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Moscow Center for Authors Songs

Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 24 october on Dmitry Grigoryev

I thank the organizers and Dmitry for such a sincere, diverse, highly professional concert! It was just magical! Good luck!

Ludmila was 17 september on Mikhail Deev

The concert on November 30 was wonderful! Thanks Michael for the story about Mikhail Balashov, about the quintet. It was nice to see in the hall and Orlyatskiy leaders, and students Balashov MM, listen to N. Kuznetsov, hear Balashov's songs and songs, which he introduced his students to M.M. Balashov. The audience reacted very vividly to songs sung by Mikhail Deev and to stories about the teacher! The second section, in which Mikhail Deeva's verses and songs were sounded (except for a few songs), was very strong, and for many it was an opening !!! It turns out that some viewers did not know that Misha wrote wonderful poems and songs for his verses and poems of other poets (N. Kolychev, M. Grozovsky, M. Tumanov, S. Lagovskaya, etc.). I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in the author's song attend the concerts of Mikhail Deev. You will not remain indifferent! L.L.

Ludmila was 05 september on Roman Lankin

Thanks to Roman for his concert at the DAC. A great performer! Good songs, wonderful poems! And well read by Roman! Once again I was convinced that the songs in his performance sounded in a new, interesting way! I liked their duet with Ekaterina Bozheva. Previously, I listened with pleasure to the duet with Julia Ziganshina !!!! Maybe it's not always worthwhile to "dramatize" the songs of Vizbor ... But this is how many people, so many opinions. The pleasure from the concert is beyond doubt! I recommend everyone to listen and watch Roman Lankin!

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