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Elena was 28 november on Music of the universe.

Visited the concert on November 3. The music is unmatched, but the beauties of the cosmos, alas, could not be enjoyed. We were in this cathedral for the first time, purchased tickets in the first row of the side nave (800 rubles for one ticket), and it turned out that the pictures are projected only on the front part of the cathedral, and we enjoyed the view of the column that completely covered the beauty of space. On the request of her husband to take a chair for her mother, so that she could sit down and at least see something, he was answered by a polite refusal. There are four ways out: 1. To stand at the above-mentioned column and stand for an hour and a half, 2. It is vain to look for a free place among those present in the central part of the cathedral. 3. To settle and leave. 4. To stay and enjoy music without contemplating distant galaxies, which we did. A convincing request to the organizers of the concert to warn about such nuances when buying tickets, or not to sell tickets to side naves, since we are certainly not the only ones who come to the cathedral for the first time and face such an unpleasant situation.

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