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Theatre of Nations

Feedbacks from viewers
Ol`ga was 20 may on Hamlet | Collage

And who is there Mironov? Claudius or Polonius? Best of all, the role of a jester's skull would suit him!

Ol`ga was 28 february on STYLAGES

February 26, visited one of the premiere shows. Impressions? Excellent work of all young artists! Well done! Bright, driving, with a mood, with smiles - nothing to complain about! All action rests on them. They sing cool, move beautifully. Thank you guys for the excellent evening spent! But one thing: the topic itself seemed no longer so relevant ... That's when Todorovsky’s movie of the same name came out, it was still timely and modern. And now, after a few years, dudes, social protest, a Negro child, the American dream ... Is it clear to all young people? My mother is almost 80. She said that she had returned to her youth for a few hours. But will the son, who is 18, go to Stilyag? He still has a question ...;).

Nataliya was 22 february on STYLAGES

Today is 02/02/2019 went to the general run! Bright and positive performance! The guys' voices are awesome. The faces are new and therefore there is no “extra associations”. Of course, this is based on the film, and if you like the songs of “that period,” you can sing along. What we did! Look at me in one breath! Thanks for a great evening.

Andrey was 21 december on Clockwork Orange

Wonderful performance! Happy to watch it! The director and actors were able to do the impossible - to convey the feeling of this one of the most complex works of English literature in the second half of the 20th century! Well done!

Marina was 13 december on Grönholm Method

Yesterday were on viewing this performance. In the big hall of the theater was the first time. Before the performance, I read reviews both about the theater itself and about the performance. As always happens, you see not exactly what you expect. There were a lot of complaints about the chairs, but it was convenient for me. Seats were in the stalls 7 row. Yes, harshly. But, for me the main thing is that it is wide enough between rows. Now about the play. Modern staging. Nice to watch, the game is good actors. Liked everything. I want to mention Igor Gordin. Sergey Chonishvili could not play badly. Like this actor. In the assessment she said it would be good. I expected a little more from the theater and the production. Thank you!

Marina was 22 november on The Swedish match

Wonderful, joyful and positive performance! The game of actors and music at the highest level of professionalism, you look at one go. Fun and with subtle humor! I watched twice, I recommend it to everyone. Bravo!

Ol`ga was 22 november on Hamlet | Collage

great creative set design, great game of Mironov, it’s a pity that Hamlet left only an image of a restless lonely person on the verge of madness, flavored with black humor (especially in the images of mother and Ophelia), the complex palette of human relations with other heroes of the tragedy disappeared. Similarly, the name - a collage, pieces of the original, put together, for each of them you can guess some aspect of the original.

Aleksey was 16 october on Fairy tales of Pushkin

Strongly disliked. Why are all modern and avant-garde directors hiding behind great writers - Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Shakespeare? Because much more people will go to Pushkin or Dostoevsky than to the little-known Wilson in Russia. Why is it necessary to attract viewers with Pushkin's Tales, the Karamazov Brothers, Anna Karenina, and instead arrange a circus on stage? I think this is a mockery of Pushkin. Tell me honestly - "based on ..." It's not nice to hide behind great writers. Write your own script - and put it. And let him go to the crowd of spectators. From this performance I have a constant feeling that “the king is naked!”, Only everyone is ashamed to say this :)

Ekaterina was 08 october on Jeanne

Actually there is no claim to the statement. Laconic scenography. Beautiful Dapkunayte, on which things are sitting perfectly. All the rest as a background for her. But what kind of drama? It seems that the author has opened a news site and in one work he shoved everything that was happening, about which he learned, here you were both deceived share holders, and collectors, and corruption, and the legacy of the 90s. What is the play about? Nothing. Some momentary essay, an attempt to be relevant. For these boring to watch, it is not interesting to talk about.

Anna was 01 october on Clockwork Orange

Almost 2 hours of total turbidity and fruitless attempts to make a director to make a fashionable thing. From the original work there is no trace. If at least you did not watch Stanley Kubrick's film and are not familiar with the content, you will not understand anything at all. Since the hall of the small stage does not suggest that you can get up and leave, you had to suffer until the end.

Marina was 21 september on LIVING PICTURES

Kind all day! Yesterday was the play "Live pictures". The play made us remember the horrors of the blockade and once again bow to all the blockade-men who survived this nightmare. But I was very much humbled by such an abundant amount of MATERNITY from the mouth of the main heroine-worker of culture. This was not and could not be, St. Petersburg's most educated and cultured people in Russia!

Viktoriya was 20 september on A GAME

A wonderful performance! Separate and many thanks to Alexander Novin! Brilliantly played two roles! I went to the play solely for him. Great fellow! Victor Verzhbitsky is good, as always.

Kat was 20 september on UTOPIA

Flying people in the paintings of Marc Chagall are happy and free, so they saw and felt the artist. Unreal world. The entire performance of the actors lay on the stage, the mirror at an angle, created the illusion of detachment from the floor: they walked, stood, flew. Male alcoholism, youth addiction, hopeless female faith and unscrupulous business ideas. Returning to the past, we repeat the future. Nothing vulgar, nothing superfluous. Simply very gloomy Marc Chagall, as if his people writhe on the floor in black. The performance at 5, however, not so I would like to spend my evening ...

Marianna was 17 september on Audience

Beautiful, intelligent, interesting performance. Subtle humor, the actress's game is not only gorgeous, it captivates and immerses in the image of the Queen-Woman-Man. The entire performance is watched in one breath, and leaves an impression that does not let go for a long time. Thanks to all the creators of the play!

Irina was 13 september on MU MU

Great performance, I recommend!)

Svetlana was 04 jule on Audience

A luxurious classic set with a great game of all actors, amazing Inna Churikova. The play, of course, is saturated with English humor. The duration is just over 3 hours (one intermission), but they fly instantly, a wonderful mood is guaranteed! Sitting on the 2nd row of the balcony, 5-6 places, it was seen well

Elena was 04 jule on BLUE BLUE BIRD

I liked the performance very much! Were with the child 9 years old, did not look up!

Vlada was 21 may on CAUTION, ELFES!

Great performance! We received great pleasure ,. We can safely recommend!

Anastasiya was 07 may on Grönholm Method

Very interesting statement. I visit not the first time and each time allows you to look at the essence of people from a different angle. Great game! For me, this is the most memorable and impressive performance of this theater!

Pavel was 18 april on FIGARO. The events of one day

Mom asked for a birthday ticket to the Theater of Nations, bought it specially for Mironov. They went with his sister and barely sat down until the intermission. They say that many people left before the break, right during the play, that they had not seen more abominations and would not want to see it any more. It is in the spirit of modern trends, the best praise for Serebrennikov and the entire Russian people, for whom Our Russia is a masterpiece of culture. Infinitely a string of dirty jokes below the waist, giggles and gaggle of the hall. Shame to the modern theater.

Ekaterina was 30 march on BLUE BLUE BIRD

Spectacular performance! And, the word "effective", is justified completely. I liked the performance. My son has bright impressions, to which I am happy. Very modern, beautiful, bright, festive. Thank you

Svetlana was 27 march on BLUE BLUE BIRD

Wonderful performance, received great pleasure, thank you!

Tamara was 26 march on Freken Jules

The director of the play talks with the audience with a very modern theatrical language. The biggest impression is not from the actors' play, but from the moment of lonely rotating kitchen decorations after the New Year's party: the world appears in all emptiness and nakedness, cruel as a cutting board, and thrown to the panel like a strolling whore. Mironov and Hamatova play high class and professionally, in the whole palette of his acting baggage. As always, with Strinberg, the social conflict of the upper and lower societies is translated into the psycho-sexual sphere. And he is allowed on stage in bright reprise dialogues of the main characters. A wealthy viewer can feel uncomfortable

Svetlana was 22 february on STORM

Svetlana I was on February 21. "I'm impressed." The excellent work of the talented director Eugene Marcelli: how exactly and the new theatrical means conveyed the main idea of ​​this play: a powerful electric charge in love and heroes' opposition. "Bravo and actors: Moscow and Yaroslavl!

Aleksey was 22 february on STORM

The actors play perfectly. But the topic is not close to me, probably therefore the overall impression: so-so. Yes, and the scenery frills designed to engage in "decorating" without carrying anything do not interest me, alas.

Konstantin was 21 february on Grönholm Method

Sergei Chonishvili plays great in this performance as well. We remember the game of Father Nozheri Davidovich Chonishvili in the Omsk Drama Theater. Sergei has his charming voice, his great talent. Very satisfied with the game of all actors. The plot is interesting, dynamic and original. Ticks! The theater hall on Serpukhovka is very convenient for spectators. Got a lot of fun. Recommended for everyone.

Tat`yana was 07 february on STORM

A wonderful play of actors. Thank you!

Uliya was 02 january on Fairy tales of Pushkin

A wonderful performance. Very interesting original reading of such familiar, seemingly, works. In this statement he says and carries in himself additional meanings and scenery and costumes and the selection of actors, and what parts of the text are read from the stage by characters, and which are told by the artist and the stage props. A week passed after viewing, and we periodically return to the discussion, comprehending and finding more and more hidden in the first perception moments. I'd like to compare with good spirits-the upper notes-only the upper ones, there are many pleasant discoveries ahead. Thanks to the whole creative team of the theater. Until next time.

Ol`ga was 24 january on The Swedish match

The performance is stunning!

Tamara was 24 january on Fairy tales of Pushkin

Great performance! Feelings of delight, surprise, admiration did not leave until the end of the play. I really liked the music! And, of course, the actors play is something amazing! Magnificent storyteller Yevgeny Mironov, Daria Moroz, Olga Lapshina in several images. She was at the play with her 15-year-old daughter, she said that this is by far the best performance she has ever seen.

Irina was 15 january on Jeanne

Quite a double impression of what he saw. Magnificent and incomparable I.Dapkunaite and in general good partners, but the content of the play for bored, carefree and trouble-free spectators, which are few. It was painful to me to contemplate and to contemplate it and I left without waiting for the end.

Natal`ya was 12 january on CIRCUS

I'm very sorry for the lost evening. Did not get pleasure from the performance! In addition to the color scheme of the costumes, nothing impressed. There was no text, no outstanding play of actors. Maybe I'm not that performance, and the wrong theater chose to join in the beautiful))

Konstantin was 05 january on CAUTION, ELFES!

A remarkably sparkling performance. We laughed and were sad from the heart, and we - adults and children. Thanks to everyone, everyone, everyone who is engaged in the presentation and, of course, the authors. I recommend to be 100% complete.

Ludmila was 02 january on BLUE BLUE BIRD

I really liked the play. After him there is a feeling of magic reigning around. And this is what awaits both children and adults on the eve of New Year and Christmas.

Elena was 05 december on BLUE BLUE BIRD

Were on the show on December 2, the second floor of the second row is better not to take, there is no review, especially for children, wooden chairs are also not very - one hour is going. In general, a very bright, full of musicals, the costumes are simply above all praise. A little embarrassed the singing of the main character, it seemed that she should sing higher. Two acts with intermission, the characters walked around the hall, unusual interaction with the audience. The children wanted to go again :)

Liza was 21 november on Hamlet | Collage

A stunning performance !!! The idea with the cube impressed, the performance itself is unique, very deep! Yevgeny Mironov is a talented actor, a true genius !!! It was very interesting to watch his reincarnations in different characters, his game captures! She came to the play from another city and was completely delighted with how Shakespeare's reflections could be combined with modern technologies!

Irina was 21 november on Glass Menagerie

The performance is like. The actors' game is perfect, just brave!

Dmitriy was 03 march on The Taming of the Shrew

Please correct the composition! Maxim Averin DOES NOT PLAY IN THIS THEATER.

Lubov` was 24 june on FIGARO. The events of one day

Very good performance, but not too heavy. Eugene Mironov is brilliant, the other actors involved in the play are also very good. Funny, modern, current production. Jokes on the face of the foul, but the actors are thin on this point are balancing. As a result, like any good performance, he makes us think about our life today, about human values, about how much it is to adjust to the circumstances, about the difficulties in understanding between men and women, in general about what is important for you personally at this moment . Highly recommend!

Angelika was 03 january on The Taming of the Shrew

I liked the performance very much, I liked the theater very much. surprisingly easy setting. all play well. were January 3, and on January 8 we will go to HAMLET. BRAVO!!!!!!

Tatyana was 24 december on The Taming of the Shrew

The first 15 minutes it was impossible to understand what the actors-minus say. The general impression is "mega positive"!

Svetlana was 16 february on FIGARO. The events of one day

February 16, visited the Theater of Nations for the first time. The setting of Figaro is unusual, modern. Julia Peresild (Suzanne) played remarkably! Liya Akhedzhakova- Excellent! Alexander Novin (Cherubino) -a beautiful body !!!. Of course Yevgeny Mironov himself is incomparable. His monologues make him think. The young man !! Only he speaks very quietly, so I want to give him a microphone! Maybe in the orchestra and you can hear in the dress-room, it's hard to hear. In general, everything is fine !!! Svetlana

Svetlana was 25 march on The Taming of the Shrew

Were with your husband at your theater for the first time, admired! Thought out everything from the wardrobe, toilet to the auditorium! The game of Chulpan Khamatova is above praise - deep, sincere, strong and gentle at the same time! Olga Volkova is a master! Thanks to Evgeni Mironov for everything, we will soon come to Hamlet!

Uliya was 24 june on FIGARO. The events of one day

I'm totally ecstatic !!!

Visitor was 15 april on The Taming of the Shrew

I liked it very much

Natal`ya was 25 march on The Taming of the Shrew

I liked it very much

Natal`ya was 31 october on FIGARO. The events of one day

I liked the performance! Mironov is incomparable! However, the rest of the actors are on top! Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Auna was 29 october on FIGARO. The events of one day

The play, unfortunately, disappointed me very much. I plan to be at the theater on 13.11, I hope impressions will be different.

Maksim was 25 march on The Taming of the Shrew

It was great! Chulpan is gorgeous

Irina was 24 june on FIGARO. The events of one day

I really liked the play. Thanks to all the actors for a pleasant evening.

Ekaterina was 16 february on FIGARO. The events of one day

The play was a little disappointing, did not live up to expectations, especially the game of genius, how is everything about him written by Mironov. Very worthy of the game Vitaly Khayeva!

Olya was 12 february on The Taming of the Shrew

Very interesting production !! The work of artists is so bright that you are charged with all energy even on the last row of the balcony! Khamatova is a class. But even steeper is Volkova. Her role is simply a decoration of the play. The one who came to the idea of ​​this role is a genius. Positive performance!

Galina was 26 march on The Taming of the Shrew

Shakespeare in the square. Ironically, dynamically, funny. Actors - as always for five with a plus. This is a personal opinion.

Lubov` was 02 january on FIGARO. The events of one day

Thank you! A wonderful game of actors! I'll try to come to the play!

Yana was 23 june on FIGARO. The events of one day

Great performance!

Marina was 10 april on FIGARO. The events of one day

Thank you very much to all the actors for the delivered HUGE PLEASURE !! The performance really liked! Fun, funny, very lively, relevant, very cool !!!!! Mironov of course ABOVE ANYONE LOST !!!! Liya Akhedzhakova is extraordinary! unique !!!!! Very good Elena Nikolaeva in the role of Suzanne. And in general, all-all-all actors! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Natal`ya was 01 november on The Taming of the Shrew

Interesting production. Looks at one go. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Svetlana was 15 january on FIGARO. The events of one day

January 14 were at the play. We received a lot of positive emotions. Game E. Mironov - ingenious! Amazing reincarnation. Many thanks to the whole troupe for a pleasant evening!

Margarita was 10 april on FIGARO. The events of one day

Excellent! Especially I want to mention the talented game of E. Mironov, V. Khayev, L. Ahedzhakova. I recommend to everyone!

Uliya was 24 june on FIGARO. The events of one day

Thank you! Really liked it!

Anna was 26 march on The Taming of the Shrew

An amazing extravaganza! Thanks to the theater for an interesting production, talented performers and for our wonderful mood after the performance!

Marina was 10 april on FIGARO. The events of one day

The play rather liked than not. Expected more. I want to note the game of V. Khayev and A. Ukolova. Bravo!

Elena was 26 march on The Taming of the Shrew

Many thanks for the gift of a great mood! The performance is bright, lively. The game of all actors is beyond praise.

Gul`sina was 10 april on FIGARO. The events of one day

Thank you for the wonderful performance and amazing game of artists. Special thanks for the service. All blessings and prosperity.

Elena was 26 march on The Taming of the Shrew

Highly! Highly! Highly! A wonderful performance and a great game of actors! A tremendous pleasure received!

Sergey was 26 march on The Taming of the Shrew

The performance is interesting and unusual, however, a meticulous study with the feeling of the contents of a female handbag at the entrance to the theater spoiled the mood.

Ivan was 10 april on FIGARO. The events of one day

Very positive event

Tat`yana was 18 january on The Taming of the Shrew

The performance is excellent, I went and I liked my husband, then my son was an adult too. Alive, cheerful and very positive. The mood raises, completely submerges, keeps the viewer. It would be more than such performances in our uneasy time. But about Chulpan Khamatov, I can not stop admiring her. I think without it, this performance would not be the same, its reincarnation is always brilliant, but it's simply amazing. DELIGHT,

Natal`ya was 26 march on The Taming of the Shrew

A great performance, left a feeling of incredible lightness and energy, which you get from the game of young talented actors. Khamatova, as always, is good, it's a pity that there was no Olga Volkova, she really wanted to see it, and the role of the general's wife is obviously hers, you can imagine how she would play it. I recommend to everyone who wants to get a huge dose of positive and shake your hardened brain, and at the same time remember that you know Shakespeare :).

Visitor was 10 april on FIGARO. The events of one day

I liked the performance. Only, in my opinion, too much vulgarity (obscene lexicon, too frank outfits only in underwear, etc.)

Aleksey was 26 march on The Taming of the Shrew

The play left an impression of KVN. There is no directing, some actors play at the level of the students of the Theater Institute. This does not apply to the game of Hamatova, she played well, but no more. Surprise the price of tickets. Their level corresponds to the Bolshoi Theater and higher than the prices in Lenkom. But the creative level of these esteemed theaters does not compare with the level of the Theater of Nations. Repair Mironov did a good - well done! Now we need to raise the creative level of actors and choose directors more carefully.

Sergey was 14 april on The Taming of the Shrew

The performance did not like.

Shubenkova Natal`ya Mihaylovna was 12 february on The Taming of the Shrew

Chulpan Khamatova ... This often says everything. And now add here also Olga Volkov ... And envy yourself that you saw on this scene this wonderful pair. The play in which they met is worthy of these great actresses .. In the end, Shakespeare wrote a comedy, and if the director had a talented look at her from today, it did not hurt at all. In my opinion, the performance was a success: mischievous, a little crazy, perfectly set and played by a wonderful troupe with brilliant actresses. Which already day I go under impression and with good mood. Spasib-oh-oh-oh oh Shubenkova Natalya

Sergey was 15 january on FIGARO. The events of one day

The performance did not like. The actors did what they could, but the production of Mironov was clearly not successful. The vulgarities and vulgarities are crumbling, near-post hints and skimming of skirts. Monologues do not inspire moral topics. This is the case when the beautiful artists, the wonderful theater, the authorship of the play do not give any guarantees of disappointment.

Mariya was 28 october on The Taming of the Shrew

A very interesting performance, put on a high modern level. Impressive Gorgeous actor's game. Let's advise friends

Larisa was 10 april on FIGARO. The events of one day

We are in awe!

Lada was 12 february on The Taming of the Shrew

A magnificent performance, long ago such light and subtle comedies have not seen

Aleksey was 26 september on The Taming of the Shrew

It's great, but not looking from the first rows - the neck turns out :-)

Natalia was 31 january on The Taming of the Shrew

Great performance!

Ol`ga Averkina was 02 january on FIGARO. The events of one day

Many thanks for the pleasure! Great play of actors! Happy New Year!!!

Svetlana was 28 november on The Taming of the Shrew

Cool performance! I liked it very much!

Alla was 02 february on FIGARO. The events of one day

Many thanks for the amazing performance, for the given holiday. I will be happy to recommend to my friends!

Elena was 29 october on FIGARO. The events of one day

I liked the performance very much! A wonderful game of actors! Mironov well done!

Uriy was 30 november on The Taming of the Shrew


Ol`ga was 28 october on The Taming of the Shrew

We liked the play with my husband. We wish a spectacle of audience recognition and longevity. In the first action you want to add a little more dynamics.

Irina was 15 april on The Taming of the Shrew

Great performance!

Nataliya was 31 january on The Taming of the Shrew

the delight of the seen-extravaganza of zadumok and talents ... the game of Chulpan Khamatova is difficult to overestimate ... the beautiful Katarina and the recognizable "barmaid-kadushka" -is her talent for reincarnation all the power ... and what handsome men play in this theater! and the design of the scene is taken immediately! but how else to put in the "house of culture of the fleet"? Bravo master! you returned my love to your theater ... after the "controversial" performance of Calligul

Elena was 29 december on FIGARO. The events of one day

I liked the performance very much.

Anna was 15 january on FIGARO. The events of one day

Tastefully made interpretation of the classics in prose, designed for a lazy Moscow viewer with a thick purse ("cheap" ticket to the stalls of 5 tyr) and with a claim to the theater with the stars. Actors on the crest of modern times, scenery - too. They play beautifully, witty and not vulgar production of K. Serebrennikov, who, however, is clear why one can criticize. The play is not for the old theatergoers. Several of these left, not waiting for an intermission, after undressing on stage before the laundry. Everything seems fine, but there is one BUT. Simply awful acoustics or articulation of actors. From the 7th row of the parterre you can not hear anything! "Behind the girls, they constantly joked, asking each other. They speak quickly, swallow words like a machine gun. Perfectly audible ALWAYS, whatever one may say, it was only L.Ahedzhakov and A.Leontiev. The rest is a very curious version, interesting, holds the hall, time flies imperceptibly. With the same success it was possible to call heroes llens and sashas, ​​and most likely no one would even draw an analogy with Beaumarchais) But the more honestly one has to do without plagiarism, the more interesting is the version of the events of one day, outlined by today's categories and concepts. It is worth to go to those who love such experiments, ready for them and open to the world! :)

Uliya was 31 january on The Taming of the Shrew

I wonder what the performance will grow into. But even now it is quite good, although there are certain drawbacks. But in all this there is life. It's better to know the plot of Shakespeare's play in advance, of course.

Uliya was 23 june on FIGARO. The events of one day

Excellent production, a good game of all actors! For the first time watching the game of Eugene Mironov - amazing!

Oksana was 02 february on FIGARO. The events of one day

A good play of actors, the performance as a whole was like, but I expected more ...

Elena was 28 october on The Taming of the Shrew

Very damp. The cast is not very smooth. Ideas are not bad, but they play well.

Ol`ga was 02 february on FIGARO. The events of one day

The performance is wonderful. I love E. Mironov in the cinema, I finally managed to see him on stage, as always, is good. And the opening for me was A. Fomin

Veronika was 15 april on The Taming of the Shrew

They did not leave the play, only because my husband really likes Chulpan Khamatova. All waited, then just about "will resolve" and we knowingly came, but it did not happen ...

Elena was 31 january on The Taming of the Shrew

Great performance! Liked it! A kind of avant-garde buffoonade. I liked the musical accompaniment very much. The game Vl Kalisanov and Olga Volkova impressed more than the game of other actors, that's what life experience means ... Separately about the theater. The first time were in the theater of nations, beautiful design of rooms, wonderful color design, very stylish! I wonder whose project?

Elena was 09 february on The Taming of the Shrew

The play "The Taming of the Shrew" was very popular. Thank you!

Elena was 24 november on FIGARO. The events of one day

Great performance, I enjoyed myself. The work of the actors is amazing. Evgeni Mironov-special thanks !!!

Ekaterina was 24 june on FIGARO. The events of one day

Thank you! Wonderful performance

Svetlana was 12 february on The Taming of the Shrew

The decoration of the stage, costumes and decoration do not correspond to the ticket price for the performance.

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