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Albatros puppet theater

Feedbacks from viewers
Nadegda was 25 september on Who's in the boots?

We went on 24.09.17g with my daughter 2d 5 months. Liked. A performance specially adapted for children has been adapted and the format of the theater itself is very homely. In general, for the first acquaintance with the theater, that's it. Interactive is present, it's already for kids a little over from 3 years old, we just sat there watching, the other kids participated with pleasure. Little gigantic my little girl scared, but not very much - examined to the end. Daughters liked the horses and the princess. On Mom's look it would not be bad for the ballerina's suit to be updated, and especially the wig. Another young spectator liked the books in the foyer))

Marina was 06 september on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

I liked the performance very much! Homely, cozy atmosphere! Fun and interesting! Thank you! Daniel 5 years old and his dad ☺️

Elena was 25 january on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

A wonderful children's play. Very advisable. Children do not just look, but participate in the performance. The actors and the presenter are very emotional.

Kalashnikova was 15 march on One wolf, two hunters and three pigs

I really liked the performance - musical, lively and cheerful, children participate in the play, and I myself laughed a lot. I love this theater

Maksim was 29 june on Kolobok

The performance of Kolobok really liked me and my daughter. She sat without looking up. The performance is interactive, the children are pleased to participate, the actors are good fellows, played well and improvised ridiculously. Almost a classic story, and all the retreats fit well. None of the children cried, it was fun. Separately, I would like to note the very friendly staff of the theater, in the wardrobe my aunt helped to move clothes to the sofa, raised her shoes, the sincere care was very pleasant.

Nadia was 25 june on Who's in the boots?

At the weekend, visited the play "Who's in Boots?" Theater "Albatross" with two girls 4 years old. The play takes about an hour, without intermission. First, not the most important thing, but nevertheless it's nice that I want to note - moving to a new building (across the street from the "Partizanskaya" metro station), the entire second floor of which is occupied by the theater. A small buffet, a cozy foyer where you can drink juice or coffee in anticipation of the play, where the kids can paint and paint (coloring pencils - in the assortment on the tables), a large spacious hall - true, the first rows without a lift, but the administrator is very helpful in arranging everything As comfortable as possible, so that everything could be clearly seen and, as a rule, the first rows and places in the center are assigned to the children, the parents sit next to them or slightly to the side so as not to obstruct the view. The second is dolls. Very beautiful, bright. In our performance there was a beautiful princess, a king, a poor son - an heir to the miller, an unfortunate earl from the king's suite, horses and, of course, a clever cat. The role of the giant and fairy fairy, on whose behalf the narrative goes, is performed by equally fine actors. The third is the plot. Quite close to the story, but some moments are "accelerated" - to adapt the performance to the timekeeping for the kids and leave a place for the interactive, which the little audience always perceives "with a bang!". Children amused themselves by helping the fairies "conjure" boots for a cat, depicting forest-meadows and the like. A great addition and pleasant nuance for parents' hearing is Mozart's music, which accompanies certain moments of the plot. The fourth is a very welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Summary - children really liked it, me too; We will return to this theater more than once (the next performance in the plans is planned "Princess on the pea" :)).

Elizaveta was 03 may on Let's play in the theater?

The performance is designed for toddlers 3-4 years. At the beginning, the artists use the guys in the dialogue, not forgetting to connect their parents. And then the puppet show begins. Dolls are quite ordinary, but they do not need another one. The performance of the children takes place in Ur. My son really enjoyed it. Children sit in the forefront alone, parents away. But you can put the child and kneel in the row in the second, third. Seating is free. The only negative - the price of 600 rubles - for any age. Those. Together with the child comes out 1200.

Ol`ga was 14 february on Kolobok

I really liked the performance of Kolobok in the Albatross Theater. All children and even adults were involved in the performance of the play. The children were delighted !!! Thanks to all the artists of the theater for their excellent work.

Nastya was 21 september on Who's in the boots?

Went with the child (3 years) for the first time to the play. I really enjoyed both the child and me. Despite his small age, he looked attentively, only at the end of the show it became apparent that he was a little tired and began to lose interest. The plot of the performance is classic by Charles Perot's "Cat in Boots," with a cute children's humor. Dolls are beautiful and very pleasant. Wonderful music, you can involuntarily feel a thrill in your soul. A good play of actors and interaction with children throughout the whole action, which allowed them to keep their attention and even to warm up a little. Particularly liked that the hall is small and very comfortable, the children sit in the forefront, and behind them are the parents. A huge thanks to the staff of the Albatros Theater for the wonderfully spent time.

Alisa was 25 june on Who's in the boots?

Wonderful home theater "Albatross"! Love for children, high professionalism, artistic taste, beautiful music, sincere actors, beautiful dolls and scenery. The play "Who's in Boots?" On a classical plot, with active participation of spectators - in my opinion, one of the best productions of this theater.

Irina was 04 october on Who's in the boots?

A wonderful children's play! Children (10 years and 4 years) really liked, followed and participated, laughed and clapped! Thank you, we will definitely come to see another performance!

Anna was 08 june on Bear and girl

Thank you for the wonderful performance, my daughter is very pleased. I am grateful to the theater staff for not refusing to play the play for just three young spectators!

Elena was 19 june on Who's in the boots?

A wonderful performance. We will definitely come to you again.

Irina was 13 june on Who's in the boots?

I really liked the performance and my daughter (3,4 years). I really liked the music, the music was matched perfectly. The daughter liked the ballerina and her game is "one, two and ready."

Svetlana was 25 june on Who's in the boots?

Puppet show for children lasting 40 minutes. A good idea for children's understanding. The scenery is interesting. I think the child liked it.

Evgeniya was 09 may on Kolobok

Thank you! A truly interactive performance! Very dynamic and fun

Ol`ga was 19 april on Who's in the boots?

The play is very colorful, children are attracted to participate, very dynamic, tired children did not have time! The theater itself, despite its small size and some homeliness left a very warm and cozy impression, thank you to the staff!

Irina was 03 may on Bear and girl

Good day, we really liked, the children are happy, we would like to visit your theater more often, most importantly, I personally liked the presenter, who has very much children, all the actors are benevolent, it's good that children and adults take part in the production, super

Irina was 25 june on Who's in the boots?

Cozy puppet theater. I liked the performance !!!

Uliya was 08 february on Let's play in the theater?

A good idea for children after 3 years. They were having fun and actively worried about the heroes. Those who are younger, there is nothing to do.

Nataliya was 22 february on Kolobok

The child is delighted. The lady at the box office was very unkind. Thank you!

Julia was 23 february on Kolobok

Thanks for the live performance

Tat`yana was 23 february on Kolobok

I liked the performance very much!

Oksana was 18 june on Let's play in the theater?

I liked the presentation very much. For the first time we visited this theater with a child when he was 3 years old. The child was delighted. Minus in the remoteness of the theater from the center - we traveled almost 2 and a half hours from the South of Moscow.

Lada was 15 february on Bear and girl

Great performance. I liked the child very much (4 years). Adults also had fun! Mishka is incomparable :-)

Tat`yana was 09 february on Let's play in the theater?

The 4th time you attended your theater. Very pleased with the play "Let's play ...", like everyone else! Delight from live communication with viewers, interesting for children and parents! Successes to actors and prosperity to the theater Daughter stubbornly calls your theater "Where does Kolobok live" :)))

Oksana was 18 january on Kolobok

Great work! Children are delighted! We will definitely come again!

Irina was 29 november on Kolobok

We really liked the show! Many thanks! We will come again

Elena was 30 november on Bear and girl

Thanks to the actors and the leader for a good performance.

Marina was 12 december on Who's in the boots?

A tremendous performance, we were very pleased with the daughter, the dolls are beautiful, live performance, children are also involved in the play. You will not regret if you go, I strongly advise.

Ekaterina was 28 june on Kolobok

Children really liked it, a small hall, a pleasant atmosphere, an ideal work for children 2-4 years old

Svetlana was 20 october on Kind Ivan

I liked everything very much. We very much like our Albatross.

Gul`nara was 04 november on Who's in the boots?

Our favorite puppet theater and art director Vladimir Karpovich! Each play is a small celebration and a great love for children!

Arina was 01 december on Bear and girl

I liked the performance !!! Thank you very much!!!!

Mariya was 16 november on Bear and girl

Hello. Thanks to the actors for the wonderful game in the play "The Bear and the Girl". I liked dozens and moms. Everything is very harmonious. Maria.

Petr was 23 november on Kind Ivan

My daughter and I are delighted with the performance

Uliya was 03 november on Let's play in the theater?

From your event "Let's play in the theater?" Was delighted not only our 4-year-old kid, but we are parents. For the time of the play, I myself fell into the world of childhood. The best confirmation that the performance was good is the enthusiasm of the screams and laughter of the kids in the hall.)) It was very pleased that your performance is being conducted in a dialogue with the kids in the hall.

Marina was 16 november on Bear and girl

A good performance for children 3-5 years old. Thank you

Ol`ga was 24 november on Kolobok

Thank you! Kolobok liked it very much, but considering the young age of my daughter 1.8, she did not have enough music and dances) She probably still very small and can not sit for long in one place) but in general the theater liked the fairy tale, we already recommended to our friends)

Anna was 20 december on Kolobok

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance! I liked my daughter and mother very much.

Elena was 05 june on Kolobok

Beautiful performance. Friendly atmosphere. It was interesting to us and the child. To daughter 2-9 months. She watched with interest from beginning to end.

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