure from life .... Definitely liked! Worthy for such a theater!

Polina was 26 january on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

Unfortunately, I wrote the last review not to that performance, to "Love with obstacles," instead. I'm getting better. Was on "Paul-New York to me now relatives" several years ago, when still Shalom played on Falcon. A warm, naive musical about the same problems that worry us and now - money and conscience! It is a pity that young people do not go to such performances. Theater Shalom, I confess to you in love again!))))

Polina was 24 january on Love with obstacles

About three years ago was at the play, when still Shalom played on Falcon. A warm, naive musical about the same problems that worry us and now - money and conscience! It is a pity that young people do not go to such performances. Theater Shalom, I confess to you in love!

Polina was 24 january on Love with obstacles

Strange feeling that we were watching different performances! Or simply you are not a fan of satire and take it too literally! And why did you even go to the Jewish theater if you treat this culture with prejudice? The performance is light, sympathetic, non-committal, it ridicules the negative sides of both nationalities, and the heroes are depicted, of course, exaggerated, in accordance with widespread stereotypes about both Russians and Jews. About this and the performance is the same! I wish everyone more to smile and love each other, regardless of the 5th column)

Marina was 23 january on Stuffed fish with garnish

Cheerful, easy and fervent performance! Artists sing in Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew, in English - a wide range! In general, I like ethnic music and dances, especially oriental, so I enjoyed the concert. Would go and the second time, because they say that time after time the program changes.

Aleksey was 20 november on Defrosted

I really liked the play. Good actors, maybe a little unsuccessfully picked grandfather. Oldish, in my opinion. According to the play, he must be quite young. The rest is fine. Very nice and kind play. The theater is also very pleased with its coziness and intimacy.

Elena was 17 november on Defrosted

I really liked the play. Visited your theater after a trip to Israel this summer. I am Russian, but I was interested in the traditions and way of life of the Jewish people. Very subtle humor, a symbiosis of different cultures and religions. Brilliant play of actors. Has already purchased tickets for the play "My Kosher Lady." I think that I will become your constant spectator.

Anfisa was 09 february on Defrosted

Thanks to the theater for the cozy entourage and excellent premiere :) The performance looks at one go, and most importantly - comical and witty! toda slave :)

Margarita was 20 october on Defrosted

The performance is beautiful! Thanks to the actors for their love of their work !!!

Marina was 02 march on Defrosted

culture and traditions are reflected very clearly, perhaps somewhat exaggerated, but it is clear even to the uninitiated + the irony and the performance turned out to be just class! thanks to all the actors for the game!

Ol`ga was 09 february on Defrosted

The performance was very pleased, but there was a feeling that there was not enough spark, incendiary. Very pleased with the game Marta. We love your theater, we will visit it again with pleasure.

Irina was 11 january on Love with obstacles

I went with my husband to this play. I did not like it at all. Problems in the play and did not see, so there was a feeling that wasting time and money. The story is this, a Jewish girl fell in love with a Russian guy. And in every family, Jewish and Russian solve this problem, how to be. A one-sided view of families. The Jewish family is clean and intelligent, whereas in Russian eternal cries, the wife is wearing hair curlers in her hair, and her husband eating a porridge with a ladle right from the pan. It's good that the quilted jackets are not worn. As soon as I saw that the actors from the same family, dressed up, and played characters from the Russian family, I realized that the string would not be interesting. The result is this, if a Russian goes to visit a Jew, one must dress a suit more decently. But why be surprised? The director is a Jew and a Jewish theater.

Liliya was 01 november on Defrosted

Shalom.spasibo you great! the play is piercing. And humor and truth. True jewels that pass through the ages - kindness, faith, love. They went with her husband, already shared their impressions with the big Tatar family. The old people always liked the performance, they always say - teach customs!

Sendelmari was 14 february on Defrosted

Very pleased! We will definitely come again!

Visitor was 17 november on Defrosted

Thank you for the interesting staging and the game. I liked both adults and children. The cozy cozy atmosphere ... the smell of coffee ... the attentive staff ... Super !!!

Asya was 15 april on Love with obstacles

Not a bad performance, but, to be honest, they expected more old Jewish humor. In principle, the performance was stretched Grigory Kaganovich and Margarita Vishnyakova, they are very thankful for the game.

Ludmila was 06 october on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

The performance is very funny, musical, charming, even my husband liked it, although he is not a theatergoer and drag him to the play - hard work!))))! Perfectly transferred atmosphere of picturesque New York street of the beginning of the last century .... Thanks to the Shalom Theater and the House of Scientists!

Eva was 21 february on My Kosher Lady

Everything is fine, thank you very much! Beautiful humor and music, talented charismatic actors. Very soulful! :)

Marina was 13 february on My Kosher Lady

really liked the view! guys super! a sea of ​​positive emotions, thank you!

Ol`ga was 27 november on My Kosher Lady

There were several times at this performance. Very nravitsya.Yumor good.Soviet to go!

Elena was 27 november on My Kosher Lady

Great production! Continue in the same spirit.

Andrey was 13 february on My Kosher Lady

Thank you. We enjoyed watching the performance! Pleasant atmosphere, magnificent actors and laughter from the heart :))

Ekaterina was 18 december on My Kosher Lady

Just a wonderful performance! Thank you very much!

Uriy was 10 april on My Kosher Lady

A wonderful performance, I want it not to end. Beautiful actors, especially Uncle Ben and Aidysh's mother-in-law.

Elizaveta was 13 may on My Kosher Lady

Recently was on "Kosher". At the entrance to the small hall immediately creates a cozy, friendly atmosphere, which can not but rejoice. The performance is very musical: the actors sing and dance a lot, doing it with incredible fervor. In "My Kosher Lady" a lot of both normal humor and humor on religious topics (the second much more). After all, the main theme of the play is faith, the conflict of two religions, which is very correctly shown in "Kosher". The end of the story, even if it seems predictable, is still very unexpected, and is revealed only at the very end of the play. In general, the performance is the same, and humor, and lyrics. Some moments will make one think: "Is it right that in our life the question of which religion a person professes is too acute?", "Is it necessary for people who profess different religions to disperse?", "Is it because of what is it that the life of a person can change? ". The performance is full of unexpected and bright moments, although at the same time it shows a story that can happen to each of us. And if in your life there is a question: "To love?". Of course yes. Whatever happened in your life, give bright feelings to the closest person. Love should live, no matter what !!!

Ol`ga was 10 april on My Kosher Lady

Bernard Shaw "Pygmalion" on Jewish themes. I thought it would be more interesting and funnier. The only thing, Uncle Ben is gorgeous, he's funny with his one look and the right accent)))

Marina was 13 october on My Kosher Lady

This is a wonderful performance! I recommend to everyone! Looks at one go, the play of actors is impeccable. Thank you very much for the pleasure!

Alena was 27 november on My Kosher Lady

Very much! Thank you very much !!! With pleasure we will come again !!!)))

Ayna was 21 february on My Kosher Lady

Thank you very much !!!!!

Dar`ya was 13 october on My Kosher Lady

Excellent performance! We are delighted! Thanks to the theater Shalom!

Cvetlana was 27 march on My Kosher Lady

Everything is very chic! I want to review all your repertoire!

Mariya was 21 february on My Kosher Lady

Super, very pleased!

Ol`ga was 10 october on My Kosher Lady

Excellent! A lot of positive! I liked it very much! THANK YOU!

Natal`ya was 24 november on Cat Leopold

Everything is great. If there were cushions on the chairs for the youngest, it would be generally super!

Elena was 23 november on Cat Leopold

The child (5 years) really liked the performance (and me, too). Colorful, musical, the actors played perfectly! It was fun and interesting. The hall is small, the chairs are located comfortably, even the stools on the chairs are given for the children to be seen better. And in the end, the children talked a little with Leopold, photographed. (In my opinion it will be interesting for children 3-6 years old). We still must go to this theater.

Irinp was 08 february on Cat Leopold

The show was very popular

Irina was 16 november on Cat Leopold

On Saturday (16.11.2013) were at this show with his son (3 years 2 months). I sat through all the two acts. I watched enthusiastically, clapped my hands, smiled and laughed. This was the first visit to the theater and the first big performance. I liked it very much! The kid is asking to go to the theater) The actors were magnificent! They were persuasive and interacted with the audience, turned to the small audience, and they answered with joy! At one of these moments, Grandma Kota asked the audience: "Where is Leopold?" Most of the children shouted "I do not know!", But I noted the answer: "He was eaten!" And Grandma also asked: "How did you eat ?!" Thank you for the sea of ​​positive emotions!

Stanislav was 22 december on Cat Leopold

The child liked everything. With pleasure we will visit you again. Thank you.

Tatyana was 14 december on Cat Leopold

A good musical performance. The children looked at it in one breath, although the play consists of 2 acts and I was afraid that the youngest child, who is not yet 3 and 3 years old, will begin to be capricious. My fears were in vain, both children watched what was happening as spellbound! But the intermission was short, so you can not eat the cake calmly from the cupboard)))) well, it can be justified for the children's performance.

Galina was 01 december on Cat Leopold

Thank you very much, it was very fun! Especially liked the grandmother Liapolda!)))

Natalia was 08 december on Cat Leopold

Liked, but a little less than the operation of the trawl shaft. Thank you.

Anna was 25 january on Cat Leopold

A wonderful performance! Lovely artists, an interesting story, a lot of musical numbers, beautiful scenery. I liked very much, thank you very much!

Svetlana was 30 march on Cat Leopold

The play consists of 2 departments. In my opinion this is a lot for the child. The first department was almost entirely under the script of the cartoon, and it was interesting for the child. Mice, the cat Leopold - all this was so childishly fascinating and entertaining. The scenery is colorful. Leopold's cat and mice played perfectly. I do not know why it was necessary to do the second branch. Grandmother Leopold cat seemed to play for adults, not for children. The second branch was tight and boring, and in my opinion somehow did not fit into the children's script.

Irina was 06 april on Cat Leopold

Today (06/04/2013) for the first time visited the theater "Shalom" in the play "Cat Leopold". We liked! Went with a child (3.9) and with a nephew (10 years) - the children came out happy, the whole performance sang along and danced) We will come with pleasure to you again!

Andrey was 22 december on Cat Leopold

The play liked the child, we will definitely come again! Thank you!

Ekaterina was 24 november on Cat Leopold

I went with my son for 6 years, happy! The performance is based on a book that has been re-read several times. I liked the performance of actors, especially mice. Thanks to the theater for a good time.

Elena was 24 november on Cat Leopold

Thank you, the child liked it. Very lively and kind.

Irina was 03 november on Cat Leopold

Terrific !!!?

Aleksandr was 16 november on Cat Leopold


Andrey was 14 may on Change me, Tsilya!

I was really pleased to see good artists on stage and their game. Even my companion liked it, and that says a lot! Thanks you!

Ivan was 14 may on Change me, Tsilya!

Expect more. Joy from visiting unfortunately was not. Ivan.

Nina was 22 february on Change me, Tsilya!

We are totally ecstatic, Jewish humor is simply stunning, so delicate and clockwork. Good luck and new wonderful performances!

Ol`ga was 22 february on Change me, Tsilya!

I really liked the performance! A wonderful cast and a game! The only thing I would like more music. THANKS!

Polina was 31 october on Change me, Tsilya!

A wonderful performance! Looks at one go. Worthy jokes!

Marina was 22 february on Change me, Tsilya!

Got a lot of fun. The performance is cheerful and optimistic. Thank you! Buying tickets online is very convenient. Be sure to visit your theater again.

Margarita was 14 april on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

A great play of actors. Wonderful statement. The whole family received a lot of positive emotions. Thanks to the theater Shalom and the company!

Mariya was 28 february on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

Thanks to the director of the play and the actors for the amazing game! We were delighted and had a pleasant time! I am sure that now we will return to this theater many times in order to enjoy the home atmosphere, comfort and warmth of the Shalom Theater.

Visitor was 19 january on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

From the performance were a great pleasure. There were a whole family and a good charge of optimism and humor will help us beneficially. Obviously we will be on interesting performances. In all cases, the team is good luck and success. With respect. All the spectators of my family.

Ann was 02 february on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

The play was pleasant, interesting and instructive. Your theater, discovered for yourself in the first, we think now we will be a constant spectator.

Svetlana was 30 november on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

I really liked it!!! I'm your constant spectator!

Anna was 30 november on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

I liked the performance. Subtle humor without national "excesses." All jokes are very tactful. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 19 october on Paul New York Me Now Rodney

Thank you very much for your positive energy, for the wonderful performance of the actors. We are delighted, really liked the performance, let him take you for another 20 years!

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