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Theater of Gennady Chikhachev

Feedbacks from viewers
Tat`yana was 27 jule on Tarzan. Love Story

Very pleased! High professionalism!

Ol`ga was 04 may on Subarctic

"Incomplete" is a condemnation and ridicule of the moral decline of the nobility of the times of Catherine II. Condemnation of human vices, stupidity, laziness, cruelty and more, and more. The genius of Fonvizin is that "Nedorosl" is so concentrated that it could fit in itself if not all human vices, then many. The musical "Nedorosl" further extends the boundaries, which seemingly have nowhere to expand. In it, the contrast between knowledge and ignorance, love and cruelty, wisdom and stupidity is even more clearly felt. Blind parental love or sincere concern for the future of well-being? To indulge your passions or find the strength to give up the most desired? Clearly built storylines, wonderful humor, subtle irony and surprising almost childlike purity and innocence - that's what is in abundance in this performance. Prostakov (Irina Khimina) and her Mitrofanushka (Sergey Kanygin) cause condemnation and pity, but do not cause disgust. Oh, how I despised Mitrofan as a schoolgirl! But not here. :) And how good Eremeevna (Alena Kornienko) with Vralman (Grigory Zakhariev)! Two pairs of boots :) By the way, the fact that Empress Catherine II herself (Anna Alt) periodically appears on the stage - adds freshness and reality to the action. And, of course, unobtrusively, but also refers to the internal political problems of the country. And Milon (Konstantin Skripalov) is such a Miloooooon! I remember him on "Plaque", and here is a new role and again an excellent game! And in general, this is an excellent performance! The grotesque of the play is well emphasized by the costumes of the actors and smoothed by magnificent music and equally magnificent vocals. It's interesting, funny and pleasant to watch. Some scenes are remembered again and again. And I want to hear some encores! Leaving after the performance, the audience smiled - and this is very valuable!

Irina was 28 april on Subarctic

Thank you for the musical. In your theater for the first time. Everything is very unusual, and the scene, and costumes, and a look at the well-known work. Actors well done. Be sure to come again.

Mariya was 04 april on Bunny-Postman

Interesting, colorful musical tale (there is the same audio tale) !!! Talented cast, gorgeous voices, beautiful costumes, ORCHESTRA !!! Bravo!!!

Mariya was 19 october on Little Red Riding Hood

The children's performance as a whole was pleasant. But I wanted to note a few points. 1. The presentation is protracted, it's hard enough to sit out both for the child and the adult. 2. I would like more good phrases from the heroes, more literary speech, with beautiful phrases, since the current speech of children is so limited. Too many moments from modern life. Children absorb it in the street. I would like a fairy tale that shows how "right" and how beautiful it turns out when "right". 3. I really liked the live music. But in the back rows because of the music, the words of the actors are not audible during the performance of musical numbers. 4. Too from

Anastasiya was 28 september on How the Nightingale the Robber helped Ivan the Soldier

Everything was great. Thank you

Natal`ya was 07 may on Mushroom Trouble

A wonderful performance! Very beautiful costumes, beautiful music and great voices! It will please both children and adults, looks the same breath. In my opinion, you can go with the children 6 +. Thanks to the theater, almost all the children's performances and all the wonderful things were watched !!!

Evgeniya was 02 march on Bunny-Postman

A wonderful performance, kind and beautiful. Strong voices, bright costumes and pleasant music! Were the whole family (children 4 and 5 years old) - everyone liked it!

Mariya was 08 december on How the Nightingale the Robber helped Ivan the Soldier

Representation was pleasant to me and the child (7 years)

Ol`ga was 27 october on Bunny-Postman

Great performance

Petr was 17 november on Little Red Riding Hood

The child liked the play very much for 5 years

Oksana was 04 november on How the Nightingale the Robber helped Ivan the Soldier

Thank you) I really liked the child)

Elena was 04 november on How the Nightingale the Robber helped Ivan the Soldier

Not much tightened the end.

Dmitriy was 20 may on Bunny-Postman

On April 22, I watched the "Postman's Bunny's Hare" at the G. Khikhachev Theater, a fine children's play, the child looked very attentively, slapped several times throughout the whole production, laughed, wrote a letter to Zaika, after the show ended, sang a song from the play, A wonderful day off with my son, well, I got great pleasure, from the combination in a fairy tale of a great game of actors and at the same time the sound of a symphony orchestra, at the same time highly professional. I think this is the best children's musical performance, simple and at the same time created by very talented people who put their soul into this small masterpiece. I recommend to everyone. And the child is interested and get aesthetic pleasure.

Elena was 11 april on Well, Wolf, wait

The performance is sweet, kind, not attractive, beautiful work with the audience (the children like to take part in the action themselves, shouting, clapping), but the story itself is silly, and here is the preparation for the appearance of television in the forest, so it was possible to think of any excuse for the eternal struggle of the wolf with the hare !!

Elena was 28 march on Teremok

Great performance! Bravo actors, beautiful voices, very kind and nice performance, 4-year-old child, all 2 actions looked with open mouth, full immersion in what is happening)))) We will return more than once!

Evgeniya was 26 october on Teremok

Excellent performance: child-friendly story, colorful costumes, live singing and orchestra. After the performance, you can take a picture with the actors. Suitable for first visit. To the child 2 of 9 months. Very much.

Alexey was 21 september on Well, Wolf, wait

Representation of the child very much!

Visitor was 21 september on Well, Wolf, wait

Good day.very wonderful performance, I liked both the child and me, an adult. The musical accompaniment is just excellent. The idea was to take pictures with the characters after the performance. Obviously we will come to other performances.

Galina was 11 june on Amphibian Man

You can not even imagine WHAT THIS IS a musical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can not be compared to a huge hall! And the costumes !!!!!!! It's just some kind of magic! Who else was not in this theater-urgently run for tickets

Veronika was 18 may on Teremok

I liked the performance very much. Colorful, kind. Very beautiful singing. I recommend to everyone!

Natal`ya was 04 may on Pirate and Ghosts

Thank you! Very pleased!

Elena was 02 may on Amphibian Man

I liked my daughter very much. Especially Grigory Zakhariev (Pedro Zurita) - a beautiful actor with a powerful energy of a negative hero. The wonderful Gutierre (Natalia Rebrova) together with Ichthyander (Konstantin Skripalev) showed a very strong and reliable love story. Scenery, costumes, orchestra - great! Recommended for family viewing with teenage children.

Ol`ga was 29 march on Teremok

Good afternoon!!! I really liked it !!! A wonderful game of actors, beautiful costumes and original scenery !!! The child did not want to leave! And he said that he once again wants to go to "Teremok". Most of all he liked Mouse-norushka !! Thank you very much!!!! We wish further creative successes !!!

Anna was 09 march on Teremok

Great performance! We are delighted with the child! To the child of 3 years! Songs we sing houses from performance, with pleasure we shall go and other performances for our age!

Marina was 22 february on Teremok

In delight both children and adults

Anna was 08 february on Teremok

We love this theater very much and always go there with pleasure. "Teremok" - a very bright performance with an accessible storyline and catchy music, something that is necessary for kids. So, if you decide to bring your three-year-old into the theater, then this wonderful performance will suit you.

Aleksey was 08 february on Teremok


Timur was 08 february on Teremok

They were the whole family. To the son 3 years. Long before the performance, the son often watched the video on the theater's website. And when the desired day came, the dream of the baby came true - here it is Liguhka-kvakushka !!! The performance is simply wonderful! Actors, costumes, scenery and, of course, the orchestra! Looking at everything, you yourself begin to believe in a fairy tale. We were happy after the production. The kid sat both branches open his mouth and never got distracted by anything (it happens rarely). We want to see something else from you, but there is nothing for the three-year-olds except Teremka (((. Thank you very much !!!!

Ekaterina was 26 january on Teremok

"Teremok" is a beautiful, pleasant play, one of those that you want to see more. I was with the eldest, with the younger, with the tribes, and I think I'm happy to take somebody else.

Uliya was 09 november on Pirate and Ghosts

We like all your performances! Pirate and ghosts was no exception. Thank you!

Liliya was 24 november on Teremok

We watched with pleasure, thank you to the actors!

Irina was 13 october on Well, Wolf, wait

Thank you very much for a wonderful evening. Our family really liked the performance.

Antonina was 09 november on Teremok

Professionally, the orchestra muffled the soloists. Granddaughter (3g) was impressed by the scenery

Uliya was 10 november on Well, Wolf, wait

Thank you! The child is delighted! Wait for us to visit

Nikolay was 10 november on Well, Wolf, wait

Hello! Unfortunately they could not come, the ticket was gone, we would very much like to see it!

Irina was 05 october on Little Red Riding Hood

The play was very popular both for children and adults. The only inconvenience is the very high dad who was sitting in front of us, and since we were sitting in the same place with the child, there were not many options to look out. There are no complaints for the performance! Continuous positive! Thank you!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Андропова пр-кт., 39/69
01 h 20 min

A cheerful fantasy with the participation of the heroes of all the beloved cartoon.

Sensation!!! The first music channel opens in the forest. And, everyone really cares who will be the first guest of the program "Visiting the Hare"? The wolf certainly wants to become a "star of the screen", but whether this idea is pleasant to Hare ... Incendiary rhythms, chases, tricks, playing with a hall with the participation of a forest orchestra. But now the Fox, the Bear and Sorok come to the aid of the Hare. They are amicably and cheerfully protecting the eared from the machinations of the Wolf.

Not aging "Well, wait!".

Favorite cartoons from childhood always cause desperate nostalgia ... I liked the Wolf more than a hare ...

The crazy, funny, incredible Wolf and Hare races from "Well, wait!" Will never cease to be popular.

How should it be, this Zayaz Volk has bothered, that he so persistently wants to catch it. And to the village behind him, and to the beach, and to the store, and to the museum, and to the stage!

And now, the exciting adventures of your favorite heroes can be seen on stage.

Musical "Well, Wolf, wait!" By right can be called a hit.

Now the wolf is not going to be very bad 6 the whole team is going against him.

The most beloved heroes plus new characters, such as: a fox, a bear and a magpie, will come together to re-engage in an interesting story.


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Ну, Волк, погоди
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New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 600 rubles
New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
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New Year's leprosy of Fox Alisa and Cota Basilio
Purchased earlier: 80
from 900 rubles