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Moscow theater "Hermitage"

Feedbacks from viewers
Natal`ya was 30 january on Lyolya and Minka

A wonderful performance, a sea of ​​positive emotions! Beautiful and staging and acting of actors! I advise everyone from small to large!

Lubov` was 22 january on Lyolya and Minka

Good kind performance. Went family and daughter for 12 years. Everyone liked the performance. I recommend to view.

Ekaterina was 30 december on Old Khottabych

The child was at first interested, but the second half of the play barely stayed. I was tired and was not interested.

Il`ya was 18 december on Zoykina apartment

The theater "Hermitage" is a rare combination of organic in the days of the role, the originality of the scenery and the accuracy of the strokes masterfully superimposed on the canvas of the play. Alas, as in every rule, there are exceptions. "Zoykina apartment" - one of them. A confused, protracted action, flat jokes, for the ears drawn mise-en-scenes - three-odd hours, helps only the charisma of actors and subtle musical numbers. Seven times think before you cut it off once! The theater has a number of stunning productions.

Nina was 01 december on Wedding of Krechinsky

Were at the play in October 2017. I wanted to leave after the first action. Somehow they suffered a second and then definitely decided to leave this production. The play of actors leaves much to be desired. I'm sorry about the time you spent ...

Anastasiya was 25 november on Glass of water

Wonderful performance !! They laughed heartily, easy, clear, the actors are gorgeous !! Minus it's sitting in the hall)) just horror, while sat numb all below the waist))

Marina was 25 november on Wedding of Krechinsky

Were at the play on November 19, 2017. I liked the play. The second action is slightly delayed and the end of the performance is somehow blurred, there is no spectacular end. Because of this, some kind of incompleteness. But it looks great, with pleasure!

Alina was 13 november on Glass of water

The game of actors is wonderful! Especially liked the Queen Anna! The production is not ordinary, the actors go into the hall and communicate with the audience - and the viewer feels himself directly involved in the action!

Yaroslav was 13 november on Glass of water

An unbelievable sight! Low bow to the masters of actors! Very energetic, ironic, sarcastic and comical. Very cool is the "influx" of the story, when at the beginning you are almost bored, and by the end you can not restrain emotions!

Dmitry was 09 november on Tsvetik-semitsvetik

If your children like not only to visit theaters together with you, but then discuss their houses and revise them, I advise you to skirt the theater "The Hermitage". Fat minus this theater, where an amateur video is prohibited. This is the first theater where we were banned. To explain, on the basis of which law amateur video filming is prohibited, the employees of the theater found it difficult. Meanwhile, the full name of the theater "The Hermitage" (which is practically silent on the official site of the theater, this information can be found only in the "Documents" section) - The State (!) Budget (!) Moscow Culture Institute "The Moscow Hermitage Theater." Thus this theater is not a "private shop, but a state institution, which is a public place, in which permission for amateur photography and video shooting is not required. Thus, any prohibition does not correspond and contradicts the law. As for the performance, a child of six years old, he was not impressed. I forgot it the same day, and do not remember for a week, but this is the main indicator of the luck of the spectacle, if the child does not remember, then nothing is left in the soul. Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Marina was 07 november on Mouth without a lock

November 5, 2017 went with his granddaughter (4 years) to play "Mouth without a lock" Very cute performance, for the child is not tiring in time, quite musical. I left a pleasant impression both for the child and for me. Thank you.

Irin was 03 november on My older sister

3 hours of performance, in one breath, And funny, and sad, and touching. From the Soviet film (with Doronina) is certainly different. More and more vigorous, more expressive. The actors are wonderful, the game is amazing. Really liked! The ending is unusual). Summing up, I advise you to watch, you will not regret!

Il`ya was 01 november on On the essence of love

With all the love for the troupe and the special atmosphere of the theater, ooo is a very original play. Checking nerves and mental strength for strength. However, I recommend visiting all the lovers of poetry and not only VV Mayakovsky - you will literally bathe in stanzas, they will be so tangible that sometimes it even frightens. In no case is a raw thing - a mature conceptual work. with thoughtful details.

Uliya was 31 october on Lyolya and Minka

The performance is just wonderful. Went with children of different ages 5, 7, 9 years. There was a full hall. Everyone laughed. The actors are all charismatic, especially the Christmas tree))))) The children laughed and clapped. Was for the first time and not the last. I liked it very much.

Natal`ya was 26 september on Don Quixote

I liked the performance. Don Quixote, Rosinante and the donkey are magnificent! Of the roles of the second plan, I want to mention the housekeeper.

Larisa was 17 september on Wedding of Krechinsky

There were at the play 17.09.17 for the action 2 tickets for the price of one, 2 series! And you can clearly see all the emotions of the actors and you can hear everything! The play is almost 4 hours! Two intermission. Statement GOOD! I want to know ... what will happen next and do not follow the time, everything is like in one breath! The 19th century, and the problems are the same as now many have ... Moth and the player .... is looking for himself bride is richer and wants to circle everyone. .... There are not many actors on stage (11 people counted) but the main 6 !!!! and WHAT !!!! Krechensky is incomparable! Rasplyuev-ovation !!!! Lidochka's father - RESPECT! for work and created images !!!! On the stage, a minimum of scenery, but a maximum of emotions! THANKS to the artists and the director! The theater for its compactness and comfortable chairs! The big ticket for the simplicity of selection and purchase of tickets! We had a wonderful Sunday evening !!!!!!

Evgeniya was 12 october on Fate of the drummer

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance. I returned to my childhood as Gaidar. Went with my son for 9 years. Special thanks to Alexei Shulin (uncle's role) is a wonderful job !!! Yes, all the actors played wonderful, the scenery, like the whole theater, very touching, homely, real!

Elina was 15 march on Fate of the drummer

Went with my son for 10 years. A wonderful performance, my boy is delighted, so am I! The clever men who staged a play on Gaidar are what the present children really need! Take the children and go look! Thank the troupe! Good luck to you creative and well-being!

Sergey was 15 march on Fate of the drummer

A wonderful performance. Actors well done, sorry but I think today's modern children do not understand the idea and meaning

Lidiya was 24 november on Fate of the drummer

We went with my son, 9 years old.Obe simply delighted! Although the child and the reader, still worried that she would not understand the events of those times. But everything turned out to be very affordable. The images of the heroes were well transferred. Slava brought to the emotion, probably not only me ... Sergei, - in general, super! Yes, and my uncle, and an old woman in Kiev. In general, to be sure, as I imagined them when I was a child, when reading Gaidar, they turned out to be so. We are going to go to the "Hottabych". Many thanks for the pleasure.

Marina was 07 december on Fate of the drummer

My son and I really liked

Tat`yana was 13 october on Fate of the drummer

Good quality performance for teenagers from 12years old. Younger, they will not understand. Thank you.

Ekaterina was 13 december on Lyolya and Minka

To be honest, at first it was a little uneasy, because from the "Hermitage" you can always expect all kinds of unusual things, knowing the repertoire and Levitin well. I saw the actors - I was happy, and when the performance began - all the fears dissolved in blissful childish happiness - how! a real Christmas tree with apples and pastilles, like Zoshchenko, and even in the performance of the beautiful Amigo. I drove a completely mixed group: the foundation was seventh graders, my class, and all sorts of close relatives from 4 to 40 years old. In the delight of everything! Thank you! Ticketers - for a smart seating (all children - closer, adults and just tall - far away, so that everyone was comfortable and comfortable). Irina, Eugene and Yuri - three remarkable reincarnating as mimes, actors - for playing and ticket to childhood. How quickly and simply Eugene Kulakov from an adult forty-year-old turned into a small "angel" Minku, as easily and understandably Irina Bogdanova was then a mother, serious and funny, then mischievous and harmful Lelay, as with each release Yuri Amigo amused in a new way. So interesting, so healthy! As on a swing in my childhood ... I liked all my children and adults. Especially when Zhenya - a kind and sympathetic person did not refuse to take pictures with them. They left with a glow in their eyes, although the performance was not about that ...

Ekaterina was 30 march on Lyolya and Minka

Great performance! I liked the whole family!

Vladimir was 03 november on Lyolya and Minka

Kind and useful chamber performance.

Uliya was 29 march on Lyolya and Minka

Thank you for the wonderful performance in the theater. The Hermitage "Lelya and Minka" was viewed by the family, they received great pleasure and a charge of positive living energy. Zoshchenko's beautiful prose, the stunning production and the actors' play are all sincere, fun, instructive. Well done!

Visitor was 16 march on Lyolya and Minka

A magnificent performance. Both a child and an adult at the same time. Very soulful, lyrical, heartfelt. Special thanks for the careful attitude to the author's text. I liked both the child and me. Thanks to the actors, E. Kulakov and Y. Amigo - BRAVO !!!!

Ol`ga was 23 march on Lyolya and Minka

It was wonderful! Firstly, Zoshchenko, secondly, the setting and playing of actors is excellent in itself! It was interesting and funny, and mom, and children, 14 (!) And 6 years old. Recommended !!!

Viktoriya was 16 march on Lyolya and Minka

Thank you very much for the talented performance. Our girls really liked it! And the highest praise was that the daughter had a desire to re-read the book of stories Zoshchenko.

Aleksandra was 10 march on Lyolya and Minka

Overall, I did not like it.

Andrey was 22 february on Lyolya and Minka

Great performance. Zoshchenko is an extraordinary author, although some punishments for children on the content of the play may now seem too harsh. Children watch the play without stopping. Of course, it is the merit of the actors, their skill, that such a complex performance in the text is so clear to the children's viewer. And it is extremely interesting and funny for adults to remember themselves at the age of Lelie and Minky.

Evgeniy was 08 march on Lyolya and Minka

Above all praise! This is a performance that you want to go to again!

Elena was 01 december on Lyolya and Minka

Many thanks, In your theater for the first time, the performance really liked. I would recommend it to children 7-9 years. Very touching Минька. My children of 8 years were interested.

Uliana was 22 february on Lyolya and Minka

Thank you for the performance, very touching and piercing!

Uliya was 10 november on Lyolya and Minka

Sumptuously! Very grateful to the actors! Children 5 and 9 years liked both.

Ol`ga was 16 november on Lyolya and Minka

Got great. Pleasure. these rassk. favorite of the son. come again. Thank you.

Uliya was 13 october on Lyolya and Minka

Great performance!

Uliya was 04 november on Lyolya and Minka

Good afternoon. Many thanks for the amazing performance. Bravo to actors and a special thank you to Mikhail Levitin senior - the risk proved to be justified for 100% :) I want to revise the play not yet

Evgeniya was 13 october on Lyolya and Minka

Many thanks to the director and actors for the excellent work!

Uliya was 04 november on Lyolya and Minka


Alena was 03 november on Lyolya and Minka

Very good! Easy and fun! Thanks to Misha Levitin, the actors, especially Amigo, the most wonderful grandmother!

Viktoriya was 26 october on Lyolya and Minka

Thank you for the wonderful performance! Children of 7 years and almost adults looked with pleasure! We will all recommend it.

Uliya was 10 november on Lyolya and Minka

Let's try to go to the play Old Man Khottabych.

 Ludmila was 16 november on Lyolya and Minka

Wonderful performance, I will recommend

Natali was 26 october on Lyolya and Minka

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance! We have enjoyed both children and adults.

Evgeniya was 13 october on Lyolya and Minka

very kind, humane performance. interesting setting. There are no special effects, so unprepared children who are unfamiliar with Zoshchenko have nothing to do there. At least parents could look after the behavior of their children. Thank you very much to the actors. Funny and sweet clown (Yuri Amigo), charming and mischievous Lelya (Irina Bogdanova) and intelligent and talented author, Minka, in the beautiful performance of Yevgeny Kulakov. Many thanks and from me and my 8-year-old son!

Il`ya was 16 august on Don Quixote

Perhaps, Mikhail Levitin is right, it turned out to be both a tragedy, and a universal scale, and a farce - without shores and boundaries. And all this in a brilliant scenic space with a visible symbol of time - flowing from above the sand. The game and the involvement of the troupe are the most piercing of what I have seen in recent years. Highly recommend.

Yaroslava was 24 august on Courage

Sorry, But, Nonsense! Actors fellows, but the script ... However, perhaps nothing else on this topic and can not think of. I hope there are those who liked it.

Gulya was 09 november on Old Khottabych

The performance is excellent! Got a lot of fun! Thank you!

Svetlana was 16 august on Wedding of Krechinsky

Was on the play on August 16, 2016 I advise everyone to see: a great performance! Three actions look at one breath, dynamically, not tightened. What amazed me is the wonderful game of ALL, without exception, the actors engaged in the play: everyone in their place, everyone plays at one energetic pace, with a soul, with bestowal, actors in perfect physical form. Mikhail Levitin created an amazing performance with a stunning ensemble of actors: many thanks!

Svetlana was 11 december on Courage

It is hard to express emotions in words! The play was watched on the small stage of the Hermitage. When you see every facial expression on the actor's face. And not a drop of falsehood, and with what impact work-play actors! This is something unimaginable. Yes, the performance is complex, it's a drama! I even dreamed about this performance later. Again there were those who left ... for me this is VERY VERY VERY!

Galina was 16 february on Two

I did not like it very much, one actor was very replayed, so much that he was a little annoyed

Uliya was 04 november on Old Khottabych

Thanks to Sergey Oleksyak and all the actors! With pleasure we looked. Both the child and the mother. We love the Hermitage and expect more children's plays.

Tat`yana was 17 november on Old Khottabych

We went with my son (10 years), I liked the performance, especially Hottabych.

Tat`yana was 05 april on Mouth without a lock

Were at this performance in the winter with a child of 3.5 years. CATEGORALLY did not like: (The play is a children's play, but it seems that those who did it did not think at all about children and they understood very well what to do, and what not to do is to start with the fact that the performance is being announced as a production for absolutely Of young spectators - from 3 years, while there are so many "trifles" in the play and everything connected with it, that spoil the whole impression: 1. At the beginning of the show, the light goes out completely (darkness - at least one's eyes !!!) on 1 -2 minutes, and this despite the fact that the small spectators are sitting separately from their parents, they are scared !!!! 2. VERY loud ak I understand what it takes to be heard by everyone, but the kids who are sitting near the stage are practically laying their ears in. It was too loud for me, although I was sitting on the 8-9th row 3. During the performance, a huge crocodile appears on the scene Such as do, when 1 person puts his head on, and the other actors "depict" legs-paws.In general, ooooochen big! And besides that according to the script he eats everyone, he is huge, so he also descends into the hall !!! !! After that, many children cried and rushed to find their parents. In general, the plot is interesting. The production is awful.

Anastasiya was 09 april on Tsvetik-semitsvetik

A wonderful performance, which fell in love with an adult, and a child of 6 years. The plot is familiar from the book, and the stage embodiment does not differ from it in any way. Beautiful actors, costumes, all actions of heroes are almost "chewed" for children. A very cheerful performance with the involvement of small spectators in the fun.

Nadegda was 15 february on Old Khottabych

Thank you, the child liked it. Successful scenery, actors' play Delivered pleasure.

Irina was 20 october on Mouth without a lock

The performance is super, thank you the most tremendous))) but sell tickets, please, indicating the number and location !! In the temple of art you arrange a herd at the moment of entering the hall and sitting down

Vlada was 08 december on Mouth without a lock

Thank you, a little unexpected performance, but we liked autumn!

Elena was 02 april on Wedding of Krechinsky

Were at the play on 02/04/2017. We received great pleasure from the performance. Despite the fact that the performance lasts long enough - the time passed unnoticed, as the game of all the actors, without exception, captured completely. Plunge into the atmosphere of the plot. Thanks to the actors for their play and the holiday they gave us.

Alena was 20 april on Courage

As always - "Hermitage" !!!!! Actors 3 hours worked on the rupture of the heart! Daria Belousova, as always, is irresistible! Levitin is clever!

Dilya was 06 october on Mouth without a lock

The performance is wonderful. But for older children than 3 years.

Viktor was 10 march on Old Khottabych

Children 5 and 7 years liked, although the performance with many deviations from the book.

Vyacheslav was 20 april on Courage

A spectacular performance. An interesting production of the director.

Ol`ga was 23 february on Old Khottabych

I liked the child for 6 years.

Nataliya was 30 november on Old Khottabych

Everyone was happy with both children and adults. We love your theater very much. Be sure to come again and advise friends.

Elena was 20 october on Mouth without a lock

The play was liked by both husband and child. She is 3.5 years old, she likes Sasha Cherny's poems, she was interested. She said that most of all she liked the girl Katya. Thank you!

Il`ya was 31 august on Secret Records of the Privy Councilor

We watched King Lear. The statement did not like. The humor in this tragedy is irrelevant and absurd. The director finds me unsuccessful. Илья, 27 years old

Anastasiya was 04 november on Old Khottabych

The performance really liked! Thanks to the wonderful artists!

Irina was 16 march on Old Khottabych

Many thanks for the pleasure! The child really liked it!

Artur was 12 march on Wedding of Krechinsky

The performance is long, but not overworked. Thank you to the actors. I recommend.

Uliya was 02 february on Old Khottabych

Were on the play "Old Man Hottabych" on 01.02.2014 with three children of 4,8,9 years. We go to children's plays in different children's theaters quite often, there is something to compare. Impressions of adults and older children from this performance are terrible! The director wants to offer to think about an alternative profession. From the book, in general, selected separate, almost unrelated pieces, it is often impossible to understand what is happening on stage. Actresses who played two boys, replayed so that I wanted to hide under a chair. At some point, Volka for some reason hugs the teacher in geography, puts her head on his shoulder ... Apotheosis was a character from the 90's in a crimson jacket and with a "gold" on his neck, who, seeing Khottabych in an oriental dressing gown, pronounced a sacramental The phrase "guest workers, come here!" It is clear that this joke was meant for parents, but is it really necessary to bring such things into the children's play? Children did not understand the meaning of the word "migrant workers", they decided that they called Hottabych a "biker", which caused them bewilderment. It should be noted the ingenuity of the scenery: the scene is small, but the podium on it was transformed into a classroom, then into a room, then into a carpet-plane. There was a standard for many children's events, when actors throw balls at the audience and children throw them back on stage - that's what the youngest child liked best in the play. In the end, to our surprise, Hottabych asked to return to the pitcher - a somewhat free interpretation of the plot, tk. According to the book, Hottabych re-educated in a Soviet citizen. None of the performances could not endure - neither about friendship, nor about kindness, there was nothing to discuss, except for "bikers".

Gulya was 09 november on Old Khottabych

Guys fellows! The performance is excellent! Thank you!

Marina was 16 march on Old Khottabych

I liked children very much. Many thanks...

Vladislav was 04 february on Wedding of Krechinsky

I liked it very much. Looks at one go. I recommend to view.

Nureeva El`vira Zakievna was 09 november on Old Khottabych

The performance is lively, colorful. I liked it very much. Thank you.

Mariya was 23 august on Lear King

Not that. A strange production. The actors play is good, the direction is questionable.

Aleksey was 19 april on Zoykina apartment

Very good performance. Thank you

Aleksandra was 27 january on Zoykina apartment

Good afternoon, dear spectators. We watched the performance 27.01.17. The play was 3 hours 55 minutes, which is completely justified by the plot and execution. The general background of the action is quite tense, appropriately diluted with a small amount of absurd humor, which corresponds to the spirit of the work. The performance leaves a tart aftertaste of the atmosphere of "Bulgakov's Moscow" and generates a whole galaxy of misunderstood thoughts and feelings. Artists are amazingly accustomed to the role, in every phrase and gesture there is doom and loss, covered by illusory and stormy activity. Characters seek the only way in their view of salvation, like moths to the light, initially guessing that they are doomed. Once again, thanks to the artists for the amazing game and the theater staff for the warm atmosphere

Irin was 20 january on Carlo-honest adventurer

Easy, funny, uncompromising comedy! After a week of work itself! I was pleased to visit this performance. The hall is small, cozy, the scene next to - actors as in the palm of your hand.

Svetlana was 02 january on Zoykina apartment

Excellent! The actors play is excellent! Well done!

Evgeniya was 13 february on My older sister

I'm not a critic and not even an avid theater-goer, I'm a simple spectator. Possible to say amateur. Using an order through the discount system I went to the play and invited my girlfriend ... For the first time in the theater I was sitting in the second row ... it's something ... as if you are on stage ... in the thick of things ... and the actors play ... It's been a long time, and remember even the phrases that they pronounced and the tone and voice ... The main character was just gorgeous! After visiting such productions, you understand why you want to return there and to visit again. Thank you so much for the soul you invest and give to the audience! And thanks to BigBilet for their work!

Naneta was 09 september on Zoykina apartment

I liked it very much! Good performance, the mood after watching SUPER!

Svetlana was 02 january on Zoykina apartment

M.Bulgakov is eternal! We watched with pleasure. It's a pity that in the beginning the action took place with "wringing" the hands and excessive shouting from the actresses including. And the main character. It was like a provincial theater. But by the end everything was normal. Male actors, thank you for playing. Very worthy!

Evgeniya was 12 october on Magician

Great performance! The evening went by in one breath

Ekaterina was 19 december on Lear King

In my opinion, this is the most positive "King Lear" I've ever seen. A terrific finale! DEATH IS NOT! So I want to retell everything. But - no, go and see! The only thing I say - the production is not very standard (maybe fans of the classics and not like it). The artists are wonderful! And what a fool there is - it's just "fly"! Thank you all for a wonderful evening and a huge charge of positive!

Anastasiya was 25 january on My older sister

Stunning performance of the actors, we got a lot of pleasure from the performance !!!!

Visitor was 17 january on Carlo-honest adventurer

Thank you so much. I went with my daughter. All is well.

Ol`ga was 19 february on Carlo-honest adventurer

The performance 19,02,2017 left only pleasant impressions! The actors are amazing! . An unusual form of presentation of the plot, an appropriate game with the audience, just great! I got full satisfaction from the performance! ... as in childhood, when mother reads a fairy tale, you wait for her ending, you wait and you receive answers to all the questions that arose during the reading. Good luck and prosperity! The theater itself is very old, dilapidated, but so nice and atmospheric.

Pavel was 08 january on Zoykina apartment

Thank you very much! Got a lot of positive emotions! A very worthy production of Bulgakov.

Anna was 20 december on My older sister

Very touching performance. Were the whole family at the play on 12/20/2013. Looks at one go. I really liked the actors' play, so heroes were portrayed so sincerely and vitally. They so conveyed the mood that we both laughed and shed tears, empathizing, sympathizing. Despite the fact that after the intermission a lot of people left the hall, we did not regret that we had come to this theater. After the play, the whole evening was discussed the plot and story of the play. Of course, before the campaign for this performance, I read reviews that were mixed. Everyone has the right to his opinion. But we were not just satisfied, delighted.

Natal`ya was 08 may on My older sister

I liked the performance

Anna was 02 november on My older sister

Just a wonderful performance, sincere, insightful play of actors. We got great pleasure from viewing. I recommend to everyone.

Anastasia was 16 january on My older sister

Very good theater, not the first time there were and still will go necessarily! Recall syvye and kind everything: the cashier, the ticket office, the wardrobe workers) the show really liked, the actors are beautiful, we laughed and laughed) only pleasant impressions. Thank you!

Svetlana was 02 april on Zoykina apartment

I watched the performance on April 2 ... 3 acts pass unnoticed. Heroes are very textured, saturated, imaginative .. I watched without looking up. Daria Belousova is an actress, I saw her once and will not forget) I caught every look, movement, smile, vibration of her voice. The play makes you think about many problems. Separate phrases are still pronouncing / scrolling in your head. Nothing changes. And the human essence including .. I join everyone who admires the game of the hero Ametistov. The actor brilliantly got used to and opened the image. The performance with a good, long aftertaste with a touch of sadness ... I think about once again on the same breath as I see it again) Thanks to the whole creative troupe for this splendor) Bravo !!!

Galina was 10 march on Zoykina apartment

March 10, 2017 were at the play "Zoykina apartment." Very good performance. We watched with pleasure! And the amazing game of Daria Belousova and Peter Kudryashov. Many thanks for the high professionalism and skill!

Uriy was 30 december on Magician

The performance plunges into the Soviet era in some miraculous way, because there are almost no attributes of that time, except that the Harlequin song, bills and labels on bottles of vodka. But the director and actors create the atmosphere of the 60-70s. The theme of freedom in personal space is always relevant, the hero (Magician) is experiencing it very acutely. This is interesting. The actor playing the Magician is simply brilliant, I see him in the title role in the Hermitage a second time. You can just walk on it. And on Ekaterina Tenetu. When they are both on stage, it's a holiday. Just do not understand why the "fairy tale for adults." Everything is quite real, quite.

Natal`ya was 15 february on Magician

Shulin Alexey - great! Sukharev is a lot of crooked and fake.

Elena was 24 august on Zoykina apartment

The troupe is played, talented, accurate. Love them! More than once I will come to have fun! Thank you for the art!

Tat`yana was 23 april on Glass of water

Beautiful performance! The actors play is gorgeous! Have received great pleasure!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Новый Арбат ул., 11
03 h 00 min

The performance of "Boring History" and other works of A. P. Chekhov

Attention! In connection with the reconstruction of the historic building of the theater "Hermitage", since August 2011 the theater plays this performance on the New Stage of the Workshop of P. Fomenko (Grand Hall).

The hero of the play is a great man, a professor at the Moscow University, a secret adviser. He with all his strength resists love, which alone alone can overcome his thoughts of death.

"The unmarried is bad everywhere, the married - only at home."

An elderly professor would like to change his destiny abruptly.

It takes very little and pleases. My wife has been bored for a long time, there is nothing to talk with her about.

The daughter became a stranger to him, she spends all her days with her unpleasant fiance.

In the service he is uninteresting and painful. His colleagues are busy with gossip, intrigues and boring conversations about raising salaries.

The students he teaches are monstrously lazy and ignorant.

His sympathy is caused only by a young wife's ward, a girl who is naive and good-natured. But she was already tired of talking about her imminent death.

Suddenly, he learns a story about a doctor who died a child, and he was urgently summoned to save the sick woman.

But it turned out that the unfaithful wife had just found an excuse to run away from her annoyed husband.

Such unrestrained passions in the life of a conservative professor are not foreseen. It's a pity!

He understands that without love his dull life is like a dull ray.


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According to statistics and audience who have bought a ticket for«Тайные записки тайного советника», we recommend to see

A little Sunday adventure
Purchased earlier: 14
from 1500 rubles
Purchased earlier: 160
from 600 rubles
Purchased earlier: 250
from 600 rubles
Purchased earlier: 180
from 500 rubles
Glass of water
Purchased earlier: 330
from 500 rubles
Carlo-honest adventurer
Purchased earlier: 433
from 600 rubles
Purchased earlier: 79
from 600 rubles
Lelya and Minka
Purchased earlier: 761
from 500 rubles
"There are not many men"
Purchased earlier: 20
from 1000 rubles
Two husbands for the price of one
Purchased earlier: 252
from 1000 rubles
Old Khottabych
Purchased earlier: 376
from 500 rubles
"There are not many men"
Purchased earlier: 20
from 1000 rubles
Dear Pamela or How to sew an old lady
Purchased earlier: 438
from 1000 rubles
Lelya and Minka
Purchased earlier: 761
from 500 rubles