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Center for opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya

Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 15 december on Opera R. Leoncavallo "Pagliacci"

December 18, 2014 were with her husband at R. Leoncavallo's opera "Pagliacci" at the Opera Center of G.P. Vishnevskaya. Bravo! Bravo to all! Soloists, Choir, Directors, Conductors, Orchestra! Great costumes, great decorations! Excellent production. So alive, real. "And the heart beats in ecstasy, And for him resurrected again And deity, and inspiration, And life, and tears, and love." I'd like to go again and bring children and friends. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Ludmila was 29 october on Opera R. Leoncavallo "Pagliacci"

Luxurious production, they understand a lot about opera here. Young singers, but professionals, sang with pleasure. Orchestra, scenography, staging of 2 parts, everything is very professional and tasteful.

Aleksey was 11 november on Opera R. Leoncavallo "Pagliacci"

I visited the theater for the first time, I liked the atmosphere of the theater, the acting. Most of all, Tonio is remembered.

Aleksandr was 28 october on Opera R. Leoncavallo "Pagliacci"

I liked the performance of the opera very much. But some idiot in the doorway was constantly clicking a mirror camera, it was very distracting.

Vahtang was 02 october on Gala - a concert dedicated to Galina Vishnevskaya

Good afternoon. Many thanks to all the employees of your Center for a wonderful holiday! Special thanks and appreciation to Irina Polovinkina for her amazing performing art! May God bless us all with more of these talents! God bless the lord Irina and her beautiful voice! And Dolgov and Azizob - these are already established masters of the operatic stage! Thank you again and good luck in educating talents! Sincerely, Vakhtang Magradze

Tat`yana was 02 october on Gala - a concert dedicated to Galina Vishnevskaya

Thank you very much, everything was done with Dushpy. Now I am your regular viewer. Sincerely, Tatyana Zykina.

Andrey was 02 october on Gala - a concert dedicated to Galina Vishnevskaya

Thank you for the pleasure of the concert-presentation of the orchestra. You were amazing. The orchestra and soloists are at a very high level. Out of more than 100 concerts of symphonic chamber academic music that I visited since September 2012, this one will be remembered for a long time. I wish you successful productions. Sincerely yours, Andrei Dalkevich

Ol`ga was 20 june on Concert of soloists and orchestra of the Center of opera singing

If you like classical vocals, go to the CSC to listen to young performers! Their energy explodes the chamber space of the hall and fills the audience with enthusiasm, while the satisfied smile does not leave the face during the entire concert.

Valeriya was 05 february on Eugene Onegin

Great performance. Bravo! Classical production, great artists. The choice was made thanks to the name of the Great Vishnevskaya and. I was amazed that such a familiar work "lived" for the first time. This is Art. Bravo! Thank you for your work.

Ludmila was 05 february on Eugene Onegin

Thank you so much for the play !!! Actors in the role of Tatiana and Eugene -Bravo !!! Sooo positive emotions! The hall is small everything is perfectly visible. even tickets must be bought on the last rows. Closer - loud)))

Valeriya was 05 february on Eugene Onegin

Thank you very much Olga Rostropovich for keeping the “art” center. In such a familiar production, the performers incredibly touched me. I "lived" the whole performance. Thank you very much. This is Art.

Didenkulov was 18 january on Opera of NA Rimsky-Korsakov "The Tsar's Bride".

Excellent performance and performers (for many this is the first performance)! Good luck!

Il`ya was 17 january on Opera of NA Rimsky-Korsakov "The Tsar's Bride".

Wonderful performance! Very beautiful music, great performers, beautiful costumes in classic Russian style. Got a real pleasure !!!!!

Ol`ga was 18 december on Opera PI Tchaikovsky's "Iolanta"

It is with great pleasure that I visit the Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Center, great performances and performers. I thank you.

Elena was 31 october on Opera G. Verdi "Rigoletto"

Wonderful performance! Beautiful voices, high level performance. I would like to visit this Center again, hear other works and get a great mood!

Dar`ya was 21 september on G. Puccini's opera La Boheme

A wonderful opera! Very atmospheric and emotional. Voices, scenery, everything at the highest level. The only thing from the 4th row (it was actually the first one) was very convenient to read the subtitles. (TVs are placed on the sides of the stage at the mezzanine level). Keep this in mind if you plan on peeping the translation.

Ol`ga was 27 june on Opera PI Tchaikovsky's "Iolanta"

I liked the opera "Iolanta" performed by the artists of the Center for Opera Singing. Galina Vishnevskaya. Magnificent voices of opera singers. Stunning scenery and costumes. Wonderful orchestra. Many thanks to everyone who worked on this show. I want to come to your performances again and again.

Roman was 27 june on Opera PI Tchaikovsky's "Iolanta"

First time at the opera in Moscow. And immediately very much. Costume class!

Irina was 21 june on Opera G. Verdi "Rigoletto"

It's delightful! Music is definitely magic! But I am impressed by the highest level of performers! Maria Buynosova - Gilda !!! Bravo!!! Bravo!!! What a voice !!! Alexander Aliev-incredible Rigoletto !!! It is a pity that the season ends ....

Elena was 08 june on G. Puccini's opera La Boheme

Great performance! Cozy room, it seems that you are inside the action. Great performance of vocal parts. Very good crowded scenes on the street with the participation of children. Elena. 05/05/2018

Irina was 26 april on Opera of NA Rimsky-Korsakov "The Tsar's Bride".

And who said that Russian operas are worse than Italian ones? Absolute confusion! N.Rimsky-Korsakov "The Tsar's Bride" is a real masterpiece! The opera was given on 26.04.2018 at the Center for Opera Singing of Galina Pavlovna Vishnevskaya. Got an unspeakable pleasure !!! Great production, unrealistic voices !!! And Lyubasha's aria "After all, I love you alone!" - tears on eyes!!! Thank you! Bravo!

Ksenia was 13 february on Opera G. Verdi "Rigoletto"

Excellent production of Verdi's opera - beautiful voices, bright costumes, complementary to the action of choreography, cozy and comfortable hall. A great place to see a really good and quality opera.

Natal`ya was 16 september on Opera G. Verdi "Rigoletto"

Wonderful performance, beautiful music, good voices. As a result: an excellent evening and a charge of good mood. I recommend to everyone!

Anna was 26 march on G. Puccini's opera La Boheme

Were at the opera on February 27. Very pleased with the production, the voices of the artists, interesting scenery. As if immersed in the atmosphere of Paris. Looks at one go. The only thing on the balcony 1 level in the extreme places is very poorly visible, since the action of the opera most of the time is on the right side of the scene.

Nataliya was 25 june on Concert of graduates

Great! Thank you!!!

Elena was 01 march on G. Puccini's opera La Boheme

February 27, 2018 was at the Center for Opera Singing. Opera "La bohème" was staged in the year 160th anniversary of the composer Puccini. A wonderful production, good voices, beautiful costumes and scenery. Most of the action is on the right side of the scene, so you need to consider this when buying tickets. The duration of the performance with intermission is 2h.30m.

Viktoriya was 01 february on G. Puccini's opera La Boheme

Went to listen to the opera on 31/01/2018. Very pleased! Beautiful artists, beautiful voices, beautiful shaping of the play. In the final scene, when Mimi dies, the lump was in the throat. This was the first experience of visiting the Center for Opera Singing. I will definitely continue to get acquainted with other productions.

Viktoriya was 01 february on G. Puccini's opera La Boheme

I liked the performance very much! Beautiful artists, beautiful voices, beautiful decoration of the play. Bravo!

Mersedes was 27 december on Eugene Onegin

All at a high level. Thank you !!!

Irina was 30 january on Gala Concert

Indelible impression! Excellent selection of works and wonderful, juicy, strong voices of singers with an excellent manner of performance! And of course, a separate admiration for the orchestra! Visited repeatedly and always a new repertoire, and always leave with a warm, unforgettable feeling, which then for a long time warms the memories of what he heard.

Sergey was 27 december on Eugene Onegin

An excellent performance, wonderful voices, and so many wonderful emotions were received, especially Stanislav Lee and Ekaterina Petrova, the original stylistics of the play, the orchestra sounded magically, the hall was small, no microphones sounded, the students of the studio played and sang very professionally in mass scenes. In this performance, the spirit of youth and talent was present, in fact, as conceived by the genius PI Tchaikovsky. Thanks to everyone who gave me this PLEASURE:

Svetlana was 05 december on Concert of the Fund's scholarship holders M.L. Rostropovich

The concert of the scholarship holders of the foundation of M.Rostropovich really liked! We received a lot of positive emotions!

Marina was 19 december on Opera PI Tchaikovsky's "Iolanta"

Wonderful theater, with wonderful performances! A real gift to those who love opera. I always go with great pleasure!

Tat`yana was 19 december on Opera PI Tchaikovsky's "Iolanta"

Many thanks to the artists of the Galina Vishnevskaya Center for Opera Singing for the holiday they give in each performance. Luxurious theater, chic costumes and scenery, magnificent performance of stunning opera singers. We always like to visit these performances and the emotional magical mood is enough for a long time. November 17, 2017 saw the "Iolanta" PI. Tchaikovsky, a big ACKNOWLEDGMENT to everyone for the stunning GREAT performance.

Oksana was 25 december on Christmas Gala Concert

Thank you for the wonderful concert! Everything was at the highest level!

Evgeniya was 25 december on Christmas Gala Concert

A wonderful concert! be sure to come back to you again!

Elizaveta was 25 december on Christmas Gala Concert

Thank you very much for the pleasure! The concert was wonderful. As we expected, the performers showed a high level of skill. The orchestra is wonderful! We liked everything - a cozy hall, atmosphere, public. We hope to become your audience more than once! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ludmila was 17 february on Opera PI Tchaikovsky's "Iolanta"

Stunning opera! Awesome game! Very interesting, very much! Thank you very much for the wonderful production!

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