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Feedbacks from viewers
Tatyana was 13 november on Cipollino

Once again, my favorite theater pleased staging. Were with children 2.5 and 5 years old, I really liked everything. Separately, I would like to thank the theater workers, we were met by those who were late, helped the children quickly undress in the wardrobe and were taken to the hall.

Elena was 12 november on The famous Moydodyr


Tatyana was 29 october on The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Pinocchio

Were with children 2.5 and 5.5 years old, the children really liked the performance, they watched with pleasure, relatively calm and melodic musical accompaniment. Eatr itself is very interesting, advice: come for 30_40 minutes before the start of the performance, in the foyer on the first and second floor there is a wonderful exhibition of dolls, in the children's wardrobe there are dolls, very interesting! In the seating area they rise and the children sit comfortably, we took the tickets in the back rows with such raised seats, everything was visible. Parking is not near, parking spaces in the surrounding streets.

Evgeniya was 19 jule on Flint

The theater is very close to the metro, the hall is small, the chairs can be raised for children. A good performance, the younger children sincerely worried about the soldier. Fairy-tale dogs - just screaming! With pleasure we go to some other performance of the theater.

Inna was 15 january on All mice like cheese

It's fun, not overworked. Plemyashka 5.5 years of performance like. It is especially good that the game of puppeteers, replicas are organic, without overplaying.

Anastasiya was 05 january on School of Snowmen

Were at the play yesterday. In 20 minutes the Christmas tree began on the second floor. Very cozy theater, friendly staff. The performance itself left a pleasant impression both for the child and for us with my spouse. Two acts with one intermission, children of different ages, on average 4-6 years. There is no lift in the hall, but the seats can be turned upside down for the child to be taller and see everything. The plot is simple, funny, good music, beautiful scenery and dolls. As in this fairy tale.

Ludmila was 25 september on The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Pinocchio

Were with my son (5 years) on a full-time performance. Theater liked: next to the subway, in the foyer is clean, it's light, in niches and shop-windows sit-there are dolls. Hall comfortable, excellent chairs-transformers, children are very comfortable to sit. Everything is visible, but not very well audible, especially in the last rows. Statement on the grounds, close to the text. The costumes resembled a Soviet cartoon. The performance was liked by the child.

Irina was 25 january on Krabat is a sorcerer's apprentice

I liked the performance. And funny, and scary places. Only preschoolers, who despite the recommendation of 8+ were at the play, was not interested.

Marina was 12 may on Krabat is a sorcerer's apprentice

The children were in such ecstasy as they had not experienced in the theater for a long time! They want to take them to this play again!

Svetlana was 27 september on Krabat is a sorcerer's apprentice

I liked it very much

Svetlana was 07 january on The Magic Nut. History of the Nutcracker.

We went with the child for 7 years, a wonderful performance, a bright good actor's play, I advise you to go.

Svetlana was 06 june on Flint

Very good, beautiful performance, dolls playing actors at the highest level. I strongly advise

Svetlana was 06 january on Flint

We went with my daughter to Ognivo, a very good play. Dynamically, colorfully, beautiful dolls, and the actors play at a very good level. Thank you. The theater. We will come again. I advise

Natal`ya was 21 june on Masha and the Bear

In his favorite puppet theater they visited the premiere of the play "Masha and the Bear" The production was a success! The play was conceived and turned out in the style of the "new art" of the 1930s, alive and energetic. The child (4g 8m) especially penetrated - "Vortexes hostile ..." The magic power of art!

Anna was 16 may on The Magic Nut. History of the Nutcracker.

Stunning performance very original costumes watched with a child of 6 years left in raptures

Fedor was 13 february on Go!

Great performance! Went with a child of 5 years, I liked everything.

Anna was 25 june on Scratchcases

Very good performance for the kids! Set on a fairy tale. Very unusual and interesting presentation! Lovely dolls and a small cozy room. Enchants and bewitches both adults and young spectators. Thanks to the actors and creators of this show!

Ol`ga was 28 may on May Night

Thank you, we really enjoyed it.

Ekaterina was 16 april on May Night

Beautiful performance.

Marina was 05 march on May Night

I really like the performance. With a puzzle .. Not heavy .. Classics, but not a template .. To all the company THANKS! Vladivostok.

Ol`ga was 02 november on Go!

Thank you very much ! I liked everything and the child and me, I just sat and forgot about everything in the world !!! The child is delighted and I'm a grandmother too. Beautiful scenery, a real act of actors, children all participate and live action. The theater and the performance of the high class, the only thing I would like in the foyer is that, as before, the dolls were sitting, it was not so strictly formalized as at the moment! Thanks, all the kids from 5 years and their parents go to this performance and get strong emotions and great joy!

Oksana was 19 october on Go!

We really enjoyed! We will come again!

Nina was 26 january on Go!

Very good performance !!! Thanks to the director and actors! Went with my daughter, 3 years. We both liked it! Unusually, interactively, easily and very positively! Actors are very pleased, played with all the heart, in good faith! Let's go once again, of course!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Спартаковская ул., 26/30
01 h 20 min
The story of the boy - onion in two acts According to the fairy-tale novel by Gianni Rodari Director - Andrey Aladukhov The artist - Galina Krutiporokh Composer - Eugene Bargman A wonderful fairy tale about the merry and fearless bulbous boy formed the basis for animated and feature films, inspired Karen Khachaturyan to create the famous ballet. And now a member of the Club of merry little men, a kind and brave defender of the weak, invites to the premiere at the Moscow Puppet Theater. Cipollino promises to tell a story full of exciting adventures, brightly, fervently, briskly. After all, Gianni Rodari, whose 95th anniversary is celebrated this year, planned this story. Attention to the audience! Each viewer, both large and small, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Children under the age of 14 are admitted to the hall only when accompanied by an adult (with a ticket and an adult). If you want your child to be satisfied, pay attention to the age for which the performance is recommended.


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