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Feedbacks from viewers
Anna was 10 april on Puppet show "Kolobok"

The play "Kolobok" - we liked very much! My daughter was delighted! Thanks to all who put the actors and actors for such a pleasant time escort! The next we are going to you at the "Teremok".

Anastasiya was 12 november on Grandma has arrived! (3 story about the hares Kapustiny

A cozy hall, a good play of actors. A positive story from family life. Performance with interactive elements, cute dolls. And - gifts to all at the end of the play!

Irina was 05 january on "New Year's song"

Thank you very much, I liked everything, the children took an active part in the game.Objazatelno come again. Good luck to the assorted club.

Evgeniya was 20 september on Some houses (The second story about the hares Kapustins)

My little niece liked it, we will come again

Tat`yana was 31 january on Puppet show "This little WORLD"

A charming puppet show for children with interactive elements, i.e. communication artists with the audience. A simple and understandable story for the children: the story of friendship between Muravishki and Caterpillar. I really liked the music, the sounds of nature, the sand show, against the background of which there is a performance, as well as beautiful scenery and light. There are a lot of kids at the show for 2-5 years, but it is nice to see the performance also for adults. Perhaps, the Assorted Club is the ideal place for the first acquaintance of your child with the magical world of the theater. I recommend to everyone.

Yulya was 22 march on Puppet show "This little WORLD"

I liked everything, only it seems to me that it was not very successful to distribute the antenna beads at the beginning of the performance, my child did not calm down until he blew off all the tips :-D because of this they missed the plot, although usually he looks open his mouth even on the game actors, not to mention dolls, the fewer distractions, the better, and in general, thank you for your work !: - D

Tat`yana was 31 january on Puppet show "About a bear cub and a snowy winter"

We really like this club, the guys are just fine fellows, every child is gifted with attention and participates in the process, went to Kolobok and Umka, my daughter really liked it while we are sick, but we will definitely come again once we get well !!!

Aleksandra was 17 january on Puppet show "About a bear cub and a snowy winter"

With pleasure visited the festive performance "New Year's song", the child is happy. EXCELLENT ORGANIZATION! The best Christmas trees for children 2,5 - 4 years have not seen. Thank you!

Uliya was 19 april on Puppet show "This little WORLD"

The music is excellent! But the performance itself is not dynamic for children of the age at which it is claimed. Too much reasoning, too little action. But in general, not bad.

Kostia Strimovskiy was 25 february on Puppet show "Teremok"

To the child 2 years 4 months, in full delight! Great performance.

Tat`yana was 25 january on Puppet show "Kolobok"

We really liked the performance, like the whole atmosphere of this club, we will definitely return soon. Special thanks to the actors-just fine fellows !!!

Elena was 17 january on Puppet show "Teremok"

Were with the child (3,5 years) 16.01.15 at the play. And I really liked the child (especially the bear). Small, cozy room. I advise you to go.

Larisa was 22 november on Puppet show "Kolobok"

Our kid really liked the performance of Kolobok, we'll come to you again!

Ol`ga was 10 january on Puppet show "Kolobok"

We came to the play in the Assorti Club the second time, because the very first trip to the Snowy Tale also very much. My daughter is 2 years old. 30 minutes she watched with interest the presentation, although I was afraid that she could not stand it for so long. Kolobok liked even me) With humor, fun, there is contact with the viewer, which is very important for young children. The children are involved in the performance: they kneaded the dough with the grandmother, helped the hare to remember where he lives and what he eats. Puppets at the end of the play could be seen and touched. We will come again!

Ol`ga was 22 november on Puppet show "Kolobok"

4 ! There is no photographer who would shoot and then sell the photo

Ekaterina was 28 september on Puppet show "Teremok"

Thank you for the performance. My two-year-old daughter really liked. She was very impressed. I scolded the bear for the fact that Teremok broke)))

Ichikalova was 12 october on Puppet show "Kolobok"

We really enjoyed! Interactive elements (dough, colobok), pleasant positive actors, the atmosphere in which the child feels comfortable (you can get up, walk, etc.). At the same time, organized, no chaos.

Viktoriya was 28 september on Puppet show "Teremok"

Everything was impeccable, pleasant actors, an interesting performance, received a positive charge, thank you very much!

Ol`ga was 12 april on Puppet show "Kolobok"

Very wonderful production, I really liked my daughter, even a fairy tale for the little ones, but it was very interesting for the 5-year-old child. Thank you so much!

Svetlana was 06 september on Puppet show "Teremok"

Thank you! We are very satisfied with the baby 1.9, she liked it!

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