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We watched this performance in January. Highly recommend! He is especially good in the big Svetlanov Hall of the House of Music. Amazing energy! It is incredibly cool to look at handsome famous male actors, listen to poems about their most intimate experiences and fly away into space from the dizzying music of Alexei Aigi!


We watched the performance on 10/13/19 really liked the actors' play, laughed to tears, 2h.20min., Flew in the same breath. Marat Basharov, as always, is at his best, I adore him, actors Muhamadeev Dmitry and Purchinsky Andrey are no less talented, the guys played excellently. Marat (Sergey Sergeyevich - barin), mocks at midnight, doesn’t know what to do, he is mocked at the servant, at the end of the performance he seems to have fallen asleep, but not for long. The impression after watching went off scale while driving home, expressed quotes from the play and laughed for a long time. I advise everyone to see a fun, positive staging and a great play of actors.


Sumptuously!!! A real game of real actors! The actress in the role of Aunt Vary is incomparable !!! I urge everyone to actively participate in the struggle to preserve the FEST theater in Mytishchi. Often we visit the famous theaters of Moscow, so it feels like famous actors work out in a hurry and ran on for the money.

Prygunova Mariya Aleksandrovna

gorgeous wedding Performance really liked! When I went to the play, I thought that there would be a lot of “jokes below the waist.” But everything was within the bounds of decency :)) the jokes were really funny, and if you add to them an excellent play of the actors, then a cheerful mood and a pleasant impression of the performance are guaranteed !! I recommend !!


They have long wanted to get into the Yermolova Theater. It so happened that for the first time they were in this theater at the play "Mr. Servant." Until today, they left the play during the intermission only once. Today was the second time. The flat, primitive humor, the disgusting play of the actors and the boring staging did their job. Before that, I went to farce and grotesque several times to other theaters (for example, at the Nations), and everything was great. But here is just some kind of nightmare! I really hope that other performances in the Yermolova Theater are on the level, but I do not recommend this to anyone.


Redroom First discovered the Event Theater. This is truly an EVENT! Neither the downpour, nor the last row did not overshadow my mood and impression. Redroom-performance about mental anguish after death. The actors gave everything 100%, but sometimes, too quickly pronounced the text did not keep up with his loss and it was like amateur performance. Words should not be memorized, they should be lived on stage, then you believe them unconditionally. And still, I’ll be back here.


From love to hate - one intermission! Love ... And what is it for you - a gift or rock? You can ponder this while listening to the opera Lucia di Lammermoor at the New Opera Theater in Moscow named after E.V. Kolobova. On the one hand, love is a gift. She makes you better, inspires, paints the world around in joyful tones, gives motivation. Young lovers from long-warring families, Lucia di Lammermoor and Edgaro Ravenswood are tender to each other, make joint plans and believe that their love will destroy all obstacles. But at the same time, falling in love is a test. It does not last long and may change over time into jealousy - the antithesis of love. Jealousy makes suspicious, incredulous, corrodes inside. So the intrigues around the “Juliet” by Lucia and “Romeo” by Edgaro gradually modify them and love. A series of tragic events unfolds that evening in front of the audience. On the stage of the New Opera there is a transformation of the feelings of the main characters. “Why did it all turn out like this ?,” the viewer wonders, “it all started so well” ... But there is a palette of feelings and emotions for that. The main characters for hatred comes for love, for joy comes sadness. Here you, as a spectator, rejoice for the lovers, but you already despise them for words and deeds ... Everyone's feelings and emotions are changing. Only one thing is invariable: beautiful voices of Boris Statsenko, Irina Bozhenko, Alexey Tatarintsev and other artists; enchanting Italian language; well-coordinated work of conductor Dmitry Volosnikov, and his team; beautiful costumes in red and gold tones; scenery that reproduces the life of the 16th century in Scotland. All these details complement the image of a wonderful musical evening in company with the New Opera Theater.


Great performance! Both children and adults were thrilled! I highly advise everyone to cheer up.


Awesome, deep performance. Incredible actors and atmosphere. The performance is not easy, but NECESSARILY for viewing! Viktyuk, BRAVO!


We went to the play with the children, enjoyed the acting, it is difficult to distinguish someone from the cast. Each actor would like to say thanks for the excellent stage play: Dmitry Dyuzhev, Yana Gladkikh, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Natalia Egorova, Nina Gulyaeva, Dmitry Nazarov, Vladimir Timofeev, Pavel Levkin, Eduard Chekmazov, Elena Lemeshko, Alena Khovanskaya, Dmitry. A low bow to the director, Marina Brusnikina, for an interesting interpretation of the novel. The guys watched the whole performance in one breath. Who was not, go for sure!


A good performance, the actors play great, a lot of music. It seems that I was in that era ... This wonderful production is worth a look.


The Nameless Star is a lyrical love story, with an unexpected and vital ending. Great Performance! Cheerful, touching, kind, deep and sincere. Excellent acting, so simple and so accurate! Time flew by! Bravo! With the premiere!


ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE NEW OPERA. It is probably difficult to name a work more popular in the theatrical environment than Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. An incredible number and variety of performances, operas, ballets, musicals ... The higher the requirements for each new production. We are leaving for the Moscow Novaya Opera Theater to enjoy the immortal tragedy. They put her in the theater in 2014. The director, the author of the scenery, costumes and light was Arno Bernard. And he coped with all these tasks perfectly. It is not easy at the opera to keep the viewer's attention constantly for three and a half hours of action (with two intermissions), but not only did nobody leave, but the artists did not let go, thanks to their enthusiastic applause. The action captures from the first second. The curtain opens and a lot of people in red and black suits run out onto the stage. Some of them are Capulet, others are Montecchi. In the swiftness of movements and the mass of scenes, such a conditional division of autumn helps the viewer to navigate well and, besides Togo, creates a very bright and beautiful visual picture. I would like to pay tribute to the artists of the theater choir - they were completely organic and artistically performed their roles, while not ceasing to please us with great vocals. Special fidelity and liveliness to all mass scenes was given by fencers invited from Theater V. I note that among them were girls. Their dedication and furious excitement set the tone for the whole production. But, opera is, first of all, vocals. And the sincere applause of Maria Buinosova as Juliet. The role is always difficult, since the beauty of the Capulet family is a girl of 14 years old. Her emotions, reactions, feelings should correspond to this image. At the same time complex and large vocal parts. A difficult task, but the artist brilliantly dealt with it. Romeo performed by Alexei Tatarintsev. Good luck too. Vocals, gestures, emotions, stage movement - everything fits perfectly into the image. The magnificent decoration of the opera - a small but bright diamond - is a part of the Stefano delight, performed with splendor by Anna Sinitsyna. Upscale performance and organicity in the image should be noted among all artists. And again, applause to the choir. This time - he is a beautiful and aesthetic, and vocal decoration of the opera. The action is generally very bright, I would say, picture-effective. These red velvet outfits are amazing. And the scene, absolutely incredible in beauty, is the failed wedding of Paris and Juliet. Every moment of this scene is a real picture, so everything in it is harmonious and beautiful in color and light. The magnificent voices of the soloists and the choir also corresponded to the music performed by the Novaya Opera Orchestra of the Moscow Theater, conducted by Andrei Lebedev that evening. It is impossible not to note that music performed on the organ was also sounded in the theater. Thanks to Julia Bankova and Svetlana Radugina. An organ is always a little more than a sound - it is a separate magic. And in the opera, he amazingly helped create an atmosphere of authenticity. Thanks to the theater for a wonderful evening.


It so happened that I had never been to the Gorky Moscow Art Theater. I heard different things about this theater, unfortunately, more often something is not very good. I decided to go on reconnaissance and see everything with my own eyes. I did not expect much from this performance. My viewer and reader experience suggested that “The Master and Margarita” is unlikely to be completely traditional (until the smell of naphthalene in the buffet). At the same time, a steep, boisterous avant-garde was also unlikely. Therefore, morally, I prepared for the fact that they could show me anything. And I was ready to accept it! But it turned out that I somewhat overestimated my capabilities. Alas, it did not work out to accept this performance. Unfortunately, I can’t even say that I have a double impression. It is purely negative. This applies to everything: both the production and the play of actors. The first - a mixture of pop, in the worst sense of the word, and a children's matinee - I was very surprised and disappointed. I had a very high opinion of the late Valeria Belyakovich as a director. Probably any artist has unsuccessful work. But for the second excuse was not found. These were some howls with sharp gestures. I would like to hope that the matter is hack work, and not a low level of acting (and such thoughts involuntarily visited my head). Hackwork, unlike mediocrity, can be corrected. I really hope that the new management of the theater, in the person of Eduard Boyakov, will take some measures. Because the theater, which builds its genealogy to Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, should not produce such performances.


September 29 was at a performance at the Compass Theater) I was delighted, after watching, many thoughts visited me) Thank you very much to the actors and most importantly to the director, I looked at one go))


A lively, witty, sparkling, wonderful storyteller and a very intelligent and versatile person, with his very interesting outlook on life. We came to work grew tired, there was even a thought, maybe we won’t go. But they received a powerful charge of positive energy! Thank you very much, Fedor Viktorovich, for being there, for sharing with us.