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Central Museum of Musical Culture of M.I.Glinka

Feedbacks from viewers
Maria was 27 april on Travel with string orchestra

Thank you for the concert. The soprano Polina was impressed. Elementary school musicians were ruthlessly fake, but children listened to it. Thank you and good luck!

Sidds was 27 april on Travel with string orchestra

The splendor of the classics at the junction of the older and younger generation of performers. A wonderful concert from the Orchestra of the St. Richter Children's Art School.

Sidds was 27 april on Travel with string orchestra

Great trip with the friendship of the old and new generation of the Richter school - is breathtaking and lets in sentimentality.

Inna was 05 february on Exhibition Sound And ...

Were at the exhibition with his son, 4 years. All tried, everything was interesting. And to blow pipes, and to play music on the violin, drums and synthesizer, and press on gas in the city))) The exhibition is super. Many thanks.

Elena was 02 jule on Exhibition Sound And ...

Were at the exhibition with an 11-year-old daughter, but we, adults, themselves as children in admiration tried everything !!! I'm 42 years old, but I'm into drums and on an electronic violin and found out my timbre, which I have a rumor and a bunch of all ... 1.5 hours was not enough to get around everything! Administration - very courtesy! VERY VERY SATISFIED !!!! THANK YOU "BIGBILET" for cooperation with such interesting projects.

Only for children
Only adults
125047, Москва, Фадеева ул., 4
01 h 00 min


In the Central Museum of Musical Culture there is an exhibition project "SOUND AND ... The Universe, Man, Game ...", prepared by the All-Russian Museum Association of Musical Culture. M.I. Glinka.

What do we know about sound? How does it originate, what properties does it have, how does it affect a person?

These and many other questions will be answered by the exhibition "Sound And ...", a cheerful, and at the same time philosophical, reflection on the essence of sound and its manifestations.

Do you want something unusual? Experiment with the drum set from pots and ladles is offered at the "Musical Kitchen".

We have long wanted to determine to which timbre your voice is closer, Fedor Chaliapin, Muslim Magomayev or Ivan Kozlovsky? Then you need to go to the exhibit "How do you like this timbre?"

I wonder what happens behind the wall of neighbors (eternal repairs, working vacuum cleaners, family quarrels, playing the violin, etc.)? This is quite legally possible to do with the help of the exhibit "Oh, those neighbors!".

Have you heard about such a phenomenon in musical culture, like beatbox? You will be able to master the basics of this art by watching video lessons of a professional beatboxer, and immediately apply the knowledge gained in practice.

Are you dreaming of running a real orchestra? There is nothing easier! Sam Maestro Yuri Bashmet will give you a personal master class. Waving the conductor's baton, you will feel that the music is now in your power!

And you can:

- get the initial skills of playing on the electric drum, electro-violin and electro-piano;

- create sounds of nature;

- Compare the "voices" of the world's largest capitals: Moscow, Beijing, London, Delhi, New York ...

- broaden the horizon by listening to famous works in each of the most popular musical genres;

- to be in the space where thanks to the interactive installation, the sound moves in an unpredictable manner;

- check how accurate your musical ear is;

Absolute silence in the room from the diversity and abundance of sounds

While the elders will learn the world of sounds, the kids will be able to spend time with profit. They are waiting for a children's room filled with a lot of unusual musical instruments and cognitive interactive attractions, and a meeting with new cartoons!


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