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Modern Theater of Antreprises

Feedbacks from viewers
Tazegul` was 05 october on Carnival Night

Great acting game. Thank you for the good mood. Julia Rutberg educational!

El`vira was 05 october on Carnival Night

If you want to relax and have fun, then this performance is for you. The actors' game is charming. Unwinding the intrigue, for intrigue increases the attention and interest in the plot. Thanks a lot to the actors for a talented game. Bravo !!!

Daniil was 30 august on Tempter

We went to the play on August 29, 18. The artists are certainly good, the whole impression is favorable. Aronova clever, charisma car. But who goes exclusively to the comedy must take into account that the second act, lyrical, is not a bit ridiculous. Keep in mind.

Svetlana was 28 august on MISERIA

We went with a friend to the play. Have remained autumn happy! The game of actors is unmatched. I love Spivakovsky, he plays as always on top. Dobrovolskaya did not disappoint. Bravo to the actors! Interesting, exciting. Have left under impression. I recommend to everyone.

Galina was 07 august on Stranger

Were with my husband on April 22. A wonderful performance, a great game of actors. We were very satisfied.

Irina was 30 jule on Two on a swing

We watched the play "Two on a swing." Well spent evening! Despite the dramatic nature of the ending, the play leaves no bitterness. A bright aftertaste from a wonderful game of actors and sparkling humor! I think you will not regret it! Worth seeing!

Inessa was 19 jule on Tempter

She invited her friend to the show on 17 July 18, luring Aronov, Spivakovsky, Feklistov with bright names. The actors' performance was magnificent, they enjoyed it immensely. Masters of their craft, the professionalism of which simply fascinates, despite the simplicity of an uncomplicated plot. Thanks to the great participants and inspirers of this performance.

Olga was 09 jule on Close people

A performance in which each viewer will find a part of his life. Very comical moments made laughing and applauding. Great)

Alla was 06 jule on Close people

Were with a friend on July 5, 2018, we liked the play, we rested and laughed heartily.

Irina was 05 jule on Station for three

Excellent game actors. Zheleznyak inimitable! Laughed heartily.

Irina was 05 jule on Station for three

Actors as always - on top! Olesya Zheleznyak - super! Humor and replicas are very successful! Performance for relaxation and relaxation, go, will not regret. Loginov - also well done!

Irina was 05 jule on Station for three

With pleasure we looked! Have laughed!

Anna was 05 jule on Station for three

At once I will say that most of all I do not like to write negative reviews. But to blame my soul, saying that the performance is good, I will not. When choosing the performance relied on the reviews. But either we were unlucky and the actors played a quarter of the strength, or people who wrote previous reviews did not see really ridiculous performances. Or they were at some other play. But we did not see any sparkling humor or ecstasy, as we did not try. Moreover, there were no high expectations. Earlier we saw Olesya Zheleznyak in other performances and there really was everything wonderful. But in this performance everything like that did not work out - and the plot is not interesting, and the actors play so-so. There was a sense of some kind of nesygrannosti, although, judging by the photos on the programs, they played it for a long time. No, the people, of course, laughed at individual jokes and amusing dances-the actors' croaking, but modestly and tensely. The whole meaning of the play can be accommodated in one phrase - do not drink alcohol in an unfamiliar company, this is fraught with consequences. Resume - evening, of course. not lost, but I'm not going to advise the performance exactly. The only good news is that the tickets were bought for "2 for the price of 1".

Uliya was 07 june on Little comedies

We visited one of these days at this performance and stayed with my husband in full ecstasy! The game of actors is just brilliance! Aronova is incomparable! The whole hall laughed! What simple things actors say, but it's so fun and. It's fun that you do not want to leave! Sometimes there are phrases on the verge, but this gives the performance a certain zest and does not look past! I advise everyone!

Mihail was 06 june on Little comedies

Aronova, as always cute and organic in comedy roles. In general, I expected more from the production. The second branch is weaker than the first. I would swap them.

Ol`ga was 06 june on Little comedies

A wonderful comedy performance with your beloved actress Maria Aronova. We enjoyed viewing. I recommend.

Inna was 06 june on Little comedies

The play is just super! Bravo to all actors! Maria Aronova just do not be afraid to say, second Faina Ranevskaya! Sumptuously! Laughed to tears! Thank you, and God grant you health!

Tat`yana was 01 june on Close people

Were at the play on 31.05.2018. Easy, funny performance, just to relax and distract after a day's work! Artists good fellows! We laughed heartily! Do not wait for some special meaning, just come to rest and laugh!

Nadegda was 25 may on Close people

The first act really pleased! It was even funny !! an excellent sitcom! Waited for the development of the situation, but what happened after the intermission .... They just started showing a completely new NOT FUNNY story in the same scenery. So I had to wait for 2 acts of meaning. The actors are good.

Marina was 21 may on Little comedies

The game of actors is wonderful !!! Bravo !! Everything at the highest level !! Thank you !! :)

Alena was 21 may on Little comedies

The second time I went to this play 5 years ago and was delighted for the first time. Actor's game at the highest level. The actors themselves are chosen very correctly. I will definitely go more than once

Irina was 21 may on Close people


Narina was 16 may on Close people

Were on the play 16/05/2018. Very funny comedy performed by the Magnificent Ludmila Artemieva and Nikolai Dobrynin. They received a great pleasure from the performance.! Thank you!!!

Oksana was 21 may on Tempter

The performance wins exclusively at the expense of chic artists. With others, probably, he lost. We went to Aronov. Impression-stunning!

Inna was 15 may on Tempter

I recommend everyone to visit this wonderful play! Got great fun! The actors play is magnificent! Thank you all. The cast is enchanting! ))))

Marina was 21 may on Tempter

Yesterday 15.05.2018 was at the play. I liked it very much! The actors were on top! The game is gorgeous. It was funny, but there were those moments on which it was worth pondering, to reflect. At some point, I had to cry. Thank you all very much. Has received very bright impression.

Tat`yana was 21 may on Close people

In full delight! Got a charge of positive emotions. I recommend to all. The game of actors is incomparable! Bravo!!!

Natal`ya was 20 april on Biloxi Blues

Performance for the youth audience is very good. I liked my 20-year-old daughter and niece. Thanks artists - played in one go!

Viktoriya was 20 april on Biloxi Blues

A very pleasant impression left from visiting this event! The guys are playing great! Of course, the experience of teamwork, which they acquired in the series, affects, but on the stage it looks very organic and already according to the adult !!! I think this performance will be able to interest not only the young fans of the series "Molodezhka", but also quite sophisticated theatergoers! Particularly pleased Denis Nikiforov, was very pleasantly surprised by his acting skills!

Inga was 18 april on MISERIA

Did not make a proper impression. The statement did not convey the tension of the book, the level and meaning of the horror and suffering of the protagonist. "There was not a single smooth line in the figure of this big woman" - so Stephen King described his Annie. Fragile sweet Dobrovolskaya does not fit in this role, because it causes neither horror nor disgust, only sympathy. Throughout the performance because of this it is not clear what is happening. Spivakovsky also did not really come up for the role, to be honest. He played as usual in his somewhat fussy manner, quickly jumped from bed to wheelchair every time, while he had to be exhausted, constantly between serious physical pain and narcotic forgetting. I advise you to go to the fans of the actors, and the fans of Stephen King and a good drama can not waste time.

Irina was 18 april on Station for three


Yulia was 18 april on MISERIA

The play really liked everything, all according to the book, a real thriller on stage. Great acting game!

Irina was 18 april on You need to marry, sir!

Were with my husband at the play. Not a bit did not regret that they chose "You need to marry, master!" Three hours of positive, they laughed heartily))) The actors play great ... If you want to distract yourself from our bustling world for a while, go to this play!

Ol`ga was 18 april on MISERIA

I really liked the play. I have not read the book before. The actors play is very strong. Impressive!

Lidiya was 18 april on MISERIA

The performance was very popular, it was the first time when I was on the stage of Kingu, unusually, for the ten

Anastasiya was 17 april on Close people

A wonderful performance! Thank you very much to Lyudmila Artemieva and Nikolay Dobrynin, we had a great time and laughed heartily.

Evgeniya was 17 april on Tempter

Spivakovsky is good!

Irina was 17 april on Close people

I have no words ... Just - BRAVO !!! BRAVISIMO !!!

Lidiya was 11 april on The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract

I liked the play, I had a good rest. Beautiful costumes.

Lubov` was 02 april on Tempter

Very good performance. A comedy that you can laugh at from the heart, but at the same time, a comedy that makes you think. A good cast: Aronov, Feklistov, Spivakovsky. We had an excellent evening. I recommend to view.

Nataliya was 02 april on Tempter

Very good performance. Not a comedy in its pure form. Much deeper. All are good: Aronov, Feklistov, Spivakovsky. Well done! Nice evening!

Yanina was 01 april on Tempter

I really liked the performance ,! Looks at one go. Laughed to tears. The Pleiade employed in the play of actors is magnificent: their game is beyond praise. Competent and pleasant staging of the play, the director is well done. I recommend it to everybody, enjoy it!

Diana was 28 march on Two on a swing

Went to the play "Two on a swing." Sufficiently sophisticated theater audiences, were at performances in theaters of various levels and rank. And now our choice fell on the modern theater of the enterprise, for a nice production. And now to the very acting: We were very pleased! Sensual, sincere and affectionate Tatiana Arntgolts paired with Gregory Antipenko very much. We genuinely plunged into what was happening on stage and until the last moment we empathized with the heroes. What is remarkable and even surprised in the genre of "Entreprise" is the quality of the scenery and the teamwork of the composition. But the most important and bright impression was left by the second act, which reveals the dramatic nature of the work. Thank you very much to the actors and the director for your pleasant time!

Elizaveta was 28 march on Two on a swing

A wonderful performance! Great actors are playing for 3 hours together with the audience! Despite the sad story in general, and humor was present. Tatiana Arntgolts discovered it in a new way. Stunning Gregory Antipenko. Thank you

Natal`ya was 23 march on Biloxi Blues

The artists are chic, the production is excellent, simple in understanding, nothing superfluous, abstruse. There are no subtexts. Two hours passed by without noticeable, and this is the best indicator when the whole performance does not look at the clock (when it will end), and if you look at the clock, then with the phrase in your head "is it really that soon the end" Bravo to the artists)))

Diana was 19 march on Little comedies

Great acting game! Yes, humor is not subtle, but rather straightforward, but it does not spoil the performance at all. In addition, the actors are so skilfully presented that they do not even think about the heroes very badly. Everything is organic and comical. The plot is very very interesting and good! Thanks for a great time)

Diana was 12 march on Biloxi Blues

As a gift for the 8th of March, the favorite gave a ticket to the play "Biloxi Blues" of the modern theater of enterprise. To say that "I was ecstatic", this is nothing to express. Since I am a fairly sophisticated theatergoer, I did not count on anything. But the game of young guys amazed me. I want to say that they have a great future in my opinion. Not "spoiled" with glory - they sincerely and honestly live all the moments on the stage. Game Nikiforova of course above all praise. By the plot and the performance I can say the following - an actual, funny, interesting story about the life of young soldiers in the army. In what there can be disagreed, but this is not a story of our country and it is necessary to accept it as it is. I believe that there is no limit to perfection and I am sure that the performance will become even deeper and more saturated with time, but even now I have a sense of satisfaction from what I saw. Vobshchem, I recommend to view those who wish to laugh, see the quality actors play and think about life a little.

Elena was 05 march on The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract

Wonderful performance !!! Were in the evening after work, relaxed and laughed heartily! The matchless game of actors, colorful costumes, witty jokes left an impression. Thanks to all the creative staff of the play.

Diana was 02 march on The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract

I visited yesterday the play "The Syndrome of Happiness or Lie on Contract." In general, I do not like entreprise, but I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, the really successful cast of Artemyev, Sokolovsky, Dobrynin, his favorite actors showed themselves in all their glory: Bright, comical and sincere. Amazed by the number and colorfulness of the costumes. It is immediately evident that the directors did not care about the appearance of the action. The idea of ​​the performance is deep and makes you think. In general, there was a very good aesthetic and emotional impression of what he saw.

Irina was 02 march on The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract

The play did not like, I wanted to leave, they were left only because of respect for the actors

Nadegda was 26 february on The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract

The visit to the performance was over "Hooray!" There is no limit to the talent of these actors. I advise everyone to like the genre Comedy. The plot of the play is relevant at all times.

Irina was 21 february on The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract

Went with a friend to the play. To my surprise there is no limit. Always surprised those people who left the hall during the intermission ... at all. So, for the first time in my life I left the play myself. Neither the plot, nor the production, the complete lack of scenery - chased the chairs on the wheels on the stage ... We went to the artists: Nikolay Dobrynin, Lyudmila Artemyeva, Roman Madyanov! And what!? They seemed to have been replaced ... There is no artistry in sight ... Departure. The sheer disappointment.

Nikolay was 20 february on The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract

Everything went cool

Tat`yana was 12 february on The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract

Witty and relevant. I recommend to watch it all!

Irina was 12 february on Two on a swing

Thanks for good job! The guys play great, very charming, it was fun to watch. Relations between the man and the woman playfully played, so many laughed at the background of sad history. A successful musical accompaniment, gives an atmosphere of the time of what is happening. I recommend!

Elena was 12 february on Two on a swing

From the performance in delight !!! Tatyana Arntgolts is beautiful and talented .. I know her from movies, but I see it on stage for the first time. Grigory Antipenko is a modern, professional, artist., Pleasantly surprised. The duet of these lovers keeps the hall for more than two hours. Fine dialogues, humor, smiles in the audience, applause-a reward to the creative collective of the play. Thank you!!!

Mariya was 06 february on MISERIA

Great game of beautiful actors. Interesting production, I liked it very much.

Lena was 05 february on MISERIA

I liked the performance! Interesting director's decisions on the design, dynamic, in places with an angry play of actors. In principle, close to the text of S. King, managed to convey the horror of the situation in which Paul was. Eugene played beautifully Annie, on the brink of insanity and what she thinks is "normal and logical."

Aleksey was 18 january on Stranger

Hello everyone, went to this play 12/12/2017, The story is interesting, the dialogues are entertaining. But on that day something was not asked. Chadov could not help but smile, Agniya was replaced, only the director (who was also a performer of one of the roles) and Medvedev played well. Ithoria is simple and easy, it is clear that this is not the Seagull or the Veshnevy Gardens, so there is not much to think about, but during that time it flies unnoticed. Another actress (Which instead of Agnia) unfortunately I do not know the name, I really want to know, I try my best, maybe it was her chance, she tried to use her debut and she tried to use it, but the lack of experience gave out an exaggerated game in places, she took the male audience the ideal figure on hairpins. Go, but on the first rows of tickets do not take, If I myself paid 3,000 for my ticket it would be a feeling that I overpaid. I really liked the hall of the TsDKH, comfortable, cozy and well-run air conditioning.

Elena was 18 january on Stranger

12.12.2017 was with her husband in the play "Stranger". I read the reviews, looked at the rating and ... went. The meaning is not bad, but the actors did not like the game absolutely! Medvedeva just coped with the role. The declared Agnia was not close, although they do not write anywhere that there is a second composition, even in the program bought in the theater itself, it is written that Agnia D. plays, and on the stage another girl. In general, I did not advise my friends.

Nadegda was 08 december on MISERIA

"Interestingly, exciting and intriguing" - so you can describe in the words of the actors in the play Misery. Show on stage the work of S. King worthy of praise, so to play with all the pay to the last minute could only Spivakovsky and Dobrovolskaya.

Evgeniya was 05 december on Little comedies

After reading not very flattering reviews about the performance, she was skeptical. Fortunately for me the performance made a very pleasant impression. Funny, interesting, looked with pleasure. Laughed to tears. Yes, jokes are all below the belt, but it does not make the performance worse than that. I recommend!!!

Lidiya was 05 december on Little comedies

The actors are brilliant! Bravo and thanks! But it is worthwhile to warn that the performance is very easy, and jokes are quite straightforward. For those who want to think, and not just to laugh and enjoy the game of actors - it is worth considering another performance.

Tat`yana was 05 december on Little comedies

In the modern theater, where the director tries to please primitive jokes not to fastidious spectators, especially in comedy, it is very difficult not to slip to vulgarity. This time it was almost successful. I will not say that we were completely ecstatic, but the time flew by unnoticed, there were pleasant memories of the performance. Aronova is good! Polizemako, with pretensions to impromptu, - handsome! Well, Shakurov is an excellent addition to this duet!

Alla was 20 november on Close people

an excellent performance.Bravo.More positive emotions.

Konstantin was 13 november on Stranger

Were at the play 10.11.17. I liked very much, a good game of actors, Especially Chadova and Medvedeva. The play is well-tuned to the modern reality, with humor and meaning, although there was a cliche about the effect of alcohol on Love. I advise you to go!

Anastasiya was 03 november on Little comedies

really liked the performance theater atmosphere went away in a good mood and for a long time remembered the jokes and laughed

Ekaterina was 26 october on Stranger

Bright, dynamic, lively and modern performance. There is something to think about, and to laugh, it is interesting to follow what is happening on stage. In my opinion, a fairly truthful reflection of the reality of what is happening around us: we lack Love, and when it comes, we either do not recognize it, or we try to use it for our own purposes.

Aleksandr was 26 october on Stranger

10/25/2017 with his wife visited the play "Stranger", we really liked, an interesting story, a wonderful actors' play, we recommend.

Tat`yana was 20 october on MISERIA

About love and crazy affection, about planting your desires in the name of your love, about all of us. Under a carbon copy ... Evgenia Dobrovolskaya and Daniil Spivakovskomu-right!

Svetlana was 10 october on Little comedies

Were with her husband in the play 07.10.2017-the performance is wonderful, the actors play is gorgeous, Aronova is simply gorgeous. All two actions laughed at the soul. We received great pleasure. The whole actor is very grateful.

Elena was 10 october on Do not be afraid to be happy

I was very moved by the actors' game.

Valentina was 05 october on Sublimation of love

Thank you "big ticket" for the good actions and the opportunity to attend the play. It's just amazing. The actors are wonderful, the audience laughed heartily. Stunning atmosphere!

Marina was 29 september on Little comedies

Were at the play with her daughter on September 26. Although they went to Aronov, but the whole composition is 5+. Easy, fun. We got pleasure and cheered up.

Anna was 22 september on Two on a swing

It would seem a sad, almost dramatic, story about the loneliness of hearts thanks to the director and the actors' play left a lasting aftertaste of hope. Thank you for the performance!

Natal`ya was 30 january on Sons of his mistress

The play really liked the performance of actors on top! Ekaterina Strizhenova is incomparable, the whole play from her is impossible to look away! Looks at one go

Galina was 22 november on Sons of his mistress

A wonderful performance, a wonderful ensemble cast, and the game of Ekaterina Strizhenova is SUPER! I came to the play not quite healthy, but left in a good mood and well-being !!! Thanks to all!!!

Elena was 30 january on Sons of his mistress

Thank you for the pleasure. Thank you Ekaterina Strizhenova BRAVO !!! Only now the replacement of the actors did not disappoint much, they went to Igor Lagutin, but he was not there and the actors did not match the program, although they played at BRAVO.

Yana was 16 november on Sons of his mistress

A beautiful, light comedy-melodrama based on the movie "Marriage in Italian." The play looks in one breath.

Anna was 30 january on Sons of his mistress

A very cheerful and positive performance! The actors are all done well! I advise everyone to visit this comedy !!!

Inga was 16 november on Sons of his mistress

The performance disappointed me. Of course, I expected to see something quite different from the movie "Divorce in Italian", but did not expect that from a dynamic comedy you can do something so mournful. The protagonist (who was not played by Igor Lagutin) overdid with the depth of yearning for his best years and turned from an aging, but still quite active man, who is implied by the plot, into a complete elder-debris. The look is extinct and tired throughout the action. I can not say anything good about Ekaterina Strizhenova, except that she looks great and beautiful in itself. She still does not play the character at all. And it's not even the complete absence of passion in her, but the fact that she does not understand the nature of the heroine in principle. Hence, her character has excessive kindness and gentleness, inner unspent love, and this is completely different, and with this text and plot this lyricism creates complete dissonance. I want to say to her: "Catherine, what are you playing? After all, if the heroine was as kind as you imagine her, the characters would have been married for a long time already."

Tat`yana was 16 november on Sons of his mistress

With her husband visited the spectator on 11/16/2014. A wonderful light comedy, unobtrusive plot, looks in one breath and leaves very pleasant reminiscences. Well spent evening, thanks to the actors for the mood. An excellent remedy for the autumn spleen.

Viktoriya was 15 march on Sons of his mistress

Hello, I liked the performance! Light, cheerful. I really liked the game E. Strizhenovoy.

Galina was 15 march on Sons of his mistress

Very easy positive performance! Ekaterina Strizhenova is gorgeous! We sat on the first row of the dress-room, it was very beautiful, there was an opportunity to cross the ground in steel.

Marat was 15 march on Sons of his mistress

Thank you, wonderful performance

Natal`ya was 08 november on Sons of his mistress

I really liked the play. Strizh was new at the height !! Boys sons are adorable))). Thank you for having a nice time on my birthday !!

Visitor was 08 november on Sons of his mistress

This performance is about the great love of a woman to a man. She will be able to do everything, she will transfer everything and will be a winner! Look, see!

Alena was 12 february on Sublimation of love

Were at the premiere on February 12, 2015. Very much! Bravo to the actors! Always struck by the fact that a couple of people on stage can keep their charm and acting game the whole room! Bravo!!

Svetlana was 12 february on Sublimation of love

12/02/15 were at the play with a friend, THANKS to the actors and the director for such a wonderful performance !!! the hall during the whole performance with applause expressed its emotions on the EXCELLENT game of Aters and INTERESTING Nuances of the play ... THANKS !!!

Svetlana was 17 april on Sublimation of love

Were with her husband in the play "Sublimation of Love." Irina Medvedeva in my opinion replayed. Loginov and Basharov - excellent! In general, the action comes to life when Marat Basharov appears. The performance as a whole was like, but the second time I would not go for it.

Nadegda was 02 december on Sublimation of love

Only three characters, but the impression of emptiness of the scene is absent due to the beautiful play of actors

Margarita was 02 february on Sublimation of love

Good performance. Wonderful actors. Suddenly I was amazed by the play of Medvedeva I. Thank you.

Irina was 25 february on Sublimation of love

Went with her husband on February 25 in the CCPU for this performance! Liked! The acting is great, especially when they improvise!

Natal`ya was 24 april on Sublimation of love

Went with a friend on April 24, 2016. Laughed to tears! A stunning performance! A low bow to the actors!

Elena was 26 august on Close people

Bravo Nicholas !!!! Bravo Lyudmila !!!!! Excellent game, great performance ,,, what you need for Saturday night, fun, fun, up-to-date !!! GOOD FELLOWS !! Got a lot of positive emotions! I advise everyone !!!!

Ol`ga was 18 jule on Station for three

It's unbelievable !! Yes, only she could play it, Olesya Zheleznyak.

Ol`ga was 06 jule on Close people

Wonderful performance !!! Thanks to the great actors for the beautiful evening, the sea of ​​positive emotions, just a wonderful game.

Ol`ga was 13 june on Two on a swing

Thank you very much! Went with my daughter. Foreverly relevant theme of love is played by actors perfectly. What they are - a wonderful couple, very organic together. Grigory - just super sincere and amused, for the first time looked at him on stage. Tatyana is a lyric and also very sincere babe! And a cheerful and sad performance. In one breath.

Lubov` was 21 june on Close people

Many thanks to Lyudmila Artemieva and Nikolai Dobrynin for the wonderful performance, you are great fellows !!! This is not a game-it's a way of life and thoughts !!! Artists with a capital letter! We went together with my mother on June 21, 17 in the Central Dance Festival, in recent years the best performance: cheerful, dynamic, there are piquant moments, but with all this with deep implication. Thank you very much, I'm happy to go again!

Anna was 31 january on Station for three

Great performance! I liked it very much! Funny! The actors are magnificent! I advise everyone)

Only for children
Only adults
107140, Москва, Комсомольская пл., 4
02 h 20 min



"Misery" - one of the most virtuosic psychological thrillers of Stephen King. The plot of the work is the relationship of two characters of the book - the popular writer Paul Sheldon and his fan Annie Wilks.

The owner of the popular in the writer's family name Paul Sheldon, the author of novels about Misery, after a terrible accident, falls into captivity to a fanatical fan. His life is in grave danger. Maniac Annie's idea of ​​making Paul his "hand-written writer" and her pathological love, border on a nightmarish insanity. Paul must write a new book, on which his life now depends.

On the theatrical scene, Stephen King's novel takes on a new sound. This is an exciting combination of action-thriller and psychological drama.

In the center of the play is a tragic story about two people who exist without time and space. It can happen to anyone and anywhere and from this it becomes even more exciting.

What does it mean to be someone's fan? What does it mean to have fans and what can this result in?

We will try to answer these questions, and the ingenious plot, the legendary King, will help make this research fascinating and unforgettable.

Cast: Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, Victor Loginov

Director: Irina Lychagina

There lived a writer, he did not grieve, he earned and became famous for his novels. And in the meantime, there lived a big fan of his, and he read his novels very carefully.

And then the writer got into an accident. A fan of something picked up, sheltered, heated, and even helped medical care: she worked as a nurse. That's lucky writer, or else he would have disappeared among the snowstorm.

But ... The reader is attached to him so much ... And so he loves his novels ... And she does not want to let the writer go ...

Was a welcome guest - became a prisoner. Was himself a writer - and now the nurse dictates to him what to write.

When hospitality and care turns into a nightmare, one desire arises: to flee.


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Close people
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Two on a swing
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Do not be afraid to be happy
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Biloxi Blues
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Little comedies
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Close people
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Carnival Night
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The syndrome of happiness, or Lie under contract
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