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Elena was 07 january on ANNA KARENINA

Loved the musical. Beautiful voices and staging. I love the Operetta Theater for their scenery, selection of voices and works. The addition of modern sound increases the influx of young people in theaters. Anna Karenina looks at one breath. Even a pity that ended so quickly. I would listen and listen. Great in general.

Tamara was 29 october on Mowgli

In my opinion, the event at C grade. I was expecting more ... Especially after a lot of rave reviews. There is nothing worse when artists are bored on stage and they are fed up with their roles. On the machine perform dances and arias. The daughter of 4 years said that she liked it because she had been waiting for this trip to the theater for several weeks, but the whole show was spinning, distracted ... At the musical in the Todes Theater her gaze could not be torn off the stage. The killing of a wolf mother at the end of the performance did not add positive emotions ... Dances of the same type and therefore seem prolonged. I also didn’t like costumes .... I still can’t understand why wolves are in green, and the old not very slender cobra couldn’t choose a dress to fit, so that her body she doesn’t own would not be folded off ... I do not recommend to view the kids. They do not understand. It seems to me that even older children are not interested ..

Uliya was 29 october on Mowgli

Wonderful performance. Recommended - get a lot of positive impressions! Bright, musical, exciting! Were with children 9 years old, the children vied with each other, who they liked more))) Thank you very much to the creators of the performance and wonderful artists!

Ludmila was 25 january on Monte Cristo

It was the first time on the musical. Stunning game, magic scenery, stunning costumes, all very much. I am happy with the musical, I will definitely come again to my favorite theater.

Olesya was 24 january on Monte Cristo

went the fourth time (the first three-five years ago). The musical is amazing! This is the best musical I've seen. Music, voices, game, plot, costumes, scenery, at the highest level. True, this time the dance troupe is not so synchronous in the first act, to be honest, but it's all the same-bravo!

Elena was 08 june on Monte Cristo

A wonderful, memorable musical, which you can go to more than once. Beautiful music, well chosen actor's composition with strong colorful voices, original scenery and bright costumes. But do not expect an exact match with the artistic work of Dumas. The musical is good in itself.

Valeriy was 25 january on Monte Cristo

Excellent production, talented artists - come and enjoy!

Sergey was 08 june on Monte Cristo

The performance is wonderful! Everything is at the highest level: actors, voices, staging, scenography, light, scenery.

Anna was 08 june on Monte Cristo

This is the best musical for me and my family. We just adore him! We know all the songs by heart! We went several times and with pleasure we will go! The actor's play and their voices are simply divine!

Visitor was 06 june on Monte Cristo

Terrific! :) I'm on the musical for the second time (first in 2009), and my niece is the first. Both are enthusiastic, but I want to note that Gleb Matveichuk in the role of Fernand is much more effective. Out of the hall came out all in tears, so penetrating arias. Thank you.

Evgenia was 18 may on Monte Cristo

Full of delight! A wonderful play from and to!

Ol`ga was 17 may on Monte Cristo

Great performance! I liked it very much!

Natal`ya was 16 may on Monte Cristo

We went with the child for 10 years. We really liked the performance, the scenery was certainly not impressed! We sat not very comfortable on the side and there is nowhere to put our legs between the rows!

Elena was 16 may on Monte Cristo

The performance of 1900 is simply stunning! Oleg Menshikov is a brilliant actor! Thank you very much!

Mihail was 18 may on Monte Cristo

Thank you! Everything is excellent and magnificent!

Igor` was 18 may on Monte Cristo

Thank you. Good production!

Marina was 06 april on Monte Cristo

An excellent musical: an intricate storyline, beautiful songs, I recommend to attend this event.

Elena was 06 april on Monte Cristo

Many thanks for the great performance !!! Monte Cristo and the Earl of Orlov - it's super.

Yulia was 05 april on Monte Cristo

The musical is absolutely stunning! Unparalleled Fernand, Bernadeto and Mercedes! One minus is very stuffy in the hall ...

Svetlana was 05 april on Monte Cristo

Thank you very much! The musical was simply excellent. Very good music, very beautiful voices, Balalaev, Lanskaya and Rulla especially liked!

Uliya was 02 march on Monte Cristo

I am very glad to restore this musical. since before that he was not able to see, although many recommended. And in the first block of the restored performance I went to Moscow (I live in Tver). Very pleased! This is one of the best productions I've seen before! Songs from the musical are still spinning in my head. Who did not see, I advise you to go, until it was completely closed down!

Elena was 01 march on Monte Cristo

Hello! On the musical "Monte Cristo" was the first time, unlike Count Orlov, which was 4 times. I liked the game and the voices of the actors, especially my beloved I. Balalaev. But the scenery in comparison with "Orlov" is clearly losing, and the costumes too (If you do not compare with Orlov, it's just great)))

Ekaterina was 02 march on Monte Cristo

For the first time I got to this musical only in the last season of his production at the theater, and managed to see it 2 more times before closing. Since then, I've been waiting and hoping that Monte Cristo will return to the stage - I was so impressed with the staging, playing, singing - everything is very sincere and sincere. From what I saw (and this is a lot), Monte Cristo - the best musical! What was my happiness when I learned about the jubilee performances this year! April 5 again I go to look and experience with the heroes of Monte Cristo!

Elena was 28 february on Monte Cristo

Were on February 28, 2014 with friends. The evening passed like one wonderful moment. actors are not imitated. And what kind of voices ..... Many thanks for the great performance.

Vera was 01 march on Monte Cristo

Above all praises

Margarita was 01 march on Monte Cristo

Very pleased!

Elena was 26 january on Monte Cristo

I went to this musical 3 times. I was with my mother, my husband, my daughter. Everyone was pleased. Every time I discovered something new. Lanskaya, Makeyeva, Shilovskaya -sigarnno sing! Music and performance takes care of the soul. And from the last duet of Mercedes and Edmond, tears come on. Costumes, scenery are unusually beautiful. I advise everyone to see. Get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Visitor was 25 january on Monte Cristo

Wonderful musical "Monte Cristo"! The actors play at the highest level! The Opera Theater is very grateful for the organization of the event!

Liliya was 26 january on Monte Cristo

A wonderful production! The actors play is amazing. I watched the musical in one breath, sometimes I had to play it. The lyrics of the songs were touched to the core of their hearts. Neither do I regret the time spent, because has received a tremendous pleasure and a sea of ​​impressions. THANK YOU!

Alexandra was 25 january on Monte Cristo

They left after the intermission. Not very much. Earl Orlov better. The main character without charisma (

Alla was 26 january on Monte Cristo

Were at the play on January 25. I'm still impressed! Wonderful performance! The most modern setting with the use of computer technology, laser, moving platforms, which turn into beautiful ships with white sails. then in the prison prison, then in the walls of the beautiful ballroom ... Admiration is caused by the play of the artists, their voices are made to tremble and empathize with the action that is taking place. I envy those who see this for the first time! And we ... took tickets to another wonderful musical "Moscow Operetta" - "Count of the Eagles"! In anticipation of the holiday. :-)

Gorova Polina Sergeevna was 26 january on Monte Cristo

Unreal representation! Thanks to the whole troupe, which has played so much, has fully and completely got to the fingertips in its roles and showed just the upper class. So spiritual that at the end of the play I wanted to go back there and relive it all over again. Just a storm of emotions, impressions go off scale! The atmosphere pierced through, you yourself were part of this great musical, Dumas's stunning works, the roles were for every spectator in the depths of his soul, it was clear and clear to everyone gathered there! A low bow and thank you for a wonderful evening on 01/25/2014!

Radik Tatlyguzhin was 24 january on Monte Cristo

Awesome action. We really enjoyed. The organization and play of actors are on top.

Aleksey was 26 january on Monte Cristo

The musical impressed with its lyrics, much, especially after the intermission struck, the actions were dynamic, remembered for a long time, for which thanks to the actors of the Operetta and the director of the musical!

Dar`ya was 01 jule on Monte Cristo

Beautiful setting! I went 2 times, once myself, the second with my mother, she also really liked it. I read the book at school, after reading it again, I read it again, even looked with great pleasure !!! It's not possible to break away from the actors' play, listen to every word, bewitches ... !! THANKS to everyone who participates in creating a musical!

Viktoriya was 01 jule on Monte Cristo

The most dynamic, the most unexpected and brightest musical that was staged in Moscow !!! The stunning music of Roman Ignatiev and the touching lyrics of Julia Kim, combined with the magnificent performance and play of the Russian musical stars, unbelievably convey the story of Alexandre Dumas. Wonderful costumes and gorgeous costumes carry the viewer, then to the small port of Marseilles, then into the atmosphere of the richly decorated castle of the Earl. A brilliant and beloved performance, which was so lacking, and that comes back! Many thanks!!!

Uliya was 01 jule on Monte Cristo

I went to a musical with my husband, who in principle does not like theater and went exclusively for my sake. I even liked him !!! It's been a long time already, and the tunes from Monte Cristo are still spinning in my head. Scenery, music, plot, drama - for all the hard five! I advise everyone, the musical justifies its value. Now I'm buying tickets for my family as a gift!

Oksana was 12 april on ANNA KARENINA

We saw the musical together with her husband and daughter on 10/04/2018. In general, the impressions are very good. Beautiful voices, a professional approach to the production, clearly, cohesively. Volumetric projections as scenery.

Natal`ya was 12 march on ANNA KARENINA

We liked the play. music, production, everything was successfully connected!

Ol`ga was 12 february on Cinderella

We watched the performance of the four of February 10, 2018 - I, my daughter and granddaughters 3 and 5 years. Everyone liked the performance. Children especially liked the fact that the actors passed through the aisle, greeted the children, shook hands with them. A little bit hard had our three-year-old girl, as the play for her long The first act looked, not breaking away, but on the second it was already spinning and capricious. As for the eldest, she wanted to go to the play since last season, but it did not work out. Therefore, as soon as the play was resumed, we immediately came to see him. I advise children from 5 years. Thank you.

Elena was 08 february on ANNA KARENINA

A wonderful performance, received a lot of fun. V. Lanskaya, N. Bystrova, D. Ermak are good and very talented artists

Valentina was 29 january on ANNA KARENINA

The performance is gorgeous! Costumes, scenery, dances, voices. Only so it is necessary to present classics! A real Russian theater for which not ashamed. You feel a sense of pride. Gusev is gorgeous. I believe that everyone should see this. Very big work.

Nikolay was 15 january on Grand cancan

Were with friends on the show on January 06. I liked it very much. enjoyed all the two offices.

Eduard was 13 january on Free wind of dreams

A wonderful performance. Positive emotions are a good mood. BRIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Aleksandr was 30 november on Mr. X

Great production! Very colorful! Be sure to go for a charge of excellent mood.

Ludmila was 20 november on ANNA KARENINA

I liked the musical very much, I recommend

Irina was 26 april on Free wind of dreams

Wonderful performance. Magnificent voices. Good, good songs from old movies. Only positive emotions remained. Bravo !!!!

Evgeniya was 11 february on Free wind of dreams

Beautiful production! Bright, light, colorful, beautiful voices and plastic of young actors, talent and experience of the older generation, beautiful scenery, accompaniment of black and white frames from old films, and most importantly - light, such favorite music of the genius Isaac Dunaevsky - all this will provide an unforgettable evening! Thanks to the theater, you are as always on top! I highly recommend it to all generations!

Evgeniya was 22 february on Free wind of dreams

A stunning performance! Bright, musical, both modern and nostalgic. Everyone who has memories connected with the USSR (even children's like me) - always look!

Irina was 10 december on Ball in the "Savoy"

A stunning production! The amazing beauty of costumes, musical spore, dancing! I liked it very much, would visit again!

Anna was 04 december on Ball in the "Savoy"

The performance would be stunning! The costumes of the actors were amazing. Colorful and exciting! Under the impression were 2 days!

Svetlana was 10 december on Ball in the "Savoy"

Great Shmyga rights. The operetta genre will never "die". Because it's a wonderful holiday. The best rest from modern problems.

Ol`ga was 22 august on Ball in the "Savoy"

A beautiful setting, creates a cheerful mood

Evgeniya was 22 august on Ball in the "Savoy"

Simply delight! Thank you

Tat`yana was 22 august on Ball in the "Savoy"

I liked it very much! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 22 august on Ball in the "Savoy"

Was at the play 22.08.14. Has received a lot of positive emotions, wonderful performance! Thank you!

Elena was 03 june on Ball in the "Savoy"

A tremendous performance, a fan of the Broadway musical, very colorful and bright, I advise everyone!

Marina was 26 march on Ball in the "Savoy"

Very bright and festive performance! Transmits the atmosphere of carnival, energizes. Music, dancing, singing - it's all so harmonious that I got real pleasure. A real find is a step. Simply masterly! Gorgeous actors, chic costumes ... It all seems to move you at another time.

Irina was 13 february on Ball in the "Savoy"

Fine singing, but very tight and simple.

Ol`ga was 13 february on Ball in the "Savoy"

The performance is excellent, it looks the same. Actors. Production. Scenery at the highest level

Tat`yana was 16 january on Ball in the "Savoy"

Was on the operetta "Ball in the" Savoy "16.01.2014g.Prekrasny, bright, very colorful performance.Great music, good voices and dances.The feeling of holiday and splendor did not leave the next day.

Ludmila was 13 february on Ball in the "Savoy"

A great stucco spectacle. Greatly cheers up.

Elena was 08 january on Ball in the "Savoy"

I liked it very much !!! Colorful, bright and dynamic production.

Tat`yana was 08 january on Ball in the "Savoy"

Operetta is amazing, costumes, scenery, amazing voices !!!! The hall requires repair and replacement of seats!

Vera was 08 january on Ball in the "Savoy"

A tremendous sight! Thank you so much! Faith Sent from my HTC

Nataliya was 27 november on Ball in the "Savoy"

Thank you so much! I liked it very much. Very convenient organization for the purchase of electronic tickets.

Andrey was 10 october on Ball in the "Savoy"

I liked it very much

Nina was 24 march on Caesar and Cleopatra

Musical Caesar and Cleopatra really liked! Gerard Vasiliev is incomparable, real Caesar. Thanks to all artists for the pleasure!

Ol`ga was 15 january on Violet of Montmartre

January 15, 2016 were at the presentation, a very warm and wonderful impression, beautiful voices, scenery, I recommend. Tickets take better in the center opposite the stage.

Marina was 26 april on Fanfan-Tulip

Fun, bright, fervent, young! A performance-vaudeville, designed for teenagers - with a farce in the theater of operetta is not rare bust. While the performance is not designed for young children who are full in the hall, I would advise, all the same, to lead children from 12-14 years old, there are a lot of frivolous scenes. Young actors are very pleased - they sing well, play with pleasure!

Valeriya was 03 june on Violet of Montmartre

We went on June 3, 2015 to the operetta of Viale Montmartre. I still listened to this operetta on the record as a child, and for me it was a kind of return to childhood for such beloved and native songs. The declarations are amazing, the atmosphere is recreated flawlessly, as if you are transported to the night Paris of past years. The only thing that seemed strange to me was the change in the lyrics, for example the famous "Carambolina" which once was brilliantly sung by Tatiana Shmyga has now received a new text of the couplets, and, in my opinion, much worse than before. The main actresses on the stage are measured by voices, forgetting sometimes about the viewer who came here to watch and listen to the story, therefore not all the nuances can be disassembled and understood. But summing up the grand total, I would say that the operetta is worthy, especially if you hear it for the first time and you have no temptation to compare.

Angelika was 01 april on Cinderella

Today I was with my daughter on a musical, I liked very, very much. She was 5.5 years old, she watched the performance without blinking. The hall was full, there were many children. Beautiful voices and costumes. Time passed quickly, we did not even notice, that's how we liked everything! Thank you!

Valeriya was 26 april on Fanfan-Tulip

VERY liked the performance! Bright, colorful, with a soul, beautiful music and sparkling humor) Actors laid out in full, this energy filled the hall. Thank you all !!!! A wonderful conductor who, by the way, participates in the presentation the next time we will bring flowers)

Uliya was 03 january on Fanfan-Tulip

Made a gift to my mother on NG-visited the operetta "fanfan-tulip." The presentation was pleasant, the voices are beautiful, fun and ironic. Minus, very stuffy in the hall !!

Evgeniya was 02 november on Caesar and Cleopatra

Great production! Valeria Lanskaya is simply a miracle! Cleopatra in her performance and touching as a child and capricious to cruelty. Vasiliev, in spite of his mature age, is magnificent! The voice is just amazing. Thank you so much for staging! The decoration of the sphinx is very interesting, the first time I see a similar transformer, which forms on one side a wall, with another staircase, with a third sphinx :)

Evgeniy was 03 january on Fanfan-Tulip

There is no interesting music, in places banal vulgarity. The game is post-run on the fact that the actors portray themselves as mentally retarded. Humor "below the belt." They left after the first action.

Aleksey was 26 april on Fanfan-Tulip

January 3, 2014 as a "New Year" event-performances were with girls 8 and 14 years old on the operetta "Fanfan-Tulip." All liked it. They remembered how the first time they went to the operetta in Odessa in 2012 (the Odessa musical comedy theater) - "The Bat". I like this genre when a "live" orchestra is playing, and I also like the combination of beautiful vocals and beautiful dances.

Natal`ya was 30 november on Cinderella

Remarkably actors and magnificent costumes played. Thanks to all the staff of the Moscow Operetta Theater !.

Dar`ya was 26 april on Fanfan-Tulip

We watched with my husband (not the biggest fan of the theater), were both delighted in both, brightly, spectacularly, massively ... I adore this theater, I highly recommend

Svetlana was 27 march on Caesar and Cleopatra

I liked it very much. Lanskaya suddenly opened. Thank you

Ruzanna was 10 may on Fanfan-Tulip

Excellent!!!! Bravo!!!!

Marina was 30 april on Fanfan-Tulip

Great performance! Got a lot of fun! After the presentation, there was a feeling of celebration. Of the characters most impressed by the frivolous princess and her charming song, as well as the captain!

Ludmila was 02 may on Cinderella

Wonderful performance, enjoyed

Ol`ga was 28 march on Fanfan-Tulip

Very beautiful music, scenery, the best actress sang with the role of Tsiganka Adeline. However, the theater should create another toilet for women, since in the existing permanent line - for 10 minutes minimum.

Evgeniy was 14 february on Fanfan-Tulip

Thank you, I liked it very much!

Natal`ya was 14 february on Fanfan-Tulip

Thank you so much! Everything was amazing!

Valeriya was 14 february on Fanfan-Tulip

In the theater of the operetta there can not be any bad performances! There are wonderful actors, decorators, costumes, lighters and orchestra! I love musicals, so my friends advised me to go to "Fanfan-tulip". This is a real positive charge, you will like it!

Natal`ya was 19 january on Fanfan-Tulip

Many thanks to the staff of the Operetta Theater for the pleasure. A low bow to all veterans of the stage and young actors! A wonderful musical. Bravo!

Evgeniya was 18 january on Cinderella

The show is cheerful, colorful, the music is quite on the level, the artists are dancing beautifully, they are giving out - they liked both adults and children !!!

Elena was 19 january on Fanfan-Tulip

I and my family had a very pleasant time. Thank you !!!

Kseniya was 18 january on Cinderella

I liked it very much. Both children and adults. The Magnificent Prince!

Tat`yana was 04 january on Cinderella

4yvarya with her husband and daughter 10 years saw the wonderful performance of Cinderella. The atmosphere of the Operetta Theater pleased, the music was magical, the actors sang and danced gorgeously. The daughter really liked the good King, little Wizard and Zolushkina daughter. And I was pleased to consider stage dresses and costumes, bravo costume designer! We sat in the mezzanine on the second row, can be seen and heard perfectly, only the knees a little rested .. Thank you very much for a good family holiday! Be sure to go with your husband to Count Orlova

Visitor was 19 january on Fanfan-Tulip

Very grateful for a wonderful evening. THANKS !!!

Natal`ya was 11 january on Cinderella

On the "Cinderella" already 2 times. In full delight: the actors' play, costumes, scenery. And "Before your beauty ..." in the performance of the Prince still sounds in my head! I like it very much when the actors run through the hall-this brings them so close to the audience, such a small but important "highlight" in my opinion. Even during the intermission, no one was bored. The organization of entertainment at the Christmas tree is just wonderful! In general, I love this theater, 25 we go to "Monte Cristo" Thank you all! With HI. Natalia

Oksana was 12 january on Caesar and Cleopatra

Particularly shocked by legionaries, the dance of ballerinas. Unless not in tights.

Dmitriy was 04 january on Cinderella

A wonderful musical!

Ol`ga was 30 november on Cinderella

Thank you very much for the fabulous performance! Very beautiful! I'm not a child anymore, but I got a lot of fun!

Tat`yana was 30 november on Cinderella

Hello! We are very impressed with the way it is now simple and convenient to buy tickets to theaters! Thank you for the wonderful moments spent in the theater. We will be happy to visit your theater yet.

Yaroslav was 12 october on Cinderella

I liked the musical very much. A nice fairy tale that gives a good mood

Uliya was 26 april on Fanfan-Tulip

I really liked this operetta! Cheerful, laid-back, everything that they sing is understandable) It is worth to go and reduce children!