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St. Petersburg Theater "Workshop"

Feedbacks from viewers
Tat`yana was 09 november on Notes of a young doctor

The performance is amazing! I am very glad I saw him! I smiled all the way back because there was such a pleasant aftertaste. This is a classic, played powerfully, inspired, the story of a graduate of the medical faculty who has fallen into the back country, touches everyone and interests everyone. I recommend to everyone! Bravo!

Ekaterina was 24 october on Our Avlabar 12+

NDA ... I haven’t seen such a skit for a long time ... sorry for the time spent and money. Frank hack-work is neither a good game of actors, nor a play that would deserve attention. I do not recommend for viewing.

Tat`yana was 07 june on Notes of a young doctor

This performance must be looked at! See yourself, show your friends, children (senior schoolchildren)! The great joy that the performance of the Petersburg Theater "Workshop" can be seen in Moscow - every month during the season they brought in two or three of their performances. All the performances were very good! But there are among them just masterpieces. "Notes of a young doctor" - this is a masterpiece! It is not by chance that tickets for him are difficult to catch - "word of mouth" is working. People ask about him, they are waiting for him. I do not want to disclose what and how it was done in the play. I will only say that it remains a feeling that I saw a big, multi-personed play. Although there is only one actor on the stage. A wonderful actor - Maxim Blinov! I'm happy for those who have yet to see this performance. I know that myself and with great pleasure will not get out of it again (or maybe more than once!)

Ludmila was 17 october on Notes of a young doctor

To look necessarily! Maxim Blinov for this role is nominated for the theatrical award "Golden Mask - 2017". I had to go to the cultural capital for the desire to see Maxim in this role. This is a performance about happiness. About the high purpose of man, about the triumph of the mind, which turns out to be stronger than common sense. About work at the limit of human capabilities (and in it happiness). And about a lucky chance, about luck. And the climax scene is a miracle as good! This vertical movement of the bar with white coats and Beethoven's 9th symphony. To goose bumps on the skin ...

Ol`ga was 13 may on Days of Turbines

Thank you for the bright, emotional, unforgettable production! Sincere actors and great direction! Thank you!

Ol`ga was 13 may on Days of Turbines

A very strong statement of the actual and today topic!

Ol`ga was 09 march on Babe and Carlsson

Super. ... !!!! modern setting))) and Carlson is great

Ekaterina was 04 october on Penelope 16+

Beautiful performance. Gorgeous set design. They play very well. I felt nostalgic for Leningrad of my youth. Thanks to Kozlov, Bitov and young actors.

Mariya was 02 jule on Tartuffe

Great performance. Original production. The actors liked everything. A little delayed the first action, in my opinion. But in general, I highly recommend to view the lovers of Moliere and not only.

Mariya was 27 june on Our Avlabar 12+

Very funny and cute performance. Like everyone. Even to those who are far from the theater

Visitor was 18 june on Quiet Don part 1 and 2 16+ Premiere!

Were on the stage at the end of May very much I liked Emotions and discussions How did I miss 8 hours I want to come again

Svetlana was 02 march on Two evenings in a gay house 18+

You guys are amazing! We with the young man came to Petersburg on holiday and he never was in theater. How glad I am that the acquaintance with the theater began with your amazingly touching and piercing game! In the play everything is perfect: well thought out scenery, an intriguing plot, sympathetic characters, costumes ... I thank you all for a wonderful evening and I recommend this life-giving, fun-sad production to everyone!

Irina was 21 june on Two evenings in a gay house 18+

This is our favorite theater, it has a special atmosphere, young charismatic actors. This production was no exception. How talented, touching and chaste are told the stories of all the unhappy girls. Arina Lykova and Alena Artemova played just brilliant. The final scene breaks to tears. Well done!

Svetlana was 14 september on The Bremen Town Musicians

I liked it very much. Nice atmosphere

Radoslav was 29 august on Once in Elsinore. Hamlet 16+ PREMIER !!!

I liked it very much. Thank you. We are waiting for the Prime Minister!

Tat`yana was 31 august on The Bremen Town Musicians

A wonderful performance! Lovely artists! Funny, fun, bright! We really enjoyed!

Filipp was 29 june on Quiet Don part 1 and 2 16+ Premiere!

My girls liked it. Thank you.

Ol`ga was 06 april on The Bremen Town Musicians

Great performance. For a long time so did not laugh. Especially liked the King. I will recommend to friends. Thank you.

Dar`ya was 28 june on At the Ark at eight 12+

A great performance - there is much to laugh at, there is and above what to think. Behind the plot to follow easily and interestingly - thank you for this not only to the director, but also to the actors!

Vyacheslav was 28 february on Our Avlabar 12+

I really liked the production! Had a good time! Thank you for a good evening!

Elizaveta was 20 may on The Bremen Town Musicians

A performance that evokes a feeling of delight among the entire audience from small to large! Charisma charm disarms! I highly recommend everyone to increase the hormone of happiness in the blood.

Only for children
Only adults
Санкт-Петербург, Народная ул., 1
01 h 20 min
Children's musical performance for children from 5 years and their parents. A musical adventure for children and adults based on the tales of the Brothers Grimm and the cult cartoon. A play about love, friendship and art, which, as you know, always wins. Poor wandering musicians give a concert in the palace. He liked the king and his suite so much that musicians are offered to become court artists. The end of a wandering life, endless wanderings, need and deprivation! But suddenly the flushed love of Princess and Troubadour does not come true to these bright dreams ... Small and large spectators will not only observe what is happening on stage and sing along to artists performing their favorite songs. They can take direct part in what is happening and help the Princess and Troubadour find their happiness. However, not only them ... The audience is waiting for a bright interactive show with music, songs and dances. And, of course, a happy ending. As it should be in a fairy tale. The play is without intermission. Producer: E.Gorohovskaya Actors: A.Arefyev, A.Artyomov, A.Lykov, K.Morozov, V.Karpov, M.Kasapov, V.Kochurov, N.Kuglant, I.Shorokhov, E.Shumeyko and others. Characters and performers: Troubadour A princess A donkey Cat Cock Dog King Atamansha Music Robbers, guards, courtiers Vladimir Karpov, Mikhail Kasapov, Evgeny Shumeiko Anna Arefieva, Alyona Artemova, Arina Lykova Vladimir Studenovsky Nikolay Kugljent Vladimir Kochurov, Maxim Studenovsky Konstantin Grishanov, Mikhail Kasapov Oleg Abalyan, Alexei Vedernikov, Ilya Shorokhov Sergey Alimpiev, Ksenia Morozova, Arseniy Semyonov Serafima Verkholat (saxophone), Dina Gederte (flute, saxophone) Oleg Abalyan, Alexei Vedernikov, Konstantin Grishanov, Vladimir Karpov, Mikhail Kasapov, Maxim Studenovsky, Ilya Shorokhov

Once upon a time there was a king in the palace, and his daughter was harmful and capricious, as the real Princess supposed!

Only one did not suffice - that stray musicians came: Dog, Cat, Donkey and Rooster, and at their head - Troubadour! They cheered the courtiers, shocked, and the Princess fell in love with Troubadour! She ran away from the palace, disobedient!

Then the King began to complain to the audience about how hard it was to be a father and follow his daughter, but he could also try to understand the girl: love is unpredictable, and lovers do not pay attention to social differences! Atamansha, for example, builds eyes to the King, gave him a bow - maybe the King will find his fortune?


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