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Moscow Children`s Musical Theater "Impromptu"

Feedbacks from viewers
Margarita was 11 december on Gherda Story

November 12, 17 our family was lucky to visit the play "Gerda Storey." Before the production group stood a difficult task: it was necessary to beat all the long-known history so that it was interesting to watch. Well, the theater did it, bravo! The eternal themes of love, faith, friendship are actualized by this wonderful supply. It should also be noted the excellent vocals of artists. Thank you to the theater "Impromptu" for our fine evening.

Nikolay was 29 november on Gherda Story

On November 10, 2017, my family and I went to another (this premiere is not one year, the performance is old as the world is put at least for the eighth time) the premiere of Gerda Story's play, or simply put the play created for the actors of a young age, CHILDREN! Thanks to the workshop of the highly professional actors of the Children's Musical Theater EXPPROM, created by the People's Artist Lyudmila Ivanova, this performance can certainly be watched, but-TERRIBLE. Yes, ALEXANDER LVOVICH, you have posted on posters and advertising posters +6. It's strange. Who installs it? It is necessary to learn better. For children of ten years the play seemed TERRIBLE, boring, they noticed in it blackmail and coercion to evil! And such words-to the true hero-certain death, death, I'll kill you! I'm not sure that in 6+ this is the norm. Not at all sure. As my daughter said, she was waiting for a miracle in the second part of the play, but after the intermission a different genre began, which you are accustomed to putting on a "pop" musical, boring chewing gum, nonsense in your young theater. MUSIC, SOUND, it's HORRIBLE! The frequency range of microphones is cut off-calculated for the fact that they can sing and the children and adult voiceless actors? But in the theater EXPROMT all the actors with chic voices! The reduction of sound and the quality of the soundtrack itself is a nightmare !!! Minors .. majors, all in a heap .. this is how it was necessary to create this? It is audible! It is heard that it is ugly! Imprompt, respected Lyudmila Ivanova put a wonderful musical "Ali Baba and 40 robbers", where they also kill a person, but there is a moral, beat, and there is no accent. Live music and a play with "winged phrases" is a holiday and joy on the faces of children and adults, these are memorable songs that we take with us to our daily lives. And of course, morality! In Gerda there is no morality, absolute evil and human vices. You showed exactly what is customary to beat, accepted by society. Yes, and not you showed, but the director, you're the director. I think that a small viewer to watch this performance is CATEGORALLY not possible, but a teen-boring and not interesting, unpleasant !! A spoon of honey .. Katenka Soboleva and Volodya Tokarev, Irina Yakubovskaya, you can admire for hours. Actors, you are very cool! And very, very sorry that yesterday was not playing Guldan Misha. But this would not save such a play. And more .. The girl left a review in the guest book in the theater of the young spectator. But I was surprised that they are not worked by anyone!

Uliya was 15 march on Tin soldier

Thank you for the kind, home theater !!!

Natal`ya was 16 february on Tin soldier

Were at the play with a child of 5 years. I liked it very much. Thank you. We will definitely come to you again.

Marina was 05 october on Copper Mountain Hostess

On October 5, my grandmother and grandchild went for 7 years (almost 8). In full delight, both! The child enthusiastically told the whole evening about the play, the heroes.

Elena was 03 november on Tin soldier

Good afternoon! We have the most wonderful impressions of the performance. Many thanks!

Irina was 05 october on Copper Mountain Hostess

I liked everything very much. The child is delighted, especially from the hostess and the kitty

Natal`ya was 02 march on Fly-Tsokotukha

Excellent interactive children's play. If you already know by heart the best-selling book by KI Chukovsky and you are more than 4 years old, you are "morally" stable and ready to plunge into the fantasy world - this performance is for you! The theater of Lidia Ivanova itself was created for children! The hall is small, home, live music. The grasshopper himself will play you on a squeak, and the spider will not be such a villain! We went all the family, everyone liked the play: from 4 to 35!

Uliya was 11 may on Fly-Tsokotukha

Thank you very much for the wonderful production! The child is completely ecstatic and asks to go to the theater!

Evgeniya was 08 february on Fly-Tsokotukha

Many thanks for the performance, for your attitude to the little spectator! Thank you for entertaining, you are developing! It's so rare, it's so important! Extremely warm, chamber children's theater. Now we are your regular guests!

Tat`yana was 08 february on Fly-Tsokotukha

I really liked my mother and the child. Everything is at a high level since the entrance to the theater, and the play itself. We will visit even one more time.

Ekaterina was 02 march on Fly-Tsokotukha

All very pleased both children and adults. Our daughter is 3,5 years old, and we were worried that she would be bored, begin to be capricious, but the little one from the scene did not come off for a second, repeated poems for the actors, prompted and generally tried to participate very actively. An unforgettable impression was made by Spider, an amazingly charismatic actor. Good humor, live music, work of actors with small spectators - Well done !!! If you want for children even greater impression take them a place in the first two rows of a place with 1-6. We will do this next time. Be sure to come again in the Impromptu! Thank you all for a nice day !!!

Anna was 08 february on Fly-Tsokotukha

Thank you, the show really liked, sincerely and without the usual stamps

Irina was 08 february on Fly-Tsokotukha

Great! The child wants more of this!

Rimma was 03 october on Gherda Story

Was in June 2017 at the premiere of this performance together with her daughter. Terrific! Costumes, scenery, actors' play - everything is impressive. I advise.

Oleg was 03 october on Hedgehog In The Fog

An unusually kind and bright play! I liked the children. Many meanings and semitones, and at the same time light and cheerful. Children literally bewitches, and adults makes you think. One of the best performances of the theater "Impromptu" - I recommend.

Oleg was 03 october on Shoes for Cinderella

I recommend both to adults and children! A cheerful, interactive, fairy-tale performance allows you to forget about everything and move back to the world of childhood. Beautiful live music. The children were impressed for another week. We played in "Cinderella" and sang songs from the play. Thank you, to the theater "Impromptu"!

Margarita was 03 october on When We're Back Home

Such performances must necessarily be included in the repertoire of the theaters for the upbringing of patriotism in children and youth. Very talented artists play here. I recommend everyone to visit.

Margarita was 03 october on Imaginary patient

It will not be verbal redundancy, if I say that this is a FUNNY comedy performed by the beautiful actors of the theater "Impromptu". Heroes are bright, lively, dynamic action. I liked both children and adults!

Margarita was 03 october on Havroshechka

Wonderful musical. Vivid heroes. Our family is delighted!

Margarita was 03 october on Ali Baba and 40 Thieves

Excellent and with humor!

Margarita was 03 october on Masha and the Bear

My daughter loves this performance!

Margarita was 03 october on LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD

Excellent performance in all known fairy tale. If you and your child just got acquainted with this work by S. Perrault, this performance of the theater "Eksapromt" is simply a must visit. I especially liked this positive end :)) I advise everyone!

Lubov` was 30 october on Snow

As part of the action "Night of Art" watched the performance "Snow" on the story of K. Paustovsky. I received great pleasure, a very talented production, an impeccable play of actors, live musical accompaniment. The performance of the songs of the main character is beyond praise, the voice is pure and gentle and so penetrating that it touches the most intimate strings of the soul. In the play, the daughter of the main heroine, an eight-year-old girl plays, her play is surprisingly organic, she is a very gifted child. Feeling of the performance as if you took a sip of live cool water on a hot summer day. I highly recommend that you see this performance for both adults and children (it is perfect for family viewing), like everyone! Those who want to get a charge of warmth, kindness, joy from real human values, to you here !!! I want to express my sincere gratitude to the head of the theater Lyudmila Ivanovna Ivanova - a talented actress and an amazing intelligent, intelligent, highly spiritual person. She was able to create a very cozy modern theater and gather in it professionals and like-minded people, which makes it possible to create such unique performances. As part of the "Night of Art" campaign, Lyudmila conducted a master class, it was very interesting to talk with her, her life stories were touched for the living. Lyudmila Ivanovna, many thanks to you for sowing the reasonable, kind, eternal, for work and self-giving. Yours faithfully your viewer Love Kuznetsova.

Elena was 16 march on Shoes for Cinderella

Good afternoon! Thank you for the performance, we really enjoyed it, the child is delighted with music and actors. We are pleased to wake up to you and to other events!

Uliya was 06 april on Shoes for Cinderella

Thank you very much for the performance! We love this theater with a daughter, it is cozy and with a wonderful atmosphere! Thanks to the actors for their professionalism!

Irina was 16 march on Shoes for Cinderella

I, the adult person, liked it, the son of 6 years says that he liked it, but asked when it is over :) maybe because it was not very clearly visible (row 6), maybe because by the end of the first part it was already very hot . Or age is still inappropriate, only 6 years.

Kira was 15 january on Havroshechka

Great performance! The actors play with their soul and sing wonderfully, try very hard for such a chamber hall for 8 rows and a small number of spectators, they give it away from the heart. Each mise-en-scene is thought out, it is very interesting to play out how the Honeycomb helps Havroshechka spin the canvas, generally play well with the light. I was glad that the cow was not stabbed, but she turned into an apple tree to outwit her stepmother and sisters. Daughter at 4.5 years and then a week sang songs from the play and played in Havroshechka.

Natal`ya was 07 december on Havroshechka

12/07/2014 were at the play Havroshechka with children 3,8 and 4 years. Before that we were in the same theater at the performances "Fly-Tsokotukha" and "Little Red Riding Hood". The music is beautiful, the actors are wonderful, as always, the content is excellent, I was just thinking how to go around the scene from the original with the symbolic "eating" of the cow, but - went around, very simply and "magically", bright scenery and costumes, A spectator, a constant passage of actors through the hall - everything to make it interesting for small audiences. The only negative in my opinion, oddly enough, is the abundance of musical parts, rather complex, long, and they have revealed the main story. The older children were, it seemed to me, more understandable and interesting, and in the end it was difficult, although the music transmitted all the emotions of the characters, and the music itself is wonderful. In general, it was not just a musical performance, but a musical. In "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Mukhe-Tsokotukha" there were more poems and dialogues, and in my opinion, they were perceived as better by young children. But in general the impression is very good, I want more such performances for kids. Be sure to come back here, and more than once.

Anna was 15 january on Havroshechka

Good, fairy-tale performance. The child was 10 years old. I liked it very much! Excellent acting, beautiful music. Already for three years we have been attending this theater, I have never met such a touching and "honest" children's theater! Give a holiday to children! Feel free to buy tickets for any performance!

Izabella was 16 january on A long time ago

They watched the play "Once Upon a Time". We were pleasantly surprised. Nobody overplayed, no one did not overreact. Theater for the sake of the theater. No extraneous emotions: just the pleasure of playing talented actors. BRAVO!

Aleksandra was 14 september on Golden Key

Well done, the performance was liked by adults and children. Bravo!!!

Elena was 24 may on Ali Baba and 40 Thieves

The performance is excellent!

Marina was 25 may on Golden Key

Terrific! The second generation of children is already leading to you! It's a pity. What did not get on Ali Baba 24.05 ...

Elena was 25 may on Golden Key

I liked everything very much, thank you)

Svetlana was 18 april on A long time ago

Excellent game and professionalism of actors. We liked.

Irina was 18 april on A long time ago

I love the Impromptu and their productions. A long time ago, a great performance, have enjoyed. Thank you!

Elena was 23 march on Golden Key

Thank you very much, I liked the performance very much. Wonderful music . The children were ecstatic

Only for children
Only adults
105062, Москва, Макаренко ул., 2/21 корп.2
02 h 15 min


The famous comedy of Carlo Goldoni's provisions on the leprosy of the charming and funny rogue Truffaldino from Bergamo. His adventures almost upset the happy marriage of his masters, and moreover, they almost cost their lives. But actually Truffaldino did not want all this, he was not at all an evil fellow ... everything was to blame for the double portion of dinner, which he was seduced and thus became the servant of the two masters. Who knew that his masters were connected by a common history, and one of them was a woman dressed as a man! And excuse me, but Truffaldino is not at all to blame for the fact that he confused the things of his masters: firstly, to hell with this modern fashion, where all the clothes are on one face. And secondly, Truffaldino can not read, so do not hang up confusion with letters on him, please. And in general it’s not his fault, but Pasquale, who doesn’t exist at all, but these are little things in life that the owners don’t need to know about.

A very light, perky and bright performance that will definitely brighten up your evening and make you forget for a while about your everyday worries and problems, because Truffaldino’s business, believe me, is much worse!

Stage Director: Alexander Fedorov
Set Designer: Egor Fedorov
Costume Designer - Oksana Alekseeva
Musical Director - Alla Tarasova
Lighting Designer - Sergey Palyukhin
Plastic Director - Oksana Alekseeva


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