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Circus of Nikulin

Feedbacks from viewers
Vladlen was 18 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW


Galina was 18 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I was with a nine-year-old son, we really liked it, we are delighted. All the rooms are beautiful, one is better than the other. A wonderful clown, unmatched views with horses, with tigers, dogs. Acrobats, aerial gymnasts and rope walkers perform such complex tricks that it is difficult to imagine how this can be done. Many thanks.

Tat`yana was 18 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

A stunning, amazing performance of Monte Carlo-Moscow in the circus of Nikulin! We went to the birthday of the 15-year-old daughter with the whole family (3 children and parents). Everyone was delighted! Tricks are complex, performed clearly. Speeches surprised, made to worry, admire and be proud of our circus. The clown is just wonderful :: and sings, and plays on the trumpet. The rooms are very funny and not trite. Thanks to the director of the circus schA such a wonderful performance. The circus is very cozy, clean. Very touching exhibition in the foyer, dedicated to Yuri Nikulin.

Vera was 18 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Elegant performance! Stunning level of rooms, the highest class of circus art! It is interesting for both children and adults

Alla was 15 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Representation very much. Went with my mother. It seemed to me that I was already such an age cynic, which can not be penetrated by anything. But this action simply captured me. Every new issue was waiting impatiently, thinking what might surprise us? Each room was a highlight, everyone did not want to leave the arena. I am very pleased that I was on this holiday. Thank you very much to everyone who took part in its preparation and conduct.

Ol`ga was 15 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Thank you, everything is just wonderful. A lot of positive emotions and good mood !!!!!

Aleksandra was 15 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

To say that FABULOUS NOT to say anything !!!! The program is just BOMB! The atmosphere of the circus is felt even on the steps of the entrance, meet nice staff who help to understand where to move on.

Nina was 15 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Very pleased! The clown is a class !!!! And animals, and jugglers, Acrobats air and carpet - are amazing. A good son was brought up by Yuri Vladimirovich !!!!

Olesya was 08 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

In the circus there reigns the good spirit of Nikulin! The Monte Carlo program is gorgeous! Artists are great fellows, give themselves to the spectator without a trace! Beasts are well-groomed! And make a photo of the memory, it's worth it!

Irina was 08 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Everything is simply delicious !!! Wonderful performance !! Artists are real professionals !!!

Irina was 05 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

This program was used for the second time together with my son for 7 years. Everything is magnificent !!! Go without hesitation, do not regret it for sure !!!

Andrey was 04 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Elegant !!! The rapture is off scale. Children, all of different ages, are delighted. Artists have worked to the glory.

Elena was 04 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Everything is magical! 10 of 10! And the clown, and animals, and artists, and costumes and light! Everything is just perfect! She returned to her childhood and watched all the performances with wide eyes!

Elena was 01 june on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

What is this atmospheric event, real art! Each output was admirable! Thanks to the organizers!

Anna was 31 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

May 18 were at the show. To say that you liked it - say nothing! We are ecstatic about both children and adults, and even more adults! Each room evokes admiration for the beauty and skill of the artists! The clown is super! This is the best show we've seen! To actors of BRAVO !!!

Natal`ya was 28 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

We were in the circus on May 27 with my daughter 7 years old. Liked very much! For a long time I have not experienced so many emotions! And funny and scary and exciting. The clown was simply gorgeous, very funny, the hall just laughed, the clown improvised with the audience, it turned out all at the highest level! Gymnasts without insurance - looked at the detention of breathing! Rooms with horses are very effective! It was very fun, bright! Thanks to all the organizers and artists! And just want to join the review and thank bigbilet for timely reminders and help!

Mihail was 28 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Good quality circus! Not one boring number! Wonderfully had time. Thank you.

Ol`ga was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Very pleased! Professionally, brightly, fun !!!

Ekaterina was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

May 13, attended the Monte Carlo show Moscow. And I and the child 3 years were delighted! Very interesting program, the only clown had adult jokes, I'm ridiculous, the child is not clear! And the rest is beautiful! Animals well-groomed and beautiful! Definitely worth a visit for adults and children! Thanks to the artists, we liked the autumn.

Ol`ga was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Children (7 and 4 years) are delighted, she too for a long time so did not laugh! all the time were priklany to the view, artists, tricks, animals. For a fairly long performance, I never wanted to end it soon!

Nikolay was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

To be crazy, everything is cool. Who did not go so much lost

Tat`yana was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Really liked it !! Circus as always on top !!

Anastasiya was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Representation was very pleased, almost theatrical, not meaningless show, especially bright impression left the show with the dogs. The clown showed a wonderful game with the audience

Anna was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

The circus really liked, the child is delighted, I advise)))

Ol`ga was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I liked everything very much! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Especially the clown! Trained animals are unmatched!))) Many thanks! Thanks bigbilet, kept in touch with our event!)))

Anastasiya was 21 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

marvelously, bravo, I do not understand those who write negative reviews, for such a wonderful performance

Elizaveta was 15 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

WOW! Wow! Wow! Bravo!!! So yesterday I cried 3 hours in a row! It was phenomenal !!! I did not see such a show anywhere in the world! In the morning the next day I dreamed with the child to go to the show again, "Monte Carlo ,,! My mistake was: the purchase of 2 tickets (the child sat all the presentation on his knees). But glad to support the circus in this way) I also do not like trained animals, I feel sorry for them ... And the son is delighted) But all the other numbers: it's incredible! And the clown made everyone laugh! Thanks to all artists! This is an unforgettable show !!!

Galina was 15 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Great performance, great fun

Liliana was 15 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Excellent program, but the clown (out of competition) - overlaps all numbers. Stunning interactive. Thank you.

Georgiy was 10 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

We went to the circus on May 9 for the Monte Carlo program. The program is simply luxurious. Watching the show, you do not get tired of marveling at the limitlessness of human possibilities !!! A lot of dizzying tricks, from which just breathtaking! Gymnasts and acrobats are perfect! Circus art moves forward - it's visible in every room! Enough number of rooms with pets. A woman who manages with a group of predators is amazing! Separately I want to mention the clown - really funny numbers with the audience from the audience! After we read that the clown is an artist from Italy with a history, you can even read about him in Wikipedia! In general, I highly recommend both to adults and children!

Irina was 07 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Very good program! Especially for children. I really like that on the eve of the Great Victory Day (we were at the presentation on May 5) we invite veterans, the artists congratulate and dedicate their speeches to them. In my opinion, one of the brightest performances was the clown's David Lariblé. He's just incomparable in my way!

Marina was 04 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

True - the program is interesting, in all rooms there is a highlight, somewhere and the spirit captures from courage, novelty, this is really a show for fans of the CIRCA, with such a circus you need to introduce children, where you can see the possibilities of people and animals.

Elena was 04 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Excellent performance. I liked both children and adults. I was especially impressed by acrobats and a clown. Great!

Sergey was 04 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Went with the child 5 years Everything was super.

Natal`ya was 03 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were on presentation with her husband. We really enjoyed. The clown is just SUPER. His "Sunny Bunny" reminded Oleg Popov. THANK YOU!!!

Elena was 03 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

A wonderful circus, helpful staff. I have a daughter in a wheelchair, got on the show without problems. Although we are all adults, we enjoyed the presentation

Viktoriya was 03 may on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the program! In the best traditions of the Soviet circus. The program is magnificent! David (the clown) thank you so much for the positive sea !!! Come to visit you more than once !!

Margarita was 27 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were at the presentation on April 20, 2018. All very much. To the child of 7 years the clown has very much liked. She laughed heartily. We came from a small pride so for the child it became an unforgettable show. And for me a childhood memory. Many thanks.

Ekaterina was 23 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

There were at the presentation of Monte Carlo with two children 5 years. Representation very much was pleasant to all! 2 hours flew by in one breath, the children looked carefully to the end. Everyone liked it, and animals (horses, dogs, tigers) and aerial gymnasts and acrobats, and especially the Clown is the main character. All costumes and scenery are bright, colorful, a lot of music. I recommend!

Natal`ya was 23 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

We had an excellent evening! wonderful performance! interesting not only to children! Pleases and how the program is selected and thought out! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ARTIST AND PERSONNEL! Until we meet again !!!

Nina was 17 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were at the presentation on April 14 in the evening. I liked the program very much. From my children, seven years, from 15 to 3, only the smallest by the end is a little tired. This spectacle is emotional, full of sounds and color, it is better to take children from five years. I liked both trained dogs, acrobats and, and air gymnasts, all-all rooms at the highest level! Remarkable Sergei Akimov-he's the top prize from a girl of 15 years! And the absolutely incomparable clown-man orchestra David Laribles is a wonderful work with the public! Bravo and Respect Old Circus for what collects under your dome such wonderful artists!

Nataliya was 17 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were on Sunday in the afternoon session. Boring, the animals are sick and sleepy.

Ludmila was 17 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

walked the whole family. all very much ponravilos.recommend.

Nailya was 17 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I think that the presentation is below average. Clown's entreprises are not funny, there were no bears. The child of 6 years was bored.

Ol`ga was 17 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

MONTE-CARLO-MOSCOW Circus of Nikulin. Representation was pleasant. Very beautiful horses. Acrobats and gymnasts are super.

Nataliya was 17 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were with her daughter and her girlfriend - just delighted with the numbers, especially liked acrobats, air gymnasts and performance with horses. Thank you so much.

Oksana was 17 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I was on April 14 with my sister and my baby 4 years old, I liked the performance very much, my nephew liked dogs, horses, tigers 🐯🐅, I advise everyone to go

Ekaterina was 17 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Good day! Were on presentation on 04/13/2018. with children 2 years and 4 years. Children really liked the rooms with animals: very spectacular rooms with tigers, horses and dogs)) We liked everything with my husband: it's very beautiful ... and the clown really liked it))) In general, everything was very cool!

Elena was 09 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Excited! And the grandson of 4 years, and 10 and 12 years, and adults! From and to! The clown is beyond competition. I recommend to all!

Natal`ya was 09 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were at the play with a friend and 2 sons. We were very satisfied. Especially liked the performance with animals and clown.

Ekaterina was 09 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I was with my son for 5 years. I liked it very much. We watched in one breath. Especially the chic room with horses. A girl like a fairy from a fairy tale so adroitly and beautifully controlled them. Very nice room. I do not really like clowns, but in your circus it was great, we laughed heartily. Thank you for the wonderful presentation.

Vitaliy was 09 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Great. Went with the whole family, I am a wife and daughter. Passing numbers were not. The clown is funny. As if in childhood they visited.

Elena was 09 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I liked the performance very much. I did not regret that I attended this event. I recommend to everyone.

Tat`yana was 01 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

My son went with his daughter for 4 years. They walked "On the tiger" Very pleased, And the clown. They said, "Everything was great"

Anna was 02 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Representation was pleasant. Most of all of course the clown - excellent full numbers, a lot and throughout the presentation, although I'm not a fan of clowns)). My son (9 years old) is also most remembered and liked the clown. And I was struck by a surprisingly good training of tigers))). I went a lot to the performances with the tigers and not always this worthy spectacle))). Several years ago in this circus the performance with the tigers even puzzled me: they just went out, walked around the arena, snarled and left))). But here the tigers pleasantly surprised me, the training was clearly excellent, the lady-trainer bravo! My son liked trained dogs, and in my opinion the tigers did much more dogs, although they are not harder to train than them)). Little of course there were animals: horses, dogs and tigers and everything ...)))

Elena was 02 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

A magnificent sight, really liked the tigers, the clown was a really funny treat received a colossal

Ol`ga was 31 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

03/31/2018 went to the play granddaughter with daughter-in-law. I liked it very much. Especially noted clown. They said that he was very funny

Dar`ya was 02 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Excellent! After the terrible New Year was afraid to lead a child (5 years), but it turned out perfectly! The child liked it so much that she was asked again for the first time, she already bought again in June

Valentina was 02 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Mediocre performance, especially did not like the son of 9 years old clown. My husband and his son liked gymnasts and jugglers, a room with dogs and lions. Happened in this circus and better presentation ...

Andrey was 02 april on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Exceptional professionalism of all artists! It was a pleasent and dynamic entertainment that sometimes made you believe in impossible. The best thing was that each circus act was a great and complete show on its own. A terrific Italian clown was particularly entertaining for adults as our 5-year old daughter got a bit bored while he was doing his little plays with the audience volunteers. Though all those games were highly successful and funny. I was specifically impressed with a number of young artists because I watched the circus shows in America and I felt most of the time that I was present at my grandparents.

Artem was 30 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I'm just in a wild ecstasy. Accidentally got on the show, but I did not think that I would like it so much. I bought the ticket 1 day before the event and there was only 1 place free, which I bought! I will advise all friends, acquaintances, relatives! It is worth going to see absolutely everything, regardless of age, sex or religion!

Valentina was 26 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Great performance! Dogs - top)) The clown is really funny! Jugglers are a little crazy, true professionals! I'm very sorry for the injured acrobat, I wish him a speedy recovery!

Kseniya was 26 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Wonderful performance! For a long time I did not get such pleasure! Stunning rooms, great artists! Especially great air gymnast Sergey Akimov and clown David Lariblé, tamer tamer, gymnasts and everything, everything, everything!

Anna was 26 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

In general, the impression of the event remained positive - the clown unexpectedly pleased. All the air gymnasts and jugglers were amazing. In the rooms with animals, not everything went smoothly, but everyone tried - both animals and animal trainers. I also liked the musical accompaniment and use of classical music in the rooms. Good, worthy performance!

Natal`ya was 19 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

The view is wonderful, has not been so fun for a long time, you forget how old you are and all the problems remain behind the doors of this beautiful Circus - a cozy atmosphere, The voice of Yuri Nikulin announces the beginning. In the foyer different animals wait for them to be photographed, Tigers are simply a miracle !!!

Oksana was 19 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I liked it very much !! Bright professional Oscar! A real circus! And the child (10 years old) also liked it very much

Svetlana was 19 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

A magnificent sight! Circus Nikulin, as always, at the height! Viva circus actors!

Tat`yana was 19 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

The presentation is just TALE !!! I liked everything, but especially CLOWN !!! Back in childhood !! Horses are great, tigers, dogs !!! Be sure to find the time and two hours of HAPPINESS YOURS !!!

Ol`ga was 13 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were on the program of Monte Carlo Moscow on March 11th. very much! all on top: acrobats, jugglers, and trainers with tigers, dogs, horses. and the children were delighted, and adults. thanks to circus Nikulin!

Larisa was 12 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Monte Carlo is a great show! Adults looked like children! Tigers are gorgeous! The horse is amazing! Energetically felt that the animal is an actress! There are no strongmen in the program, it's a pity. Circus wish prosperity and the replacement of chairs - on wooden is not very convenient, the viewers should take care.

Loubov was 12 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Great performance !!! Children liked everything! I'm delighted with the room with the horses - very unexpected and beautiful !!! To all artists, thank you very much !!!

Aleksandra was 12 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

The last few years I have not missed a single new program of the circus Nikulin, but this is the weakest one. It's a shame that the circus does not hold the stamp. Was on the Monte Carlo program on March 8, performances of trained bears were not, the artists at the end did not come out to the audience. That is, two items of the program were missing, despite the fact that the program itself is clearly losing the previous ones, and the prices for tickets are only growing. Perhaps those who have not been to the circus for a long time will still be impressed by the program, but the sophisticated spectator who saw the performance of Vladimir Deryabkin's magnificent clown in previous seasons, the program of Gia Eradze, the trained elephants of the Kornilov dynasty and many other outstanding circus performances in the same circus , this program will disappoint.

Irina was 11 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

We went to the show with the whole family. Everyone is delighted. Many thanks to the artists. Professionals !!! In the clown we just fell in love.

Tatyana was 12 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

It is remarkable that now the high skill of our circus artists is complemented by beautiful costumes and good director's work. Fascinating by its beauty number "freedom of horses" Elforia "showed actress Anastasia Styokan-Fedotova. It was impossible to tear your eyes from the horse's unshackled horse harness. One word is freedom! And it has a special charm and charm!

Viktoriya was 12 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were on 10/03/2018. The world level was expected. In fact, a very average view. From Monte Carlo only the name. There is no concept. Money and time was a pity. The first department is very boring. There were Zapashnye "Emotions" last year - there really is a show and a drive, a free atmosphere (the show was photographed, there were no bans, you can freely move around the hall, I saw how with the kids people walked on their hands and stood practically where they wanted, it's convenient, they were late with the kids, they all passed without problems, that is, everything for the children).

Anna was 10 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were at the presentation on 09.03.2018, I liked everything. I liked the clown very much, the room with the jugglers, with the dogs. There was no room with a bear. All received positive emotions. The child is very happy, was photographed with a lemur, a tiger, a leopard. But the prices are of course horrible ... Thank you for the pleasure and not in vain spent the day off.

Marina was 09 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Went with a child. The show is wonderful, all in complete admiration. Real delight - a room with horses, a fabulous and unreal feeling. The clown is magnificent, chooses real participants from the audience for his interactive, these reprises are really funny. The only disappointment is that the program did not participate in the application number with circus bears. The ticket was bought specially for the nearest row, closer to the center. Purchased a month before the event, on the site of the circus, the seats were only in the third row (3500r.), The first and second in the center were already sold out. I highly recommend this presentation. Of the three last visited by us: "Bravo", "Magic of the Circus", this program "Monte Carlo Moscow" - liked the most!

Sergey was 05 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Cool, bright show !!! Not for the first time in the circus, but every time I admire the talent and skill of circus. Eyes all burn, beautiful costumes, very interesting, even you can say, fascinating numbers! Some tricks of aerial gymnasts and acrobats were very steep, so they were successful only at the second attempt. Well done! David Laribles was great - charming, plastic, a real clown! Thank you Circus Nikulin !!! ..

Ganna was 03 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

The view is not interesting and very long. Glad the tigers and the girl with the horse. I guess I'm comparing the level and the program with De Soleil's circus. But nevertheless it is necessary to aspire to the best dear actors of a circus.

Vladislav was 05 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

I went with children 3 and 5 years. all very much. magnificent acrobats. dancing horses and many other rooms. I recommend to everyone.

Svetlana was 05 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were on 03.03 on the evening performance. Representation very much. but for some reason there was no room with trained bears !!! the child was upset!

Oksana was 05 march on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Every time we return to this circus. The presentation is made according to the classical canons. Were with children, they are delighted. Time flew by unnoticed. Thank you for the mood and positive emotions.

Evgeniya was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Great performance! The child is 3.8 years old, maybe it was too long for him, but my husband and I were very pleased! A wonderful clown David ... with easy, funny jokes! I highly recommend it if you want to have a fun and emotional evening!

Dina was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Yesterday I went with my family, a child of 3 years, on the Monte Carlo show! In the circus was a very long time and went to the show for the sake of the child. I can say that this is an amazing show. I highly recommend it to everyone! Bright costumes and bright rooms. The child, and the child at me very active, has stayed all representation! After the intermission began to get tired already, but incendiary numbers did not give the child any chance)))) Each artist carries you to his room, and you watch air gymnasts and acrobats with bated breath. I was a little skeptical about the clown's performance, but here I was no longer given any chances))) It's very fun! The clown chooses his audience from his audience. During the interval you can eat ice cream, sugar candy, there is a buffet. Children can ride on carousels (200r), clown nose (50r), luminous and musical toys (about 450r), balls (100r). You can write a lot, but I advise you not to listen to anyone and go to the show yourself)) Thanks to the old, kind and home-like CIRCUS!

Evgeniya was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were on 23.02.18 at the premiere of the program. Representation was pleasant. The absolutely stunning clown David Laribles !!!! I really liked the trained dogs - just superb !!! The program has many acrobatic rooms, from which breathtaking!

Marina was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Good afternoon! The digital view was amazing! I'm totally ecstatic! We went with the whole family, from 5 to 45 years, everyone got the pleasure without exception! Thank you very much for the pleasure!

Irina was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Were with children 6, 8 and 12 years old. Everyone liked it!

Galina was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

The program is excellent! In comparison with last year, more rooms with animals (tigers, lioness, dogs, bears, horses). Mediocre performances were not, really liked it!

Nataliya was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

February 24, 2018 went to the circus for a new view of Monte Carlo. Representation was pleasant. Especially the rooms, where animals are involved-gambling, bears. Very colorful and professional! Unfortunately, the clown was not impressed. for one performance two times to call the audience from the audience,? / Boring. I was with my grandson for 6 and a half years, I did not have enough "children's" impressions. Basically, the view is calculated for adults. There was still not enough dynamics, so at the end of the show the children could hardly sit in their seats. But a solid "four" can be put. I recommend to go and get good impressions.

Lubov` was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

As always a terrific show. Especially I want to mention the clown. Full of delight! It should be noted that I do not like clowns. But this time she laughed to tears. Many thanks to the artists and everyone who took part in the production, for the pleasure.

Anna was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

We love the Circus on color and we often come there. After reading the plot, I wanted to see this show, but unfortunately from the whole view we especially remember a couple of numbers - Black handsome horse who danced; I liked the room with dogs ...; Remarkable air gymnasts and acrobats. The circus became more actor-like, there were a lot of dances, not numbers. And, of course, with each time the presentations become less interesting ... And the prices all grow and grow ....

Mariya was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Wonderful performance! However, like all the programs of the circus Nikulin. In this many rooms with animals, which was very interesting for children (4,5 and 2,5 g.) - horses, bears, tigers (at the same time in the arena was 9 !!! and one lioness). Soul clown - remarkably entertained (and distracted) when changing props, the whole hall laughed, even adults more. The program is long and time-consuming. It seemed that the first branch was especially. Consider, when visiting the "Monte Carlo" show with young children. Our experience is successful! Son of 2.5g. spent one breath (given the opportunity to move in the intermission). The first acquaintance of the kid with the circus has passed on hurray, thanks! And thanks to the leadership of the circus Nikulin for the opportunity to go to the show with a small child for one ticket and take him to his knees!

Irina was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Great show! Beautiful, elegant, professional artists, stunning costumes, Clown cute.

Ludmila was 26 february on MONTEKARLO-MOSCOW

Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The Monte Carlo program. Perfect performance. Impressive and adults and children. All rooms are bright. Especially liked the clown. TALENTLY !!!!! Thank you!!!

Liliya was 12 january on The Mystery of Old Pages

The worst performance in the last 8 years. A clown, chewing a roll with yogurt, for 5 minutes and an elastic band banging on the pope, apparently it should be funny. There are no beasts, it is prolonged, boring. Full of disappointment. No tricks, not even classics of the genre - trained dogs. Even with the light and decoration festive did not try, sorry: (((

Olga was 10 january on The Mystery of Old Pages

We liked. The grandson is 11 years old. There were exciting tricks, for example: Baba Yaga and Koschey run in the air on the spinning wheels. Tumbling bouncing over them, and the wheels at a speed fly on. We screwed up our eyes, thinking that they would be able to land. And what a nice clown Emelya on the stove. Entreprise with the audience drunk with kefir, it was fun all. Books bicycling and jumping through each other, it seemed the wheels will touch those through whom they fly. And the Egyptian, without insurance, walking on a tightrope? And when the Egyptian carries a vase on his head and Cleopatra on it. Bewitches. Children laughed at the unskilled firefighters. It was fun. Yes, the animals are few, But the buffaloes with the bears on their backs, too, are interesting. And when they were near us, I was even scary, suddenly jumped over the curb, and his grandson looked at it with amazement. And what are the costumes of the circus corps de ballet !!! Furnishings of a fairy tale and a holiday !!!! Circus on Color, the best gift for a child for the New Year !!!

Inna was 10 january on The Mystery of Old Pages

The first time the performance in the circus Nikulin disappointed. Here in the reviews they write that the show is a Christmas tree! Nothing of the sort, in the poster it is not stated, the circus is not only for children, adults also go to see acrobats and animals, which are stereotypes "only for children." so, at this time you can say that there were no animals (buffaloes and parrots do not count), a dozen animals for the whole show, I'm sorry, but this is not CIRCUS! We were sitting in the right-hand stalls and all the artists were standing with their backs to us, the first time I've watched this. Dear leaders of the circus, in your right-hand stalls your guests are also sitting, who bought tickets and came to the show! We were last year, too, for the New Year holidays and were delighted, unfortunately, this year I can not say this.

Galina was 10 january on The Mystery of Old Pages

And we really liked the performance! Although there are few animals, there are many aerial gymnasts! To the child 3 years, was simply delighted! And the service is excellent, very convenient and fast! Thank you!

Uliya was 09 january on The Mystery of Old Pages

I value the service bigbilet! But the very performance in the circus Nikulin disappointed! In some places, it seemed that technical problems arose, then the pauses were incomprehensibly stretched. We sat in the right-hand stalls, the actors saw only from the back, I think that it was possible to think over the performance in such a way that everyone could see it. There is no plot, they showed a set of numbers. Little children are not interested. Disappointed.

Vladimir was 09 january on The Mystery of Old Pages

Great performance! Parrots and buffaloes are the best! Especially parrots. The clown, yes - did not work. But otherwise the view is intact and very interesting. Who did not like it - do not forget that this is primarily "Yolka". Those. for the kids.

Only for children
Only adults
127051, Moskva, Cvetnoy b-r., 13
02 h 00 min
Monte Carlo! Glitter of casino lights,
cafe de Paris, luxury limousines ...
And, of course, the festival.
The most important circus festival in the world!
In our new program - holders of the highest awards of the festival in Monte Carlo:
Air gymnasts and acrobats on flip-flops, jugglers and balancers,
trained dogs and bears, lions and tigers!
The whole evening with you is the world famous clown David Lariblet.

Hurry to us! All the luxury of the circus festival in Monte Carlo today on our arena!


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