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Moscow State Musical Theater of Folklore "Russian Song"

Feedbacks from viewers
Valentina was 24 december on "For two hares"

Wonderful musical! A brilliant game of actors. Awesome voices. Pavel Derevyanko as Svirid Petrovich is great! A lot of humor, music, dancing warmed up the Christmas mood! I recommend to everyone!!!

Svetlana was 10 december on "Kashtanka"

Were with a child of 10 years, a very spectacular performance, rather a circus performance than a performance. Artists go to the hall, the children dance, many interesting ideas.

Aleksandr was 26 november on Red viburnum.

Excellent production, especially the musical part. Wonderful voices and wonderful choreography. The game of actors on top. I recommend to visit.

Svetlana was 06 april on Christmas Eve

April 4, 2016 my mother and I watched with great pleasure the folk-musical "The Night Before Christmas" at the "Russian Song" theater. Our enthusiasm can not be expressed in words. Bravo, bravo and once again bravo we speak not only to fine artists, singers and dancers. The scenery is so realistic that you forget about reality and are transferred to a winter village, then to the Winter Palace !!! We express our huge gratitude to the wonderful director - Nina Chusova for the interesting idea of ​​combining folk and modern music, different dance styles. The real discovery was for us an actor - Alexander Varnaev as Diak! He was inimitable !!! Our favorite actors are Fyodor Dobronravov and Sergei Astakhov, the singer Gleb Matveichuk and, of course, the artistic director of the Russian Song Theater Nadezhda Babkina played what is called "in one go!" !!! At the end of the show, the audience did not want to believe that it was over. With a long, prolonged applause, the actors were invited to the stage again and again! For several days we are under the impression of what we saw and heard! The mood is wonderful! Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the preparation and implementation of this grandiose project !!! We recommend that everyone see this performance!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Олимпийский пр-кт., 14
02 h 00 min



Tatyana Kravchenko
Olesya Zheleznyak
Vladimir Dolinsky
Dmitry Khrustalev
Marina Fedunkiv
Nadezhda Babkina
and artists of the theater "Russian Song"

The dilemma between feelings and calculation, love and material well-being is being tormented constantly - the problem of choice is familiar to everyone. How here not to lose and not lose everything? The main hero of the comedy "For Two Hares", a reveler and a spender, Svirid Petrovich Golohvastov, decided not to choose, but to get everything right away - to improve his financial situation by marrying Prona, an ugly young lady with a rich dowry, and having a romance with the beautiful Galya. What came of this? People say: "You will follow two hares - you will not catch a single one" ...

This hilarious story is known to the audience on the 1961 film of the same name with the inimitable Oleg Borisov in the title role. Comedy entered the Golden Fund of Soviet cinema, and it is now being revised and loved for a brilliant acting game, a cheerful and lively plot - for all time.

The production of Nina Chusova promises to become no less popular. A lot of sparkling humor, music, dances, favorite songs performed by favorite artists - the performance has all the chances to appear before the audience in the status of "theatrical hit"!


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