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Аксенов, Довлатов, Двое

Аксенов, Довлатов, Двое16+

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Москва, Новый Арбат ул., 11
01 h 30 min


Two stories. Two stories. Two actors and our whole life is ridiculous and sad.

It began a long time ago, in the 80s, when Aksenov and I began to make a composition based on his so-called "sports" stories, the main one of which was the story "Victory". It was a scandalous, sensational story, abused, in my opinion, everywhere, including the newspaper Pravda. In the "Youth", where he was miraculously printed, after the title even attributed: "The story is exaggerated." We started to work, but at that time there appeared the almanac Metropol, and as a result - the expulsion of Aksenov from the country. And it all ended.

After a while, I remembered this non-incarnate desire, and again I wanted to deliver the story "Victory", especially since the festival "Aksenov-Fest" was near, and Irina Barmetova - one of the organizers of this event and the editor-in-chief of the October magazine - something for the festival. Then I put this story. We showed our little play (it was not more than 40 minutes) during the evening devoted to Vasily Aksenov, and suddenly something inexplicable happened. Despite the fact that during the concert it is very difficult to keep the audience's attention for at least half an hour, our small production kept the spectators in suspense so that no one even moved, I myself was this witness.

When we returned, I decided on this material to make a full-fledged performance, and chose one more story by Aksenov. But for one reason or another, in particular, because his main character was a child, I did not succeed, and we had to stop work. I was then in captivity dogma: both stories should belong to the same author - Aksenov. In addition, I wanted the same actors to take part in the play: Sergei Oleksyak and Stanislav Sukharev. And all of a sudden the thought came: why can not it be a writer, also a huge talent and a similar fate, such as Sergei Dovlatov? And quickly found his story "Soldiers on the Nevsky."

Strangely, these stories coexist. As a small part of our reality. Their characters are far from each other, but at the same time they talk about the same thing: about this strange reality.

Mikhail Levitin
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