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Moscow Drama Theater of M.N. Ermolova

Feedbacks from viewers
Ganna was 17 december on Chaikovsky

Were at the performance on December 15th, did not like it, did not catch it, left after the 1st act.

Nataliya was 17 december on Chaikovsky

Were at the performance on December 15. We waited for more positive emotions, sad and sad to look at half-mad Tchaikovsky. This is an amateur.

Oxy was 23 november on The lucky ones

Performance with deep meaning. A minimum of scenery, but a maximum of content. There were moments when it punched into tears. Very relevant performance, makes you think about a lot.

Igro` was 22 october on Photo Finish

Very boring long drama. With all due respect, it's time for Vladimir Andreev to take his age at 88 years old and not torture himself or the viewer. When all the forces of an elderly artist go to utter and not forget the text, the rustling microphone in their clothes, and not the intonation, the rhythm of speech and the game in general, becomes his pity.

Vladimir was 05 october on The biggest little drama

Vladimir was September 26, 2018 Unfortunately, it was hard to hear. Sat in the pit. Monologues did not sound legible. The song performed great! Something like this...

Valeriy was 16 august on Duck hunting

Youth, a little musical, very impulsive performance. In today's trend. Happy young growth on the stage. Silen Ivan Yankovsky, energy and temperament are a little fascinating. Christina Asmus opens with new faces, impressive. The play captivates with its freshness and not ordinary, for this theater, this is an unexpected direction, THANKS O.E. Menshikov. I was very pleased, I advise you to look, if possible, together with the children of 18-25.

Islam was 16 august on Auditor

Very specific setting. Gone in 20 minutes after the start. Apparently, many do not like it, because some people left almost immediately.

Anna was 11 january on Duck hunting

Were on January 10 at this play. I was glad that I was not mistaken with the choice of the play. Of course, many compared him to the film, where Oleg Dal played the main role. But the play Another-youth, sometimes provocative, sometimes ridiculous, .. And, of course, after the performance, there is something to think about, to reflect on and look at my own life from a different angle. I recommend to those who are not afraid of a new reading.

Ludmila was 06 january on Players

A wonderful performance. Comedy and musical. I recommend. Lyudmila

Ol`ga was 07 december on Hamlet

Visited the play 06/12/17. the impression is difficult ... Most of all I liked the game of Claudius and Laertes .. Petrov disappointed (although tickets were bought with an eye for this actor). impression of his game_ YOU !!! Grisha Izmaylov plays Hamlet TRAILER !!! The stage speech of the majority of actors is obviously limping. At first I thought it was such a sound in the theater BUT !! why then the monologue of Claudius is perfectly audible and from the mezzanine and from the orchestra !!! Ophelia tried so hard to seem crazy, that her hysteria was exhausted ... I ask for a pity for the angry response 6 but Menshikov's director's talent is still perplexing ... My admiration to the decorators is amazing suits !!!

Lubov` was 29 november on Hamlet

Did not really like it. Expected more. I liked the costumes.

Pavel was 27 november on 1900

I never understood why for a solo performance a little more than an hour without an intermission with one actor on stage and a complete lack of requisites and decorations break down a lot of money and the hall is always packed full. Apparently, the only performer is genius, and the supply and demand are interrelated. For me, Menshikov's best role is Kostik from the "Pokrovsky Gates" and from this role he should not have come out. But definitely for all these years he has learned to play and, it must be given credit, is given without a trace. Definitely for fans (fans, rather), not real theater lovers.

Marina was 18 november on Out of the void ... (eight poets)

Excellent production, a successful selection of poems and excerpts from diaries - just a few strokes you draw a color and an anguished moan of Russian literary abroad. The performance does not last long, without intermission, but it is quite enough - you do not get tired and at the same time you leave filled.

Tamara was 07 november on Auditor

Yesterday I visited the play "The Inspector General". I liked the young guys from Germany (Russian-speakers) who did not know anything about Russian literature, let alone the Russian audience!

Tamara was 07 november on The lucky ones

The game of the legendary actors is impressive. The statement did not like. Special effects, excessive noise is annoying.

Maksim was 03 november on Chaikovsky

Was at the play on October 14, a sea of ​​impressions, a lot of positive emotions! Saturday evening was wonderful! I advised my friends that they already took tickets for November!

Vladimir was 04 january on New Year's Dream Orchestra

Has received huge pleasure in New Year's holidays. Virtuoso performances of musical compositions from Oleg Menshikov's orchestra, and the actor himself showed superbly his talent, the game of reincarnation. Impression of a fairly accurate performance of the image of Andrei Mironov.

Maksim was 01 november on Auditor

Was at the play on October 15. Got a lot of positive emotions. I recommend everyone to see this performance!

Maksim was 31 october on # RESIGN

Was on the 18th of October. Everything that will happen on the stage can not be described in words - these emotions need to be felt.

Maksim was 31 october on Auditor

Were at the play on 15.10.17. Bright, easy. funny, ingenious. We received great pleasure. Low bow to all the creators of the play. We recommend everyone to go. There will be no disappointments.

Andrey was 25 september on Duck hunting

it's very nice to be the first who could give feedback on this original interpretation of the legendary performance. the first time I watched it about 30 years ago in the same theater) it is interesting that then in the role of Zilov was Vladimir Zaitsev, who in the new version acted as Kushak) the new version left the same strong impression as the previous one! the new version made us think about how the world has changed, our country and we! to think only, but the actor, starring in the main role then still did not think to be born) I want to appeal to those who, like I saw the old, canonical, original Yermolov version; more than once admired the brilliant film "Leave in September" with the most talented Oleg Dal, Evene Leonov, Irina Kupchenko, Alexander Bogatyrev, Nikolai Burlyaev; watched an excellent version of the performance at the Moscow Art Theater with Konstantin Khabensky! Dear ones, you will not regret at all that you went to the Yermolova Theater for Duck Hunting in the production of E. Marcelli! This is a completely new view, a new interpretation, a rethinking of the deepest Vampilov ideas through the prism of today! New, original, modern, thin and deep! Marcelli did not question any of the author's words, completely shared the traditional interpretation of the images, but at the same time breathed new life into the play, forcing us to believe that we are changing, and the world is not. People suffer from the same vices, injure each other, just worry and experience, rush through life, missing the main, lose themselves and others .. I first see such a Marcelli! Why is that? Perhaps, this subject has stirred up some secrets of his soul? Whatever it was, but he, picking up the catchy actor's ensemble, made the audience think about his life and the perishability of everything.

Ol`ga was 21 may on Adam and Eve / Shaping

We watched the play "Adam And Eve" with a daughter of 16 years. In general, the performance was liked by both. The theme of modern art, radical actions, performance imposed on human relations. In my opinion, a bit cynical, but the staging is strong. Many effects, modern music. The game of young actors is excellent.

Petr was 21 february on Elizabeth Bam

You should go to the performance if: 1) You know the work of Kharms 2) You really know his work well 3) You read his biography 4) You understand what time he lived. Unfortunately, I only went on condition 1. I could not endure anything from the performance. Only then .. the house .. read the play, read the biography .. and like-like something somewhere .. and maybe not))

Dasha was 29 june on Theater of Kozma Prutkov

Very like!

Nikolay was 10 december on Elizabeth Bam

The actors played well. But for some reason I remembered the theater "Columbus"

Natal`ya was 03 december on Anonymous star

Great performance! Interesting production and an awesome game of actors!

Sof`ya was 30 november on The biggest little drama

Do not go. In content - nonsense terrible. Beautiful actors. No doubt about their capabilities. And you understand with your mind that, apparently, this is material assistance to people with a minimum of costs. But it is insulting for them. Honestly. After all, they are actors of a level that can afford to choose plays and mind and heart ... But this performance ...

Dar`ya was 29 october on The biggest little drama

It's a great joy to see V. Gaft and V. Andreev on the stage. Talent and incredible energy. Many thanks, and God grant them health!

Svetlana was 22 november on Photo Finish

We really enjoyed it! Thank you! Now we want to get on Dorian Gray.

Natal`ya was 08 january on Photo Finish

I liked the performance very much. The original story, the great actors' play, the unexpectedness of events and humor - everything was wonderful! Thank you.

Ol`ga was 10 jule on Odessa 913

I liked it a lot, thank you!

Aleksandra was 19 october on Photo Finish

The play "photo finish" really liked: sometimes sad, sometimes fun, somewhere philosophically. Thank you for a pleasant evening.

Lubov` was 06 january on The lucky ones

The actors play at the highest level. Got pleasure. Thank you.

Ganna was 14 june on Pagans

Good performance, I liked it, thank you.

Oksana was 08 january on Photo Finish

All is well, but the sound is bad, nothing is heard in the hall.

Ol`ga was 24 may on Daemon

Liked very much)

Ekaterina was 26 april on Pagans

I liked the performance very much. the rumor cut off obscene language, but this gave emotion to the play of actors

Ol`ga was 14 february on Photo Finish

The play was liked: both the production and the play of actors. A burning feeling of longing. "If I knew my youth if old age could ..." But the fly-fly was still there: on the 10th row of the stalls some of the cues could be guessed rather than heard. The poor old people and old women, who had come to this age-old production in abundance, left in annoyance at an interval.

Marina was 25 october on The biggest little drama

A huge thanks to the theater for the opportunity to communicate with the great Masters! After the performance, the heart is filled with light, kindness, and purity. Thanks to Valentin Iosifovich and Vladimir Alekseevich!

Svetlana was 28 february on The biggest little drama

A remarkable benefit of two outstanding actors

Inessa was 19 september on Photo Finish

A good cast, but the spectator lacks the dynamics and emotional intensity.

Mariya was 25 october on The biggest little drama

Unfortunately, it was very bad to hear the actors, despite the fact that we were sitting in the 11th row of the orchestra. That is practically not audible.

Ganna was 04 april on Photo Finish

I liked it very much

Nataliya was 14 february on Photo Finish

Thank you very much for the pleasure! Beautiful actors game, and .... wardrobe employees on top!

Mariya was 21 june on The biggest little drama

You have to go to the play! Yes, the plot is simple, but somewhere you can not make out the speeches (sitting in the amphitheater), the story may seem tight, but it's all empty when there are great artists on the stage, it's amazing, it attracts! Bravo, masters!

Igor was 16 november on Pagans


Valentina was 19 october on Photo Finish

Thank you for a wonderful evening

Evgeniya was 18 january on Daemon

Terrific !!! Bravo to the director, author of music and actors! Unusually, brightly, although in the play a lot of black. Lovely costumes and scenery. I advise all lovers of modern theater. This performance is like a breath of fresh air, dynamic, deep, dramatic, colorful. Do not like the unprepared audience - some who did not read the works, tried to find out from neighbors. To schoolboys, deprived imagination, on a comedy it is necessary to go to "neigh". Thanks to everyone who worked on the show !!! I really love your theater. Bravo!!!

Nataliya was 28 february on The biggest little drama

Magnificent Andreev and Gaft, the skies of the theater. The plot is simple, the characters from one theater, the scene. A lover sincerely in the theater is a prompter who spent his whole life at the scene and a tired disappointed famous actor. They have something to talk about! We have something to think about. Thank you for the magnificent performance!

Irina was 29 march on Pagans

The idea is clear and lies on the surface, acting is excellent. Thank you.

Alyona was 27 march on Odessa 913

An excellent performance especially stunning Yuri Belyaev

Viktoriya was 25 may on Daemon

The performance really liked, very talented production and artists. A pleasant impression about the theater itself. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 28 february on The biggest little drama

A great performance and especially enjoyed the communication with the viewer after the performance (reading Gaft's poems)! With pleasure we will return again to the theater!

Elena was 22 november on Photo Finish

Spasibo za predostavlennuju vozmownost nasladitsja igroi ljubimih akterov :)

Lilens was 25 october on The biggest little drama

Preparing a review on your site

Dmitriy was 11 january on Pagans

Great! Thank you

Pavel was 12 october on The biggest little drama


Irina was 23 february on Pagans

I really liked the performance pagans. Seized from the very beginning. Actors well done. Most liked vladimir hares and natalia Kuznetsova.

Boris was 08 november on Pagans

I will not pour honey, but I will say briefly - Guys, go and enjoy, I advise!

Mihail was 25 october on The biggest little drama

"Drama" really liked! Would go again. Michael

F was 23 february on Pagans

It is very unusual, from the first to the last seconds an incomprehensible sensation, whether you go in step with the fact that on stage, or not to the end. Good actors, heavy on an empty stomach, so I advise you to be well-fed with a positive before you go.

Ol`ga was 28 february on The biggest little drama

Great performance! Remained very satisfied! Especially I liked the dialogue between the actors and the audience after the performance and the verses of Gaft!

Mariya was 29 march on Pagans

It is good that such issues are raised

Ol`ga was 30 november on The biggest little drama

Thanks to the great masters of the scene! Has received huge pleasure from performance!

Galina was 16 november on Pagans

Good staging, a wonderful actor's game. Only now did the mat cut the rumor, but as the saying goes, the words can not be erased ...

Olga was 28 september on The biggest little drama

Great performance. The game of your favorite actors is beyond praise. You can not remain indifferent and not think. Thank you

Valeriy was 28 september on The biggest little drama

Thank you very much!

Dar`ya was 18 march on The lucky ones

Very similar feelings to what the previous viewer wrote about. The topic, it would seem, is quite sad, but it is so skilfully submitted that feelings remain only bright after the performance. It's been a week now, and there's still something positive inside at the thought of the performance. He makes you think, but the main thing here is not to "overload" (although he read very gloomy reviews). A brilliant game of the older generation, not much inferior to them and younger. O. Menshikov's school is definitely felt in the manner of Nikita's play, which plays the leading role, And what a beautiful school, after all! And another amazing combination of new technologies and good old theater is amazing: you feel yourself a real spectator of this TV show. With all this, the performance with humor, exciting dialogues and monologues, they want to listen. Got great fun! Today's 20-year-olds liked, definitely, thanks to Oleg Evgenievich!)

Vasiliy was 24 september on Odessa 913

Thanks, our family enjoyed viewing "Odessa 913"

Nikolay was 08 february on Pagans

An interesting performance. Makes you think about the importance of attention to relatives and friends

Nadegda was 25 october on The biggest little drama

Did not like.

Anna was 16 october on Daemon

Terrific! The old story told in a completely new way, very beautiful. I recommend to all my friends.

Natalia was 19 october on Photo Finish

We have received great pleasure from the ease of humor and deep meaning, its for every age and, of course, common to all. The artists worked perfectly! For me, opening the evening was German Entin - it's his role!

Dmitriy was 25 october on The biggest little drama


Ekaterina was 25 may on Daemon

Great action! Music and body language said more than words. Thanks

Ulian was 16 november on Pagans

This is without exaggeration the best I've seen in the theater. The play is very deep and very relevant, not to mention the fact that in places the drama is very successfully combined with humor. To actors it is ready to clap standing, all were on top! Thank you for such a pleasant evening !!!

Elena was 14 february on Photo Finish

I liked it very much. Super

Irina was 04 april on Photo Finish

The performance is excellent! I liked my son 13 years old! And this is very important, when the youth hears the older and superstar generation. Hears and understands! Thank you very much for the pleasure. I will recommend the play to all friends! Thanks again!!!

Ol`ga was 12 december on Daemon

"Demon" is a performance of the movement. How, it turns out, a lot can express one gesture. The combination of movement and music, very good performance, is delayed into action and does not let go until the very end. Very interesting production, very impressive.

Mihail was 28 february on The biggest little drama

Thank you, everything was very good.

Doubletap was 24 june on Daemon

A wonderful performance, and a wonderful theater. We will definitely come again!

Irina was 20 september on Daemon

Surprised! Stunningly, unexpectedly, symbolically, deeply and penetrating! If you expect the theater "just to relax," then you are not here. Something reminded Parajanov's films. I think that the performance will adequately represent the "new" Russian theater abroad. I have no doubt that this is the future nominees and laureate of the theater festivals. To composer Akimkin - separate "bravo"! Thank you for a new reading of Lermontov!

Aleksey was 04 october on Pagans

I liked it very much

Natalya was 12 october on The biggest little drama

Thanks, a simple play, a simple story ... But how played! What genius actors! I do not know why, but I cried.

Elena was 04 march on Photo Finish

Deep, philosophical, terrific play of actors!

Irina was 26 april on Pagans

The play is very topical! Impressed Natalia Kuznetsova - emotionally, sensually, realistically and accurately noticed life situations! The performance itself is interesting, there is much to think about, but to me it was frankly boring, somewhat tightened, there was not enough dynamism. There are a lot of vocabulary - it's "in the subject", although it's unlikely that lovers of the classical academic theater will like it.

Marina was 25 october on The biggest little drama

Lovely, ardently beloved artists. A wonderful, sad thing.

Irina was 21 april on Daemon

Magically. Looks at one go. Many thanks to all the wonderful people, professionals who created this extraordinary performance. You need to be a genius to manage to decorate an already perfect work. Thanks again to all and especially to Sergey Zemlyansky!

Uriy was 11 january on Pagans

Topical production. Good acting and director's findings. I will recommend to friends. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 03 january on The biggest little drama

Many thanks for the pleasure. A wonderful work of two wonderful masters.

Larisa was 25 may on Daemon

24 May. "Demon" I liked the musical accompaniment, the idea with the horse, which is the mythical image of Death and delivers the deceased to the other world, carries the transition from one world to another. The choreography was frankly weak, they expected more. In general, the impression is not bad. And this evening the performance was watched by Sukhorukov himself!

Tat`yana was 30 november on The biggest little drama

Were on the play on November 30, 1944. Wonderful performance, sincere, funny and touching at the same time. On the game Gaft and Andreev and say nothing. THE MATTERS of the scene. OOOOOOCHEN liked it! Of the minuses - it was not always audible, although they were sitting close. I recommend to all.

Klara was 12 october on The biggest little drama

This is the best I've seen in the past few years. Thank you

Anna was 31 may on The biggest little drama

A necessary performance for any person who considers himself cultured.

Svetlana was 29 march on Pagans

All very much! A beautiful play and a play of actors!

Yaroslava was 06 december on The biggest little drama

We received great pleasure. The Gaft is the Gaft, but his partner, Vladimir Andreev, his reincarnation - it's just amazing. Thank you so much!

Tat`yana was 17 january on The lucky ones

Very strong performance! Still impressed by him. It seems that the theme is also touched by the sad and minimal scenery, but you leave after the performance is over from the audience with such warmth and kindness in your soul - just some magic! A huge gratitude to the amazing actors, their energy and excellent skills inspire and fill all those present in the hall. I highly recommend everyone from 16 to infinity. The topic is deep, the presentation is amazing, the impressions will stay with you forever!

Piotr was 26 april on Pagans

Staging on a solid quadruple: good actors, good script. All is well, but still not the case when the heart freezes, and the spirit captures. Nerva in this performance, in my opinion, was not

Mihail was 06 december on The biggest little drama

Great performance. An excellent game of 2 actors. My wife and I really liked it.

Irina was 16 june on The lucky ones

A wonderful performance, an interesting set design, 3-D effects, a delightful game of actors, an unusual story - everything is there. True, the play does not "disperse" at once, it is difficult to understand at first - what is the essence, but this has its own "zest". Probably, I'm not lucky, but standing plays on the stages of Moscow theaters are not often (yes, it's rare, very often we leave in the intermission). This performance is worth a look!

Only for children
Only adults
Moskva, Tverskaya ul., 5/6
02 h 50 min
Director Valery Sarkisov about the production:
"The idea of ​​staging the play Hamlet arose after getting to know the young actor Alexander Petrov, in which the artistic director of the theater Oleg Menshikov and I saw Hamlet, according to all our ideas, coinciding with the image. A play arose around him. There was a story about a young man, clamped in the grip of circumstances thrown into the melting furnace. He is an individuality, existing in an environment where betrayal, life and death are interwoven into a tight tangle.
With each step, every action, Hamlet tries to answer a simple question: "Why, for what I came to this world?". Before our eyes, the personality develops and grows, the boy becomes a man, a warrior, a man capable of acting. "

"Something is wrong in the Danish kingdom." (C)

Well no! This is a common misconception. In the kingdom everything is fine, no time to fix the funeral, as already played a wedding.

And the truth, love to the grave. I stumbled over one, kept my balance and went on.

She has something - her dreams, thoughts. As with Ophelia. My beloved brother, however, is leaving.

So will come back the same. Still how will come back! Right on next funeral.

Although, before the funeral, Hamlet begged - in a monastery, in the wilderness, away from Elsinore.

Yes, did not listen. Is a woman in love capable of capturing the meaning in the speeches of a man who has gone mad from grief, or from a man's love?

I did not hear. That's the reason for the duel. Always there is one who wants to commit a crime by someone else's hands.

And here the hands are strong, skillful, not that they are boyish, and they did not really keep the sword. But is not the monarch wrong?

The boy has matured! I became ironic, insolent to insanity. And what an actor! Plays write, watch!

It only becomes scary. But not for him, for himself, and the hand is already reaching for the bottle. You will drink - it will be better.

Not for long, really. The hangover will remain, like the sharp pain of shame, like the blood on your hands. After all, the boy won. Took his truth.


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