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Feedbacks from viewers
Katya was 09 january on Her friends

I went with my daughter for 13 years, I liked the play, about real friendship and love. The actors played wonderful, special thanks to the actors of the older generation, bravo! A story with a happy ending!

Larisa was 05 january on The Master and Margarita

An interesting and rather successful version of the novel of Mikhail Bulgakov in the theater. The original stage decision: the scenery - a few hanging metal sheets, against which all the action takes place. This allows you to focus on the acting game and sometimes several lengthy monologues, without which, of course, the action on the stage will be incomprehensible. But, given that the audience who came to the play, know the content of the novel, it remains only to observe the excellent play of the actors. Some mass scenes are very interesting: for example, dinner at Griboyedov and, of course, Woland's ball. I thank the artists of the theater for their acting skills, which allows you to view the play to the end.

Elena was 05 january on Blue bird

The performance is beautiful, the fairytale's magical atmosphere is miraculously conveyed by the scenery and the whole plot of history itself. They were with children 3 times at different ages and every time - this is magic. It's good that there is something permanent like in our childhood, what can be shared with the child, to discuss the impressions.

Svetlana was 25 december on Treasures of Peter

Were at the play on December 23 with a child of 7 years. I really liked the game of actors! I especially want to single out the principal role of Peter. Costumes and decorations are also on top! The problems of enrichment in any way, touched upon in the children's play, are as relevant as ever in our time! I recommend it as one of the best performances for children! Thanks to the site Bigbilet for the simplicity and convenience in buying tickets! We constantly use! Happy New Year, everyone!

Anna was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

A long unhurried performance. Apparently, the actors have been playing it for more than a decade in the same composition. All of them are at least 20 years older than their heroes, and this is very noticeable.

Ol`ga was 05 october on The Cherry Orchard

Thank you for the classic staging of the play, Children of the 11th grade - I liked the performance very much. Doronin is just super! Please give her a microphone!

Lubov` was 07 february on The Cherry Orchard

Great performance! Renata Litvinova plays Ranevskaya exactly and correctly. Very lucky that Lopakhin played Kishchenko, and not Smolyakov - just fine! Only Yana Sexte was irritated - she was overacting and terribly screaming her lines. But it became clear why Lopakhin did not make her an offer :)))

Larisa was 05 october on The Cherry Orchard


Irina was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

I really liked the play. Good scenery, the actors play is wonderful. Sometimes it was hard to hear the actors, I had to listen, although they were sitting in the mezzanine next to the stage.

Nina was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

I liked it very much, thanks for a good evening

Aleksandra was 08 march on The Cherry Orchard

The play takes the main role - Renata Litvinova, which completely fits into the context set by the director. Everyone comes to look at Mrs. Litvinov. And really - the actress surprisingly gets used to the role! It's a pity that the scenery did not please: the idea is good, but not for the "Cherry Orchard".

Natasha was 08 march on The Cherry Orchard

Bravo, Tatiana Doronina, Thanks and a deep bow to Chekhov and for the architecture of Kubasov!

Liudmila was 08 march on The Cherry Orchard

Beautiful performance. Good ticket organization. What can be improved? In the buffet to put 2-3 sellers instead of 1. :))))

Natal`ya was 07 february on The Cherry Orchard

February 7 were at the play. We sat in the 13th row, but Tatiana Doronin was very poorly heard. The game of this great actress is gorgeous, but if you did not know the text of the play it would be difficult to understand the content of monologues, and after all, Chekhov in each phrase has a great meaning. And at the very end of the play, the knocking of an ax, many took for a mobile phone call - it was completely unlikely, again the knowledge of the play saved. Really liked Firs, and Lopakhin looked more like a retired soldier, but this is a personal opinion. Conclusion - reread the play before attending the theater, and then you will get a real pleasure.

Vyacheslav was 31 may on The Cherry Orchard


Oleg was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

The performance is interesting in its own way. Yes, there is not enough dynamics, but it is prolonged, but we managed to completely relax and get a piece of summer in the middle of winter.

Aleksey was 25 january on The Cherry Orchard

A wonderful performance, a virtuoso performance of actors, it is better to play, probably, impossible, but absolutely not audible to Doronin. Absolutely.

Larisa was 05 october on The Cherry Orchard


Alla was 03 december on The Master and Margarita

I recommend. This performance is rightfully considered the theater's success.

Evgeniya was 03 december on PYGMALION - premiere

A wonderful performance. I recommend.

Galina was 04 april on Vassa Zheleznova

Well-developed performance: the actors' play, the direction, the scenery - everything is very worthy. It's a pity that the theater itself is in a sorry state.

Irina was 18 may on Vassa Zheleznova

The performance is wonderful. Doronin is amazing. Many thanks.

Lara was 25 june on Vassa Zheleznova

Was on the 25th of June. The second part of the play liked more, the first a little slow though short. Personally, I came to see our great actress Tatiana Doronin. Of the minuses is probably that sometimes Tatiana D. was not heard well, I was sitting on the mezzanine. I had to listen and think out what she said. Most of all I was impressed when the performance ended with this applause of such long I had not heard before.

Veronika was 25 march on Vassa Zheleznova

Great DORONINA !! And magnificent

Uliya was 17 november on Vassa Zheleznova

The performance is beautiful, Tatiana Doronina is gorgeous. Thank you.

Oksana was 22 february on Vassa Zheleznova

I really liked the play. There was a feeling that you live life with the heroes. Vassa Borisovna (Doronina) marvelously conveyed the whole atmosphere of the relationship in the family. And Lyudochka J. just a miracle. Even after a time some episodes of the play come up. Thank you so much!!!

Elizaveta was 28 september on Vassa Zheleznova


Larisa was 07 june on Vassa Zheleznova

I got a great pleasure from playing actors and Doronin was gorgeous!

Elena was 17 november on Vassa Zheleznova

Very good performance! A wonderful play of actors, all! And, of course, the magnificent DORONINA! Special thanks for the quality service of selling e-tickets! Sincerely, Elena

Elena was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

A wonderful performance about eternal values! We watched with pleasure the whole family! Such performances make the world kinder. Despite the fact that the production of more than 100 years, it still does not lose its relevance today.

Oleg was 04 april on Vassa Zheleznova

Great performance! Brilliant game T. Doronina!

Elena was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

Doronin is beauty, it's talent, it's art, it's school, it's aerobatics !!! The play looks in one breath. Not all, of course, the actors are on top, but we did not go for them.

Elena was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

An extraordinary performance! Beautiful scenery, a bright play of actors! And what is Tatyana Vasilyevna Doronina! .. There is no better classical Russian theater! Got a real pleasure! Thank you!

Natal`ya was 22 february on Vassa Zheleznova

Classics, and even in reading, in which Vassa causes compassion in the audience - this is real art. Thank you!

Elena was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

We received great pleasure. A wonderful play of actors. Thanks to Tatiana Doronina.

Ol`ga was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

The performance made a great impression! The actors play is gorgeous! Thank you very much. and Samoylov AV for creative work!

Nataliya was 18 may on Vassa Zheleznova

Everything is great!!!

Margarita was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

Thank you for the wonderful game! :-)

Natal`ya was 10 may on Vassa Zheleznova

At the play was a daughter with a boyfriend. Despite the young age, both are delighted.

Marina was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

The performance is magnificent! Great acting game! The production made strong impressions! Thank you so much!

Svetlana was 17 november on Vassa Zheleznova


Nataliya was 17 november on Vassa Zheleznova

Thank you! Great performance!

Ol`ga was 22 february on Vassa Zheleznova

"Vassa Zheleznova" is the best I've seen so far. Tatyana Doronina is incomparable. I'm still impressed. Thank you very much.

Mar`yana was 22 february on Vassa Zheleznova

Thanks to the theater. Beautiful setting. Watching Tatyana Doronina's game is a great pleasure. Thanks again.

Uliya was 17 november on Vassa Zheleznova

I have never seen Doronin on stage, and she was indifferent to the films with her participation. But Vassa shocked me - I used to perceive her on the film with Inna Churikova. And then - a tired woman who is forced to be an "iron lady", on which the whole family - irresponsible people. God bless Tatyana Vasilyevna, she is a great Russian actress.

Vladimir was 10 may on Vassa Zheleznova

Absolutely stunning performance. All actors play very well, naturally, without the slightest posturing. Especially I want to mention Elena Korobeinikova as Lyudmila. Tatyana Doronina perfectly keeps herself for her years. Says a little quiet in places, but it does not spoil the general impression. I do not remember that any production so touched me. Very piercing, almost to tears.

Marina was 22 february on Vassa Zheleznova

Thank you, I liked the performance

Artur was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

A wonderful performance with Tatyana Doronina in the title role! High level of actors' play, stunning scenery, wonderful atmosphere.

Galina was 17 november on Vassa Zheleznova

Thank you, all is well!

Anna was 22 february on Vassa Zheleznova

Wonderful, enjoyed and excellent mood for a long time!

Irina was 18 may on Vassa Zheleznova

The play really liked. Doronina was on top. Many thanks.

Nikolay was 10 january on Vassa Zheleznova

Perfect and touching

Tat`yana was 17 november on Vassa Zheleznova

This is a real Russian theater. A strong game of great actors!

Olga was 16 november on PYGMALION - premiere

I liked the performance very much, I got real pleasure. Many thanks to the artists. I advise everyone.

Natal`ya was 08 november on Her friends

They opened the theatrical season with this performance. The warmest impressions were left after viewing. The actors played remarkably, sincerely, emotionally! She took the daughter of nine years to play - she is delighted! I regretted that my son did not buy a ticket (he was about 19). In a word - for family viewing. I strongly advise! Bravo MAT!

Galina was 07 november on Blue bird

The performance is beautiful, yesterday was the second time with my daughter on November 5, 2017 (the first time two years ago). I was surprised at the poor organization of the event: the delay in starting a children's (!) Performance for 40 minutes. As a result, the event ended an hour later.

Irina was 07 november on Her friends

A wonderful performance, I recommend to children from 9 years old and adults. A very instructive story from the life of Soviet schoolchildren.

Evgeniya was 07 november on Her friends

I went with my granddaughter for 10 years. We really liked the performance. Thank you.

Vera was 15 december on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

September 30, 2015 were at the play "Bankrupt". It would seem that so many years have passed, and the topics touched on in this story are still relevant ...

Elena was 07 february on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

Striking depth of the performance. Doronina, as always, is delicious. Remarkable and talented Lebanon! Thank you!

Ol`ga was 23 january on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

The performance did not like. As Stanislavsky said: "I do not believe." Out of respect for the actors did not leave the first act, the spouse simply and shamelessly fell asleep

Aliya was 02 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

The event was held at the highest level. We got great pleasure.

Svetlana was 11 january on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Wonderful performance! Many thanks for the pleasure!

Il`ya was 24 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Good performance. Sysoy Psoyevich burned with napalm!

Ol`ga was 25 october on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

Doronina is brilliant, Lebanon is great, the play is tight and nudnovata

Tais was 02 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Thank you. I really liked the play. We got a lot of pleasure from the actors' play.

Alla was 02 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

A weak setting, a chaotic second act, vulgar jokes. The play left a feeling of awkwardness and bewilderment.

Uliya was 08 november on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

We were happy to see the play in the play "The Old Actress for the Role of Dostoevsky's Wife" and to come in contact with the mystery of the reincarnation of the great Russian actress Tatyana Doronina on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky.

Maria was 21 march on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

I liked it very much

Irina was 24 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

I went to the play with the pupils of the 7th grade, I was worried that they would not like it. But everything went fine! The performance was magnificent! Thanks for it

Irina was 08 november on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

Very impressively :) thanks :)

Ol`ga was 02 april on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

We really liked the play! Thank you!

Msjga was 25 october on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

A magnificent performance, a huge gratitude to Tatiana Vasilyevna Doronina and Aristarkh Livanov.

Svetlana was 04 october on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

In my opinion, a boring production, especially the first action, the second is more dynamic, but too much cut off the end. Just a couple of jokes for the whole performance. I really wanted to sleep.

Irina was 07 february on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

A deep bow to Tatiana Vasilyevna, Aristarkh Evgenyevich! Stirred all the strings of the soul! And they cried and laughed. I want to reread Dostoevsky. THANK YOU! We will come again.

Uliya was 05 february on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Great performance! We were very satisfied.

Anna was 26 june on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

A great evening at the theater! The play was liked, however, there was a constant sense of comparison with the film "The Wedding of Balzaminov." A tragic ending, despite the general easy mood!

Nelli was 01 october on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

I liked both me and my son

Kristina was 02 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Very instructive performance. The theme of fathers and children. The first branch was a bit tight, but the second one was simply superb, sensual, revealing the whole essence of the production. Costumes and play actors at altitude. After the performance we left the theater with pleasant emotions.

Anna was 21 march on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

Tatiana Doronina just lives on stage.

Igor` was 02 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

I liked it very much. Thank you!

Pashaspartak was 18 september on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

I liked it very much. Actors are great fellows. Annoy people who are intermission in transplanted to other vacant places and prevented to look.

Kristina was 16 october on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Liked, life situation. But the play is a little stretched

Svetlana was 25 october on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife


Vladimir was 18 september on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

With gratitude for the preservation of the traditions of Russian classics!

Anna was 22 january on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Great performance! It is a pity that there are no discounts for students and students in the theater.

Ol`ga was 23 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

We got great pleasure from viewing. A great play of actors. Many thanks.

Mihail was 16 october on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Thank you. All liked it

Larisa was 07 february on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

Thanks for a wonderful evening, the performance is delicious, T.V. Doronin is brilliant. Thank you!!!

Sergey was 25 december on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

It was very nice. Thanks for the emotions and service

Dmitriy was 08 november on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

I really liked the performance, I'm very glad that I got to the 200th performance, everything was great. Thank you very much.

Mar`yana was 07 february on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

A matchless game of actors. Beautiful performance. Tatiana Doronina is gorgeous. Aristarkh Livanov - expressive and very convincing image. Thank you!

Visitor was 11 january on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

All liked it. Are satisfied. Thank you.

Lubov` was 19 february on All Your Antosh Chehonte

November 19 (2011) The light went out. The first part of the play began - the vaudeville "The Bear". The decorations are a living room in a merchant's estate, portraits ... A widow (Lydia Matasova), who is at her own will in the house, at the piano ... She revels in her loneliness. And her servant persuades to go out into the light, after all the mistress of his is young and beautiful. But she is determined to keep mourning. Of course, her life interferes with the fate itself and sends to her merchant Smirnov (Alexander Samoilov), who came to her to demand the debt of her husband. In general, they swore, they swore, they reached already to the duel ... In the end, they fell in love with each other. A happy ending. It seems that the play is not bad either. But all my male neighbors slept almost the entire first act. Even the brilliant game of Samoilov did not sleep the situation - the action was too much too tight, especially when Samoilov stayed on stage for a long time. There is not enough dynamics in "Medved". The second part of the performance is vaudeville "Jubilee". In this part of the dynamics, more than enough. The action was even more like a farce. But here we can also note the actor's game - Krivoruchko, who played the old man Khirin ... The other characters seemed too outplayed, noisy. Probably in vaudeville it should be so? But the end of the "Jubilee" was completely incomprehensible, unfinished or the thread of the narrative was lost behind all this mess on the stage ... Who shot? What happened? .. But, perhaps, the performance left such feelings only with me. Because the audience applauded, flowers were given to the actors - and this is correct in any case. I want to believe that this is the most unsuccessful performance of the Moscow Art Theater.

Anton was 06 december on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

It was very good, thank you! Sorry, cognac drink)

Svetlana was 02 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Thank you very much, the performance is super, unforgettable impressions, we will try to visit again and again

Evgeniya was 16 october on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Considering that there are a lot of students in the hall, you need more action in the first act! The first monologue will be delayed. Many thanks! Sysoy is gorgeous!

Mihail was 02 november on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Performance Bankrupt - this is the first performance that I watched at the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky, and he left behind mixed feelings. With respect to theatrical performances, I am conservative and do not really want to see so-called "bold director's ideas". Apparently in the pursuit of the "young spectator" the director of the play added several episodes that should attract teenagers: strange dances in historical costumes with modern music, barely covered chest of the Olympics and so on. Otherwise, the production corresponds to the classical reading and tells a good story about the history of a merchant who decided to earn a little more money by dishonest means and paid for it.

Ol`ga was 08 november on The old actress for the role of Dostoevsky's wife

Thank you! Sincere performance and wonderful actors!

Uliya was 19 march on BANKRUT (Our people - will be numbered)

Classical production, dynamic, interesting. Tickets were taken by chance, they did not regret it at all.

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Тверской б-р., 22
02 h 40 min

V.Rozov wrote his first play "Her Friends" in 1949. This is a good story about Lyudmila, a blind classmate, to whom her companions and teachers helped not to lose courage, get a certificate of maturity and go to college.

Lovingly recreated in the production atmosphere of the bright fifties, like an open window in a transparent morning, makes a touching story of youthful friendship, the first love, not a memory of the past, but a hope for the future.

Perhaps the extraordinary success of the Mkhatov production - in a warm, but sad feeling of nostalgia? Hardly, after all good - it is eternal, and its discovery in itself is a great, iridescent mystery!

"What I need is snow, that it's a heat to me, that the wind is pouring on me when my friends are with me."

It is difficult for Lyuda Sharova to be an excellent pupil. And time is not easy. Only five years ago they defeated the fascists. Another half of the country wears tunics.

But the mother of law - Luda will cope with any difficulties. And when they believe in you, then the matter is settled.

Final examinations on the nose, so many cases. After school, Lyudmila decided to go to medical school, she will be a doctor.

Only with the sight of Lyuda every day is getting worse and worse. How to prepare for the exams? The glasses do not help. Was she going to be blind?

But true friends will not let fall in the spirit. Classmates will take patronage over Luda. The touching care of friends and girlfriends will bring her back to life.

And the first love will come to her.

The principal of the school, the class teacher, the doctors and nurses of the hospital are as many good people who have sincerely helped the sick girl. Without them, she would not have coped with grief. And my parents were always there.

Compassion for someone else's trouble, how important it is.

A simple story about a sick girl, written by a wonderful playwright Victor Rozov, will be of interest to any viewer.

It is truthful, therefore it touches to the depths of the soul. Not beauty, but kindness will save the world.


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