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St.Petersburg Bolshoi Theater of Puppets

Feedbacks from viewers
Rita was 10 may on Baby elephant

Thank you so much!!!! The performance is beautiful, however, like 50 years ago !!!!! New chairs are beyond praise !!! We'll come again and again and again many times !!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Nataliya was 12 june on Baby elephant

His five-year-old son liked it.

Natal`ya was 08 march on Baby elephant

We did not like it, it was too long and uninteresting

Ekaterina was 14 march on Aibolit

A wonderful performance. Bright. Dynamic. An interesting lighting solution. Unexpected submission of material. Children easily perceive the text, and everything that happens on the stage. I went to the play with my daughter 5.5 years.

Polina was 26 december on we

I am delighted!!! From the performance and from the actors. Every time this theater opens up a new one for me. The play reflected Zamyatin's main idea.

Yana was 22 june on Minutes of life

Still, this is a special theater ... It does not come here with a cynical idea of ​​"inspire - will not inspire", you already know for sure that everything will be sincere, honest. And if you decide to go, you must call everyone with you. A big thank you for this! =) Despite the fact that the performance is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, in the light of recent events in Ukraine, he once again showed the cyclical nature of history. What a pity that today we are striving for self-improvement and knowledge of "truth", we are trying to "work out karma" in the context of unbridled egocentrism. And all this in isolation from Life. But in history everything is the same: did not work on the mistakes - get back ... I liked the format of the play, namely, the absence of a mental "razholovannosti." The artist performs the song, lives it, but at the same time retains a huge space for reflection to the viewer. That is, if I may say so, the director does not treat the viewer as a consumer, which is rare. At some moments, regret comes about ignorance of the texts, which is terrible ... of course, now everything on the Internet can be found in a couple of minutes ... and it becomes even more terrible from this. Probably, it would be nice sometimes to show a couple of lines of the song that was being performed, at times well, I really wanted to sing along: o) Thank you for not turning the terrible time of the Great Patriotic War into an all-consuming impenetrable desperation, but reminded that even here there are possible moments of life, humor and joy that preserve their. Minutes of Life turned to God.

Irina was 22 june on Minutes of life

Good afternoon, yesterday at the play "minutes of life." Very impressed and very satisfied! He must enter your main repertoire, like "we" and "bashlachev")). Thanks!

Nina was 22 june on Minutes of life


Visitor was 09 may on Minutes of life

Thank you very much for a great concert!

Aleksandra was 22 june on Minutes of life

We really, really liked it! Thank you very much!

Nadegda was 14 december on A great trip of a small Christmas tree

Despite the fact that the play for young children, he also liked me for an adult child. Funny, a little sad, perky and at the same time touching on profound topics. Actors are wonderful, especially liked the Hares and the Little Christmas tree itself. A wonderful pre-New Year's mood was provided!)

Rimma was 10 march on The Frosty

A wonderful performance! I flew to Petersburg from Tyumen and am very glad that I left!

Svetlana was 21 december on The Frosty

A wonderful play of actors

Mihail was 08 february on The Frosty

I liked very much, many thanks to all!

Sergey was 13 december on 12 months

My oldest son (10 years) was walking and my mother-in-law was delighted! The other day they are going to go to some other play.

Elena was 03 november on A lisbon who did not want to be cunning

A wonderful performance. The child was satisfied. Thank you.

Mariya was 12 october on A lisbon who did not want to be cunning

Cheerful and kind performance. Children responded very vividly and joyfully

Ol`ga was 16 february on 12 months

Not impressed at all, neither me nor the child. This is not a fairy tale at all, but some kind of excursion into astrology, and quite primitive ... We were expecting to see something fantastically interesting ...

Ol`ga was 07 december on 12 months

I really liked the play "Twelve Months ...". Thank you

Svetlana was 06 april on A lisbon who did not want to be cunning

the performance was excellent, the child was interested in the plot. They laughed at the funny moments. The child carried away a lot of pleasant memories)

Dar`ya was 25 january on A lisbon who did not want to be cunning

Many thanks for the pleasure! A wonderful performance. A beautiful, cozy and comfortable theater (you had it for the first time). My son and I liked it. We are going to see other performances.

Aleksey was 15 march on 12 months

I love your theater very much, but I did not like this production. Children are waiting for fun, not tumbling under the dull music of two ugly dolls.

Irina was 07 june on A lisbon who did not want to be cunning

Thank you so much! Children 4 and 7 really liked it

Ekaterina was 31 january on A lisbon who did not want to be cunning

I liked the performance. At the very beginning, the scenery seemed gloomy, the dolls weird, but the actors' game "redeemed" all apparent shortcomings. The appearance of the wolf in general caused general joy and preserved until the end of the play. And the most important review of the play is the reaction of the children (girls 8 years old): "Cool, such aunt is funny playing a pig, a wolf, awesome, piglets pretty !!!" like this, but the pigs seemed strange to me .... And by the way, no one chewed bananas and threw them into the auditorium !!!!

Luba was 22 march on Golden Chicken

Great performance! Thank you! We really got a bit out of age, repertoire for 3-4 years probably, and we are 5.5 !!)

Sabina was 17 november on A little prince

I liked the performance. I did not like the general rumble in the hall. Many children under 4 years old. There were children and for 2 years. Well, you can not allow such a performance. We hardly stayed with my daughter for 10 years. We will not go any more.

Slivina Irina Alekseevna was 14 june on A little prince

Very touchingly, emotionally and easily accessible to children, the artists have passed the literary work of Exupery. Thank you from Rostov for the performance!

Young Hui Chung was 17 november on A little prince

Very impressive performance!

Anastasiya was 01 december on Fairy tale for naughty cubs

I liked it a lot, thank you! Wonderful actors! Comfortable armchairs for children. We will definitely visit again!

Kseniya was 13 october on A little prince

We liked everything!

Elena was 05 february on A little prince

A wonderful performance for all ages. Actors well done !!)))

Elena was 19 october on Fairy tale for naughty cubs

I really liked the performance for both adults and children! All excellent!

Nataly was 14 june on A little prince

Thank you! The performance was wonderful. I liked very nice voices from the actors.

Nataliya was 01 december on Fairy tale for naughty cubs

I liked the performance very much. The child is delighted. There is one "But" - very much hindered by children who came to the play not by age.

Elena was 13 october on A little prince

We really enjoyed!!!!

Ekaterina was 01 december on Fairy tale for naughty cubs

Very good performance. I liked the child. We will come to you again. I would like a little longer intermission.

Visitor was 02 november on Golden Chicken


Anastasiya was 13 october on Spire

Great performance!

Anna was 11 october on BRODSKY.NIOTKUDA

Beautiful performance, beautiful actors. A fascinating action, perfectly read poetry. Each meeting with the performances of these guys is like a ray of hope in the gathering twilight. Thanks to Kudashov and the guys for what they are doing. These are the best people of the city

Oksana was 15 february on Kolobok

In general, the performance was like! But it was terribly stuffy! The air was not enough catastrophically. It is necessary to solve the problem of air conditioning.

Tat`yana was 23 august on Kolobok

The girl is 3 years old. The performance is very emotional, not overworked. With glomeruli, the second day does not part. Thank you all.

Ganna was 02 february on Kolobok

The end for the kids could remake it so good its fox that the kids were upset they need an alternative end

Irina was 17 november on Kolobok

My 3-year-old son really liked! Thank you!

Mihail was 22 october on The Book of Job

Thank you very much for this performance! One of the few that gives a lot of thought about the main things in life. Then for a long time you try to re-think inside what you saw ... Special thanks for the techniques used in the play!

Mariya was 15 february on Kolobok

An unusual interesting production. The child of two years was very pleased with the performance, looked carefully, laughed, applauded actively and after a long play told about the kolobok :). I liked that after the performance the actors invited the children to the stage to see and touch the scenery, and to get acquainted with the dolls, with the heroes of the fairy tale.

Yana was 29 june on Kolobok

I would like to see classics. since it is difficult for children to explain what a vertex is. Thank you. but nevertheless not bad.

Mariya was 15 february on Kolobok

Very interesting statement. Good lighting solution. The child of two years was delighted. He looked carefully, laughed, applauded! After the presentation, the actors invited the children to see and touch the scenery and get to know the puppets. I liked it very much, we will come again. The room was comfortable, not stuffy. The only time in the electronic ticket is asked to come 30 minutes before the start, the waiting room is tight and there is also a wardrobe, while waiting was stuffy and boring. Next time we will arrive 15 minutes before the start.

Marina was 23 august on Kolobok

The performance is wonderful and very kind atmosphere, thank you

Oksana was 07 may on One hundred and forty beats per minute

For the first time in the St. Petersburg Bolshoi Puppet Theater. Happy that I was lucky to see one hundred and forty beats per minute. The stated age of the viewer is +4, but also in 3 years with a small child completely absorbed by what is happening. Especially it is promoted by a combination of visual, sound images, light and beautiful music. The play of actors is expressive and understandable to the child even without words. Such performances are given very little, and not only in St. Petersburg, but perhaps, this is one of its main values. The aftertaste of the miracle for a long time!

Nadegda was 20 march on One hundred and forty beats per minute

These 50 minutes for us with my son were magical. It was great to watch the expression of the son's face, to see how worried, happy or surprised, and to understand that it was such performances that would help him develop a subtle artistic taste and unconventional perception of the world. I liked that the performance without words, it seems to me, the children do not have the opportunity to simply observe and absorb, draw their conclusions, and most importantly to reflect and fill what they see with their meaning. Definitely, I would go to the play without my son. Thank you for meeting with the Beautiful!

Elena was 02 october on The Little Humpbacked Horse

Good afternoon, thank you very much for the presentation, everything was bright, colorful. Children looked with pleasure. Thank you the whole team of the Great Puppet Theater.

Karina was 16 september on Bashlachev

Were at the play for the second time. Guys, once again many thanks!

Larisa was 11 october on Shakespeare's laboratory

Continuation. Are there any equals in the creation of ... I do not know what to call ... all sorts of physical experiments? "Necrosisism"

Larisa was 11 october on Shakespeare's laboratory

I liked the performance very much: the headless philosopher and the original interpretations of the classics, the actors, especially the masculine part of the troupe. We will advise relatives and friends. A very good name for the play. Exact. Music. Congratulations on your luck. I would like to review other works of the theater. Larissa Anatolievna.

Kirill was 04 june on we

A grand spectacle. I've been waiting for him since September. Thank you

Uliya was 16 may on we

A stunning performance! I've already walked twice, but the impressions of watching are just as stunning! I advise all friends and acquaintances! And most likely I'll go to him somehow!

Anastasiya was 25 march on Ecclesiastes

A very unusual performance in which each viewer will find familiar situations from life. Thank you

Vera was 16 may on Song of Songs

The performance is very interesting

Anastasiya was 16 may on Song of Songs

Thank you, it was a great evening!

Lubov` was 12 february on Song of Songs

Beautiful and bold! Thank you!

Ekaterina was 07 may on Ecclesiastes

I'm delighted with the performance! The second time I enjoy this action! With pleasure I will come in the 3rd and 4th times! Thank you!

Uliya was 07 november on Song of Songs

Very nice, emotionally, looks in one breath.

Anna was 19 november on Ecclesiastes

I liked it very much!

Karina was 23 january on Ecclesiastes

Thank you for the performance. I liked it very much!

Ekaterina was 25 march on Ecclesiastes

Pure emotions, understandable to the heart. Thank you! It would be nice to work with you)

Tat`yana was 16 may on Song of Songs

Not everything the director wanted to say is understandable. Apparently, the program needs a more intelligible explanation, why on the basis of a bright story the drama of being

Nadezhda was 18 february on Ecclesiastes

It was the second time in this performance and with me came another 18 people))) in contact group Antidivan information. After the performance, we went to a cafe and discussed what we saw. Thank you!!!!

Arina was 16 november on Aibolit

The play was watched by children 4, 7 and 13 years old - they liked Aibolit very much!

Elena was 19 february on Aibolit

I took my godson. He is 4 years old. The child is very mobile, so she chose a short and dynamic performance. From 45 minutes distracted for 5 minutes - tired of singing and dancing actors on stage, he lacked the development of the plot at some point. The performance is musical, it looks easy, video effects help (such mult-pauses). Perhaps the text is not easily perceived by the youngest children, because it is all sung. And you need to listen to the words on the background of music. A good performance, an easy and joyful feeling after watching, I recommend to children from 4,5-5 years. And how many times she herself was in this theater at adult productions, but she did not know that the armchairs were so brilliantly arranged that the children could sit on the level with adults on the folding parts of the seats. This is so convenient and solves the most important problem - everyone can see everything perfectly (and the child does not get tired at the same time - it's very comfortable for him to sit)). Thank you BTK for the wonderful performance! Elena

Ekaterina was 12 march on Aibolit

The performance is good, but the play lasts not 50 minutes as indicated, but 35 minutes, it's still very much like that they do not allow children under 4 years old, they cry and the whole play talks

Anna was 02 april on Wii

Were with a young man on April 2. This is not a classic work, but I liked the interpretation. It was interesting to look at a work known from childhood from a new angle. Now this is not only a mystical story with a sad ending. The authors of the play developed the theme of human weaknesses, added depth and psychology. History will be instructive both for the younger generation and for their parents.

Mariya was 16 march on Aibolit

Thank you! I liked the performance very much.

Aleksandr was 04 may on Aibolit

Thank you so much. Unexpectedly delicious :-)

Oleg was 15 december on Aibolit

Kudashev is a genius!)

Natal`ya was 19 january on Aibolit

The girl liked 3.5 years, the boy of 12 years seemed strange strange body movements of the troupe. My husband and I waited and did not understand where the other members of the "Aibolit"? Quite a strange production. Look at the theater "Workshop" Bremen musicians. The setting is for adults and for children of different ages.

Valeriya was 16 march on Aibolit

"Aibolit" A stunning performance, more in our lives of such avant-garde events!

Elena was 25 january on Little Red Riding Hood

25.01.15 We went with the child for the first time to the play. Very much doubted that the child would not look because he was fidgeting. But to his surprise he sat quietly and carefully looked at the bright puppet show. I, as an adult, also looked with pleasure. I do not have anything to compare with yet, since we came for the first time to a puppet show.

Aleksandr was 04 november on Little Red Riding Hood

The child really liked it. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 06 february on Wii

Thank you!! We are delighted !!! And I really liked the service of buying tickets on the Internet :-)

Nadegda was 20 march on Snowflake

I'm so thrilled, not to mention my daughter (4,5 years). I have not seen anything like this, VERY VERY liked the performance, I advise everyone to see. Were on different classical performances, but here, the effect of presence in the performance - just won ....)))) Thanks!

Ludmila was 21 january on Wii

I liked the performance very much. The actors' game is exciting. Denis Pianov in the role of Homa Brutus is very persuasive. A fine cast. The only thing - did not like the interpretation of the image of Vii. Probably, for 2005 it was innovative, but now it somehow simplifies the performance. The theater is very cozy.

Oleg was 01 february on Snowflake

Thank you for the performance! We went for the company with the child, but were pleasantly surprised by the performance and attitude towards the artists. Realized the first dream of Milan - the theater.

Yana was 04 may on Aibolit

Wonderful performance !!! Thanks a lot!

Sergei was 19 january on Aibolit

Have not been in your theater for a long time, and in principle nothing like this was expected. Excellent!!! We will walk))

Biban was 04 may on Aibolit

They were surprised and pleasantly impressed by the level of the children's play. Guys fellows!

Roman was 13 april on Aibolit

The daughter is delighted. Thank you so much.

Anna was 21 january on Wii

You are poetic and imaginative, however, as always! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 07 march on Wii

The performance was very much liked, a wonderful play of actors. But very badly located chairs - behind the heads in front of the seated is not visible. This greatly spoils the impression of the performances.

Arina was 16 november on Aibolit

The play was watched by children 4, 7 and 13 years old - they liked Aibolit very much!

Olesya was 08 june on Little Red Riding Hood

What is the song of the wolf, about the fact that he loves girls! Son humming it all day! And what kind of ultrasound did the wolf, after the grandmother's eating !!! A very good staging, an interesting approach, modern children did not understand everything from ultrasound, but parents had an excuse to tell about it. Our son wants to see his stomach now on ultrasound! Great cheerful performance. Thank you.

Valeriya was 15 june on Tin soldier

Thank you so much! The performance is just excellent, we got a great pleasure, the children are delighted !!!

Lenta was 14 may on Repentance and Forgiveness

Thank you, I liked it very much

Irina was 02 april on Repentance and Forgiveness

I was at the play with two pupils of the 8th form. Everyone really liked it - the children were inspired to re-read Pushkin. :) I really liked the work with dolls! How to live, let her take it! Thank you for the performance!

Ol`ga was 15 june on Tin soldier

Thank you very much for the amazing, touching, impressive, powerful, talented, amazing performance! They looked at one breath, came out silent and silent: very much wanted to preserve that quiet feeling of happiness of a slightly wounded, slightly healed soul. My daughter really liked the dancer, her husband - a fish, and I will never forget the beating heart of a soldier and the words of the troll: "We choose ourselves." With respect and gratitude, Olga, Nikolay and Sasha

Ganna was 12 february on Barmaley

Thank you!!! Were at the play Barmalej we really enjoyed it! An interesting and modern setting, I liked the child! On the question of how to evaluate the performance nephew said more than 5, and 7!

Nataliya was 08 march on Turnip

This was our first exit to the theater with a daughter of 2.2 years. We sat in the front row, my daughter in a separate place. She looked with her mouth open, applauded at the end. The performance is not a classic presentation of a fairy tale, but a completely new vision, more time is devoted to the growth of a turnip, it is the main character, in the end flies on a rocket into space. There are elements of the shadow theater, puppetry (felt dolls), elements of cardboard dolls, all this against the background of poems about the moon, background music, the play of light, even the smoke machine worked. Two parents brought the children, the rest sat and looked at them with pleasure. The duration is ideal for this age - 40 minutes. In the beginning, it seemed a little delayed, the actors sat on the stage and stared at the kids, perhaps it was because they were waiting for the audience. The first experience is successful, will still walk.

Varvara was 11 may on Bashlachev

A stunning performance !!! I advise everyone!!!

Maria was 14 february on Barmaley

Beautiful performance. The child (4.5 years old) was always fascinated, he really liked it. Many thanks for a wonderful day !!!!!!!!!!! I advise everyone, easy, cheerful and kind play! Guys FELLOWS!

Tat`yana was 24 june on Piglet Chok

In this theater were for the first time, with girls 3 and 5 years old. I liked it very much. Seating is free. The first 2 rows are designed for kiddies who can sit alone, without parents. Starting with the 3rd row, parents (or parents with children) are sitting. It is difficult to say where the children can watch the play more conveniently, but, in my opinion, on the first row they too have to puff up their heads. In general, it is visible from everywhere. I liked that you can buy an electronic ticket, paying it with a bank card, without leaving home. And even print did not have to - at the entrance to the theater you just need to provide your PIN code, which is sent to your mobile phone number. And the action "2 for the price of 1" finally determined the choice on which site it is better to book tickets! :)) We plan to revisit this theater in the coming weekend with our eldest daughter, we want to see a new play "Sunbeam". Yes, I almost forgot! Before the theater there is a small, but a wonderful playground for active children! So come early, so that the children have time to enjoy even before the performance!

Elena was 13 june on Barmaley

Thank you for the wonderful, kind and cheerful performance of "Barmaley". Your team managed to interest our restless daughter and all 35 minutes she sat smiling, telling a fairy-tale and clapping her hands! Recommended for everyone!

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