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Theater "Ballet Moscow"

Feedbacks from viewers
Tatiana was 13 october on Kreutzer Sonata

Fantastically beautiful ballet, The main performers dance with such emotional impact, just bravo. I could not imagine how it was possible to convey all the experiences with the help of the dance, but Robert Binet managed it

Nadegda was 24 april on Frozen laughter

Very unusual action. This can not be called a dance, it was not music. But the plastic is amazing. The play keeps in suspense. Very interesting, I'm delighted, I strongly advise everyone who is ready for the unusual.

Tat`yana was 12 october on Frozen laughter

It's very, very cool !! Recommended only for those who are ready before entering the theater to throw out of my head everything that I saw before, and open up to completely new facets of art. If it seems to you that you saw everything, then go to "Frozen laughter".

Tat`yana was 27 september on Frozen laughter

Terrific .. Still under the impression. I'll go for the second time on October 11

Marina was 31 january on Thumbelina

Excellent modern production, and funny, and touching. Special thanks for the images of the heroes of the fairy tale: even the minor characters are thought through to the smallest detail. The ballet is very dynamic, music, light, scenery - everything is on top.

Ludmila was 09 october on Minos. Eros.

The second act ("Eros") - just great! Stunning choreography! Elegant performance! Has received unforgettable pleasure, thanks!

Anastasiya was 10 april on Minos. Eros.

So far the best production of Ballet Moscow from those that have seen. Many thanks to all the actors. Separate applause to Constantine Matulevsky.

Aleksandr was 05 jule on Minos. Eros.

A wonderful and exciting show. The setting is mesmerizing and looks in one breath.

Vitaly was 28 march on Minos. Eros.

A brilliant premiere, an excellent troupe, a good performance

Tat`yana was 28 june on Sound Architecture

Excellent! A beautiful modern ballet! Performers - just great!

Irina was 28 june on Sound Architecture

To be honest, I watched almost all of the troupe's productions, but this disappointed. Beautiful music, but complete non-state. As if a draft. Almost all ballerinas trembled. And there was no familiar energy. Better less productions, but qualitative. Thank you

Daniil was 28 june on Sound Architecture

The ballet caused shivers and tears every gesture, every note and every turn of the head, it was more than music, stronger than the dance, brighter than the cinema, deeper than the book. It was immersion in Eternity.

Elizaveta was 28 june on Sound Architecture

"Dance is a soul invested in music," one can rightly say about "Sound Architecture". I was amazed by the performance with my asceticism, the subtlety of lines, the sculpture of light and ... my soulfulness. So complex a palette of human feelings, expressed in the harmony of movement, light and music. For the first time, I experienced a "presence" when you are so immersed in space that it seems that your thoughts and feelings are dancing on the stage. The lack of scenery and pointers, the noise of which distracts, allowed to concentrate as much as possible on acting. Thank you, the best modern ballet I've ever seen.

Alena was 28 june on Sound Architecture

The first department caused a feeling of dissonance of music and dance. The second branch corrected everything. In general, very much. Thank you.

Alina was 28 june on Sound Architecture

Excellent ballet, almost everything was pleasant. Beautiful music and choreography. The only thing that sat on the 2nd row, and the scene was high, it was not very good to see some episodes, but this is the problem of the site, not the ballet. And the ballet is excellent.

Ol`ga was 01 march on Sound Architecture

We were the four of us, and we all really, really liked it! And music, and ballet! Expressive, exciting and very beautiful! To tears...

Daniil was 01 march on Sound Architecture

The ballet "Architecture of Sound" left an indelible impression, striking with the power, the depth of expression of dancers and genius music, which captured both the heart and the mind. The admiration and huge gratitude to all who embodied this project in life !!!

Kristina was 01 march on Sound Architecture

1 did not like the department, the music was in desynchrony with the movements of the dancers. 2 branch is brave! Sensual, inspirational, talented !!!

Viktoriya was 08 february on Medea.Equusal.

Two one-act ballets, modern choreography. The music of Pavel Karmanov was very pleasant, it's a pity that it sounds in the recording. Beautiful actors, interesting production. Despite all the attributes of contemporary art (graphic decorations and costumes, weird props, uncomfortable and uncomfortable hall of the Meyerhold Center), the performances are quite possible for the unprepared spectator.

Dar`ya was 08 june on Medea.Equusal.

A wonderful ballet! One and a half hours fly by completely not noticeable. The plastics of the artists are fascinating, the production itself is of interest. One can not but note the musical accompaniment - two famous minimalist composers wrote music to Medea and Ekvus, one of them was Alexei Aigi (Ekvus). In general, the event is very worthy)

Ekaterina was 11 october on Medea.Equusal.

The view is amazing, and the first and second performance. I liked the children. Not very good impressions left from the place itself - loose seats and a bad sound. And thank you very much!

Aton was 10 october on Medea.Equusal.

Great !!

Only for children
Only adults
127055, Москва, Новослободская ул., 23
01 h 00 min
Theater Dance and Interactive Schedule for Motives Novel F. M. Dostoevsky "Idiot" Choreography : Alexander Pepeliaev Music : Nick Birch ( Switzerland ) Media : Maxim Yakhontov Scenography , artist by Suits : Sergey Illarionov What is "Cafe Idiot"? This is a place in which the viewer comes, maybe even without thinking about any novel, where with him a mystical, Dostoevsky way begin to walk with different things. He is fascinated to watch the movement of the thought, emotion or body of the actor, peers at the screen, watches the movement of heroes in costumes in the style of freak haute couture, listens to unusual hits. He tries to distinguish the many Rogozhins from We shine, and Nastasya Filip n ram - from Aglaya. it way Falls and Search Balance created Methods Visual Theater that and Spy , and Actors pass Together . it Job about How can Visualize those States that Laid down at The legendary Novel and Awake at us At him Reading . Heroes Will remain , but their will be Several . Each actor Will try on Yourself A well-known Reincarnation Then at Prince - epileptic , then at Merchant - troublemaker , and then and Does Uneven on Party Observer . Asking Issues "Christ I or Antichrist ? " , " The idiot or A saint ? " , " I can Whether I Try on on Yourself these The role of or Will stay at Side ? " , Dancers together With Viewers Will take place way knowledge Yourself and In its own way Will decide Issues raised at Novel . This Staging - Idiosyncratic Homage Pine Bausch at her anniversary Year , reference to Spectators to the   "A cafe Müller , the manifesto Visual Theater . Girl from Tied Eyes , not To the source , where Will lead her Momentum , and young A man , helpfully Cleaning chairs from her Pathways - what can Brighter transfer to relations Nastasya Filippovna and Prince Myshkin ?   Using potential and    flexibility Dancers Modern Troupes Theater "Ballet Moscow " , and also Methodologies Theater Of modern Dance , Alexander Pepelyaeva Builds His The work So that viewer smog get not only Aesthetic pleasure from Beauty and Graphics Bodies , but and been through together from Dancers Micro catharsis Recognizing Yourself .

Hey-hey, do not pass by! Cafe "Idiot" is ready to open its doors for any visitor. And to glance at the friendly light of this cozy establishment, it is not necessary to be a big admirer of Dostoevsky!

You can not even reconcile the name and work of the great author. Just getting inside, do not be surprised when you swirl a whirlwind of extraordinary, "Dostoevsky", mystical events.

Here you can also look at the huge screen, watching the transformations, all the mysterious meaning of which emphasizes the unusual costumes of the dancers in the style of freak haute couture, and you can try to distinguish one Prince Myshkin from another, oh, maybe even from the third!

But will it be released when he was just Prince, but now he clearly resembles the rebel Rogozhin! And who is this girl? Maybe Nastasya Filippovna? But why are her eyes tied? However, if they were not tied up - she would still not see where her whims and follies lead. And the young man, fussily cleaning the chairs on her way, the new Myshkin ... How touching and sad ....

And how amazingly subtly conveys the absurdity and beauty of what is happening - the path of the fall, which, together with the dancers, the viewer also passes. How bright is the meaning, laid in one of the most difficult novels, in dance, turning into something incredibly close, voluminous and understandable in its sensuality.

So, the visual theater invites you to a dialogue. And only you can tell if he has succeeded in recreating the feelings and images that arise when we open the worn cover of an old book.


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